Conditioning Melissa Joan Hart

Conditioning Melissa Joan Hart
by MDolizer

Mack paced in front of the door of the set at ABC Studios lot,
feeling nervous for the first time in many months. His next
"conquest" should have arrived by now, according to the info
he had gleaned from the minds of a few stagehands. Had he
not been thorough enough? Had he overplayed his hand at all?
Maybe, one of the people he’d coerced into talking earlier had
not been "conditioned" well enough and warned someone of
his plans?
Mack was now nervous enough that when he heard the sound
of footsteps
approaching from around the corner, he actually
jumped a bit.
"Damn it, Mack! Get it together! If you can get away with
screwing Christina Ricci, you can get away with this… My
heart damn near jumped out of my chest there!", he thought
to himself, not realizing his peculiar choice of words, as he
turned and saw that his prey had finally turned up. He’d
come here to the set of SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH
to snag its star, the next actress on his list of famous
women to bang, Melissa Joan Hart.
Mack quickly steadied himself and straightened the janitor’s
uniform he’d worn. It was entirely unnecessary, but he found
that it was easier to get a woman under his spell if she is
unsuspecting, and who’d suspect the old janitor that he was
dressed up to be? And besides, it made things a bit more
challenging, a bit more exciting.
He looked up just in time to see her walk around the corner,
heading toward the set, and he felt a stirring in his pants as
he noticed how Melissa seemed able to make just about any
plain old clothes look sexier. Probably the contrast between
her cute, girl-next-door, pure as the driven snow looking face,
and the body that led many more guys than would admit it to
tune into her show in moments of guilty pleasure. She wore a
white baby doll tee shirt that clung tightly to her pert breasts
and exposed her midriff, and a pale pink pleated summer skirt
that came about three inches down past an ass that could
turn the gayest man to mush. Her tight, tanned thighs flexed
slightly as she made her way towards him in the high- soled
shoes that every girl under 25 seemed to wear. It was an
outfit that a guy might see a hundred times on girls in the
street, but on her, it seemed almost illegal.
"Oh, hi!", Melissa said, breaking the spell Mack had been under
as she walked past him. "Are you new here? I don’t think I’ve
ever met you before."
"Yeah, today’s my first day."
"Well, I hope you enjoy it here. I like to think that everything
works a lot better if every one has fun with their jobs, so if there’s
ever anything I can do for you, you just lee me know." With
that, Melissa gave Mack a quick smile and turned to go into
the studio, but as she did she began to feel light headed and
weak in the knees.
"Oh, I’ll be sure to…" Mack smiled slyly as he used his mental
talents to "condition" the young star, to weaken her mind and
sap her will, making her unable to resist him, and turning her
to putty in his hands.
The last thing she heard was the sound of her purse hitting the
ground as Mack caught her now limp body…

The alarm at her bedside blaring loudly, Melissa woke up with
a start, smacking the clock off of the nightstand beside her bed.
"Wha- 8:30!? I am sooo late for school!" Melissa leapt from her
bed, her knee length cotton nightgown trailing behind her. "No
time for a normal shower and change! Time for a handy little
spell to- hey! What happened to my magic?" she questioned
as her trademark finger-point had no effect. "Oh, man! I’m not
even gonna ask what else could go wrong!" Just as the words
left her mouth, Melissa heard the usual thunderclap from the
hall outside her door, telling her that someone was coming through
from the Other Realm. "I said I wasn’t gonna ask!".
Melissa opened her door just in time to see a fairly tall, plain
looking man step out from the door of the "linen closet" that
served as an interdimensional portal. He was dressed in a dark
gray business suit, and made his way over to Melissa as soon
as he saw her, his hand stretched out in front of him.
"Ah! You must be Sabrina Spellman!" he said as he shook her
hand, noting that she indeed had no idea who he was. Everything
was going smoothly. "I’m Mack, your new Quizmaster."
"What? But I already have my witch’s license. Why do I need
another Quizmaster?" Melissa inquired, looking genuinely puzzled.
"Yes, well it seems your previous Quizmaster did not do his job
very thoroughly…forgot to dot a few I’s, cross a few T’s, that sort
of thing." Mack found that he was getting more into this role-playing
jazz than he’d intended. Knowing that he could more subtly take
advantage of this girl than he would through a complete domination
of her will made things much more exciting. "Anyway, I’m afraid
we’ll have to have a brief follow-up test to be absolutely sure that
you are worthy of your powers."
