Come On over

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Come on over

It was supposed to be fine weather.
At least that had been the
plan months ago. It had almost seemed fine until the moment the
boat left the dock but then nature decided that Florida was due
for rain again. Not stormy, certainly not a cyclone. Simply annoying.
It was the type of weather that wouldn’t leave you in awe of nature
but would drench you to the skin in the time it took to get from the
dock to the house of the small island. It had been a very small dock
but then it was a very small island. A very small private island as it
happened. And there was only one building on the entire island.
This was the beach house into which a very wet Shania Twain had
just made her entry.
The holiday was a change for her but it seemed like a good idea
when Mariah Carrey had suggested it at a concert they worked on
together. Warmth, sunshine, sand and surf.
She’d got three out of four though not in the way she wanted. There
was plenty of surf crashing in on the beach with a roar. There was
plenty of sand, which Shania was trying, unsuccessfully, to get out
of her boots. There was also plenty of heat for, despite being wet, it
was still quite warm. In the end she simply removed her boots and
stood, dripping, looking at the room. It had large windows, great for
viewing the rain outside, and plenty of the mod cons: TV, heating
(needless) and the like. Even so Shania wished at the time that she’d
gone back so somewhere in Canada. It might be cold or even snowing
but at least she’d be used to it.
The island was a tiny one, hardly on any maps. The dock, no more
than a small pier and the house were the sole constructions on it.
Apart from the radio there was no communication with the outside world,
the perfect retreat for a megastar. Of course that was counting on good
weather. Without it ,it was more of a trap.
Shania sighed and dropped her backpack and guitar case onto the mat.
She ran her fingers through her wet, matted brown hair and thought. At
least this might be a good chance for her to come up with some new
material. It didn’t seem like she’d be able to do much else if the weather
stayed like this.
She looked at her watch and then shook it. It was dead, probably from
the water. That meant she had no idea what the time was. There seemed
to be no clocks anywhere in the house.
Removing most of her dripping layers she explored the rest of the place
in her singlet and shorts, equally wet but more comfortable. Apart from
the main lounge the other rooms were rather small. There was a single
bed in the bedroom, a toilet, laundry and shower. The kitchen was a
small bar section of the lounge.
The main centre piece in the lounge was what looked like a lava lamp.
It was a cylinder just over a foot high which spun around with a
pulsing kaleidoscope of colours. It was interesting but she wasn’t
in the mood for staring at it right now. Shania shrugged and moved on.
Over all the place looked in good condition. She could enjoy her stay
if the weather cleared up
Right now though she felt like a shower.
The run through the rain and the humid air had left her hot and bothered.
A shower would do to clean her off and regulate her temperature. Then
she could at least get settled in.

