Conditioning Joely Fisher

Conditioning Joely Fisher
By Mdolizer

This is only a work of fiction. No actresses were harmed in the
writing of this story.

Consciousness came to Joely Fisher very slowly, her eyes taking
their own sweet time to adjust to the bright light of the room in
which she found herself. After about a minute of blinking and
covering her sensitive eyes with her hands, she looked around.
There was not much to see however; dank gray walls and a ceiling to

match, one plain wood door on the wall opposite to where she sat,
one wooden chair about three feet away from her, and the twin size
bed on which she now sat, draped loosely with white sheets and one
white pillow.
At maybe 10 feet long by 12 feet wide, it was a dinky little box
of a room
Joely was almost more appalled by the drab state of her
surroundings than the fact that she didn’t remember how she came to
be there. She massaged her head in her hands trying to remember
what had happened to her, but it was no use. The events of the past
few hours were completely unknown to her.
She slowly slid to the edge of the bed and draped her legs over the
"Oohh…feels like the worst hangover ever…" Joely mumbled to
herself. "Was I at a party? Maybe that’s why I’m wearing an
evening gow…ahh!" Joely quickly covered her eyes as the light
from the lone bulb dangling from the middle of the ceiling reflected
off the silver sequins of her sparkling knee length, low-cut,
strapless evening dress, and shot back into her still aching eyes.
"Maybe…maybe I’d better just lay back down for now. I feel so
awful." She laid back and soon found herself drifting back off to
Before long, however, Joely heard a soft sound coming from the far
corner of the room. A clicking, whirring sound, almost like a
camera or something. Her eyes still upset and aching, Joely had no
hope of seeing the cause of the sound from where she lay. She very
slowly, very carefully sat up, pushed herself off the bed, and began
to make her way toward the corner. When she approached the sound
got louder, and as she braced herself against the offending wall,
she felt it give a lot more than even these ratty things should
Summoning all her remaining will, she focused through her mental
haze enough to feel around the wall and look for…well, anything to
explain the noise, even if only as a way to keep her mind off her
general situation.
After a few minutes of sliding her hands across the wall, Joely
came across a tiny hole, about 1/8 of an inch in size. She noticed
that as she ran her hand over the hole, the familiar noise was made,
just as when she removed her hand again. Taking a breath, trying to
further cut thru her dwindling stupor, Joely stuck her finger in and
pulled, watching the cheap wall peel away to reveal a cubbyhole in
the wall with a video camera tucked in. Apparently whoever had
brought her here had been filming her or had planned to film her.
She gasped and jumped back, however, as the door that was now to her
immediate left sprang open as a man stepped briskly thru. He wore a
plain, white tee shirt and blue jeans, but his bearing was odd, and
it was obvious that there was more to him than there might appear.
"Hello there, Joely. Mind if I call you that?" he said as he
casually approached the slowly retreating redhead. "My name’s Mack.
You feeling any better?"
The brief adrenaline rush now wearing off, Joely began to feel
lightheaded again. "Where am I!? How did I get here!?" she managed
to shout before managing to hobble backwards and flop back down onto
the bed. She grabbed her head in her hands again, trying to
overcome this funk she was in, but it was no good. She couldn’t
seem to shake it. It took all her will to form simple words at this
point. "Why…what do you want from me…? Do you…do you want
Mack picked up the lone chair in the room and brought it over to
the bed, sitting backwards in it with his arms crossed over the back
as he watched Joely try to compose herself. " ‘Money’? Nah, I’m
not really after money right now." He stopped talking long enough
to watch the actress for a few moments, paying particular attention
to the way that her dress had ridden almost all the way up her
thighs. He decided to try to ignore the stirring in his pants a bit
longer. There was no need to rush.
"You see, you may not remember it now, but we met at a party just
a few hours ago. Some get together for a bunch of Hollywood snobs
or something. How can you people stand to be around each other for
so long?"
Joely pieced together as many words as she could. "If…you
didn’t like it…why were you there…? How…how did you get
Mack smirked to himself. "Oh, I have my ways. Anyway, there I
was at that shindig with a couple of friends I’d managed to get in
with me when who should walk past but this beautiful redhead in a
low cut silver dress?"
