Confession Of A Stalker Part 2 – Alyssa Milano

Confession Of A Stalker Part.2 – Alyssa Milano


Its been 2 or 3 months since I broke into Carmen Electra’s house, having the
fun of my life with her. I spent those months very very well. Im still a
deliveryman and nobody at the job suspect anything about my secret way of
life. When I wasnt working, I was laying on my bed, looking at the lock of
hair. Soon, the urge to get another one was more strong than anything. I
wanted another lock of hair to put with the one I laready have, and maybe
starting a collection we never know.

We are now in the middle of August. The summer
was particulary hot in
Hollywood. I was walking in an empty street during the night like I do most
nights. It was one of those windy but not cold weather….the moon was
shining like a diamond while I was looking through some windows, searching
for sleeping girls to stare at. I looked at my watch.

— Almost midnight….damn im not lucky, I said while throwing a rock on a
fence near me.

I was going to leave the area when I looked at the rock I just pitched. It
landed on the huge fence in front of a big house I havent paid attention
before. I looked around and saw a big brick wall and a golden plate fixed on
it. I immediatly checked what was written on it.

—Alyssa Milano!

I could not believe it. I was in front of Alyssa Milano’s house.

— I think there’s a god up there for me, I said while looking in the sky.

I opened my backpack to see if I brought everything necessary: scissors,
ropes, sleeping pills, pocket knife. Perfect! Everything was in there. So I
decided that Alyssa Milano, the beautiful and sexy lady from “Charmed” would
be my next target. Just thinking about her big and round breasts in my mouth
and the sensual touch of her lips on mine gave me shivers down the spine. I
already climbed the fence when I suddenly stopped.

— And in the case she’s not there, I asked myself. Whatever….she can I
have nice stuff to take anyway.

So I made my way to the house. I was all dressed in black so I could easily
hide myself if anything goes wrong. I went to the door and slowly turned the
handle. It was open…so I carefully setpped into the dark house. I couldnt
hear anything so I thought she was asleep. I slowly closed the door and
looked around the house. I took out the pair of scissors of my backpack,
just in case. I was walking in the kitchen when I heard a little creaky
sound. I stopped immediatly and hid in the shadows. 30 seconds after I went
to the living room. No sign of the bedroom at the first floor.

— Damn why they always have their fucking bedroom upstairs, I thought.

I found the stairs and made my way to the second floor. All the way up I saw
samples of her past pictorials in FHM magazine. I thought about how sweet it
would be to photograph her.

— Maybe I should bring a camera next time, I said softly.

I opened a door but it was just the bathroom.

— Where the hell is that damn bedroom? She’s not sleeping outside for god

I turned around and hit myself on the wall, clearly distracted by my
thoughts. It made a huge noise and I hid in an open room near the bathroom.
I hear footsteps coming near the bathroom. I quickly checked and saw her.
Finally I saw her. She was walking, half-sleeping in a short night gown. The
bottom of the robe just under her nice and round ass. Her huge breasts was
fold in a nice cleavage and her nipples was clearly visible because of the
cold weather outside. I couldnt stop staring at her. At this point, my
stalker type was at the highest point. I was so close of the desire object
of so many men in this world today. I was a couple of meters away of the
fantasy of thousand mens. I looked at myself, the pair of scissors and then
at Alyssa, who was turning her back at me.

— 1…..2…..3….GO!, I thought in my mind before going out of the room.

I rushed on her but she turned around at the same time. When she saw me, she
didnt scream, she just ran away. I was chasing her around the house when she
entered in the bathroom. I didn’t give her the time to close the door so I
entered in as well. immediatly put the of the scissor’s blade on her

— Listen Miss Milano, I dont want to hurt you. I just want some….lets say
personnal items, I said.

— What kind of…..personnal…..items, she asked nervously.

— I don’t know what you have. So maybe if you come with me in your bedroom,
you can show me what you have, I answered while holding her close to me.

I dragged her to her bedroom and threw her on the bed. I took out some ropes
from my backpack and tied her ankles and wrists. I was looking in her
drawers for some valuable objects when she started complaining.

— I have a lot of money I can give you if you…..

— Money does not interest me….and please don’t talk to much.

— Please don’t hurt me I will do every…..

— SHUT UP! I screamed to her while putting the scissor blade on her throat

I look in the drawers and found a golden necklace and an ankle bracelet. I
also found a silver ring with a big emrald on it and another necklace. I put
everything in my backpack and went near Alyssa.

— Now don’t move, that won’t hurt you.

I untied her and moved on top on her. I took off my vest and threw it on the
desk near.

— What are you gonna….do…now? she asked totally scared.

— You see Miss Milano, im a huge fan of everything you did. I’ve seen all
your TV appearances, movies, magazines….everything.

— Yes but…..she said

–SHUT UP! I screamed once again.

I put the scissors on the desk and took out my pocket knife. I put the blade
directly under her throat.

— If you speak a word again, I wont have any other choice than to slit that
nice little throat off.

I began to kiss her all around her neck, just little butterfly kisses. I put
my hand on her neck and kissed her on her beautiful and voluptuous lips.
Damn that kiss was so wonderful. I couldnt stop french kissing her. Her lips
tasted so sweet. I was amazed myself. I could see the fear in her eyes. A
mix of shock and fear to be more precise. I stood up and back up a little

— Please Alyssa, if I can call you Alyssa, take off your clothes, I asked

— No please don’t do that. Please I have….


