Color Coordination

This story is a work of pure fiction. If you are under the age of
18, leave.


by rawballz


Toni Braxton

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Minnie Driver

Salma Hayek

Roselyn Sanchez

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman was leaving out the back door to the comedy club she
just performed at. She had again managed to offend just about
everyone in the audience. She had made jokes about
African-Americans, Italians, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans & even Brits.
There were many people shouting Jewish slurs back at her during her
set, but Sarah didn’t
mind. This was her game.

She pulled her coat closed as the cold January wind began whipping
against her body. She made her way to the limo & got in. “The
Belvedere Hotel, please.” The driver took off. Sarah noticed that
the limo had passed the only road back into town. “Excuse me, I
think you…” The glass petition went up inbetween them & the driver
began to go faster. Suddenly, the large vent in front of Sarah’s
legs began to open. The face slid off exposing a 2′ x 3′ black hole.
The vent was about four feet in front of Sarah’s legs. She heard a
loud roar & the vent starting sucking everything into it. Sarah’s
unguarded purse flew into the hole & disappeared. The suction was so
strong was lifted out of the seat. She quickly grabbed the seatbelts
on either side of the backseat. The suction lifted her about a foot
in the air in almost a diagonal position. “What the hell is going
on!” “Stop this!” Sarah felt her shoes becoming loose on her feet.
The left flew off, then the right. They vanished into the darkness.
Her socks started to make their way down. Under her ankles, over her
heels, down her feet & over her toes. They were gone. Sarah
tightened her grip on the seatbelts. She had remembered that she
forgot to wear her belt today. The button on her pants ripped off.
The top of her pants folded down forcing her zipper to be pulled.
Her pants ripped down to her ankles, exposing her black lace
panties. “God no!” Her pants came completely off & vanished. Sarah
heard the suction roar louder. Her coat was immediately tore off her
arms & disappered. The buttons on her blouse began to rip off. The
bottom one went first. Then the one above that. Another then
another. Finally the top button tore off & her blouse flew open
exposing her black bra. She dangled there in her underwear. The vent
roared even louder. The straps on her bra ripped from her shoulders.
The hooks in back slowly weakened & flattened out. Her bra was
quickly discarded. Sarah then felt her panties forced off her hips.
“No!” The back slipped over her ass. The front came down exposing
her black pubic hair. Slowly they slid down her theighs. They
stopped at her knees as Sarah tried to spread her legs. The panties
stopped their descent briefly. But the force was too strong. Her
black panties slid all the way to her feet. Sarah held her feet up
so her toes were pointed at the ceiling. The panties stopped for a
second. Then they made their way over her toes & vanish into the
blackness. Sarah hovered there butt-naked. Suddenly the suction
stopped. Sarah came violently crashing down on the backseat. She hit
her head & was knocked out cold.

When she came to, she saw that she was in the middle of a room. In
all four corners of the room was a lit lamp. Sarah looked down and
saw she was tied to a wooden chair. Still naked, her hands were tied
around the back of the chair. Her ankles were tied to the back legs
of the chair, leaving her spread-eagle.

The door suddenly opened in front of Sarah. Toni walked through,
followed by the four others. Maria & Roselyn walked behind Sarah,
one on either side of her. Salma & Minnie stood beside both of
Sarah’s legs. “What the fuck is going on?” “We caught your show
tonight”, Toni said standing directly in front of Sarah. “Is that
so? Did you like it?”, Sarah asked sarcasticly. “I thought it was
very good until you opened your mouth.” “Well, you could have left
if you didn’t like anything I said.” “No. I wanted to hear exactly
how much you hate other races.” “I don’t hate them. It’s all just
jokes.” “Bullshit!”, Salma screamed in her ear. “You said that
Mexicans smell bad, you fucking cunt!” “I didn’t say Mexicans, I
said all Latin people smell bad.” Roselyn tied a gag around her
mouth. Maria leaned down to Sarah’s ear. “Oh, we’re not here to show
you hate. We’re here to show you nothing but love.”, Maria
whispered. Minnie began to giggle. Toni began to undress. She kicked
her heels off. She unbuttoned her shirt & it fell to the floor. She
unzipped the back of her skirt & it came down. She stood there in
her white bra & matching panties. She motioned at Salma. Salma
walked to the back of her, undid her bra & slid it off her. Her
breasts were beautiful. Salma knelt down, grabbed her panties & slid
them to the floor. Toni stepped out of them. Salma got back in
place. Minnie handed Toni a straight razor. Roselyn reached over
Sarah’s shoulder & smeared shaving cream on her bush. Toni knelt
down & began to shave Sarah’s pussy. Sarah started to twitch in the
chair. She was totally helpless. “It’ll grow back”, she thought to
herself. A few strokes later, Toni was finished. Sarah’s pussy was
smooth & bald as could be. Toni wiped off the excess cream with a