There were already large towels on a rail and soaps inside the cubicle
so Shania didn’t even bother getting the rest of her things. She
stripped off her wet clothes, dropping them to the floor and stepped
inside, sliding the door closed behind her. She noticed, with slight
surprise just how thick the door was. It closed with a click behind her,
forming a fourth wall around her. Feeling slightly claustrophobic she
opened it again just to make sure. Shania let out a nervous giggle at
her own insecurity. Of course the door would open, why wouldn’t it.
She looked up at the shower head, once again confused. Not only
was there a lever but there were three buttons: Red green and blue.
Obviously the house was a little more high tech than she’d realised.
Ignoring them she turned the dial, greeted by a sudden rush of icy
cold water which there was no room to avoid. She gasped sharply
but gritted it out, knowing that it was getting warmer. Finally it had
achieve the perfect temperature, warmer than she’d initially intended
but lovely now she was experiencing it. She let the flowing water run
over her skin, washing away the sweat and sand which had collected
on it. It was so relaxing that she almost didn’t want to move, simply
relax in the warmth. She reached for one of the tubes of body wash
on the side shelf. It was a pleasant scent, a mix of herbs she couldn’t
quite place. She squirted some into the palm of her hand then rubbed
it into her skin. Something about the texture felt strange but just as
nice. In fact the whole combination, the warmth, the scent and the
texture made Shania relax more than ever, washing away the worries
and anxiety about the weather.
It all felt so nice that curiosity finally got the better of her. She reached
up and tentatively pushed the buttons blue button.
Nothing happened.
Shania sighed feeling somewhat disappointed.
Then the jets started.
Suddenly water was coming from everywhere, the walls, the roof and
the floor, pressing in jets into her body. Instinctively she lifted her
hands to cover her face but that left the rest of her body vulnerable.
Nit that it didn’t feel nice. In fact it felt good, like a massage but it
wasn’t a massage she was after. Though she was unable to see she
could feel the thousands of jets that must have lined the walls, all ,
spraying at once. Already her skin was starting to feel a little numb
from the pressure.
And some of the fountains were spraying where they were not entirely
welcome. Across her chest Shania felt her breasts the target of the
jets, even when she bent over slightly there were jets to target every
inch of her flesh. The pressure almost seemed to knead her bosom,
jiggling it with it’s force.
The jets from the floor and lower walls were equally invasive. Even as
she crossed her legs as best she could she felt water blasting both the
crotch and butt. It was quite unlike anything she’d ever felt and
although it was surprisingly pleasant it was not what she wanted.
Reaching out one hand she pressed the button again, remembering
it’s place. There was no effect. She fumbled across and pressed the
second button.
The jets stopped.
Then started again.
Then stopped again.
What had been a constant flow was now a pulse about one second
on, one off.
Shania sighed in frustration and decided just to leave. The door
didn’t open. She tugged again but it was no good. She tried to think.
Obviously the door couldn’t open with the jets going. There had to
be a way to turn them off. The problem was that it was getting harder
to think. The massage had been nice but the pulse was even more
nice, though not in a way she expected. Now her breasts were really
starting to jostle from side to side, pressed then relaxed, pressed then
relaxed. The effect was for her skin to feel even more tender. Her butt
quickly felt like it was numb but her front decided it was very much
alive. No matter how she turned there were jets pulsing into the dark
hair between her legs. They were strong enough to go through that
hair to the increasingly sensitive region beneath. No matter how she
tried to dodge it there were always jets shooting right into her.
Now that it was pulsing it felt even worse, or even better to be accurate.
It didn’t take long before she felt the first ripples of sexual pleasure
shoot through her. There was no doubt about it: these water jets
were masturbating her and there was nothing she could do. She did
the only thing she could think of which was to push the third red button.
It was a mistake. The jets became even faster. The half second pulses
drove themselves into Shania with even more intensity. She could feel
the jets on her nipples, which were now fully erect and even more
tender. She squirmed in the limited space, trying to find a place to
avoid the jets.
Then she slipped.
It was only for a second and then she steadied her feet to right herself
but the end position was compromising. One foot against one corner,
one against another and her crotch wide open to the jets. They seemed
to take advantage of the exposed region, pumping jet after pulsing jet
into the sensitive region.
Before she could cover up again, Shania came.
She shuddered, leaning back against the jetting walls as the water
brought out every last ounce of pleasure in her body, milking her
orgasm for all it was worth.
The weakening shock of the release melted away leaving her warm
and relaxed, water washing away her bodys own wetness.
Then it stopped.
The ending of the massage was so abrupt that Shania was shocked
by it. She gasped and jumped slightly. Then, tentatively she reached
for the door and opened it, stepping out of the cubicle which had so
effortlessly climaxed her.
She wrapped herself in the towel, letting out a nervous giggle at the
thought of what had happened.
At least, she thought, she was more relaxed now.

