Title: Confessions

Author: Tori

Celebs: Peyton List, Landry Bender, Rowan Blanchard

Codes: MF, MMF, gang, oral, anal, fist

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

“Where were you?” Peyton List turned and looked at her costar Kevin Quinn and said, “Why do you want to know?”  Kevin walked over to her and pointed to the obvious rug burns on her knees and said, “Because every day I see you disappear and when you come back, your knees are all scraped and your clothes and makeup are a mess.”  Peyton smiled and said, “Mind your own business Kev.”  She turned and walked away but Kevin followed her to her dressing room and pushed it open before it could close.

“Listen Peyton.  You know I’ve got the hots for you.  Christ!  Everyone does.  Come on, tell me, please?”  Peyton turned and put her hand on his chest and said, “Fine, if you must know, I was giving Mr. Parson’s a blowjob.  I service all the execs.  If I didn’t, this show wouldn’t still be on and you’d be out of a job.  Happy now?”  Kevin stood stunned.  He was just about to speak when Peyton said, “There’s just so much more to it.  I don’t think you realize what I have to do for them.”  Kevin sat down and said, “So, go ahead, tell me.  Just what do you have to do?”  Peyton pulled up another chair and said, “OK, I’ll tell you but you have to promise that it never leaves this room.  Promise?”  Kevin shook his head and said, “I promise.”

Peyton crossed her long, thin legs and said, “It all started when I was auditioning for Jessie.  I got called up to the CEO’s office after my second reading and, how can I say this?  He, well, he fucked me.  I sucked his cock and then he fucked me.  I was only 13 and he took my cherry and came in my mouth and I got the part.  A few days later, I was called to his office again.  I figured, what the hell, I’ll suck him off again.  It wasn’t the first time I sucked a cock, only that time he bent me over his desk and sodomized me.  It really hurt, let me tell you, but I let him do it to me and a few more times after that.”  Kevin looked at her and said, “No shit?  The CEO fucked you in the ass?”  Peyton shook her head and said, “I found out later from Debby that he does all the girls and I mean every single one of us.”  Kevin stood up and paced around the room.  “Jesus Peyton, I had no idea.”

Peyton said, “That’s not the worse part.”  Kevin sat back down and took her hand and said, “What could be worse that getting fucked in the ass when you’re 13?”  Peyton sat back and said, “There’s this club.  They call it the Disney Girls Club.  We all belong to it.  Debby, Olivia, Selena, Ashley, Vanessa, all of us.  I think Hilary Duff was the first member along with the two girls from Even Stevens.  Next came Miley and Selena.  Hell, we just initiated Madison from Bizaardvark a couple of weeks ago.  There’s this big party where everyone attends.  They give us alcohol and drugs and everyone fucks us and I mean everyone.  All the top execs, producers and directors, they spend the night fucking all of us and we all participate.  Sometimes with each other and in groups.  I got into a foursome with Olivia, Landry and Bella at the last one.  That’s why I was just up in his office.  He jerked off watching us and I think he’s got a crush on me.  I’ve been up there every day ever since that party.  I’m glad that I only had to give him head today.  Yesterday he fucked me in the ass for almost an hour.”  Kevin looked at her and said, “I thought you were walking kind of funny yesterday.  WOW!”

Peyton stood up and said, “Listen, you’re really sweet and I like you so if you don’t want me after what I just told you, I understand.”  Kevin stood up and took Peyton in his arms and kissed her.  “Why wouldn’t I still want you?”  Peyton laid her head on his shoulder and said, “Because I’m ruined, that’s why.  I’ve been used by so many men that I can’t remember the last time I went out on a regular date.  Besides, how can I know if you want me for me or because you now know that I’m just a whore?”  Kevin kissed her again and said, “I don’t care about that.  Let’s just say you do what you have to do and leave it at that, OK?”  Peyton smiled and said, “I guess.” He kissed her and said, “Can I take you out Friday?”  Peyton thought about if for a minute and then said, “Sure, pick me up at eight.”  “It’s a date” he said and left.

