Coming To America

Coming To America

By Cassidy

Starring Lady Sovereign (MF, oral, anal, ws, nc, nc/cons)

DISCLAIMER: You know the rigmarole the events in this story are fictional and based in fantasy, they in no way represent the person in question. If you are offended by sexually charged material or are underage, STAY AWAY FROM THE STORY!! Like the story? Other comments? Requests? Then tell me so at

Louise Harman, better known as Lady Sovereign in her native England, couldn’t believe she was about to blow her big chance. Despite very minimal success
in the British market, mainly due to the en masse negative press against the chav subculture she most definitely represented, she had been set apart from the pack and handpicked by Def Jam’s CEO Jay-Z as his possible English protégé. Now here she was, late to their first meeting in the states and completely fucking lost to top it all off.

“I think it’s become bloody clear we don’t know where we are,” Sov told the driver, and her DJ, Medasyn.

“Oh you fuckin’ think so, eh? What gave it away, the fact that I’ve already managed to drive on the wrong side of the road more than ten times or was it all the hair I’ve pulled out of me soddin’ skull?” He snapped back as he turned the car down another street.

“Oh that’s real ace you twat, get mad at me why don’t you?!” Sov spat back, not willing to be shot down. “And while we’re at it…there! Stop!”

Med hit the brakes propelling Sov and himself forward straining against their seat belts. The car directly behind them came to a screeching halt, its horn blaring loudly all the while.

“Oh fuck off, will you?!” Med yelled out the window. “What is it Sov?” he asked, turning his attention back to the cute little spitfire in the passenger’s seat.

Sov was rubbing her chest through her track suit hoodie and taking in deep breaths.

“Sov, you ok?” he asked, worried

“Oh yeah, I’m fine. You just nearly lopped my bloody tits of, is all,” she shot back.

“Shit, sorry. It’s just…what did you see anyway?”

“The street, that’s it isn’t it?” She pointed up ahead to a street sign.

The car behind them let out another obnoxious horn blast.

“Shut it you soppin’ cunt!” It was Sov’s turn to yell. “Go on before this bitch makes me go deaf.”

Medasyn turned into the street she’d designated.

“You sure it was this street? This place looks the pits,” he said as he brought the car to a near crawl, shooting nervous looks all around.

A fair share of bums and lowlifes weaved between the buildings and made makeshift roosts for the days’ bout of begging.

“Yeah, pretty sure it was Contour Street,” she said distractedly and, Med thought, not too sure about it.

“Wasn’t it Colour Street?”

“No,” anger was present in her voice at the sound of his defiance.

“Fuck Sov, why didn’t you write down the address?”

“I didn’t think New York was going to be so complicated. Honestly,” she said sincerely.

“What are you fuckin’ nuts? The virtual center of the world and you don’t think it’s going to be hard to get around?”

“Wait! There it is,” Sov pointed out the window to a large building that made Med wonder how she could distinguish between it and all the others.

“That one?” He asked incredulously.

“Yeah, the lady said it was a building with a double archway and lots of tinted windows.”

“Chrissakes Sov, that’s nearly every building on this block.”

“Just park, will you?” Impatience was audible I her voice.

Medasyn eased his way into the parking lot, which more resembled a minefield. Once parked, he got out and waited at the back of the car, his trusty Mac full of samples and beats for the audition tucked securely under his arm. Sov’s door swung open and she made her usual “big exit” from the vehicle.

Sov stepped out, her spotless Skechers tennis shoes with inch thick soles plopping loudly on the pavement as she made walked a few steps forward, enough to close the door behind her. She was wearing a dark red track suit that fit loosely over her petite 5 foot frame. She sported a ponytail, made at the side of her head rather than the back, as was typical of her stage persona. At her small size and tiny physique she was the self professed “biggest midget in the game” and although not an actual midget Medasyn was damn sure she was bigger than life.

“You ready?” She asked him, her eyes now fixed on the prize.

“As ever,” Med said as he turned and led the way.

They climbed the stairs and passed under the archway making their way to a large, ornate door that seemed completely out of place to both of them.

“Say Sov, are you sure about this place? I don’t see any indication that this is Def Jam.”

“Sure I’m sure, mate,” she said cheerily.

