Comical Incest

Story title: Comical Incest

Story by: Money

Celebs in story: Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner

Story codes: MF, MFf, oral, anal, breast expansion

Authors note: The bra sizes used in the story are intentional for a comedy angle realism was thrown out the window on this.

Story summary: Author gets a bodyguard job with the family and finds out the girls are special for a reason.

Disclaimer: The following story is not real and never happened I’m sure the celebs don’t act like this in reality any feedback or questions send them to now on with the story.

I had landed a new bodyguard gig with the Jenner clan to look after Kendall and Kylie during outings among fans and such. But mostly to find out what made them think they were special. Kendall had legs for days as an asset Kylie had the big rack so getting various amounts of attention was easy. I was barely on the job for an hour when the girls started teasing me.

“He’s so cute.” Kendall said

“Oh yeah gorgeous.” Kylie purred

“Awww your sweet.” I said

The situation was heating up as the girls started a one sided game of 20 questions mostly about my sex like when those ran out they started again going deeper while standing around my chair in the girls room.

“We are special but for a good reason.” Kendall purred

“Your going to love this.” Kylie cooed

“Ok now you have my attention.” I said

With the rather form fitting white T shirts the girls wore I was seeing plenty as I sat waiting. They closed their eyes when I felt something warm in my lap my 18 inch cock ripped through my pants with my nuts looking like softballs and my shaft a good 10 inches thick.

“Now for the real fun.” Kendall said

The girls removed their shorts giving me a look at their shaven pussies on display I wasn’t sure what they were up to when I saw their boobs getting ever bigger Kendall’s shirt split open with some very nice 35E’s while Kylie’s shirt exploded showing off some rather large 42FF’s.

“We have powers.” Kylie whispered

The girls were all over me pulling the rest of my clothes off and getting me naked on the bed their new more ample boobs bouncing as they walked around

Kendall was naked and horny her long legs on display as she spread them open lifting her ass up looking back at me over her shoulder rubbing her tits.

“Anytime your ready big man.” Kendall said

“Wow you should see this.” Kylie said

“Here I go.” I said

I slipped my cock in Kendall’s ass she was tighter than I thought she would be she was clearly enjoying the feeling as Kylie watched.

“Oh fuck that is really thick I might scream Kylie.” she squealed

“Your bright idea sis.” Kylie said

“A scream would be hot.” I said

Kylie started stroking my dick mainly the part that wasn’t in Kendall’s ass it felt amazing the girl knew what she was doing as I continued pumping my meat into her sister.

“I can fell it…gonna…gonna….FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!” Kendall screamed

“Wow.” Kylie said

“Can’t hold out.” I said

My dick exploded churning out way more sperm than I expected into Kendall’s ass the volume was substantial some even leaked out onto Kylie’s hands she wasn’t repulsed by it having a rather large grin on her cute face giving me a kiss and letting me get a handful of her boobs before she got next to Kendall offering her ass up.

“I’ve gotta see this.” Kendall said

“Way bigger than it looks.” Kylie said

“I’ll start gentle.” I said

Kendall was relaxing in front of us watching the show as Kylie got in position I lined them up shoving my tool in Kylie’s ass hard enough to make her jump forward right into Kendall’s open lap.

“Mmmm….frisky little thing.” Kendall said

“It’s throbbing in my ass.” Kylie moaned

“You girls look so hot.” I said

The more slammed into Kylie’s ass the harder she licked Kendall’s pussy making Kendall grope her big tits while watching me plow her little sister into the bed.

“I wanna see her big knockers bounce.” Kendall said

“Turn me over.” Kylie said

With Kylie now on her back Kendall straddled her face allowing Kylie to continue licking while Kendall could watch her tits they had been big before but these new ones were staggeringly huge on her frame.

“Slam Kylie hard swettie.” Kendall said

“I’m on it.” I said

The harder I fucked Kylie her long legs spread more she was clearly enjoying the attention even though her ass was paying a very heavy price along the way.

“So big…so hard.” Kylie cried

“Your not done yet.” Kendall said

“Can’t hold it.” I said

I gripped Kylie’s huge tits as I drained a huge load of my baby batter inside her ass while Kendall had her own rocking orgasm spraying Kylie’s face in the process with girl cream driving her over the edge flooding my cock and balls during her screaming fit.

“That was…intense.” Kendall said

“And fun.” Kylie moaned

“Yes it was.” I said

The girls cuddled up to me rubbing their long legs on my body while I sucked on Kylie’s ample rack I worked my way down her abs Kendall on the other hand was stroking my cock back to life trying to fit it in her mouth.

“Almost got it.” Kendall said

“Impressive skills.” I said

Kendall was only able to fit 8 inches down her throat I was busy eating Kylie out teasing her with my rough tongue on every pass her moaning only served to make Kendall hornier.

