Confessions Of A Celebrity Ass-Licker

Confessions Of A Celebrity AssLicker

by CAPervert ª

Call me Bob. Call me Bob The Celebrity Ass-Licker.

Yes that’s right. I am a 40 year old white man and I lick the
assholes of famous women.

Of course you’re thinking that I’m nuts and you’re thinking that if
it’s true then I must have a disgusting job.

The job would be disgusting if I licked the assholes of ugly female
celebrities. But the fact of the matter is I only do the famous
women I am attracted to. That I get a hard-on over.

Now even though I primarily lick assholes I do more than that. I

suck, fuck, fondle, and everything else associated with sex. But I
gotta say there is something about licking an asshole which is truly

I’m not going to get mushy on anyone and go on and on with flowery
prose but suffice to say I love nothing more than sticking my tongue
up a sexy celebrity’s rectum

Call me wacky, but this is what I enjoy.


Right now my personal favorites are tennis stars Venus and Serena

I met them both at a tennis tournament and I asked the question that
I am famous for.

“Can I lick your asshole?”

Now you might think I get slaps in the face after asking this
question or knees to the groin and punches in the face. Fortunately
though I always get either a positive response or the person I ask
the question to is very polite. (After all, who wouldn’t feel good
knowing there was someone who wanted to lick their asshole?)

Upon asking Venus and Serena my question they both looked at each
other and giggled and they both said sure. They invited me to their
hotel suite the next day and they promised I could lick both of
their assholes and anything else I wanted to do.

When I arrived at the hotel suite of the Williams sisters it was
Serena who answered the door. She was wearing a pair of tight
fitting cut-off blue jeans and a white t-shirt which fit snugly over
her ample breasts supported by a blue bra.

Upon entering the suite I found Venus sitting on the couch wearing a
man’s dress shirt and a pair of thong-panties. When Venus stood up
and greeted me I got a good look at her tits as well as her smooth,
lean tummy.

“You are so fucking hot,” I told Venus as she stood in front of me
with her hands on my shoulders. Caressing them and giving me a
fantastic smile. The two of us then glance at Serena and when we did
the younger sister pulled off her t-shirt and pulled off her
cut-offs. When she did she revealed that her panties matched her

“So whose asshole do you want to lick first?” Venus asked as she sat
back on the couch and motion for me to sit next to her. Serena then
took the spot next to me and soon the two sisters were caressing my
legs and I was caressing theirs. Needless to say my cock suddenly
popped in the air much to the amusement of the two women.

“I don’t really care,” I told Venus as I felt her and Serena grab my
throbbing cock through my pants.

“Well, if you don’t really care why don’t you just lick my asshole

“It’ll be my pleasure,” I told Venus Williams who then stood up
before me, removed her panties, and stuck her asshole in my face.

“Go for it,” the older sister then commanded me. I followed her
orders and I enjoyed every moment of it. Spreading Venus’s ass
cheeks with my hands I stuck my face in between them and licked her

I fucked her rectum with my tongue and as I did the tennis star
moan. She moan in such a way that I felt Serena put her hands in my
pants and stroke my cock. She was getting hot as well as Venus.

Fuck, we were all getting hot and soon Venus was cumming in my face
and I was cumming in Serena’s face.

“Oh my fucking God,” Serena said as I shot my load in her chocolate
brown face. I said the same thing as her sister Venus rubbed her
pussy and then let her pussy juices cascade down my face.

When we both came Venus sat on my lap and I lean back on the couch.

At first we just looked at each other and we knew we needed a rest.
But we also knew the day was not over.

***** ***** *****

When it was my time to lick Serena’s asshole she said she wanted to
work out first, get all hot and sweaty, and then she wanted me to
lick her whole body before I even went near her asshole.

“I hope you don’t think I’m a freak,” she said as I sat on the couch
with her sister in my arms. Fingering Venus’s pussy as I looked up
at Serena.

“Of course not,” I told her and I honestly did not think she was a
freak. In fact I would prefer to lick a woman—— especially her
asshole—— after a long work out or a long day at work. Call me
nuts but that’s just the way I am.

So while I sat in the hotel suite French kissing Venus Williams and
making love to her long, smooth black body, her sister Serena was in
the hotel gym getting a good workout in. For an hour she said she
did the stair-master, aerobics, the weights, and ended up running
around the track.

By the time she return to the hotel suite the sweat was dripping off
of her and as I wrapped my arms around her and buried my head into
her shoulders I could tell she smelled like a woman who had been
working out. She was a woman who needed a nice, long hot shower but
on this day she was not going to get one. Instead I got down on my
knees and pulled her sweat pants down. When I did I immediately
begin licking her legs ending up licking her pussy which was nice
and musky.