Med could see she was getting bouncy. She was fidgeting around; her abrupt movements making her seem like an overanxious child. Med smiled. That was something that Sov managed to make him do quite a lot and it was partly that which made him love her so much. However strong his feelings, though, he’d been unable to let her know this in all their years together as DJ and MC.

Med knocked on the door. No one answered but before he could knock again Sov jumped between him and the door and banged on it loudly.

“Coming,” a voice, feminine by the sound, called from within.

A few seconds later the door was opened and a short, stocky black woman stood before them in a prim and proper tailored business suit.

“Hi, I came here to…”Sov started but was cut off by the woman.

“The gentlemen are expecting you. They are in the recording room. Please follow me.” The woman turned and walked down the hallway.

Sov threw Med a glance that read amusement at the woman. He shrugged and followed her in. In truth, any doubts that he’d had about this being the place Sov was so sure it was were soothed with the mention of a recording room and the plush décor of the place from the inside.

Sov, too, noticed the rich and unbridled displays of excessive wealth that lay all around her. They definitely did not like to spare any expense in making the place up. Sov turned to Med and mouthed, WOW. Med smiled back, equally impressed.

The lady in the business suit stopped suddenly in front of a door at the end of the hall and turned to face the duo, her hand on the brass knob. She smiled and swung the door open. The room was white and essentially bare, in the middle sat three black men in classy suits.

“Please, they await you,” the woman said dryly.

Sov and Med stepped forward but the woman in suit put her hand on Med’s chest the moment he tried to follow Sov past the threshold.

“What’s the deal Wheezy?” Med said, irritated that the woman had not only stopped him but felt it necessary to touch him.

“They’ll settle with you afterwards, not before,” she said, unflinching at his sudden aggressiveness.

Med shot a glance at Sov, who had turned to see what the hold up was. She shrugged and smiled at him before running up to him and getting up on her toes to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“Don’t worry; I’ll make sure they know you’re part of the deal. Wish me luck, love,” she said cheerily as she skipped back into the room.

The lady in the suit closed the door behind her and signaled for Med to have a seat on a nice, comfortable couch. Med reluctantly nodded and obliged.

Inside the room Sov stood transfixed on how strange everything seemed all of the sudden. It wasn’t so much the nerves, but rather the ambience of the place. Upon entering she had noticed the room was, in fact, completely devoid of anything. The only things in the room, besides the three men on their chairs, was a toilet in one far corner to the side of the door and a camera on a tripod on the corner to the other side. This is fuckin’ strange, she thought. She finally looked toward the men, timidly fiddling with her hands.

“You are definitely not what we expected,” one finally spoke. He sat in the middle and wore thick glasses.

“What do you mean exactly?” She asked, now sounding quite unsure of herself.

“You’re quite…small,” the thin, gangly one on the right said.

“Rather,” the fat one on the left concurred. He had a rather posh English accent, Sov thought. Are they mocking me? She wondered.

Shaking the notion of she smiled and stepped closer to them, then leaned in and said to them, “I might be small but I pack a mean punch.”

The men looked at each other then laughed with approval. Sov smiled, glad she’d fixed that bit of awkwardness. The man in the glasses smiled back and offered his hand.

“Please show us what you’ve got,” he said pleasantly.

“What? Here?” Sov said still unsure how she could pull off her flow without Med.

“Naturally,” the fat one said as he got up and strolled over to the camera. He flicked it on and aimed it in Sov’s direction.

“I need Medasyn,” Sov said, almost apologetically.

“Medicine?” The thin one said shooting a worried glance at the man in the glasses.

“My friend,” Sov explained. “He’s my…”

“Ah yes, don’t worry we’ll take care of him,” the man in the glasses assured her.

“Um…ok, well…here goes then,” she said trying to get a beat in her head so that she could at least sound halfway decent.

The thin man shifted expectantly in his seat. The man in the glasses noticeably adjusted his crotch, making Sov feel even more unconfident.

Silence filled the room, then suddenly Sov burst into her rhyme.

“Make way for the, make way for the S.O.V. I got…” she started but stopped as the thin man loudly cleared his throat, got up, then approached her.

The man, who towered a good foot and a half above her, came uncomfortably close to her. So close that, much to Sov’s disgust, she felt what could only be his semi-erect penis prod at her arm. This bugger’s got a woody, her mind screamed at her and urged her to say something. Instead she stood and stared up at him, her eyes wide.