That Friday, Peyton and Kevin went out to a movie and grabbed a quick bit afterwards.  They made out in the car in front of Peyton’s house but didn’t do anything more than swap spit.  As much as Kevin wanted to, he let Peyton set the tone of the date and had no regrets.  The two went out several more time and on their next date, Peyton finally sucked his cock.  She used her well-seasoned mouth to perform fellatio on her co-star and even swallowed his load after he came in her mouth.  Kevin was hoping to take it to the next level on their next date and was looking forward to finally getting her into bed.

Friday came quickly that week and just as he was about to leave to get ready for his date, Kevin was summoned to Mr. Parson’s office.  When he got there, the secretary told him to right in.  As soon as he walked in he found Bob Parson’s fucking Peyton in the ass on his couch.  He had the gorgeous blonde stripped naked and bent over the arm while he slammed his cock balls deep into her gaping hole.  Kevin stood and stared for a minute and then Peyton looked over and saw him.  She stared at her boyfriend and said, “I’m so sorry Kevin.  I have no choice.”  A tear ran down her cheek just as Kevin turned and left.  The Disney exec pulled her head back by her hair and said, “Don’t you ever forget your place here at Disney bitch.”  He slammed his cock all the way into her ass and pumped her full of cum.  After he pulled out, he pushed her mouth down on him and made her clean him with her tongue.  When he was satisfied, he pushed her to the floor and said, “Now get your ass out of here.”  Peyton grabbed her clothes and ran out and into the elevator.  She quickly got dressed and went down to find Kevin.  She found him waiting in her dressing room.

“I know you told me about this shit and I thought I could handle it but you really are a whore, aren’t you?” he said.  Peyton sat down next to him and said, “I am.  I’m not proud of it but I do what I have to do.  You knew that.”  Kevin looked at her and said, “I don’t know what’s worse, you or that fucker Parson’s for setting me up like that.”  Peyton reached over and ran her long finger nails along his crotch and then squeezed his cock through his jeans.  “I like you, a lot, but if you’re going to act this way then I might as well let you treat me like every other man does.  Is that what you want Kevin?”  She moved over and straddled him and said, “Do you?  Do you want fuck my ass like Mr. Parsons?  I’ll do you really good too.  You’ve never fucked an ass like mine before.”  Kevin pushed her off of him and stood up.  He pulled his cock out and grabbed her by her hair and pulled her mouth on his cock, shoving it down her throat.  He face fucked the blonde beauty for several minutes and then pushed her back on the couch, pulled her shorts down and flipped her over on her stomach.  He got behind her and pushed his cock into her still gaping asshole and fucked her hard for almost ten minutes before he finally came.  When he took his cock out of her ass, he stood up and wiped the mess off with her long blonde hair and pulled his pants up.  “Thanks whore.  See you on Monday.”  Kevin left Peyton lying on the couch with cum still oozing from her sore ass.  She didn’t cry or even give it a second thought, she just went in and took a shower, got dressed and left.

Kevin avoided Peyton during the following week on set.  They did their scenes but during the breaks, he didn’t give her the time of day, that was why she was surprised when he asked her out that Friday at lunch.  Peyton looked at him and said, “Sure, if you want to.”  Kevin stroked her hair and said, “I do.  It’ll be fun, pick you up at eight?”  Peyton smiled and said, “See you then.”

