Confessions Of A Tattoo Artist: Britney Spears

Confessions of a Tattoo Artist: Britney Spears

I’ve been a tattoo artist in LA for a couple of years now, I own my own small parlour and because of it private location, and small size it has become very popular with celebrities both male and female. Pretty much any celebrity who has a place in LA and you know to have had tattoos were done by me. As many beautiful women as I have tattooed the one I’m going to tell you about today is Britney Spears.

Every one heard about the little tattoo on the small of Britneys back, what people don’t know is about the other two she had done at the same time. It was shortly
after my little shop had opened, and she was the first celebrity who I’d done. Until she arrived at the door of, I’d only dreamt that the booking for “Spears” would be her.

She arrived at the door wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, a summer dress, and I could only dream about what was underneath. She came in and smiled at me I stood to greet her while not very subtlety checking her out, she smiled shyly, as she did I realised what I was doing and apologised

“How do we begin she asked” she asked

“First things first” I said, “What do you want done?”

“I’d like this, on the small of my back” she said pointing at the small black tattoo on the wall “And a couple of others we’ll sought out once this on is done.”

“OK, now you are only 18, do your permission from your mum?” I questioned, “Am I going to get in trouble with your PR people?”

“Nah, I’ve got them wrapped around my little finger. I hope,” she said unsurely.

I nodded and then asked further, “I know this is a bit of an odd request but is there any chance I could get a before and after shot where it is clear it was you, it would be great for business.”

Britney smiled and nodded. I picked up my camera and raised my eyebrows, she looked confused then realising turned around. The dress she was wearing had a back. She turned to look at the camera and smiled, I needed to be able to see her skin for it to be worth doing.

I coughed; to draw her attention to my face she looked into my eyes nervously, she has the most amazing brown eyes when you see her in person, so penetrating. She turned to face me and stared at me utterly confused.

“Aren’t you going to take the picture?” she queried.

“The thing is I need to be able to see area where you’re getting the tattoo done.” I stated, perhaps she was as innocent as her PR people would have you believe.

She looked shocked as the realisation hit her that I wanted her to remove her dress. She then pouted and looked as though she was going to cry but she said nothing and did not move away. I stepped towards her and she flinched as I raised my hands towards the shoulder straps of her dress, she maintained her silence. I slid them down over her shoulders and to my, well lets face it, absolute delight she let it fall to the floor.

She was wearing sexy black lacy lingerie, in the form of panties and a strapless bra; she shyly placed one hand over her bra and the other over her panties in a attempt to cover herself from my now staring eyes, her breasts were perfect and I felt a twitch in my trousers as I stared uncontrollably at the beautiful form in front of me.

She turned and put her back to me and the thong she was apparently wearing was accentuating her gorgeous ass. She turned her head and shoulders to me and with tears of nervousness in her eyes she smiled. She looked beautiful, her thumb was in the side of her thong, and I stepped back and took a photograph of her making sure to include the fantastic ass of Miss Spears that was in front of me.

She turned forward her hands no longer covered up her bra and panties, and looked even more fantastic, in one fluid motion I raised the camera and took a photo of her front as well.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” I told her.

She was shocked but smiled at me. “That’s Ok.” She said in her sexy southern accent. “Can we get started?”

She brushed past me and then looked back for advice on which of the two places she should head too. I took her hand and lead her to what can best be described as a low masseurs table, as we walked the couple of metres to the table I dropped back and lowered my eyes to watch her tight pert ass swing as she walked.

She hopped on to the table and laid on her front. I sat on my chair, which was next to the seat I used for tattoos on the fronts of peoples bodies. I pulled the tray with my needle and ink towards the table wear Brtiney was laying and swung my chair in front of her in order to look at her. Her hands were linked and lay flat on the table and she rested on them.

“OK. If you want me to stop for any reason just say.” I informed her. “I’m going to lock the front door, don’t want to get interrupted do we!”

She smiled trying not to look nervous but I could tell she was. I pulled the chair round to her front and began to work on the tattoo she continually winced, and moaned as the seven needles jabbed into her, with every movement of the needles her butt clenched and it looked even more amazing.

Watching it was making my cock hard, and although I really didn’t think she would go for it I thought I would try my luck.

“Because of the angle of the tattoo I’m going to have to have to kneel over your butt, sorry but it’s the only way I can do it on here and I don’t want you to move to the other seat. Is that OK?” I asked daringly.

Her head nodded as she said “Uhhuh.”

I sat over her butt and my cock stiffened, I figured shed notice, but she didn’t seem to realise that anything was a bit odd. I finished the tattoo and got off her pert tight ass. I moved round in front of her as she lay on the table. I made sure she’d see my cock through my trousers and then I sat down.

“That’s done Britney, now what else did you want me to do?”

“What’s going on?” she said with that half pout half confused look she does, whilst staring at my cock.

“You just got me a little horny baby,” I said, “look I’m sorry but your so beautiful I cant help it. I’ll finish you up and it doesn’t have to come up ok?”

“Can I see it?” Britney asked, “I’ve never seen one, you know up close, only on TV, you know what I mean!”