"Well…okay, but can it wait? I’m already late for school and if
my aunts find out…"
"Don’t worry, Ms. Spellman. As I said, this will only be a very brief
examination in your control of magic. And this is the only time we
have available in the immediate future. If you cannot comply now,
I’m afraid I will have to revoke your magic until such time as you
can complete the test."
Melissa mulled this over. Her magic already seems to have been gone,
but she was afraid to tell this guy that. What would he say? Maybe
before was just a fluke. "When would be the next soonest time I
could take the exam?" she inquired.
Mack pretended to flip thru the pages of a clipboard he’d brought with
him as a prop. "Let’s see…..ah! Here we are! The next makeup exams
will be in 132 years!"
"What!?" Melissa yelled. "I can’t go without magic that long! Okay, I’ll
take the test now!" Melissa ran back into her room to change, immediately
trying to figure a way out of this mess. It would turn out okay, she hoped
After all, she’s been through worse…heck, almost on a weekly basis!
As he watched her close her door, Mack smiled to himself. Making Melissa
think that she was truly the character she played on TV was a stroke of
genius, he thought. He’d commanded her to go onto her set and dress up
as Sabrina (not doing it for her, so it would be a treat for him later), and go
through the character’s paces as he would take suitable advantage of her.
He wiped the smile off his face as she returned in the outfit that she’d
arrived with, as he instructed, and was now ready to explode as his game
reached its final stages.
This was going to be great!
Melissa came back up to Mack, obviously exasperated. "Okay, what do I
have to do?"
Mack looked over his clip board again. "Well, we’ll start with a simple test
of rudimentary control of your teleportational abilities."
"Magically move yourself downstairs." Mack replied, already knowing
what was going to happen, of course.
Melissa took a quick breath and pointed at herself to release her magic.
Once again, nothing happened. She tried again. And again. And again.
Still nothing.
Melissa looked up at Mack, who was now shaking his head and making
ominous marks on his clipboard.
"I’m afraid Ms. Spellman that you’ve failed this first test, and now you must
receive punishment." Mack smiled.
"What? Punishment? What punishment?!" Melissa yelled, now fairly worried.
Mack took Melissa’s hand and led her to the bed in her room, sitting down
on the edge. "Why, it’s just a simple spanking, Ms. Spellman."
"WHAT!?" Melissa pulled away. "No way! You’re not spanking me! I’m
not 12 years old, you know!"
Mack frowned. "Well, alright. I suppose to a witch 132 years isn’t really
THAT long…"
Melissa stopped and turned around to face him after being reminded of
that She slowly made her way back to her "Quizmaster". "How many licks?"
"Only 5." Mack replied, now obviously more anxious. He slapped his knee
a few times to summon Melissa over.
"Make’ em quick…" Melissa said as she reluctantly laid herself over Mack
lap, her firm ass jutting up into the air. She tried to shift a bit as she was
being poked by something hard she thought was in the Quizmaster’s pocket.
Mack didn’t notice the squirming of Melissa’s upper body, as he was transfixed
on her unbelievably molded butt. After taking a breath, Mack softly placed
his right hand on the girl’s left buttock and gently squeezed it before giving
it a soft, gentle slap. He noticed Melissa tense up a bit.
"I apologize, Ms. Spellman. This punishment need not be a hard one. I’ll help
you get thru it as well as I’m able." With that, Mack replaced his hand on her
ass and massaged it firmly over her skirt. He then placed the second slap on
her right cheek, afterwards sliding his hand down to her thigh and slowly
rubbing his way back up under her skirt.
If Melissa realized what was really happening, she showed no signs as she tried
to shut down all thought until her punishment was through. All Mack could
see was that she simply tensed and made a slight yelp with every spank.
By this time, Mack’s hand rested underneath Melissa’s skirt and overtop of
her smooth, silk panties. He lifted her skirt up so it rested against her waist,
revealing her panty-clad ass to him. He quickly slapped it a third time, and
immediately bent over to kiss the spot he’d just hit. He then grabbed one
cheek in either hand and squeezed them a little more firmly than before,
making her wince a little louder. Barely even thinking anymore, he then
slapped her ass with both hands at the same time, making up the fourth and
fifth spankings. Before she realized it however, he quickly slid his hands underneath
her panties and onto the smooth flesh of her butt, sliding his hands along her
soft skin, letting his thumbs brush along crack.