Joely really didn’t want to hear what this jackass had to say, but
her head was clearing up and soon she should be able to get up and
think of a way out of here. She thought it would be a good idea to
just let him ramble until then.
"So one of my buddies recognized you and dared me to go up and ask
you out" Mack continued, now attending the camera that Joely had
uncovered, making sure that it was on and correctly aimed. "I
figured I’d do that one better" He came back to his chair and sat
down, watching Joely again. "I figured there was no way I could
wine and dine somebody like you, and aren’t you married now, anyway?
Well, I figured I’d just use my meager abilities to will you
unconscious and drag you back to this little "rumpus room" I put
together and just have my way with you, while the camera gets
evidence, of course"
Joely was steadily feeling better enough to stand and glare at her
apparent abductor now. "What do you mean ‘…abilities…willing me
unconscious…’? What is that garbage? What’d you do, drug me or
something!? Do you really think you’re going to get away with
this?" Joely bolted for the door.
As she reached it though, she was again overcome by the same haze
that had just left her. Almost falling to the floor, it was all
Joely could do to reach the bed again.
Mack got up and stood between the actress and the door. "You
know, I used to watch that ELLEN show you were on, and I thought
they really should have let you be more like you really are." He
said, putting his hands in his pockets.
"What…what the hell are you talking about?" Joely stammered.
"I mean your character on the show was kind of a ditz, but they
should have made her a little more…shall we say…loose? Active
in the sack? It would have been a great help during sweeps week."
"Fuck you. I am NOT some…some slut you can just talk to like
that!" Joely yelled.
"Oh, I never said you were a slut, per se. I just think that you
like sex, is all. Maybe not with any guy you see, but you like sex
a lot don’t you?" Mack said smugly as he crouched down in front of
Joely as she glared at him.
"What the hell are you talking about? You don’t know a damn thing
about me! What gives you the right to…to…." Joely stopped
speaking as she was overtaken by a wave of euphoria. Her crotch
began to tingle and for a few brief seconds, she felt incredibly,
unbelievably horny.
"I meant what I said earlier. I can make you do whatever I want,
and I just made you feel really good, didn’t I?"
"NO!" Joely squirmed a bit, clearly lying. "No…you…I don’t
believe you!"
Mack just smiled and leaned in closer. "Are you sure? Because I
was just wondering why you haven’t tried to stop me yet."
Joely hadn’t even realized until just then that Mack had his hand
on her left thigh and had run it up under her skirt almost up to her
crotch. "No!" She yelled as she pushed his hand away from her and
shot up once more for the door.
This time Mack let her reach it, but she realized that it was
locked and, apparently, the only sturdy thing in this entire room.
Realizing that she would not be able to get thru ,Joely let go of
the knob and leaned her head forward against the door, sobbing to
herself. By this time Mack was now right behind her and he gently
put his hands on her shoulders as he approached her.
"Hey, no need to cry. I promise you’re going to enjoy
yourself…I know I will…" Mack said as he walked up behind Joely,
put his hands on top of hers against the doorframe, and began to
grind himself into her from behind. Joely tried weakly to break
away but it was no use, she was pinned. And, though she would never
admit it, she could feel that somewhere a small part of her was
enjoying this guy’s sizable erection working its way into her butt,
pushing the material of her shimmering gown into her crack. Making
her want to thrust her hips back into…NO!
"No! Please…please stop…!" Joely said, barely above a
whisper. Surprisingly, she felt Mack step back away from her,
making her sigh in…what? Relief? Disappointment? She turned
around slowly, her arms sliding behind her back now pressed against
the door. She looked down along her evening gown, all wrinkled and
a bit dirty from being pressed against the old door. When she felt
the dampness between her legs getting warmer she looked up at her
abductor with a look that she probably wasn’t making on purpose; her
eyes narrowed with wisps of flame red hair waving in front of them
and her full lips pouting slightly, she was smoldering and she
didn’t know why. Can this guy have been telling the truth about
these "abilities"?