“Listen, I don’t know what kind of stupid foreplay you had in mind but we don’t pay for the show just the action,” the man said as he reached out with his immense hand and dragged down the zipper of Sov’s track suit hoodie in one dramatic swipe.

Sov gasped as the man spread open the hoodie and smiled, pleased at her bare top. Once the shock subsided she covered her small breasts with her hands. Sov shot a pleading glance at the man in the glasses and knew immediately that she would find no help there.

Glasses was sitting back in his chair, his massive 12 inch cock protruding from between his open zipper. He was staring at Sov, stroking his cock.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Sov yelled out, backing up a few steps away from the thin man’s probing hands.

No one offered an answer. Sov froze as she felt the thin man’s hand land on her back and shove her toward the two other men. She stumbled forward, her hands not lending to balance as they were still shielding her tits. Glasses stood and caught her before she hit the floor. He took a strong grasp of her neck and led her over to the thin man’s empty chair.

“Bend over it,” he commanded.

“N-no, are you nuts?!” Sov protested, tears already streaming down her face.

The man violently pushed her down and she fell chest first onto the seat, her hands thankfully preventing any massive pain. Before she could recover she felt a large finger loop over her track suit bottoms and pull them down. A rush of warmth shot over her humiliated face as she felt a draft over her smooth, tight bare ass.

“No bra and no underwear, you are a slut aren’t you?” The fat man said as he sat in the middle chair, leaving her head right between her legs.

Fats stood up and began undoing his pants, they dropped just as Sov used her arms to push her upper body up on the seat of the chair. She found herself unable to do much more as her hips were being pinned down by Glasses’ hands. Sov felt one of his fingers run the length of her hairless snatch. She sighed heavily as her body involuntarily reacted. The man rubbed her clit once or twice. She closed her eyes as she felt her hips grind into his hand. Her eyes shot open as she felt the stinging slap of the man’s hand on her cute, little ass. She screamed in pain but was stopped short as she took in what was before her.

Fats stood before her completely nude, his penis tucked deep within the folds of his foreskin and bulging crotch fat. He sat back down on the chair and leaned back, propping himself up on his hands. Sov stared in disgust at his poor excuse for a cock. Fats didn’t mind, instead he grabbed a hold of her pony tail and tugged on it hard.

“I know it doesn’t seem like much now but once you dig it out I promise you wn’t regret it.” With that he pulled her head down and shoved it into his crotch.

Sov closed her eyes and shut her mouth as she felt the leathery skin of his penis rub all over her face. She could smell strong traces of urine and general filthiness. She gagged, but the man continued to fiercely force her face down over his engorging genitals. Sov felt his dick begin to harden and one moment to the next she felt the warm head peek out from his foreskin smearing her face with precum. She began to protest but that’s when she felt the intruder at her pussy.

Glasses held his cock at the entrance to Sov’s velvety cleft and started to shove the head in but found quite a bit of resistance. He reached for Sov’s ponytail, which Fats relented, and pulled her head back.

“A little dry aren’t you? Don’t worry that won’t be a problem.” He shoved her head away.

Sov looked back as she heard Fats begin to laugh. Behind her, on his knees, Glasses pushed his cock into her a bit more. Then she felt the warmth fill her pussy up. Glasses moaned with satisfied release as he let a torrent of his piss pour into Sov. Sov’s mind yelled at her to do something but there was nothing she could do. The man grunted as the final trickles of his urine left him. He looked at Sov with a smile on his face. She was visibly appalled.

“All done,” he said and extracted his cock. Instantly a stream of his piss rushed out of Sov’s cunt and down her legs.

“You fuckin’ bastard! What did you do?!” She screamed out at last.

A sharp pain shot from her skull as her ponytail was pulled by Fats.

“Hey!!” She managed before the man’s cock slipped into her mouth.

Instantly she felt her gorge rise as the awful taste of his dick attacked her senses.

“Oh yeah, clean off that dick cheese,” Fats said as he shoved her head down on his cock with both hands.

Sov had no choice but to ingest the smegma that had built up under his foreskin after, what she was sure was day of improper hygiene. She gagged loudly and knew what was coming. She tried to hold it back but Glasses chose that precise moment to ram into her full force. The massive girth of his rod racked her body with pain weakening her control over the looming reaction to Fats’ foul defilement.