"Ahem! Well, Ms. Spellman." It was taking Mack longer than he thought it
would to compose himself. "Are you ready for your next test?"
Melissa pushed her self up off his lap and back onto her feet, rubbing her butt
gently. "I guess so…what is it?" She almost didn’t want to know.
"Now we will need to test your physical dexterity. Many of the complex skills
you will learn later on will require supreme concentration and conditioning of
the mind and the body." Mack never thought he could improvise lines like this,
but the anticipation and the excitement it was causing surely must have
been helping.
Melissa was now noticing how mentally…dull she felt. Normally she would not
be so complacent and she CERTAINLY would not have let what just happened
go as far as she did. She didn’t have time to dwell on these thoughts very long,
however, as Mack was now maneuvering her atop a chair that he’d pulled
out from the corner.
"Now Ms. Spellman, you will be required to brace this stack of books as high
above your head as possible, while balancing with one leg on this chair and
one leg on the bed." Mack instructed the young star, handing her a stack of
6 books that were used as props on the set, and placing the chair about 2
feet away from her bed. Melissa did as she was told, standing on top of the
chair before spreading her other leg over to the bed. She held the books as
far over her head as her arms would stretch, which caused her skirt, which
was now spread wide open between her legs, to ride up a bit over her creamy
thighs. Mack gulped a bit as he noticed.
"Now, Ms. Spellman, you must remain in this position for as long as possible
while enduring physical duress."
Melissa felt a hand creeping up her thigh.
Mack had now walked behind her and slowly slid hid hands up her skirt again,
squeezing her thighs softly as he went. Melissa had to concentrate hard not to
drop the books above her head as she then felt one of her Quizmaster’s hands
slide in between her legs, rubbing and cradling her womanhood over her panties.
Mack gently increased the pressure on Melissa’s cunt as he felt her warmth and
wetness growing. With the one hand still stroking her wetness, his other hand
now began to probe the deep crease between her asscheeks, pushing her panties
into her crack as he explored it. Mack slid his hand under the legband of her
panties and grabbed one cheek and give it a squeeze, then grabbed the other
one and gave it the same attention. Before he lost the capacity for rational thought,
Mack decided to change up a bit. He removed his hands from between the young
woman’s tight thighs and slid them under her shirt and up her body until he was
caressing her breasts from behind. As he groped and squeezed Melissa’s firm tits,
he leaned forward and pushed his face under her skirt, now licking up and down
and across her ass. Mack alternated between running his face across her plump
buttcheeks and licking between her legs. As quickly as he could, he then hurried
to grab the pair of scissors he’d seen on the nightstand earlier and cut away her
thoroughly wetted underwear, fully revealing Melissa’s round, beautiful, naked
butt to him for the first time. Mack continued to play with it while once again
groping her breasts.
Melissa had almost dropped her books about three times already, but what really
worried her was the fact that she was even thinking about those damn books
when this Quizmaster seemed to be taking complete advantage of her. Or was
she overreacting? Maybe it was part of the test? She couldn’t think straight
enough to tell, especially when she felt Mack’s tongue probing deep into her
pussy. Her knees wobbled mightily, and to keep from falling altogether, she
actually thought to try to not think about what was going on, but this time it
was impossible. She looked down her body to see her Quizmaster’s hands still
kneading her boobs, his hands running feverishly along around her tits and she
saw them being pushed around under her shirt. Past that, she saw his chin
protruding from between her bare legs every now and then, as he licked his way
back and forth along her slit. Before she realized it, Melissa began to rock her hips
back and forth slightly, almost imperceptibly, moaning in time with the warmth
of his mouth as it pleasured her.
Just when Mack pulled his head from between her legs to play with her ass
some more, Melissa lost all control and fell to the ground, the stack of books
falling a few feet away from her. She sat up trying to catch her breath as Mack
was standing behind her doing the exact same thing.
"Uh, Meliss…uh…Ms., uh…Ms. Spellman…" Mack stammered, unable to collect
himself. "I guess you passed the test…". Why did he say that?
"…I…I…did?" Melissa said softly, standing up and smoothing her skirt back
over her legs.
"I guess so…" Mack said mostly to himself, trying to think of the next thing
he had planned. He looked across his clipboard, at the list of 8 more "tests"
he’d planned. No way am I gonna make it, he thought to himself. I’m not
even gonna try. He picked the next test.