Night fell quickly, or at least seemed to given the dark weather conditions.
Shania had put her watch aside, sick of looking at it to see it dead. Tv
was out due to interference from the storm which raged outside and
there was little for the singer to do but sit in the lounge and play her
guitar. Lighting in the lounge was dim, much more than she had expected.
In fact about the only major source of light was the lamp in the middle
which tended o cast and eerie spinning light about the place. Shania did
her best to ignore it, thinking of new songs but on occasion she found
herself staring at it, somehow finding it intriguing.
Eventually she decided it was time to go to bed. Her eyes were getting
heavy and it was getting harder to focus on her music. She turned off
all the lights, save the lamp for which she could find no switch. Shrugging
she headed for the bedroom, not having a shower, still a little nervous
about her earlier encounter. She slipped into her pyjamas and rolled up
in the sheets.
Sleep did not come as easily or as quickly as she had hoped. In fact it
was altogether too humid in the room. Eventually she sat up and switched
on the bed lamp as she undid her top. Beneath the damp fabric she could
feel the sweat which had built up there. Sighing, Shania removed her shirt
and used it to dab off the sweat from her torso. She then dumped it to the
floor and her pants soon followed. Pulling a single sheet up over her nude
body she turned off the light again. Sleep didn’t come this time either. She
tossed and turned, rolling over, looking at the roof. It was then she noticed
a light just above her bed. As she looked closer she noticed it was another
button. Shania slumped back down, refusing to push it. It had not been her
day for buttons. But as she twisted in her sheets, which somehow remained
tucked in, she kept thinking about the button. Finally, cursing her curiosity
she turned on the bed lamp, hopped out of the bed and pressed the button.
Nothing happened.
Shania waited.
Nothing happened.
She sighed again to herself and slipped back under the sheets. The holiday
was not matching up to her expectations. She turned then turned again,
eventually finding the sheets far too tight. She tried to slip out but that failed.
She pulled at them but it only seemed to make them tighter.
Shania groaned aloud. This was insane. She had tied herself up in her own
sheets. She lay on her back, looking up at the roof and trying to think calmly
of how she would get out. She looked up at the red light.
It went green.
The bed started shaking.
" B.e.d." she stammered aloud. It made sense of course but the
timing was a little off. Very off. The last thing she needed right now was a
massage. But it was what she was getting and she was getting it hard.
Shania tried to sit up but even that failed. The sheets were still tucked in.
She tugged but nothing gave. She tugged again, this time feeling weaker.
She kicked her leg slightly then realised it was true. She was going numb.
Not in the sense that she was losing feeling but that she was losing movement.
The vibrations were paralysing her! Desperately she tried to move but it was
to late. Shania was now flat on her stomach, arms by her sides and unable to
move a muscle. All her limbs still had full feeling but they refused to move
an inch. What they were feeling felt nice but like the shower it was not
appreciated. Just like the shower she was unable to escape and sensitive
regions were being.. well sensitised. Her chest was pressed down onto the
vibrating mattress which meant her breasts
were receiving optimum vibrations. Even as they were Shania could feel the
treacherous orbs swelling with the treatment. Even worse was her slightly
twisted legs, pressing her crotch right against the mattress, almost opening
herself. This meant that the region was being massaged far more than she
wanted it too. And already she could feel a wetness that wasn’t sweat,
soaking into the sheet. She tried to move, tried to fight, tried to ignore it
but in the end Shania gave in and decided to enjoy it. After all it wasn’t
every day you got sex while lying still in bed. It was hot and sweaty
the tight sheets soon soaking through with her sweat and other liquids
but Shania fond that somehow it added to the effect. She panted and
groaned, not ashamed to squeal aloud when she came, which wasn’t too
long. Afterwards she lay there, panting as the vibrations continued. In
fact they didn’t stop when she hoped they would. They just kept going
even through her post orgasmic relaxation. In fact it wasn’t all that
long, though long enough for Shania, before the entrance to her now
very wet vagina began to tingle again, building and rushing to yet another
orgasm. She didn’t cry out this time, merely panted and gasped. The
vibrations didn’t stop though by this point Shania was tired enough to
head towards sleep, even with the vibrations. It only took one more
orgasm, her fourth that day, to send her fast asleep.

