Confessions Of A Stalker

Confession of a stalker

I admit it, I am a stalker and I love that. I do this since I am 12 years old. I stole clothes to the pretty girls of the district. I was rather young , I was satisfied with the one on the clothesline. At 14 years old, I broke in the houses during the night and stole some personal objects like hairbrushes and underwears as well as jewels. Now that I am 17 years old, I was bored of normal girls and I turned to known women, celebrities.

I live now in Hollywood. I could find me a good job as a deliveryman and I could
pay myself a good car and a suitable apartment. I can also enter the most known night clubs thanks to fake IDs which I obtained from a friend. I spent my evenings there, sitted at the bar while waiting for the most beautiful womens of the show business when I have seen my first victim. Here how that happened…

I was at the bar, drinking my third beer of the evening. It was approximately 11:30 when I saw one of the most beautiful woman in the world: Carmen Electra. I almost spilled my glass so much I was surprised to see her wore a short dress which stopped just below her beautiful ass. Her big boobs were moulded in a very revealing cleavage. She was accompanied by some friends. She went to sit down with the other girls to have fun. I was looking at her, waiting for her to leave the club. I looked at my watch.

– 1:00…. come on get out of here, I repeated to myself.

My chance came when I saw her leaving around 2:00 a.m. She left and I followed her silently. I immediately noted the number of her license plate in my hand just in case and I went into my car.

I followed her to her house and parked my car in a dark alley. I silently waited and watched all her moves. She opened the gate and I looked at the house, it was huge. I checked around to see if there was anybody but the streets was empty. I went near the gate and looked around again. there was a huge brick wall and the gate was locked with a security code.

– Damn….how I will get in there, I asked to myself.

I thought about 2 minutes when I choose to climb the gate. That was easy and I dropped into her garden. I was surprised to see no surveillance equipment at all. Suddenly I heard the door opening and I hid into the bushes. I saw her going outside for getting the mail. I waited and she went back into the house. I went to a window and I got a clear view of her kitchen. And then I saw her. This beautiful and sexy women, the dream girl of every guy in the world, the fantasy of a million man. She was preparing herself a milkshake. I couldnt stop looking at her lovely and tasty boobs. I can already feel them in my mouth. I stopped daydreaming when I saw her going upstairs. I needed to find a quick way to go upstairs too. I saw a window with a balcony and vines on the wall. I climbed on the vines and landed on the balcony. The window was from her bedroom. At my surprise….it was open!

I was about to enter in when I heard footsteps. I quickly laid on the balcony and I managed to look through the window. Carmen was there…..straight in front of me… only 3 or 4 meters of me. She looked around a little bit and began to undress. She took her dress off, revealing her massive and stunning breasts. I could feel the sweat going down my spine as I stared at her. She then removed her thong, giving me a clear view of her beautiful pussy. I was shaking in anticipation as I waited her to go in bed. But she left her room, probably heading for the shower. The confirmation came when I heard the water running. For me it was the perfect opportunity to go in. So I entered and looked around the room. I took her panties on the bed and I took a deep breath in them. Damn….the smell was so good. I put them in my pocket and opened some drawers, searching for jewels and other underwears. I found a diamond necklace and a golden watch and put them in my pocket as well. I also found a beautiful black lace bra. I was about to smell them when I heard footsteps coming towards the room.

– Holy hell I need a place to hide, I said before hiding in her closet.

Its when I saw her that I realized my mistake. She was only wearing a towel around herself and I saw all her clothes hanging around me.

– Im such a dumbass sometimes, I thought in my head as I looked her.

I tried to calm down when I saw her heading for the closet. I took a silent breath because I was so nervous. And then, she opened it. She screamed when she saw me and she tried to run away. But I quickly catched her and I was able to calm her down by putting my hand on her mouth. I dragged her back in the room and threw her on the bed.

– Who are you for god sakes? she asked me, confused and scared.

– Im just a huge fan of you Miss Electra, I answered.

– What do you want? she asked back.

– I just want to have fun, I said.

I took a pair of scissors and she got a very scared look on her face. I approached her and I cut a lock of her hair. I attached it with a little rope and put it in my pocket as well.

– Now please leave, she begged.

– No I havent finished yet. I want to have fun…..with you. Your scared now but you’ll like this im sure.

I then layed beside her and began kissing her neck and her lips. She tasted so good….like cherries. I wanted to kiss her forever. I then moved lower on her body and ripped off the towel, exposing her beautiful and glorious breasts. I began to suck her nipples, making them hard. I squeezed her left breast and bit her hard and brown nipple. She screamed a little bit but the pain immediatly turned into deep pleasure. I then went lower and lower and splited her legs. I was rubbing her thighs when she pushed my head between her legs.

– Come on boy do it, she asked me between two moans.

– I told you girl that you would like it, I answered before burying my face between her legs.

I began to lick her clit hard and I stuck my tongue in her already wet pussy. I fucked her faster with my tongue and she pushed harder on my head, sticking my nose in her beautiful pussy. She moaned louder and louder after each thrust.

– Go big boy !!!! make your tongue work in me!!!

I was going faster and faster but she stopped me. I thought she would like to take advantage of the action and I was more than happy by that. She wasnt scared anymore and it definitly was at my advantage.

– Now its my turn, she said before removing my shirt and shorts. How old are you?

– Im seventeen, I answered back before removing my clothes.

– Well your really nuts to break into houses like that and scare the hell out of womens…..but it turns me on really much. But now lets see how tough you can be.

She took my boxers off with her teeth and my cock sprang in her face. She started playing with my 7″ like a toy as she started to lick around it. She began to rub it and it immediatly became hard and stiff like an iron bat.

– Mmmmm tasty, she said before putting it in her mouth.

She sucked it like a pro….rubbing it with her hand. She licked around the head and played with my balls at the same time. She then picked up the pace, going faster and harder. I put both of my hands beside her head and I moved it back and forth.

– Holy hell Carmen suck me harder girl, I shouted to her.

I pulled her hair back and pushed her on the bed. She landed on her back.

– Now I want to fuck your huge boobs, I said.

She squeezed her tits together as I slid my wet cock between them. I pinched her nipples at the same time and she licked the head of my cock each time it slipped near her mouth. I pinched harder and she began to moan loud as she put a finger between her legs, rubbing her clit. I went faster and without any warning, I launched my cum all over her breasts. She tasted it and licked her fingers and took my cock in her hand, making it hard again.

– Now fuck me, Carmen said before turning around.

She spread her pussy lips as I slid my member in her cunt. I began to fuck her slowly but I went faster. My pelvis hitting her round ass at each and every thrusts.

– God yes….ram into me like an animal!, she screamed in a pulse of pleasure.

I grabbed her tits and played with them a little bit as I was pushing my cock deeper in her wet pussy.

– Im gonna cum baby, I shouted

– Cum in me…drop your load into me, she answered.

I dropped my load into her. I then layed on her and bit her ear and licked her neck.

– Not bad for a seventeen years old, Carmen said.

– Yeah but now I need to leave, I said before taking a belt in her closet.

– What are you doing, she asked.

– I cant take any chance. After what I will do, you’ll forget everything of what happened here.

Without any warning, I put the belt around her neck and make her drink a black liquid. She immediatly fell on the bed, unconscious. I dressed up and left the house. Outside, I took the lock of hair and looked at it for 1 or 2 minutes.

– I’ll like this , I said to myself before leaving the area.

– NightStalker

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