"How are you doing this?" she asked.
"Doing what?" Mack answered, taking this opportunity to once again
approach the actress and cup her breast thru her dress. This time
Joely did nothing but shiver a bit, and gasp slightly.
"How are you making me…making me…?" she tried to focus past
the hand flicking and squeezing her tit, but she couldn’t.
"Making you what?" Mack pulled her closer, reached around to the
back of her dress and grasped the zipper, pulling it about a quarter
of the way down her back. "Tell me what I want to hear or the dress
comes off."
"You’re…you want me to…?"
The zipper was about halfway down now.
"You’re making me want…"
The zipper was all the way down.
"You’re making me want you! How are you making me want you!?"
Joely finally yelled, panicky as she felt the zipper stop when it
could go no further.
Mack let go of her zipper and looked Joely in the eyes. "Oh,
that." Mack smiled a bit as he crouched down and grabbed the hem of
her dress. "What makes you think I’m doing that?" he said as he
gave the dress a good yank, bringing it down over her proud breasts,
sending them dancing across her chest
Joely jumped a bit when she felt the dress fall down to her hips,
and as Mack stood back up and slowly slid it over them, her first
reaction was not to cover her exposed breasts, but to cover the
moist spot at the front her now visible silk panties. Joely was
more than a little turned on, and she wanted more than anything
right now to be able to believe that this guy actually was using
some "mind trick" or something on her. Her eyes watched Mack as he
lifted her legs, each in turn, and pulled the dress away, throwing
it over onto the bed. She watched him as he stood up in front of
her again. But she closed her eyes and turned her head when she
felt his hand work its way down the front of her panties and clamp
itself onto her mound.
Mack was actually a lot more excited than he was letting on, and
it was taking every ounce of willpower he had to keep from losing
control at any second here. As he continued to caress Joely’s
pussy, he leaned in and sucked one of her erect little nipples into
his mouth, rolling it around his tongue and getting a good taste of
it. He heard Joely’s breathing betting louder and more broken every
Just then, he remembered the camera that he’d set up, and while he
was pretty sure that it was picking up what was going on here, he
wanted to be sure to get everything. He inwardly kicked himself
again for not thinking to record Melissa and Christina, but he
wouldn’t make that mistake again. With most of her left boob still
in his mouth, Mack pulled his hand out of Joely’s panties, gripped
her firm ass with both hands, and picked her up. He carried her
back over to the bed, gently laying her on her back and finally
letting her tit fall out of his still hungry mouth.
Joely looked up at him thru heavy, half-opened eyes, wondering why
he’d stopped. The shame she was feeling didn’t really have time to
register, however, as she realized that Mack was now quickly
stripping and he leaned over and began shimmying her soaked panties
down over her hips.
Mack turned Joely from side to side to slide her panties off of
her, watching the elastic flip over her beautiful ass as he did.
After pulling them completely off of her, Mack pulled Joely up until
she was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking up at him as if a
bit confused. She smiled a bit though when he stood in front of
her, and as she took his erect penis in her mouth, she realized she
wanted this more than he did. So it wasn’t long at all before she
forcefully started to suck him off, jerking her head this way and
that to let him feel as much of her mouth as possible.
As he felt the Joely going at his cock as if her life depended on
it, Mack had gripped handfuls of the TV star’s fiery tresses,
running his hands over her head and slowly thrusting his hips up
into her drooling mouth. Joely was very good at giving head,
apparently. Maybe Mack was right when he told her that he knew she
really liked sex. Heck, he’d just been playing with her mind,
without influencing her at all with his powers. Quickly all thought
left his mind when he felt Joely pull his cock almost entirely out
of her accomplished mouth, running her teeth lightly along the
underside of it as she went. He looked down to see her jerking him
off as she licked at the head with her agile tongue before engulfing
him again in her beautiful face. She did this several times before
Mack began to thrust himself between her red lips. He fucked
Joely’s mouth for some time before pulling out, letting his cock run
down Joely’s upturned chin as he went.
