Conditioning Christina Ricci

By Mdolizer

Christina Ricci had spent the greater part of the last three hours
signing autographs and answering questions from the crowd at the
high school auditorium where she’d agreed to give a talk to the
students. Standing on the stage in her fairly loose fitting, low
cut pink sweater and her black spandex pants, Christina felt pretty
good about giving these kids, none much younger than herself, a few
bits of good advice that might actually
help them out, instead of
the drivel that most teachers she knew gave her.
Though she would never admit it, Christina had actually had a good
time here, talking with the students after her initial talk,
answering questions and such. She had been a bit leery about doing
this again after the last time, when it seemed that all the kids
interested in was groping and goosing her en masse, but these kids
actually seemed to be interested in what she had to say.
"God, maybe being famous does have it’s perks…", Christina
thought, figuring that her advice had been taken to heart mostly
because of her celebrity status. She guessed the students figured
that she must be doing something right to have gotten to be one of
the most sought after young actresses in Hollywood.
After another unexpectedly pleasant hour with the students,
Christina decided to make her way back to the limo that waited for
her behind the school’s main building, signaling the two burly
bodyguards that had accompanied her. Christina eschewed these
trappings of her celebrity status, usually, but sometimes they just
couldn’t, or shouldn’t, be
Before Christina could part from the crowd and descend from the
stage however, she felt an odd, tingling sensation at the base of
her neck, a pressure that she couldn’t quite describe. She placed
her hand to her forehead and lightly shook her head trying to get a
handle on this odd sensation. After another minute or so of this
feeling, that had now
begun to course thru her brain like some strange fire, Christina
realized something was very wrong, but just as she thought to ask
for a hand from anyone, just as quickly as it had begun, the
sensation left her head entirely.
Christina ran a hand thru her raven hair and looked around
pensively, as if the light in the auditorium were now capable of
burning her eyes away. No one had even seemed to notice her odd
behavior over the past few minutes, and she realized the kids had
continued speaking to her the entire time.
"What? I’m sorry, I didn’t…uh, what was the question…?",
Christina rambled, feeling more than a little embarrassed that she
had lost her end of the conversation. As she stumbled thru her
sentences, Christina felt drowsy, her mind tired, as if her thought
processes had been slowed to a snails pace. Nonetheless, she
continued to respond to the
attentive yet unaware students around her. It was then, however,
that Christina realized something was definitely wrong, when she
felt a hand reaching under the waistband of her pants, and begin
running across her ample bottom.
Christina snapped her head around to see who could be feeling her
up, and just as she caught a glimpse of him, she was immediately
compelled to turn back around and continue her conversation. As she
spoke to the student in front of her, she felt the man’s hand
squeezing her butt with all abandon before raising up just enough to
come down under the waistband of her silk panties and onto the naked
flesh of her ass. As the man began to fondle her plump buttcheeks
feverishly, now with both hands, Christina could do no more than
wonder why she allowed this to happen and continued to talk.
All Christina could manage was one small spark of resistance in
the back of her mind that could simply spur her to wonder why no one
else would stop this sicko who was very obviously molesting her.
The man behind cared nothing for her visible inner turmoil, but
instead had taken to his knees behind the young starlet and pulled
her pants down to just under her rounded ass, giving him a wonderful
view of it as he continued to rub and squeeze and fondle her ass.
He grabbed one buttcheek in each hand and pressed them together,
then pulled them apart again, enjoying their plumpness. As he
spread her cheeks apart, he slid one hand under the elastic leg band
of her right leg, and slid his fingers along the silky smooth flesh
of her ass. He was filled with the need to play with each pat of
her for as long as possible, exploring this body that many men have
desired to touch. He could hear that Christina was now moaning
slightly against the will overriding her own, but he decided to let
it go.
"It’s more exciting that way…" he thought to himself, as he
yanked Christina’s pants all the way down to her ankles and slowly,
firmly ran his hands up and down her exposed thighs.
Christina had just noticed that all the people around her had
suddenly stopped speaking, and when she looked around she saw that
they had stopped moving altogether. They seemed to be…
"…frozen in time?", she heard the man say as he moved around to
be in front of her. "A simple little trick I picked up in the
mountains of Tibet, and I know how clich‚ that sounds."
"What are…why are you doing this…?" Christina weakly asked, as
the man reached under her sweater to fondle her breasts as he spoke
to her.
"Why? Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately!? ‘Why…?’"
The man chuckled under his breath as he lifted Christina’s arms and
slowly pulled her frumpy sweater up and over her head, revealing a
lacy black bra that struggled to contain the girl’s famously large
"A losing battle, my friend…" he said, reaching behind her to
unsnap her bra. As he leaned in to do so, he planted his mouth over
Christina’s and began to kiss her hard, pulling her tongue into his
mouth before using his tongue to probe her mouth before pulling
"The ‘conditioning’, as I call it, dulls your mind and makes you