Kevin arrived on time and Peyton hopped in the car.  “So, where are we going?”  Kevin smiled and said, “There’s a party at one of my friend’s house.  I thought it would be fun.”  Peyton leaned over and kissed his cheek, “I’m glad you asked me.”  When they arrived at the big house, Peyton said, “Who lives here?”  Kevin said, “Don’t you know?”  Peyton shook her head, “How the hell should I know who lives here?”  Kevin got out and opened her door.  He reached in and grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out of the car.  “Because you fuck him every fucking day.  This is Bob’s place.  He’s letting me and my friends use it tonight.  Let’s go whore.”  He pulled Peyton up the stairs and opened the door.  After her pushed her inside, he shut and locked the door and then turned his attention back to Peyton.  She tried to push past him and open the door to leave but he was just too strong for the blonde beauty.  He grabbed her arm and pulled her into the living room.  “WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!” she screamed.  Kevin let her go and that was when she saw his friends.  “Here she is boys.  Now the party can get started” announced Kevin.

Kevin reached down and unzipped her short skirt and let it drop to her ankles.  He then tore off her panties, leaving her standing naked from the waist down in nothing but her silk blouse and heels.  She stood there staring at the half dozen boys in front of her, boys she knew from the studio.  There was Karan Brar, her Bunk’d costar, Joey Bragg from Liv and Maddie, Peyton Meyer from Girl Meets World, Gus Kamp and Ricky Garcia from Best Friends Whenever and Bradley Steven Perry from Good Luck Charlie.  All of them were naked, stroking their cocks.  Kevin pushed her forward towards the boys and said, “I told them all about your little club and we decided to form our own club.  We’re going to call it the Disney Boy’s Club and you’re going to be our first party favor.”

Karan came up to her and started to rub her pussy.  “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanted to fuck this hole bitch.”  He pushed two fingers inside of her and was finger fucking her wet hole when Joey came up behind her tore open her blouse.  He pulled it down over her shoulders and pulled her bra up over her perfect breasts and squeezed them.  He was twisting and pulling at her hard nipples when she started to cum all over Karan’s fingers.  “She really is a whore, isn’t she?” he said.  He put his wet fingers in her mouth and she immediately started to suck her juices off of them.  Kevin and Peyton got in front of her and Joey pushed her down to her knees.  Peyton slapped his cock against her cheek and said, “Suck it bitch.  Let’s see if you can suck as well as Sabrina.  That’s right, she sucks my cock every day, so does Rowan.”  She opened her mouth and started to suck him.  Kevin pushed his cock in next to Peyton and said, “Look at this guys, this whore can take two cocks in her mouth at the same time.”  Joey knelt behind her and slipped his cock into her tight asshole and started to fuck her as she sucked off Peyton and Kevin.

Over the next several hours, the boys used Peyton non-stop, each one of them filling her holes with their hot loads.  Karan had a field day on her ass and even joined Gus for some double anal action.  Ricky fisted her tight pussy while she rode Joey’s cock in her ass and then pulled out just in time for her to squirt all over Joey.  Brad and Kevin DP’d her first, followed by Ricky and Gus and then Peyton and Joey got their turn.  The night ended with the boys pulling one final anal train with the gorgeous teen bent over the coffee table.  By the time Kevin dropped her off at her house, Peyton was exhausted.  The worst part was that they didn’t let her clean up and she was forced to ride home, covered in sweat and cum, some of which was still dripping from her gaping holes.  Thankfully, her family was fast asleep when she made her way slowly to her room and took a shower.

Over the next week, Peyton not only serviced Bob Parsons but she also took a daily assfucking from Kevin in her dressing room.  That Friday, Kevin told her he was taking her to another party at Bob’s house.  Reluctantly, she agreed to go.  When they arrived, they were greeted by Bob himself who led them into the living room.  Peyton was surprised but relieved to find she was not going to be the center of attention this time.  There, on their knees, were Landry Bender and Rowan Blanchard sucking off the boys.  Peyton stripped out of her clothes and joined the other girls.  Bob was the first one to take her in the ass and when he came, he said, “God I love this ass.  By the way, your show has been picked up for another season.”  Peyton reached back and scooped up some of his cum from her gaping ass and said, “That’s great news Mr. Parsons.”  As her licked her fingers, she looked over and saw the other two girls getting double anal.  She knew it was going to be along night.

The End

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