Joely was looking up at Mack and that steamy look had returned to
her face as she jerked Mack off as his cock fell out of her line of
sight. She slowly let go of him and quickly flipped over onto all
fours on the bed, her ass wiggling at him invitingly. She looked
back at him and that look now seemed purely slutty, not that Mack
minded at all.
"Come on! Come on, fuck me…" Joely squealed as she watched Mack
move behind her and run his tool up and down along her dripping
slit. He was driving her crazy by not just fucking immediately, as
she drove him crazy pretty much by just being there. "COME ON!
COME…AHHH!" she yelled as she felt Mack plunge all the way into
her, his pubic hairs tickling her ass.
"Uh…Ah…yeah…Yeah…" Joely was yelping as Mack dove in and
out of her tight pussy, harder and faster with each passing second.
Mack was pounding into with all the force he could muster, gripping
her hips and pulling her back into him. He looked down and watched
her ass jiggle with each thrust. As he let go of her hips and began
to massage those enticing globes of her butt, his thrusts sent Joely
forward on the bed and onto her stomach. Not missing a step, and
still inside her, Mack positioned his arms on either side of her and
slammed into her even harder than before, as she screamed and egged
him on. She grabbed big handfuls of the flimsy sheet on the bed,
gritted her teeth, and lost herself in the good, hard, fucking she
needed and wanted.
After a couple more minutes, Joely begged him to stop for a
second, just long enough for her to flip over onto her back.
Without wasting a second, she reached down, pulled Mack’s cock back
into its new home, and started to pump her hips up into Mack’s
crotch, now fucking him just as hard as he was fucking her.
At this point, neither of the two were really thinking anymore,
just trying to fuck as long as possible and as hard as possible.
Joely’s hips were slamming wildly up into Mack and back down into
the bed and Mack would occasionally pin her into the mattress and
grind into her for a few seconds before letting her up again. At
this rate, neither could hold out for much longer, and with a loud,
piercing scream, Joely began to come, her whole body going into
convulsions. Mack once again, thrust into her and pinned her hips
down against the mattress, preparing to come deep inside Joely’s
well-fucked body. As Joely’s orgasm finally began to subside, she
felt Mack’s first spurt of come fly up into her, and she quickly
reached down, fished his cock out of her still tightening passage,
and pulled it up to her mouth, cum spraying along her thighs,
stomach, and tits as it passed over her. She sucked on his cock as
the last few spurts of semen leaked into her mouth and she swallowed
it all, felling sorry for not having caught it sooner. Breathing
heavily and exhausted, she and Mack collapsed side by side and
drifted off briefly.
When she awoke, Joely looked across the room to see Mack, fully
clothed, checking the camera to be sure that everything that had
just happened had been captured for posterity. Her first reaction
was to smile until she remembered the circumstances of this
situation. This guy had brainwashed her or something into having
sex with him! She was a married woman, and she’d just cheated with
this guy who had pretty much called her a slut and used some mind
trick to try to prove it! She gathered up her dress and looked at
him angrily as she pulled it back on.
"What did you do to me!?" she yelled at him.
"What? Didn’t we already go thru this? What are you talking
about?" Mack casually glanced back at her.
"What? You used some mental hoodoo on me and fucked me! You took
advantage of me!" Joely said, now walking up behind him.
"’…mental…’?" Mack feigned ignorance. "Oh right, my mind
altering abilities?"
"Yeah, whatever! Why did you do this to me!? You’ve ruined my
life!" she said as tears welled up in her eyes.
"Look; one, I didn’t ruin anything. Your husband doesn’t have to
know about this. And two, didn’t I already tell you that I didn’t
make you sleep with me? I’m afraid that was all you. All I did was
prod you on a bit in the beginning." Mack said, as he hauled the
camera out of its niche and tucked it under his arms before making
his way to the door. "God, I’m going to be watching this for
months! Thanks for the great fuck."
Joely was flabbergasted. Was he telling the truth? Did she
really want this? She went silent and flopped down into the chair
behind her as she tried to think this thru. She used to have flings
a lot before she was married, but surely she wouldn’t have done this
now, right? She watched Mack as he waved to her and stepped out the

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