Fats threw back his head in pleasure as he felt Sov’s throat contract around his cock then the rush of steaming liquid vomit rushed past his shaft and down his balls. Sov barely caught her breath when Fats suddenly started to ram her head on his cock again. A few moments after emptying her stomach she felt stream after stream of hot jiz fill her mouth and throat. Fats refused to let her pull back so she had no choice but to swallow most of it and let the rest drip down her chin. Fats, finally spent, released her head, stood up and casually walked away.

Her mouth now free she screamed out. “Med help! Help me!”

“Shut the hell up bitch,” the thin man said as he stepped in front of her and slapped her face.

Sov quieted, her cheek stinging and tears running down her face.

“Good girl,” he said as he sat down on the chair before her.

Glasses was now ramming his cock in and out of her burning pussy at a furious pace, grunting as he rubbed his hands all over her back. Sov gave the thin man an evil look as he pulled his cock up against his stomach and began to whack it off.

“Suck my balls,” he commanded.

She spit on them instead.

“Nice to see you like to lube them up first. NOW SUCK!” He grabbed her head and forced her mouth down over his scrotum.

Sov reluctantly placed her lips on the rough surface of his sac and with a suddenness that surprised him sucked in one of his nuts into her mouth. She swirled her tongue all around it, letting her teeth brush up against them ever so slightly. Her ears perked up just then, as she heard the first sign of hope come from the other end of the room.

Medasyn was pounding on the door and behind it she could hear him demanding to be let in. Sov’s mind raced but she understood that is she was going to make it through this experience she would at least have to distract the two guys that were fucking her now. With renewed purpose, she began to voraciously devour the thin mans’ balls.

The thin man was audibly pleased. He proceeded to grab onto her ponytail and wrap it around his cock, stroking its length with her locks. Glasses continued to focus on her as she began to grind her hips down on his cock, burying him to the hilt. He grunted as she furiously rolled her hips, intent on her task.

She heard a heavy thump then another. He’s trying to break down the door, she thought. Just then she felt the tin man’s balls pull back toward his body in her mouth. He grunted and Sov felt liquid heat hit the top of her head and run down her hair and on to her face. Most of his load, though, was sticking to her ponytail. The man sighed and got up leaving Sov with dripping hair.

“I guess it’s time to teach your friend that he has to wait to get paid for the services he provides,” he said to her.

Sov, now thoroughly confused, still managed to keep her hips bucking up and down on Glasses’ cock. She shot a worried glance at the door as she saw the two other stand by it, ready to grab Med if she made it through. Behind her Glasses gasped and stopped thrusting letting her gnashing hips take up the slack.

“Fuuuuccckkkkk!!” he yelled out as he dragged out his cock and ran it up her crack and onto her lower back.

Just then the door gave way and Med stumbled in. He felt four strong hands grab his arms and looked up just in time to see Glasses shoot a thick rope of cum all over Sov’s arched back. Another stream coated her and ran down her sides. The man, spent, fell to his side then looked up at Med.

“So now,” he said, “about payment.

“What did you twats do to her?” Med nearly screamed out, struggling against his captors.

Sov slid off the chair and began to weakly attempt to pull up her pants as Glasses approached Med. The man bent down, picked up his coat, and took out a wad of bills. He threw them at Med.

“There see? No reason to think we were ripping you off. Although we shouldn’t pay you as much considering she struggled so much, but it sure made it a different experience…so fuck it.”

The others murmured in agreement.

Med had stopped struggling. He stared at the wad of bills, his mouth agape.

“Money? You think money is going to fix this? You raped the woman I love for the sake of your stupid recording contract!” He was frantic, at a loss.

“Raped? Dear god no. No such thing,” Fats interrupted. “These transactions have always taken place at the Black Gentleman’s Club.”

“And always consensually,” added the thin man.

“The what?” Sov asked, her voice hoarse from all the mistreatment to her throat. She had stopped trying to put on her pants and instead was now lying limp on the floor her pants at her knees and her face stained with congealed semen.

“The BGC, what did you think this was?” Glasses seemed almost concerned. It sickened Med.

“Fuckin’ Christ,” Med uttered, his resignation and disappointment at the realization were clearly audible. “Wrong building.”

“I say, did you say you love the lass?” Fats inquired.

“I do, I do,” Med said, fighting back tears.

“Cheer up then, we’ll make things right. I swear it on mother England.”