unable to resist my will. I could have rendered you comatose, but I
find it more enjoyable when my ‘volunteer’ is awake, but I did juice
the pleasure center of your brain a bit. I figure you’ll be feeling
that in a minute." The man continued to stroke her breasts over her
now loosened bra, holding it up as he spoke. "You’re just the first
of many, many famous ladies I plan to bag. You should be honored!"
Christina wanted so badly to spit in his face and kick him in the
crotch, but instead all she could do was tense up and whimper
slightly. She wouldn’t have believed this possible if it hadn’t
happened to her, if this psycho weren’t here having his way with her
mind and body. The man stepped back and allowed the bra to fall to
the floor.
Christina managed to turn her head away as the man got his first
glimpse of her colossal boobs. She could actually hear him taking a
deep breath, as if the very sight of them were almost too much to
The man slowly brought a finger up to her left breast and began
circling it around her nipple, which elicited a low moan from
"My fuckin’ God…", the man said under his breath as he placed
more pressure on the nipple, causing her breast to move with his
hand. Finally, he placed his palms against her amazing tits and
began to stroke and molest them with earnest. "Jesus, do you have
any idea how fucking good these feel!?". He continued to roughly
squeeze and fondle Christina’s mountainous tits, sometimes leaning
in closer to kiss the tender flesh around her nipples. Meanwhile
Christina had been unable to do anything apart from stand with her
arms at her sides and her head turned, moaning and cooing almost
inaudibly at every touch of her molester’s hands. Apparently, he
was telling the truth about stimulating her brain, otherwise she
would have nothing but the urge to kill this guy. Her thoughts
about all this left her, however, when she felt him remove his hands
from her boobs, place them on her hips and slowly lay her down on
her back.
The man stood over Christina and looked her over again, laying
down on the stage with nothing covering her but black silk panties,
and her breasts flattening only slightly against her chest.
"How many guys would kill to have this view?", the man wondered
aloud to himself, before gently spreading her legs apart and
pressing the fabric of her panties into her now wet pussy.
"AAHHH…!", Christina loudly gasped, as she felt the man press a
finger deeper into her womanhood, in and out, side to side. After
the man was certain she was sufficiently turned on, he removed his
soaked digit from inside the starlet and crawled up to beside her
Christina was still gasping for air when she heard a zipper beside
her. She opened her eyes to see her attacker’s erect penis pointing
directly at her face. No longer able to fight at all, Christina
managed a pouty, pleading look, though she already knew it was a
lost cause.
"Come on, hot stuff. Don’t tell me you don’t want this…" the
man said as he slid his quivering dick along the girl’s trembling
lips. He then leaned over, grabbing the back of her head, and
slowly pulled her forward and thrust himself into her warm, wet
mouth. He knew for sure that the "conditioning" had taken as he
felt Christina purse her lips around his cock and nurse it with her
tongue. Awash with sensation as this Hollywood starlet went to work
on him, the man straddled her head, with his cock still in her
mouth, and turned around to face her tits, which he promptly began
to fondle anew.
Christina continued to suck on this man’s penis as he began to
stroke and rub her sensitive breasts, pressing them together to lick
both nipples at once and then jiggling them enticingly. She felt
his cock begin to quiver, and expected to feel his warm fluid splash
into her mouth, but instead, she felt him pull out, leaving her
somewhat surprised and a bit disappointed.
The man quickly climbed down and slid Christina’s panties down her
thighs, revealing her beautiful pussy mound. The man did not dwell
on that however, as he hurriedly pressed his dick against
Christina’s wet pussy lips, eliciting heavier breathing from the
starlet. With a sigh and a grunt, he pushed into Christina, finally
feeling her hot vaginal walls around his cock. Unable to think any
longer, the man simply began to thrust fast and hard into the young
girl’s snatch, watching her huge tits dance around madly before
grabbing them and squeezing them tight.
This pounding went on for minutes until the man pulled out of the
writhing girl and crawled up to straddle her abdomen. He placed his
cock between Christina’s incredible globes and pressed them
together, creating a new dicktoy for himself on her chest. He
fucked Christina’s tits for about a minute before he could hold back
no longer, spraying his load up and onto the starlet’s pretty,
lust-contorted face and neck. Christina’s orgasms had apparently
given her some control back, and the first things she could think to
do was wipe her finger across her face and lap up the cum that had
landed on her. Afterward, the two simply laid there among the
frozen kids around them, struggling hard to regain their breath.
After long minutes of rest, the man grabbed his clothes and
watched Christina begin to sit up and look around, apparently still
coming to grips with what had just happened.
"Who are you…?" was all she could say, as the man leaned over
and stroked her boobs a little more.
"The name’s Mack." was all he said, as he let go of her tit and
watched it jiggle a bit. "You’ll probably hear your some of your
Hollywood actress friends talk about me soon…".
Mack grabbed the rest of his clothes and began to leave the
"Oh, you’ve got about five minutes or so before those kids come
to. I’d be gone by then if I were you. You’ll probably be seeing
me again before too long…".

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