“You guys look so hot like that.” Kendall purred

“So do you.” I said

It looked like Kendall had worked up to 14 inches of my shaft inside her mouth no girl till now could have done that easily I was impressed and the bulge in her throat showed she was trying hard to make me cum.

“Your not done yet.” Kylie said

Kylie pushed my face back between her legs I didn’t mind so much since I could still feel Kendall going down on me she was working hard on my shaft her big tits had my legs pinned.

“So big.” Kendall cooed

“Uhhhhnnnnnnnn…right….there.” Kylie gasped

With my rough tongue leading the way Kylie lost her mind as her orgasm hit while I blasted a thick load of my spunk down Kendall’s throat she didn’t miss a drop.

The next day

I had woken up and the girls were gone my only clue was a note by the bed saying gym class then home I still reeked of mixed perfume and multiple sex odors as I made my way into the shower I was barely out when Kendall and Kylie got home.

“Awww man, your wearing a towel.” Kendall said

“Didn’t think walking around naked would have been a good idea.” I said

“It so would have been a good idea.” Kylie said

It was obvious they had to return to normal though the skin tight black leotards were very revealing if you looked down Kendall was eyeing me.

“We need our own showers anyway feel free to join in if you want.” Kendall said

“I’m sore enough that I’ll need help washing my back.” Kylie said

“Looks like I’m elected.” I said

Kylie whipped my towel off me closing her eyes I thought I had imagined our last tryst where my cock was huge until I saw it grow well past what I had before to a rather long 24 inches long and 14 inches thick my balls even looked like a pair of bowling balls.

“That’s a good look since your going big we should too.” Kendall said

The leotards didn’t last long as they stretched to well beyond what they could handle Kendall’s split open rather quick with a set of 45FF’s while Kylie nearly tipped over as her leotard gave out ripping apart exposing some very large 55JJ’s on her frame.

“We’re waiting.” Kylie purred

Kylie jumped into my arms feeding my thick cock into her pussy stretching her out while Kendall was busy sucking my balls watching me plow her sisters insides.


“Your not kidding.” Kendall said

I was pushing into Kylie but not getting far she felt really tight the more I tried the harder Kylie gripped the rail nearly screaming on every pass when I noticed the image in the mirror of Kylie’s abs bulging out from my over exagerated size.

“Just…wanted to…see…myself.” Kylie cooed

“Gonna blow.” I said

With my balls so big I pumped a huge amount of spunk into Kylie’s pussy filling it to near overflowing while Kendall watched in amazement as her sisters hips bucked with every spurt of cum before I pulled out.

“He’s all…yours.” Kylie said

“You look wiped out.” Kendall said

I was running on pure instinct laying Kendall on the shower bench before driving my monster into her pussy while sucking on Kylie’s huge tits against the wall.

“Oh shit your massive.” Kendall said

“So that’s what I looked like.” Kylie said

The girls were soaked as I continued to fuck Kendall senseless I had slid 3 fingers into Kylie’s pussy driving her even more insane than before.

“Yeah blast that horse cock baby.” Kendall said

“Gonna explode.” I said

Our orgasms hit at the same moment as I pumped a huge load into Kendall’s pussy her eyes rolled into the back of her head while Kylie had her own intense orgasm spreading her long legs out.

“Not done yet.” Kylie said

“Ok sis.” Kendall said

I had plenty of stamina left for another go with the girls yet I wanted to relax a little and let them do some of the work so I kicked back on the bench and watched as they tag teamed my cock the double blowjob was amazing.

“Interesting taste mix baby.” Kendall said

“This is some great cock.” Kylie moaned

The girls took turns licking either side of my thick shaft making it throb the more they did it their huge tits rubbing my abs and legs as they went it wass a great feeling.

“Let’s race.” Kendall said

“Your on.” Kylie said

The licking pace kicked into overdrive their tits sandwiched my shaft making it impossible to move now as they each deep throated me in tandem I erupted spraying the girls faces with my thick spunk and what felt like at least a gallon of cum churning out of my large balls.

The next week

After some much needed down time I returned to the Jenner house. Kendall and Kylie were still gone who knows where so I checked around for signs of a potential sister ambush. When I passed by the fridge I saw a note that said tennis back soon I wasn’t sure if that was meant for me so waited in the girls room until they arrived.

An hour later

“Dozer!!!” Kylie squealed

“Love the outfits.” I said

The girls were all dolled up in their tennis outfits. Still showing off some serious legs on Kendall and barely contained Kylie’s ample chest along with the skirts being very short they were an eyefull of hotness.