Shania woke up late in the morning, still tangled in the sheets but now
able to move. It was a hot morning and a new layer of sweat was starting
to build on her one from the night before. It was still raining outside
despite the heat. Shania groaned and rolled out of bed. At least she’d
slept well after she’d got to sleep. Ignoring the soaked sheets, the fact
she was nude and her fear of the shower she walked to it and turned on
a cool jet of water avoiding the buttons. She was relieved when she
stepped out of the cubicle. Nothing had happened and she’d cooled
down a little.
Hopefully there would be no further problems.
There weren’t. In fact so little happened in the day that Shania was down
right bored. She read a book from cover to cover, cooked a little with the
supplies in the kitchen, twanged around with a number of songs in her
head and even managed to get a little TV watching in before the reception
fuzzed out again. It was dark before she knew it. Shania lay back on the
couch, listening to the consent drumming of rain on the windows and
watching the lamp as it cast its alternating light on the room. It was
entrancing for a while but it got boring fast. Shania got up off the couch
and headed for the bed room. She’d changed the sheets from the night
before and made sure she was going to sleep ABOVE the covers tonight.
It was hot enough anyway. Just sitting around had got her slightly sweaty.
She peeled off her tee-shirt and shorts followed by her bra and panties
and stood nude in the bedroom. She turned quickly on her heel and
headed for the shower. She bathed under the cool water, washing
away the grime from her
skin. The longer she stayed under the water the better she felt. She
cast a glance at the shower head and considered briefly.
"What the hell." Shania shrugged and pushed all three buttons in
succession instantly starting the rapid pulse of jets. Rather than hide,
Shania opened herself up, letting the water shoot directly onto her breasts,
her groin. This time she didn’t try to fight it. Instead she welcomed it, letting
her mind run free, fantasising. Obviously her working with the machines
instead of against them helped. Shania came quickly and she came hard.
As she moaned aloud she leant back against the wall, letting the jets
massage her, washing away tension as well as traces of her climax.
She was almost disappointed when the jets stopped but she got out just
the same. She dried her hair and body then crossed the hallway, tumbling
onto the bed and falling fast asleep.
About one in the morning Shania stirred slightly but did not wake. Not
as the bed started to vibrate. Not as her body became aroused. Not at
her first orgasm. Or even her fourth. She just slumbered peacefully, a
soft smile coming to her sleeping features.

Shania sat in the lounge playing her guitar, watching the lamp and trying
to ignore the rain o on the windows and the hum of the dryer. It was
about time her clothes and sheets had a wash and the only means of
getting them dry was a very old, noisy machine in the laundry. She lost
track of time, the way she did so often while sitting in the lounge, yet
the dryer was still going strong. Putting down her guitar and heading
for the laundry Shania cast one more glance at the strange light which
spun slowly. The more she watched it the more interesting it became.
She might have to ask the house owner where it was from.
Shania walked into the laundry looking at the dryer for a few seconds
then fiddling with the dials. Unfortunately there seemed to be nothing
she could do to turn it off.
"Like everything in this house." she mused aloud.
She sighed and looked to where the dryer reached the wall on the other
side of the dryer. Shania reached for it but somehow the switch was
past her reach. She rolled her eyes back in disbelief and leant over the
dryer, stretching across to flick the switch. The instant her hand gripped
the plug she froze. It was not for any conscious reason however, rather
that she was being electrocuted. It wasn’t painful or damaging but it
was enough to make her muscles tense up, disallowing her movement.
Shania felt her twitching body slump against the machine. Her feet were
not on the ground and most of her body rested on the top of the
machine, crossing diagonally to the plug. This meant that her legs
straddled the corner and pressed her directly onto the machine. Shania
instantly felt the sensation of the shuddering machine through the thin
fabric of her shorts. With her unable to move and the machine pressing
firmly into her crotch Shania was sitting on a giant vibrator. It only
took half a minute before she rose to
orgasm, the spasms of her muscles shaking her to the floor and pulling
the plug out as she did. Shania lay on the laundry floor gasping in
shock and the climax slowly subsided.