“OK” I said quite surprised, perhaps she was that innocent. “Only if you are sure you want to.” I’d never expected this “If your get to see me I get to see you OK?

“I’m sure” Britney said with a husky sexiness “And I guess if I see you it would be OK if you saw me. I was hoping you’d do another couple of tattoos for me, one on my but, and one on my breast!”

“Fucking hell,” I said under my breath, she really was trying to be a rebel, but she was so innocent. I took off my socks and shoes, not in that order of course explaining to Britney that I’d have to get completely naked to feel comfortable. As I striped I revealed my toned muscular body to Britney and she smiled, I then worked my pants and underwear past my now incredibly hard cock. I was pretty big 9 inches.

Britney looked amazed as she saw my cock. “I didn’t realise they were that big!” she said.

“I’m bigger than average, would you like to touch it.” I asked hoping beyond hope she would.

Britney was now sitting on the table smiling uncomfortably she reached out gave it a light stroke then giggled and proceeded to stand up, unclip her bra, revealing the biggest pert, real, and trust me they were real, breasts I had ever had the pleasure of seeing. I smiled. She then took her thong down revealing a neatly shaved cunt, her labia pouting, and glistening, clearly she was exited.

I couldn’t resist any more and I stepped up to Britney grabbed her ass and hoicked her up, she rapped her legs around me my cock slid up and down her moist pussy, but there was no penetration, as I did this she squealed both excitited and surprised. We kissed she might be innocent but she could sure as hell kiss.

“Britney do you want me to teach you about how to do sex stuff?”

“I’m not sure I should,” she mumbled nervously. “I want to learn but I shouldn’t I’ll get in trouble. If any one found out I mean.”

Look I understand, but your 18 most girls our age aren’t virgins, and even if they are they’ve at least sucked a dick.” I said trying to persuade her.

“OK, I guess.” She whimpered.

“Right then your going to give me head! Don’t worry I’ll teach you what to do, OK?”

She nodded. I dropped her to her feet and put my hands on her shoulders in order to force her down, with some anxious resistance she dropped to her knees. My dick was right level with her face, and taking it in my hand I slapped it on each of her cheeks, just really to bring the superstar down a peg by humiliating her.

I let go of my cock, gesturing for her to take hold of it. She grabbed it at the base with no sexual skill at all and then gently dipped the head into her mouth, she flicked her tongue on the bell end, it felt amazing, although I didn’t let her no it, I was going to get her to do everything with her mouth that was possible.

That’s Ok hunny,” I assured her “But I want you to take more into your mouth, and build up so you’re deep throating me, OK? And I want you to keep your eyes on mine, make sure what ever happens you keep your eyes on mine! OK”

She nodded moving her eyes up to mine, still with the head, or first inch and a half in her mouth. She looked amazing, her lips pouted around my dick her eyes that incredible chestnut brown. Her hand was still wrapped around my knob and she was gently waking it off, she eased another inch into her mouth and stopped looking up at me to see if this is what I had meant.

“No hunny your going to take it all into your mouth,” I said and Britneys eyes grew wide in shock. “I’ll help you.” I placed my hands on the back of her head.

While my cock still sat in her mouth I forced her head toward me, she resisted but I continued to push and I eased my dick half it’s length into her mouth, she gagged hard on it, I released her head and she pulled away, her eyes watered, but as she was told she did not remove them from mine.

She breather deep, and then I rammed cock in to her mouth with her eyes still on mine a tear trickled down her check as I got all but 2 inches into her mouth, she choked I felt her spit in the back of her throat she used her free hand to push me away. I jammed it back into her mouth.

Her throat was now more relaxed and I managed to get my whole length into her mouth. She held it there for several seconds. I felt her throat constrict around my cock the feeling was amazing, then she gagged I pulled out and she coughed and then spat on my dick. After she took a quick breath she moved towards my cock again, she was now starting to enjoy the feeling.

She took my knob into her mouth once again, and gently eased it into the back of her throat, she rolled her tongue around, my dick, we’d been going for 10 minutes and I felt the cum rising up inside me.

I spoke to Britney while my cock still sat in her mouth, and she gently sucked on it. “I’m going to cum soon baby, and I want you to swallow it OK?”

“What?” she mumbled through her mouth full of cock.

“You know what it is when a man cums don’t you hunny?” I questioned gently. “Well when I come, I’m going to spunk down your throat, and I want you to swallow it OK? Before you do though, I want a photo with the cum on you tongue OK?”

She nodded again, she had released my cock to breath at this point and I gently put a couple of inches into her mouth and she sucked on it, I began to cum, she pulled away as she felt the first cum hit her mouth, then realised what was happening, she was moaning pleasantly now and cum continued to blow out of my knob. Her mouth was now full of cum and she pushed me away, I continued to cum across her face and tits

She stuck her tongue out, it was covered in cum and I took a picture. She was now looking uncomfortable, I gestured for her to swallow, she did and the salty taste showed as her face as her for head crinkled. She looked incredible with her cum covered face and gorgeous tits. She wiped a finger across both of her perfect pert tits and scraped up her cum, then sucked her finger clean, she did the same do her body face, and cleaned up all of my cum.