“So glad your back we missed you.” Kendall said

“I’m sure you did.” I said

“I just had a crazy idea.” Kylie said

I was pulled into the master bedroom so hard that my arm was almost pulled out of my shoulder socket as Kylie had a firm grip on my hand. Kendall was rubbing her body on mine when we saw the decor the girls freaked out.

“Mom…pimped out her room…shit.” Kendall said

“And she rips on us for hanging pictures without permission…fuck that.” Kylie said

Kendall started swinging a pillow around just to mess up the made bed. When Kylie got the other one all bets were off as the sisters got out of control fast the pillows ripped open letting the soft feathers fly around.

“Your messing up your outfits.” I said

“Not yet.” Kendall said

Kylie closed her eyes with a smirk as I watched them arch their backs the shirt logos became distorted splitting open Kendall sporting massive 64HH’s and Kylie with 64LL’s I just watched them sway getting on the bed while my dick exploded out of my pants getting ever longer and thicker topping out at 30 inches long and 24 inches thick and my balls loking like a pair of basketballs making it tough to move around.

To add some spice I blindfolded Kylie she was turned on even more now as I played with her huge tits before sliding my thick meat inside her pussy making it bulge while Kendall rubbed my massive balls feeling the churning sperm inside

“Oh fuck that’s huge….Kendall he’s rubbing my clit.” Kylie moaned

“Maybe I can help with that.” Kendall cooed.

“Me too.” I said

I was only able to fit 18 inches inside Kylie but it was plenty to drive her crazy Kendall even helped me suck on her massive tits along the way watching her sisters tits bounce.

“CAN’T TAKE IT!!!!!” Kylie screamed

“Gonna blow.” I said

I drained what felt like buckets of cum into Kylie’s pussy even as I pulled out a thick stream of it shot across the room knocking a lamp off the desk.

Kendall kept rubbing my balls ever so gently the churning sperm was slowly building getting me frisky again.

“Go with the flow baby.” Kendall cooed

“I’m feeling it.” I said

I exploded again letting a thick stream out of my shaft it didn’t go far but did break the door off it’s hinges and knocked a large hole in the door.

Kylie was taking the lionshare of sex so far while Kendall was mostly a spectator for some reason as I got Kylie in the doggiestyle position feeling up her huge tits and sliding my dick inside.

“Kendall I might…pass out.” Kylie said

“I’m perfectly fine with watching that massive cock might hurt.” Kendall said

She had no idea what my dick was doing to Kylie even with over 2 feet of it inside her Kylie was riding it as best she could when I erupted another load.

“So thick.” Kylie moaned

It was a bit of a challenge pulling out being so thick yet Kylie’s moans were making me want to keep it in when I finally got it out another large load flew across the room plastering the floor mirror in sticky goo.

“Gotta admit that was pretty cool.” Kendall said

Kendall kept rubbing my balls churning up even more spunk her hands were fantastic I even blasted another load onto the walls where it dripped onto the carpet.

Kylie was really frisky licking my shaft while trying to fit the oversized tip in her mouth it barely went in bulging her cheeks along the way.

“So big.” Kylie cooed

“Keep pumping.” I said

Both girls hands stroked my massive tool Kylie was aggressive yet Kendall was slow making the feeling last even joining in on licking my shaft.

“Whoa it’s….throbbing.” Kendall said

“Keep going.” I said

I exploded letting a thick stream of cum loose that broke the closet door on impact sending little splinters everywhere kendall returned to rubbing my balls the churning action continued as another thick rope came out landing on the makeup counter breaking the hand mirror on it.

The girls shifted focus away from making me blow my loads at such a rapid pace to a more slow rubbing and caress so I wouldn’t go raw as fast the gentle touch was nice.

“Thought you might like this for a while.” Kylie cooed

“Yeah don’t want to drain you before sunrise.” Kendall said

Kylie rubbed my shaft even with it’s huge size I was curious if it was would fit inside the girls at all before I knew it she had coaxed a huge load out plastering the ceiling in thick spunk.

“Even after all that your still not soft.” Kylie said

“Maybe this will help.” Kendall said

Kendall caressed my balls slower than before yet more pressure was building now letting a thick wad blast across the room breaking a panel on the bay window.

The teasing was over as I got Kylie by the arms and pulled her onto my cock making her belly bulge from it’s massive girth her mouth opened as she got into the cowgirl position moaning.

“Hendall….he’s huge.” she said

“Just getting started.” I said

Once she was on I started slow but quickly picked up speed hammering away at Kylie’s pussy holding onto her epic rack as she rocked her body Kendall was off on the side fingering her own pussy really hard watching us.

“I’M….I’M…..GONNA………EXPLODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Kylie screached

Kylie was getting stretched out in ways she didn’t know were possible as my dick continued pounding her pussy I thought she would be screaming by now but could only get heavy breathing out of her body even as I unloaded a huge river of sperm inside her body as Kylie’s own orgasm slammed into her nearly making her pass out pulling out even posed a challenge as a second thick load blasted straight up shattering the ceiling mirror over the bed the sticky remains dripping down in long strands.