Maria reclined the back of the chair, until Sarah was lying down.
Minnie took a clamp & put it on Sarah’s left nipple. Sarah screamed
something into her gag. Salma did the same to her right nipple.
Sarah screamed again. The pressure was tight on her nipples. Toni
then attached another to Sarah’s clit.
“Mmmmmrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!”, Sarah screamed. The clamps had
wires attached to the back of them. The wires led back behind Sarah
to where Roselyn was standing behind a machine. All three wires were
connected to this giant battery looking thing. Sarah didn’t like how
this was looking. “Level one”, Toni said. Roselyn turned a knob.
Sarah shook as she felt electric currents fill her body. Her breasts
heaved up & down uncontrollably. Her hips jumped up. Her clit
tingled with electricity. She jerked at her restraints. “Level two.”
Sarah jerked harder this time. Her breasts were becoming numb.
Sarah’s eyes widened. Her hips shifted from side to side. “Level
four.” Sarah shrieked into her gag. Sweat began forming all over her
body. She was breathing rapidly. Roselyn began to get excited. She
unbuttoned her blouse & tore it off. She unzipped her black miniskirt
& kicked them off. She reached back & unhooked her bra & threw it
across the room. She began to massage her nipple. Pulling at them,
twisting & pinching them. Her fingers then found their way to the
elastic in her panies. She slid them down & kicking them to the
side. She stood there naked rubbing her clit with one hand &
pinching her nipple with the other.

