Comforting Britney Spears

Comforting Britney Spears

I was a little nervous about going to see Britney Spears in concert. I
mean it’s not exactly macho music and I was afraid people would think
I’m some kind of weirdo. But I decided what the hell and took off to go
see the show. The concert was good, all that I expected, and I was happy
with the decision I made, little did I know that it was only the

Following the noon show I decided to spend the rest of the day at the
amusement park where the concert was held. Around dusk I was sitting
down by the lake for a rest
when I looked over and saw a girl about 50
feet away, looking as if she was crying. I went over to see what I could
do to help and staring back up at me was Britney Spears and the most
beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

"Wow, uh.. wow. Well what’s wrong, you seem upset."

"You recognize me huh? Dont let anyone know I’m here ok, I just needed a
break from that insanity."

"Well yeah of course I recognized you, how could I ever forget what you
look like, but dont worry, your secret is safe with me. But if my fans
come around looking for me I can’t control that."

She blushed and let out a quiet laugh and motioned for me to sit beside

"Not to be nosey, but what’s wrong, you’re obviously upset."

"I’ll show you waht’s wrong, this is what’s bothering me," and with that
she handed me a folder filled with newspaper clippings and pictures.

It was full of negative reviews, malicious stories, and obviously faked
pictures of her naked. "I keep it around to remind me that no matter how
big I get, no matter how many people I make happy, there will always be
someone there to put me down."

"God, that’s a terribly depressing view to have, you can’t dwell on the
negative you know."

"Yeah I guess you’re right, it’s just hard though. Look at all that

"It’s quite an impressive collection, it’s not all bad though, I’m sure
your boyfriend gets a kick out of the dirty pictures."

"HA, yeah that’s a good one, as if I have time for a boyfriend, and
stuff like you see in that folder makes it impossible to meet anyone,
they all expect me to be perfect, and before you know it they’re
insanely jealous of everything i do. It’s just not worth the hassle"

"That’s terrible, everyone needs love in their life. It’ll happen,
sometimes it’s right before your eyes and you dont even realize it."

She smiled slyly knowing what I was implying. "Like you?"

"Well let’s just say I’d be interested in the position. And to be
totally honest you could do worse, I’m not the best looking guy, but
I’ve been told I’m a good boyfriend, I’d make sure you never feel as bad
as you just did again."

"Aw, That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard."

"And unless Jewel shows up your the best girl here".

She laughs hysterically and hits me in the arm, "And then you go and
ruin the moment with something like that."

I laugh and rub my arm, "Yeah but I got you to laugh didn’t I?"

She smiles and looks into my eyes for several minutes, without saying a
word, then lays her head on my shoulder and stares out at the sunset.

We sat like that for hours, the park closed but given her importance,
they let us stay, we were just talking and enjoying each other’s
company, then as it was getting late she looked up into my eyes again
and started a new conversation…

"You know life on tour is hard, a girl has certain needs that just can’t
be met when you travel from town to town, never stopping to get to know

I nod in aknowledgement, "Yeah I can imagine, must make not having a
boyfriend even harder"

"It sure does… Mike it’s incredibly sweet of you to spend time with
me, I’ve never met a guy quite like you before, so caring and

I blushed and smiled, as I did she leaned forward and kissed me, she sat
up and said, "I wish there was some way I could thank you"

"Just being here with you is thanks enough, this is a dream come true."

And with that she took me by the hand and lead me to her trailer and
locked the door behind us.

Britney slipped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionatly, I
felt her tongue gently part my lips, and our tongues met. I let her set
the pace, not knowing how far she wanted to go. As we kissed I couldn’t
help but explore her body with my hands. While my right hand slowly made
it’s way up her athletic thigh, my left hand rested gently on the side
of her breast. She let out a quiet moan as she sucked my tongue into her
mouth. As she did, her hands moved down towards the growing bulge in my
pants, and she slowly but forcefully started to rub my cock through my
denim shorts. My hand slowly made its way up her thigh and beneath her
short plaid skirt and brushed past her already damp panties when she
suddenly backed off and looked at me sternly. Fun while it lasted I
thought, just then she turned around in front of me and pulled off her
panties, giving me a perfect view of her tight naked ass. Britney turned
back around and knelt down in front of me and pulled down my shorts.
Without saying a word she removed my boxers with her teeth and took my
hardened cock into her hands. She stared hungrily up into my eyes as she
pumped my now aching member and then without warning she broke off the
passionate stare and kissed the tip of my cock and smiled. Then
proceeding to kiss her way from the tip of my cock down the shaft until
she was kissing and sucking on my balls. She slowly licked her way back
towards my tip and flicked her tongue back and forth across my opening.
Slowly and passionatly she took the entire length of my cock into he
mouth, licking the underside of my shaft the entire way. She would
occasionally let out a moan that I felt vibrate my dick, that sensation
along with the warmth and tightness of her mouth made me almost close my
eyes in a feeling of ecstacy, but the sight of this beautiful girl’s
lips around my cock was too good to pass up. I couldn’t control my
actions any longer, and I began thrusting my hips to meet her mouth as
she continued to pleasure me. I then realized what exa ctly was
happening to me, and the thought was more then I could bare as I felt
myself nearing orgasm. I warned her I was about to cum, but as I tried
to pull out she wrapped her arms around my waist and held me in her
mouth. She stopped bobbing her head back and forth and sucked for all
she’s worth, a sensation that drove me over the edge as I shot my load
deep down her throat. She waited until my dick grew limp and then slowly
let it slip out of her amazing mouth. Britney stood and wrapped her arms
around her waist, smiled at me, and began kissing me once more.