She got no other choice than to obey. She slowly took off her nightgown,
letting her huge breasts fall out . I looked lower to her pussy, and it was
clean shaved. I couldn’t believe it at first. Alyssa Milano was naked in
front of me, scared like a car during a snowstorm. I stared for a moment at
her firm and round breasts when I went closer to her. I put only one hand on
her shoulder, the other one was busy with the knife on her neck. I reached
her left tit with my hand touched it all around. I pinched her nipple and
twisted it a little bit. She let go a little scream of pain as I twisted
harder. I did the same treatment on her right tit for a couple of minutes.

— Lay down Alyssa please, I asked her.

— Please don’t, she answered.

— I SAID LAY DOWN BITCH! I said back as I put the knife on her neck again.

She immediatly obeyed and laid on her back on the bed. I put the knife in my
pocket to have both hands free as I put my tongue on her lips. I then went
lower on her neck and finally on her beautiful chest. I put both breasts in
my hands and licked her right nipple. I made my tongue go all around it and
I sucked it. The feeling was so wonderful. At the same time, I was
alternating between pinching her nipple and softly touching on ther
aureolas. At this time I could swear that I heard a little cry. I then went
to her pussy and looked at it for a couple of seconds. That was one of the
nicest pussy i’ve ever seen in my life. I immediatly put my tongue on her
clit, making little twisters around it. I took little bites on it and spread
her pussy lips. I was massaging her now swollen clit with my thumb while
licking all around her pussy. The smell of Alyssa Milano’s pussy is
impossible to describe. This is greater than the smell of any perfume. When
I finished working on her nice cunt, I stood up again and took off my shirt.
I did the same with my shorts and boxers. Alyssa sat on the bed and I could
swear I’ve seen tears in her eyes. I was standing naked in front of her. I
played with my cock a little bit while looking at her. I grabbed her by the
hair and put her on her knees straight in front of my almost erect cock.

— Now you know what to do, I said to her.

I put her face closer to my cock but she closed her mouth, seemingly
refusing to obey.

— Come on suck it ! You don’t have any other choice if you want to stay

I forced her to put my dick in her mouth. She licked it all around before
sucking it. All the time she got her eyes closed, grining like it was
painfull. She jacked me at the same time and playing with my balls. Damn she
does that like a pro. For the entire time she was sucking me off I couldnt
stop looking at her, deep in her eyes, her eyes full of tears. I didnt
understand something. When I did it to Carmen Electra, she enjoyed that. But
it seemed that Alyssa didnt like it. But hell, Alyssa Milano was sucking my
cock so I didnt care much….I was having fun as hell. She was licking all
around my shaft and deepthroathed it a couple of times when I pushed her
back. I took her by the arm and almost dragged her to the bathroom. I was
highly satisfied when I saw a huge mirror near the bathtub.

— Now you will get a nice little view, I told her.

I placed her in front of the mirror and spread her legs a little bit. I put
my cock right into her pussy as I started fuckign her. At the same time I
put my hands on her breasts, massaging them as I rammed my cock in her
thight little cunt. A few times I looked in the mirror in front of us, let
me tell you its breath taking. To see me, raping Alyssa Milano was a huge
turn-on. As I fucked her, she kept the same scared look in her eyes. I put
one of my hand on her neck, softly touching it. I kept fucking harder and

— You like to get things in your pussy right Alyssa? You love it when I put
my cock in you? You like to get fucked right?

She said nothing.

— I SAID YOU LIKED IT RIGHT?, I said while ramming into her faster.

— I…..I like……I like it, she said.

I knew she was lying, but I didnt care. I took my cock out of her pussy and
spread her ass cheeks a little bit. While massaging her thighs, I inserted
my still erect cock in her butt. It was so tight, so I went slowly deeper
and deeper. Soon I got my entire cock in her butt and started to go in and
out of her ass. The entire time I could see the pain on her face…..that
was more fun than a rush on Extacy. After our little anal sex seance, I
forced her to turn around and to go down on her knees. I put my cock near
her face once again.

— Now finish what you have started, I told her.

She put my cock in her mouth again and sucked it once again, jacking me off
at the same time. Soon her face and breasts was covered with cum. I put a
hand in her hair and under her chin.

— That was fun Alyssa wasnt it ? I asked her with a sick smile.

She didnt answered and start crying again. So I forced her to take a shower
and get dressed up in her nightgown again. We both went back to her bedroom
and I dressed up as well. She sat on the bed, her face in her hands. She
then look at me while I was putting back my accessories in my backpack. I
kept only a little thread, the scissors and the sleeping pills.

— What are you gonna do now ? Alyssa asked me.

— First and foremost, I want a little remember of you, I answered.

— What kind of….remember? she asked back.

— Don’t move and you will see.

I grabbed her by the troath and cut a little lock of hair. I tied it with
the thread and open the little bottle with the sleeping pills in it. I took
three in my hand and give them to Alyssa.

— Take them, I said.

She hesitated a little bit.


She put them in her mouth right away and she swallowed them.

— Nice….in the next few minutes you wont remember anything of what
happened in there.

I looked at her for a couple of seconds, and then kissed her on the

— Thank you Alyssa…..I had so much fun with you tonight, I said while
laughing a little bit.

She suddenly fell unconscious on the bed. I checked her pulse to see if
she’s ok and everything was perfect. I packed all my stuff back and left the
house. I was walking in the dark streets again, but this time with a little
trophee. I looked at the lock of hair and said.

— Carmen Electra, Alyssa MIlano…I wonder who the next one will be.


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