Sarah could hardly feel anything now. She was exhausted. Her body
twitched up & down. “Level five.” Sarah quickly passed out. Sarah
woke up lying on her back in a giant bed. Her gag was gone. Her arms
& legs were tied to each of the bedposts. “What the hell going on?”,
She mumbled to herself. Salma suddenly sat on Sarah’s face. “Lick my
pussy!” she ordered. “No.” Sarah could only whisper. She felt
something poking at her pussy lips. “Oh no.” Minnie spread her pussy
open with her fingers & Maria slid a 15″ dildo into her. She shoved
10″ into her. “Fuck!”, Sarah managed to scream. “Lick my pussy, or
they’ll stick it up you ass.”, Salma told her. Sarah didn’t want
that so she stuck her tongue out & began to lick Salma’s pussy lips.
She hated the taste. Maria began fucking her with the dildo hard. In
& out. Minnie took another dildo & slid it in beside the other.
“Aaaarrrgghhh!!”, Sarah screamed. She had two dildos being forced
into her. They were both 15″ in length & together were about 4″ in
width. Sarah began to try and move her hips to meet the thrusts
inside her. She stuck her tongue deep inside of Salma’s pussy.
“Oooohhh, that’s it.” Roselyn & Toni leaned over each side of Sarah
& began to suck on her nipples. Roselyn reached down & rubbed
Sarah’s sore clit. Toni & Roselyn untied her legs & lifted them up.
They began lick all over her feet. Sucking on her toes & licking
down her soles. They licked between her toes. Maria & Minnie were
still pounding away at Sarah’s pussy. They would shove both dildos
in at the same time, all 15″, and then pull them out. Sarah couldn’t
take much more of this. She felt her body quiver all over. Salma
then positioned herself so her asshole was directly in front of
Sarah’s mouth. “Lick my butthole!” Sarah began to lick her asslips.
Salma took her hands & spread her asslips apart. “Eat it!” Sarah
shoved her tongue into Salma’s anus. Sarah could feel herself about
to come. Then everyone stopped at the same time. “Aaaarrggghhh!!!”
Salma & Toni untied her arms & flipped her on her stomach. They tied
her hands back up to the bed. Salma & Toni then held her legs so her
knees were digging into the bed. Her ass was raised up into the air.
Sarah felt a cold liquid being spread onto her asslips. “Are you
fucking kidding me!” She then felt pressure on her asshole. She
turned her head around & saw Roselyn wearing a strap on. “Please
no.” Roselyn thrust forward, entering Sarah’s butthole. She shoved
all 8″ into her rectum. “Owww!” “Take it out! Take it out!” Roselyn
pulled back out. “Thank you. Thank you.” Roselyn shoved it back in
all the way. “Owwwww!!!” “I’m gonna fuck that white ass.”, Roselyn
said. She began to fuck her hard. Minnie got on her knees behind
Roselyn & started to lick her asshole. Salma & Toni spanked Sarah’s
asscheeks. Harder & harder. She was taking a lot of punishment on
her ass. Maria layed down in front of Sarah’s face & spread her
legs. “Eat my pussy.”, she said in a thick Italian accent. Sarah
leaned her head forward & licked at her pussy. Minnie reached her
hand forward & started to finger Sarah’s pussy. She stuck three
fingers in her. Maria grabbed Sarah’s head & shoved her face into
her pussy. Sarah was almost suffocating. Roselyn was fucking her to
death. Ramming it up her ass harder & faster. She stopped & pulled
out. Roselyn & Maria traded places. Maria slammed the dildo up her
ass. Salma & Toni began pulling at Sarah’s nipples. Sarah licked
hard at Roselyn’s clit. “Now stick you tongue all the way in.” Sarah
stuck her tongue as far as she could into Roselyn’s pussy. She lifted
her legs up & began rubbing her feet on Sarah’s arched back. Salma &
Toni began to suck on Roselyn’s toes. Maria was still pounding away
at Sarah’s ass. Minnie took a fourth finger & shoved it into her
pussy. “Goddamn!”, Sarah yelped. Maria finally pulled out & switched
places with Toni. Toni plunged deep into Sarah’s asshole. She
screamed into Roselyn’s pussy. Toni would pull it out & slide it up
& down on her asslips, and then shove it back in. Roselyn & Salma
traded places. Sarah began to eat Salma out a second time. “Eat that
pussy good.” Maria & Roselyn began biting on Sarah’s asscheeks,
while piching & pulling at her nipples. Toni finally pulled out
after 15 minutes of fucking her ass. “Thank god, it’s over.”, Sarah
thought to herself. Minnie then got up and shoved it back into her
butthole. “Fuuuucccckkkk!!!” Toni & Salma switched up. Salma began
licking Minnie’s thrusting asshole.

Toni laid down spread-eagle in
front of Sarah’s face. “Ever ate dark meat before?”, Toni asked the
helpless victim. Sarah ignored the sarcastic question & just started
to lick her pussy. She licked the inner walls & at her clit. Minnie
was fucking her ass hard. Salma, Maria & Roselyn each shoved two
fingers into Sarah’s pussy & began fucking her violently. “I can’t
take anymore of this.”, Sarah told Toni. “Oh, you’ll get used to
this soon enough.” Minnie finally pulled out & Salma took up right
where she left off. She was plowing away at Sarah’s tired butthole.
Toni got up & Minnie spread her legs in front of Sarah’s tired
mouth. “One more.”, Minnie said. Sarah stuck her tongue out & began
to lick once more. Toni took Roselyn’s place. Roselyn licked at
Salma’s asshole. When Salma was done, Sarah fainted in exhaustion.
Sarah woke up some time later, with the feeling of her pussy being
violated. She opened her eyes & saw that she was hanging against a
wall. Her wrists were tied to the ceiling. Her legs were being held
apart at the ankles by Minnie & Salma. Maria had the strap-on on &
fucking her pussy hard. Roselyn & Toni were licking and sucking at
Sarah’s breasts. “Goddammit, Stop!!!”

The 5 women each took a turn at Sarah. Fucking her up against the
cold wall. They took turns at her bent over a couch, fucking her on
the hood of the car in the garage. They fucked her on the kitchen
sink. At one time they fucked her in the bathtub with the shower on.

They wouldn’t let up until Sarah learned her lesson. Did she? We
shall see…..

THE END (for now)

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