"Alright, Mel…Sabrina…one of those books you were holding is an ancient
magical tome. You must next open it to page 174, the ‘chant of drought’ spell.
Again, this is a test of concentration. You must recite the chant, continually,
until it takes effect. You will sit where you are, legs folded, and try to ignore
the world around you as you do so. Are you ready, Ms. Spellman?"
"Yes…" Melissa said, her thoughts growing duller by the moment, it
seemed. She opened the book, closed her eyes, and began to chant.
She did her best to focus entirely on the spell, as she certainly did
not want to lose her magic for any longer than she could help, and
as she furrowed her brow in concentration, she felt something
hard sliding across her smooth right cheek. She was determined
to ignore whatever was poking at her, and she continued to
chant. As the words left her mouth, she felt the object sliding
across her cheeks, her nose, and her chin before coming to rest
on her lower lip as it moved to mouth her words.
Mack had been waiting to do this, and the excitement was killing
him. As Melissa continued speaking, he slid his cock into her
mouth slowly, letting it sink in entirely before pulling it back
out again, breathing heavily the entire time. Her mouth was
hot and perhaps surprisingly, her efforts to speak vibrated
along his shaft, exciting him more. He’d made sure that the
words were made up of a lot of the typical "oooooooooooooo"
and "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" sounds that one would
expect from a chant of some kind. Her lips pursing around his
member seemed to make him harder with every thrust into her
young mouth as he started to slowly fuck it.
Although Melissa was still thinking like her Sabrina character,
she subconsciously knew what was going on, and even
though this was all against her will, she found that she had
begun to swirl her tongue around her "Quizmaster"’s
member in between words. All the groping and the licking
she had received had obviously turned her on and she was
getting into this more than she would have liked. Her thoughts
were interrupted, however, when she felt her Quizmaster grab
her head with both hands and plunge deep into her mouth,
going down her throat slightly, holding it there until Melissa
thought she was about to run out of breath.
"Fuck it!" Mack yelled as he removed himself from her mouth
and pushed her onto her back. He grabbed her skirt and
yanked it off of her, then abruptly placed his penis into her
now drooling cunt. Without any hesitation, he began to pump
in and out of the starlet, faster and faster, cursing himself for
losing control, but still happy beyond all belief at finally
fucking Melissa Joan Hart.
Her low, seductive grunts and moans spurred him on, driving
him deeper into her than he thought was possible. But just
before he came, he pulled out of her, grabbed her waist, and
flipped her over onto her stomach. That magnificent ass was
calling to him, and he watched it shake a bit as Melissa came
to rest. He took his still rock hard dick and rubbed it up and
down her crack for a second or two before sliding it into
place at her butthole. Melissa knew what was coming and
braced herself, clenching her fists and closing her eyes
tightly. She winced then moaned loudly as she felt his
member work its way into her ass, and before she knew it
he’d sunk entirely into her, his pelvis resting against her firm cheeks.
It took all Mack’s will to wait to let her get used to the knew
sensation of being taken anally, so after a few seconds of
resting inside her, he began to truly fuck Melissa’s plump butt.
The tightness of her ass was indescribable, almost grabbing
his cock and pulling it in itself.
Mack began to pump faster and faster, and after a few minutes,
Melissa began to rock up into him, her ass slapping against his
pelvis loudly. Melissa then screamed loudly, a wild piercing
scream that let Mack know that she had just begun to come.
One more deep push into her, and he began to shoot stream
after stream of hot come up into Melissa’s butt, pushing her
along the floor a few inches as he pressed into her. He looked
down to see her plump cheeks crushed agianst his pelvis.
After a minute or two, both of them lay still, Mack’s penis
shrinking inside Melissa’s butt, and the only thing that could
come to Melissa’s mind in those final moments was "What am
I going to tell Harvey…?"

Melissa approached the door to her set at the ABC lot, cursing
herself for being late. As started to open the door, it opened from
the other side, and a man dressed as a janitor walked thru and past her.
"Don’t I know you…?" Melissa asked?
The janitor looked up at her. "We may have met. I was a janitor
here for a while, but I’m moving on. Today’s my last day."
"Oh, that’s too bad. We’ll miss you. See ya around." Melissa said
as she made her way thru the door.
"Oh, I’m sure you will", Mack smiled to himself, removing his
janitor’s cap, and throwing his mop aside, already figuring out
when he could come back to visit Ms. Melissa Joan Hart.

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