Colorful Angel


Colorful Angel


     Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home.
A sudden idea for a woman

you just can’t do too many stories on. Enjoy.


     To call the past half-year a big one for Jessica Alba didn’t
even begin to state the case.

Even before "Dark Angel" hit the airwaves, she had been
boasted around as a
hot upcoming

actress. Now that the show was a hit, her star had rocketed faster than she could have

She’d landed on numerous covers, been invited to attend award shows she would have been

to watch on TV, the movie roles were coming in fast and furious (some even offered her

where she could keep her clothes on) and was acclaimed as the new face of sci-fi TV.

     Jessica had changed a lot for the role of Max, most of it
physical. The training was one

one thing but the burden of being a sexy symbol was something she wasn’t quite prepared

She knew her natural beauty did help out the show’s ratings. She’d always been
beautiful, her face

showing off her mixed heritage of Spanish, Italian, Danish and Canadian, all in one
package. She

knew it was her package that drew men in droves to tune in every week. The fact that
her outfits

for Max had either becoming skimpier for dresses or tighter for leather definitely let
her know the

producers knew what kind of audience they were catering to.

     For Jessica, the show was her way of boosting into the
limelight and she intended to use it.

She knew she had to make her mark quick while the show was hot and the work her agent

done had helped her make a deal that would set her up quite nicely.

     L’Oreal had been on the lookout for a hot young face and since
they didn’t come any

hotter than Jessica, they decided she would be perfect as the spokeswoman for their new

campaign. Jessica had found it ironic for two reasons. First, her character wasn’t
exactly the type

who spent hours in the morning to get herself dolled up. And second, her face was
pretty much

the last part of her body her male fans looked at.

     But the deal was good and it just required a little extra time
for photo shoots, something

Jessica was more than used to. She was a bit thrown by their request that her hair be
dyed red

with some of their products but the stuff washed out quick so she could still shoot the

Max scenes the next day. She was dressed in a black jacket over a red shirt with dark
pants as she

entered the offices of the company itself, ready for her meeting with the guy in charge
of the ad


     Jessica had been thrown a bit by the revelation that a man was
in charge of the campaign

but figured the guy had to be good. Russell was in his mid-forties, still good-looking,
dressed in a

light suit that went well with his light hair, his handsome face usually wearing a
smile. He shook

hands with Jessica, giving her a once-over. "Not bad," he said. "The
hair’s good and the outfit

goes well with it."

     "Thanks," Jessica said, taking a seat from the table
across from Russell. "Glad you could

get it all together for me. Saves me time, you know?"

     "No problem, I know how pressed you are," Russell
said. "The shoots start tomorrow but

I just wanted to touch base with you, make sure you’ve got it all together."

     "Hey, I just show up and look pretty," Jessica
shrugged and smiled. "No problem, right?"

     "No, none I can see," Russell said, shaking his
head. "By the way, have you been getting

the freebies we’ve been sending?"

     "The shampoo and the dye? Yeah, they came. Not bad. I
like the lipstick especially, really

lights me up on the town. At first, I used them because of the deal and promotion but
I’ve kind of

gotten used to them now. Really feels nice using that stuff on my hair like that."

     "Well, I’m glad you feel that way," Russell said.
"By the way, I did want to show you some of

the new stuff we’re trying to promote." He reached over to a nearby case, opening
it to pull out a

set of lipstick. He uncorked one tube and twisted, letting the bright red bar of makeup
to slide

out. "We might use this on the shoot. What do you think?"

     "Doesn’t look bad," Jessica nodded, her red tresses
bouncing slightly as she did so.

     "Yeah, it might be a good color on you," Russell
said. "I think you have to look at it

closer though before you decide. You really have to look at it closely and think about
wether or

not you want to use it, you really have to look at it closely, Jessica, really look at
it closely, you

know, look at it really closely. Just look at the lipstick closely, Jessica, just look
closely at the

lipstick, watch the lipstick closely, Jessica, watch it closely, watch it very, very
closely, Jessica,

watch the lipstick very closely."

     Russell brought the tube up a bit, moving it slowly side to
side and pleased to see Jessica’s

eyes following it closely. "Just look at the lipstick, Jessica, look at the
lipstick carefully, Jessica,

look at the lipstick very, very carefully, Jessica, look at it very carefully. Just
watch the lipstick

carefully, Jessica, concentrate on the lipstick, concentrate on how beautiful it is,
Jessica, see how

beautiful it is, Jessica, see how beautiful the lipstick is, look at how beautiful it
is, Jessica, look at

the beautiful lipstick, Jessica, look at the beautiful lipstick, follow the lipstick,
Jessica, follow the

beautiful, beautiful lipstick and relax, Jessica, relax as you watch the beautiful

     "Just keep watching the lipstick, Jessica, watch the
beautiful lipstick as it moves about,

side to side, side to side and feel yourself relaxing, Jessica, feel yourself relaxing
more and more,

Jessica, feel yourself relaxing more and more as you watch the beautiful lipstick. It’s
been a long

week, Jessica, I know it’s been a long week and you’re tired now, you’re very, very
tired, Jessica.