Shania sat in the lounge in a clean pair of shorts wondering what to
do next. Things were definitely not right in this place. Everything she
did seemed to lead to unwilling masturbation. She was afraid to even
use the kitchen now. What seemed worse was the ease with which
she was being stimulated, as if she was being conditioned to come
on command.
"Get a grip." she said aloud. She tried to breath deeper, not letting
her mind get carried away. It was just bad luck and stress. Some
holiday this had turned out to be. She slumped on the couch and
gazed at the lamp as it spun around and around. At least it was
something peaceful to look at. Peaceful… very peaceful. The longer
she looked at it the more her mind seemed to drift, wandering through
possibilities and dreams. IT was such a pretty light, ever
changing.. so pretty…
Shania gasped as a jet of cold water hit her.
She looked around her. It was the shower. She was naked.
"What the…."
Another jet blasted her and cut off her sentence.
She pushed at the door and when that failed she began to pound
on it in desperation. She felt so confused, as if she was going mad.
One moment she’d been in the lounge now she was here.
The only answer from the shower was another jet, warmer this time.
Instinctively she covered her breasts and groin, the jets not seeming
to hit above her neck. It wasn’t long before the pulsing jets were
working at full speed, massaging her body into numbness. At least
she was able to cover herself a little. She looked to the buttons and
shower head but neither were there. Instead a screen covered the
wall. Now that she looked, screens covered all the walls above
neck height.
"What’s going on!" she demanded unable to disguise her fear.
As if in response the screens started pulsing. Shania recognised
the patterns as the ones on the lamp. Lights began to swirl around
her, pulsing and spinning. Shania had to think twice to stop herself
lapsing into a trance like state.
"No!" she shook her head but the lights kept on pulsing just the
same. She could feel her skin starting to go numb now, not immobile,
just desensitised. "Stop it!" she pleaded.
There was a flash on the screen in front of her. She looked again
then made out the words.
Shania shook her head in disbelief but they appeared yet again.
Looking up she saw two plastic loops hanging from the roof,
each looking wrist size.
"No Way!" She refused and threw herself against the door to no
"No!" she refused again but doubt was creeping into her mind. It
might be the only way. Still the lights were spinning and even
though she didn’t want them to they were relaxing her a little.
Shania sighed and took a deep breath of the steamy air. Gritting
her teeth se raised her arms and slipped them through the loops.
Instantly they tightened, lifting her arms up tight. Suddenly she
realised her folly. No longer covered, her body was receiving full
assault from the jet pulses. Quickly her bare breasts swelled and
her nipples rose to meet the jets. Likewise she was unable to prevent
the high pressure blasts which pushed through her dark hair into
the tender reaches within. Shania was now helpless to prevent
herself from being driven to orgasm. Shania came, her stretched
out body twitching and her head thrashing from side to side in
defiance. Through the water and sweat which covered her eyes
Shania looked at the screen as it flashed.
"NO!" Shania screamed and tugged at the bond but they did not
break. She felt the jets massaging her body, smelt the relaxing oils
seep through the misty air. She could feel from the tingle in her
body that a second orgasm was not to far away and others would
And the lights were spinning. The lights which were so entrancing.
The lights which had hypnotised her for hour on end in the lounge,
implanting commands of submission and desire she’d never even
Shania shivered as she came again. She stared at the spinning
patterns. They were so pretty. so pretty.
So hard to resist. So nice. It felt so nice. Time just drifted away.
Orgasm. so nice.

Shania blinked. Instinctively she moved to look at her watch but it
wasn’t there. She had no idea how long she’d been sitting in the
lounge. She was tired though. It was obviously time for bed.
It was about eleven in the morning the next day when it stopped
raining and the sun finally decided to come out with a vengeance.
Shania, sick of the house, decided it was time to get out.
She sat on the beach in her black bikini, basking in every moment
of sunlight as it came down on her skin.
It was so bright that she almost didn’t notice the small boat which
landed on shore. As she looked closer she saw a man in a tropical
shirt and shorts coming up the beach.
"You must be Miss Twain."
"Mrs." she corrected. " Can I help you?"
"I’m Nathan Reed."
"The owner?"
"Yes. Are you enjoying your stay?"
"Well I’ve been stuck inside for… You know I don’t know how long.
You have an.. interesting house."
He sat down beside her. Shania looked a him oddly for a second.
Somehow he seemed familiar.
"You must really be appreciating this sunshine. Trying to get it
on every inch of your skin."
"Yes… I guess so…"
"Do you want me to undo that top?"
For a second Shania thought to protest but something made her
"Yes. Why not?"
Reed casually untied the back of her bikini, letting it fall to her lap.
Shania reclined, letting the sun beam down on her breasts. Reed
shuffled behind her and gently massaged her shoulders.
"When your done here I can show you the rest of the house
"I’d like that." she replied dreamily, wondering why his touch
felt so good.
He smiled too, knowing his house had broken her down completely.
She smiled as he cupped her breasts, fingers rubbing her nipples
as they became erect.
"Damn.." she smiled as she turned to kiss him. "I feel like a woman."

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