It was at this point that I stood up and lead Serena into the
bedroom. When I did Venus followed and she sat herself in a chair,
spread her legs, and masturbated as I licked her sister.

Upon entering the bedroom I sat Serena Williams on the edge of the
bed and pulled off her t-shirt she was wearing. I then told her to
lift up her arms so I could lick her damp arm-pits. It was while I
was licking her arm-pits that Serena began stroking my cock and I
would have come right then and there if I did not stop her and tell
her I did not want to her to touch my cock until I was able to lick
the glory hole. Until I was able to lick her asshole.

After spending twenty minutes or so giving Serena’s arm-pits a good
licking, I then concentrated on her breasts biting her nipples and
making sure her boobs glisten with my saliva.

I then told her to stick her ass in the air and once the ass was
just inches from my face I took a deep breath and burrowed my head
between her ass cheeks. I must admit the smell emanating from
Serena’s ass was not too sweet but what the hell did I care. All I
knew was that I was about to lick the rectum of Serena Williams. I
was about to enter heaven.

And when I was through with my ass-licking duties I allowed Venus
and Serena to work their magic on my body. I allowed them to take
turns giving me head and I even had them take turns licking my ass.
What a treat that was.

You’ll never know what happiness and joy is until you let a
beautiful woman stick her tongue up your rectum.

I had arrived at the suite of the Williams sisters at 11am that day
and I did not leave until almost midnight.

When I did leave we promised we would see each other again and
indeed we did.

“We just love the way you lick our assholes,” each of the sisters
told me. To this I said thank you and said I was just doing what I
was born to do.

***** ***** *****

At this point you are probably wondering how does a guy become a
celebrity ass-licker. Did I apply for the job? Did I answer a
classified ad? Did I get the job after taking a test?

The answer is that I became a celebrity ass-licker because my
Grandfather use to lick famous people’s assholes, my father did the
same thing, and I essentially followed in their footsteps.

My Grandfather was one of these guys who grew up with stars in his
eyes and thought celebrities walked on earth. He grew up in New York
City but made his way out to Hollywood in the 1930’s where he soon
found himself romantically linked with Hollywood stars. Making love
to them and discovering the pleasure of licking their assholes.

Now I don’t know what special secret my Grandfather had for licking
assholes. I don’t know if he moved his tongue a certain way. I don’t
know if he used his teeth, his gums, or lips. All I know is that by
the beginning of the 1950’s he was known as the best ass-licker in
Hollywood and every Hollywood actress from Lana Turner, Rita
Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe went to my Grandfather
to have their butts licked.

According to my Grandfather, Marilyn Monroe was a favorite customer
who would insist he spend the whole night with her doing nothing but
lick her butt. Her ass cheeks as well.

“And she never wanted to be laying down,” my Grandpa told me years
later. “I had to lay on the floor and she would squat over me. I
told her there was a more comfortable way of doing it but she wanted
to be standing. Wanted to squat over me with her ass cheeks spread.”

By the time my Father entered the family business my Grandfather was
known throughout Hollywood and my Father had no problem getting
clients who thought my Father surely had the same magical tongue
that his father had.

Unlike my Grandfather, my Father was a very quiet and reserve fella
and thus as I was growing up I heard little about his profession and
unlike my Grandfather I did not hear any stories from my Father.

But from what I know from other people my Father first distinguished
himself as an ass-licker in his own right by being invited to the
White House by Jackie Kennedy in order to lick her ass. I wish I
could tell you what my father did in the White House with Mrs.
Kennedy but my father remained silent about that particular

I also know that during the 1960’s my Father became a favorite in
the music business. Apparently when Diana Ross and The Supremes
experience my father’s tongue they insisted that my Dad travel with
them from city to city. Of course my Dad could not do this but he
did service the three female entertainers from Motown anytime he

I became an ass-licker right after high school and one of my first
clients was none other than Whitney Houston.

To this day I don’t know why I became Whitney’s ass-licker but
apparently I was recommended to her by her aunt Dionne Warwick who
liked to have her ass licked by my father.

I’ll never forget how nervous I was when I first licked Whitney
Houston’s rectum and how my hands shook at the moment I grabbed her
ass cheeks in order to spread them apart to get a good shot at her
asshole in order to slip in my tongue.

“Don’t be nervous baby,” Whitney told me as I tentatively placed my
tongue in her rectum.

“Oooh, that feels so good,” Whitney Houston said as I performed my
job. She then wiggled her butt so my tongue could probe even deeper.

What a day that was.


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