All the fatigue and all the tired feelings you’ve had are now all coming together and
you’re so

tired, Jessica, so very, very tired, so very tired, Jessica. The longer you look at the

lipstick, the more you watch it move, side to side, side to side, the more and more
tired you feel,

so very tired, Jessica, so very tired. You can’t keep your eyes open anymore, Jessica,
you can’t

keep your eyes open anymore, you have to close them, Jessica. You have to close your
tired, tired

eyes, Jessica, close your tired eyes."

     Jessica’s eyes fluttered shut as her head slumped forward
slightly as she fell into a trance.

Russell could tell that the special chemicals in the dye and shampoo Jessica had been
using were

working well. They had been developed as an attempt by the chemical labs to make users

receptive to buying more products by L’Oreal. The chemicals didn’t make that much
tweaking to

allow Jessica to be more suggestible to what Russell had planned.

     "Jessica, open your eyes but remain deeply, deeply
relaxed." Jessica’s eyes blinked open

and stared out at the lipstick before her eyes. "Look at the lipstick,
Jessica," Russell told the

entranced starlet who stared blankly at the red tube. "Look at the wonderful
lipstick, Jessica. The

lipstick is beautiful, isn’t it, Jessica?"

     "Yeah…." Jessica said softly.

     "You’re beautiful too, Jessica," Russell said.
"You are very, very beautiful. You want me

to see how beautiful you are, Jessica. Don’t you want me to see how beautiful you are,


     "You want to show me how beautiful you are, Jessica. You
want me to see how beautiful

you are. Do you want me to see how beautiful you are?"


     "All right then, Jessica. I want you to stand up and take
off your clothes, Jessica. Take off

your clothes and show me how beautiful you are, just like you want to, Jessica, show me

beautiful you are just like you want to. Show me." It took a few minutes for
Jessica’s jacket, red

shirt and pants to fall to the floor. She kept staring right at the lipstick as she
reached behind her

and unsnapped her bra, pulling it off to expose her ample breasts. They were pointed
and hung

beautifully on her frame, taking in Russell’s gaze. "Turn around before you take
off your

underwear, Jessica," Russell commanded and had a nice view of Jessica’s wonderful
ass as she

bent over to let her panties slide to the floor.

     Russell stood up, undoing his jacket and his fly as he spoke.
"You’re so beautiful, Jessica,

so very, very beautiful." He meant every word as his eyes raked over her gorgeous
body. "You’re

feeling so beautiful and so sexy, Jessica, so very beautiful and sexy, so sexy,
Jessica. So very sexy.

You want to show me how sexy you are, don’t you, Jessica? You want to show me how sexy

are right now, Jessica. Show me how sexy you are right now."

     Jessica was silent for a moment, then moved forward. She
wrapped her hands around the

neck of the now naked Russell and moved to him, kissing him hard on the lips. She had a
lot of

passion inside her that was coming loose as she pushed Russell down on the table with

strength, moving up Russell’s body, pushing her chest into his face. Russell’s hands
cupped her

large breasts, squeezing them hard as he kissed her, then brought his mouth to her
chest, licking at

the nipples as he pushed her breasts together, his head going at her ample cleavage.

     Jessica slid her cunt around Russell’s hard cock and began
working against him, sitting up

as she began to rock back and forth on Russell’s hard rod, her breasts bouncing with
every rock

forward. Russell moved his hands up and gripped Jessica’s breasts hard, squeezing them
as he

shifted his pelvis to allow his cock to move further inside her with every thrust
forward of the

entranced actress. He pinched the nipples as Jessica rode him hard, clenching her
thighs as she

attempted to bring him to orgasm. Her dyed red hair shuffled with every move forward as

was lost to absolute pleasure, thrusting herself back and crying out as Russell let
loose, the two

enjoying an incredible orgasm.

     Russell pushed Jessica off and had her bend over the table,
feet flat on the floor, her

breasts pushed against the table, her ass exposed. Smiling, Russell slid his hard rod
into Jessica’s

ass and started pumping, spreading the cheeks to let him all in. Russell squeezed
Jessica’s cheeks

tightly as he started to pump into her, pushing his cock in and out of her ass, driving
her into the

table. Jessica moaned, her arms stretching about as she felt Russell go at her from
behind, driving

himself harder and deeper into Jessica’s ass. The mesmerized starlet moaned louder as
she felt

Russell slam his meat into her from behind, his cock easily roaming in and out of her.
Jessica slid

along the table, her breasts pushing against the surface, her mouth emitting one loud
cry after

another as Russell’s rod pushed deeper into her round behind. Jessica pushed her face
on the table

and shrieked as Russell let loose, his wad blasting into her from behind and shaking
the table

under her coming.

     Russell brought Jessica up and moved her onto her back. He
observed her for a moment

lying on the table, legs spread, breasts still awesome from that position, red hair
framing that

gorgeous face with a look of utter bliss on it. Smiling, Russell moved up and pushed
his cock

back into her pussy. He knew Jessica would only remember a simple meeting but would be

for more fun with Russell at any time he wanted. As he lowered his face to Jessica’s
large chest,

Russell reflected that whatever the results of the ad campaign, he did get some
intriguing benefits.

How else would a simple group of hair products net him his own personal

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