"Mmmm, Mike that was good, did I make you happy?" she asked as she
kissed my ear.

"Oh yes, that was unbelieveable," I replied, gasping to catch my breath.

"Hmm, I’m glad" she said with a mischievous smile, "You know, if you
promise not to tell anyone about this, we could have some more fun."

"What did you have in mind Britney?"

She took my hands and placed them on her firm breasts under her white
shirt. I started to massage her breasts beneath her shirt and I could
see the look of desire on her face. Whether or not she had breast
surgery was the furthest thing from my mind at that point. I dropped one
of my hands down beneath her legs and massaged the inside of her thigs
when she let out a moan, put her arms around my neck, wrapped her legs
around my waist and clung to me for dear life.

"Mike, I need you, take me here and now!, Fuck me, make me forget all my
troubles, satisfy my every need, Fuck me."

That was all the encouragment I needed. I pushed Britney up against the
wall and kissed her neck as I positioned my cock up against her pussy
lips. I rubbed my cock back and forth across her opening as she moaned
and pleaded for me to stop teasing her. Britney put her hands on my
shoulders and forced herself down onto my hard cock. She let out a
scream as I filled her hot, tight hole with my rod. I began to piston in
and out of her welcoming cunt and with every thrust the beautiful singer
would let out a captivating moan. As our pelvises grinded together I
could feel her clit rubbing up against me and I knew it wouldn’t be long
until she had her first orgasm. Just as I was thinking that I felt her
cunt muscles contracting around my stiff pistoning prick. She let out
several loud screams and bit down on my shoulder as she came. The
feeling of her pussy juices running down my shaft gave me my second wind
as I continued to fuck her with new found passion. I continued thrusting
my cock in and out of the beautiful sex symbol and endured the pleasure
of several more of her orgasms before she begged me to stop.

I let her down and she kissed me while backing me up towards her bed.
When we reahced the mattress she broke off the kiss and pushed me down
onto the bed. With a hungry look in her eyes she said in a lustful
voice, "Fuck me baby, one more time," she smiled and positioned heself
on top of me and slowly sat on my cock, taking the whole lenght of me
into her tight hungry pussy, still dripping from our last encounter. She
sat on top of me, contracting and releasing her cunt muscles while
slowly unbuttoning her blouse and removing it, giving me a great view of
her perfect breasts. She leaned forward so I could gain access to them
and I began kissing them and sucking on her nipples as she fingered her
clit. I took each of her rock hard nipples into my mouth, sucking on
them and flicking my tongue back and forth across them, all the while
listening to her moaning in agreement. She slowly sat up and placed her
hands on my chest and began rocking back and forth on my stiff prick.
Her moans became louder and louder as she neared orgasm yet again.
Britney started riding my cock up and down, nearly letting it slip out
of her inviting pussy, then slamming back down till its full length was
deep inside her. She humped me for what seemed like an eternity, at
least that’s how long I hoped it would last, looking up at this
incredible young woman I had fantasized about fucking me and moaning for
more, I never wanted it to end, but I knew I couldn’t last for much
longer. Before I knew it Britney Spears was screaming out my name. "Oh
Mike, Fuck me… yes, deeper Deeper! Oh God this feels so good, I’ve
needed this for so long now. Don’t ever stop… F…Fucking me. YES I’m
going to cum, oh yes, fill me up, cum inside me Mike, DO IT…. YYYES!"
Upon hearing that I couldn’t hold back any longer and I let out a moan
and shot my load deep inside the young singer. She slowed her pace as
she came and moaned as she felt my hot cum splashing off the walls of
her pussy.

Exhausted, she collapsed on top of me and we kissed as my cock slowly
got soft and slipped out of her incredible cunt. We layed there in each
others arms enjoying the moment and talking to each other. "Mike, I sure
could use some company for the next few weeks as I finish up my tour,
maybe you’d consider…" With that I kissed her gently and told her I’d
think about it, trying not to sound too eager. "Well I’ll be in town for
the next few days either way, we’ll get together before I leave to
discuss it and hopefully you can cheer me up tomorrow too," she said
while flashing that beautiful patented Britney Spears smile.

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