Med felt his belt buckle give and his pants pulled down, then his boxers. He was too lost in his own thoughts to protest. The thin man and Fats walked him over to the toilet and sat him down. Med looked up and saw Glasses bring Sov up to him in his arms. He put her down and pulled off her pants, leaving her in her tennis shoes only.

“What are you doing to her?” Med asked, ready to erupt. The others held him down.

“It’s not what we’re doing to he, it’s what she’s doing for you,” Glasses said. “Get up on all fours girl.”

Sov, her will broken, did as she was asked. Once again her ponytail was yanked and she was pulled up between Med’s legs. She looked up at him with a wide eyed stare that said everything in its emptiness.

“Now suck him off,” Glasses said, shoving her head forward.

Med watched as Sov dropped her stare down to his limp member, opened her mouth then completely engulfed his cock. Her head began to bob up and down, working hard to get him erect. Despite himself, Med moaned. Try as he might to dislike the situation, here was the girl of his dreams sucking his prick. The sight of her cum soaked hair and face, her wide eyes, and her young face made his dick grow to a raging boner instantly in her mouth.

Sov scooted up on her knees and placed her hands on his thighs as she worked her mouth all over his cock. She pulled back leaving a sloppy trail of saliva clinging from her lips to his dick. She gave him a look that Med thought read more lust than anything else but before he could register its meaning she already was flicking his pisshole with her tongue.

Glasses bent down and shoved her head down on Med’s cock then relaxed his grip letting her gag factor push her back up. He continued this increasing the ferocity and consistency of his action as the seconds passed. Loud, wet sounds filled the room as spit pooled onto Med’s balls and streamed down his legs. He grunted as he felt Sov’s throat give way to his cock and shot his first shot into her mouth. Sov began to choke so Glasses let her head go completely. She came up coughing and instantly felt the sting of Med’s salty jizz as it hit her right eye. His cock seemed to has an endless supply of cum as it continued to shoot out and slap across her innocent face.

Finally, the flood ceased. Sov looked up at Med, hoping to see a look that communicated his unwillingness in this forced act. All she saw was unadulterated lust. She felt her heart sink. Med got up and walked behind her. Sov, confused, turned to look at him. She was still on her knees, but now she gripped the lid of the toilet to brace herself for the further humiliation she was sure was coming.

“Med, what are you…?” Her eyes shut and she winced in pain as Med kneeled down and swiftly rammed his cock up her asshole. He wasted no time in thrusting deep into her ass, as the men cheered him on.

“Take it up the ass, Sov. You know you love it you cock tease chav bitch,” he uttered between breaths.

Fats slapped her hands of the toilet rim and opened up the lid. He looked up at Med.

“Go on mate,” he prompted.

Med, needing no further incentive that that given to him by his burning lust, didn’t hesitate and he shoved Sov’s head into the bowl. The sounds of water sloshing and bubbling only made him drive into her harder wanted to release his load again. Sov was struggling to breath, her arms flailed around trying to grab purchase and pull herself up. Then suddenly she went limp and her body began to spasm as it starve for oxygen. The spasms made her colon tighten around Med’s cock and milk it.

Med moaned as he felt his cum flood her ass. He let go of her head as his orgasm took over his body. Sov threw herself back, gasping for air. Her body glistened with a coat of running water that coursed down her hair. Then much to everyone’s surprise, once she had regained some control over her breathing, she began grinding her ass back onto Med’s cock. He screamed out as he felt another orgasm hit.

“Fill that arse up Med. Mmmmm,” Sov gasped out as she worked his dick with her tight anus.

Finally, they both collapsed. Med laid down and Sov turned and sat down her back against the toilet. She threw her head back over the bowl and looked at the three astonished black men.

“Why don’t you chaps make good use of this toilet, eh?” She said as she opened her mouth and ran her hand over her clit.

The men, ever eager, obliged and let loose three steady streams of warm piss onto her face. Her mouth filed and overflowed running down her face, neck and down her back. She felt the piss run down between her ass and with that stuck her fingers into her pussy bucking her hips back onto her hand.

A torrent of her cum suddenly shot out. The intensity of the orgasm made her mind slip and she felt a stream of her own piss shoot out even as her pussy throbbed and pushed out her juices onto the floor. Relieved she slinked over to Med and put his cock in her mouth as she dozed off.

Maybe America wasn’t going to be that bad, she thought.

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