“It was the earthquake.” Kendall said

“Yeah, an earthquake did this.” I said

A few days later

I had to admit this was a pretty easy gig getting to bang Kendall & Kylie were a bonus even with those freaky mind powers they had I even enjoyed the huge dick though the giant balls took some adjustment trying to walk around. With the weekend upon us and their parents somewhere in Las Vegas on vacation we relaxed by the pool. I could tell the girls were getting horny the bulge already drawing attention fishing my cock out stroking it.

“I’m thinking go to the beach but I don’t want to leave.” Kendall said

“Then don’t.” Kylie said

With the girls in bikinis I was pretty sure they would start a beach riot somehow so talked them into staying at the house away from sleezy paps. That wanted to catch them in crazy antics mostly naked that seemed to have worked as the girls slipped into the pool.

“Hmmm, we need some beach balls to play with.” Kendall said

“I’m on it.” Kylie said

Kylie closed her eyes faster than I could stop her watching Kendall’s boobs grow again easily matching beach balls in size snapping the bikini top strings with amazing 70JJ’s while Kylie ramped up her own boobs to 70M’s letting her float on the water.

“And now you.” Kendall said

My shorts didn’t last long splitting open down my leg my dick growing past my knees and the 24 inch mark easily while my balls made it impossible to go further than the pool deck since they resembled beach balls and my dick had stopped at 36 inches long.

I tried getting Kendall in on the fun but she opted for a giant dildo nearly half my current size while Kylie was more than happy to fit her now massive tits around my mammoth rod among other things I had planned.

“Don’t spoil my fun.” Kylie purred

“This should be interesting.” I said

I was on my back watching Kylie go up and down with her tits while seeing Kendall fit nearly 18 inches of the dildo up her pussy without any help.

“Time to drain you dry.” Kylie said

“If you can.” I said

Kylie was going at a rather fast pace masturbating my shaft with her hands and huge tits together Kendall just watched as my balls started to tighten with a potentially huge load of baby batter inside.

“Give it to me.” Kylie cooed

“Can’t hold it.” I said

My massive cock exploded all over Kylie’s epic rack with thick spunk that you could almost hold in your hand as it dripped and flowed everywhere even with my orgasm still rocking parts of my brain Kendall joined the fun swallowing my cock head rather easily.

“Mmmm…tastes like Kylie.” she purred

“Now you.” I said

Kendall was up for the adventure pumping my dick getting into it wrapping her boobs around my meat it felt amazing as I laid there.

“Wonder what else this thing can do.” Kendall said

“Plenty.” I said

Kendall was trying to deepthroat me with little success my shaft was far too big and thicker than both her arms combined had to give her points for effort and skill though.

“Your about to explode I can feel it.” she said

“Just a little more.” I said

She wasn’t kidding my body spasmed pretty hard releasing a torrent of thick spunk right into Kendall’s face nearly turning her long black hair white on contact with a glazed layered look from the neck down.

“That was fun.” she said

“I’m not done.” I said

Kylie was barely out of the pool from washing off my jizz when I cornered her getting most of my shaft inside her body causing a noticeable bulge between her legs even opening them wide didn’t help much.

“Never felt so stuffed.” Kylie moaned

“You will after this.” I said

I pushed in nearly splitting her in half but Kylie seemed to be getting off on it I might have been rubbing her clit really hard without knowing it as I felt her girl cream flow on my huge shaft.


“Love that sound.” I said

I could barely fit most of my cock in Kylie’s pussy without wrecking something the bulge of her abs was impressive given 18 inches were in there already as I began thrusting inside Kylie.

“More.” she hissed

“You asked for it.” I said

I was pouinding Kylie really hard I didn’t hurt her but she enjoyed the ride as I unloaded a huge load inside her nearly flooding every inch of Kylie’s pussy in thick spunk.

“My turn.” Kendall said

“Ahhhh a sister tagteam.” I said

Even Kendall’s long legs were no match for my masive rod as I pumped away inside her pussy I held onto her massive tits watching them move under my hands.

“That’s the stuff.” she moaned

“Almost there.” I said

I could barely control my shaft as it erupted pumping huge amounts of sticky, thick cum inside Kendall making her hips buck everytime more spunk flooded her love canal before I pulled out.

When my original contract was up I was signed to a new deal that would keep me around Kendall and Kylie till they were well past their mid 30’s so we could keep the antics up for a while longer we just had to be careful not to get caught though that would prove a challenge when the girls would start showing baby bumps down the road plenty of adventures were on the horizon.

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