“What now” she asked, “Sounding different due to the deep throating,” but still having as sexy southern accent.

“Now I give you oral!” I said pleased. “Come with me.”

I lead Britney to the chair and she sat down. I knelt in front of her, “I’m going to go down on you, eat your pussy! If you feel like you’ve got to pee, when you get near cumming, force it out. OK? I said.

“I’m not going to pee on you” Britney told me defiantly “That’s to weird.”

“Trust me, I’m not telling you to pee on me, its like female ejaculation, it will make your orgasm more intense. It’s not peeing, I’m not into that.”

I lifted Britneys legs onto my shoulders; her neatly shaved pussy was glistening and without needing to be told what to do by I stuck my tongue into her gorgeous cunt. I flicked my tongue onto her clit and she released a moan. I kissed around her pussy lips, and slipped my tongue through the middle and worked up to the clit. Britney was moaning heavily and becoming short of breath, her hands rested gently on the back of my head.

Her pussy tasted amazing, it was gorgeous, it had a musky smell but it tasted beautifully sweet.

“I’m cuming,” she screamed

Before she could though, I stopped, “You have got a lot of pent up sexual energy inside you, haven’t you?” I asked rhetorically. “Your not cuming until I want you to.”

I went back to work on her cunt and licked her, still loving the sweet taste of her pussy. She seemed to be starting to cum once again so I stopped; I played with her clit with my hand in order to keep her on the verge of cuming.

I started to suck her nipples they were already heavily erect. I nibbled on them playfully; her chest was rising and falling quickly she was getting near to cuming again. Again I stopped and moved back down and started to flick her clit with my tongue once again, I felt her hands press my head done.

“You’re not stopping again.” She moaned.

Her breathing was heavy and I felt her body start to shake.

“I got to pee,” she said.

I drove my tongue into her pussy once again. And stopped once again, I wouldn’t do anything and Britney released my head.

“This is it, next time, relax, like you were going to pee.” I said while Britney looked at me half annoyed that I had stopped, and half annoyed that I wasn’t going again.

I jammed a finger into her pussy, it was very tight, she screamed a pained scream as I did, and I continued to eat her cunt. Once again she was screaming, on the verge of cuming, I slipped the finger in ad out of pussy and played with her G-spot. I blew lightly over her pussy; the effect was the same as when a cool wind blows a wet bit of skin, except because of it being her pussy it was a magnified sensation. She moaned and panted, and screamed as she came, liquid spurted from her twat and I swallowed it up, it tasted as well as the rest of her pussy.

I kept some in my mouth as the fountain ended, and moved up to kiss britney, snowballing her come into her mouth surprised her and she pulled away.

“Swallow” I demanded, “You tasted so good I thought you should get to experience it.”

She swallowed smiling “I taste better than you”

“I should hope so,” I countered.

“Thanks for that it was amazing, cuming felt so good. Can we do it again?” She asked

“No. Now we’re going to have sex!” I told her.

“OK” she smiled no longer nervous “Be gentle.”

I picked her up and carried her over to the table and lay her onto it. I was ready to go again. Her legs lay off the edge and her feet touched the floor. I raised her legs and rested them across my chest and shoulders her feet sat near my shoulders. I entered my cock into her pussy 1 inch, She screamed in pain telling me to stop, I forced into 3 inches, but it was to tight to go any further.

She was raised up onto her elbows, watching my cocking in and out of her at about 3 inches a thrust. Tears were rolling down her cheeks but she hadn’t said stop since the initial pain. I was now easing a little more cock into her pussy each thrust I got deeper.

She was screaming again in pain and pleasure now she was telling me not to stop.

“Keep going… Keep going. Keep…Going. KEEP GOING!” She screamed panting.

By now my full length was forcing its way into her cunt, it was causing me pain, but I new it was hurting her more.

“I’m cuming,” she screamed. “I’m cuming”

I felt her body shudder and her pussy spasm I continued to thrust into her not yet ready to cum.

“Stop now, it hurts.” She said pained. “Please, stop” Britney was still panting from her second orgasm.

I continued to thrust after a slight hesitation; she began to moan again as quickly a 3rd orgasm built up inside her.

“My pussy is raw please stop” she pleaded “I cant keep going”

Still moaning I continued to fuck her, not wanting to stop, clearly in pain her 3rd orgasm hit her she screamed a half pleasured half pained scream. Tears for the third time trickled down her cheeks. I lent down and kissed her pulling my dick out.

“Thanks for letting me keep going” I said pleased.

“It’s OK,” she whimpered.

I looked down at my cock, still hard still not having cum for the second time. ” Le me fuck you up the ass!” I requested.

“Wouldn’t we need lubricant, wouldn’t it hurt other wise.” She queried, her innocence had perhaps been faked, either way she was a virgin until 20 minutes ago, there was no way that pussy had been fucked.

I glanced down at her pussy. “Your wet enough, for me to use your own juice as lubricant!”

I turned her over and she lay flat on her chest face pressed against the table, her hands gripped the opposite side to that which her pert ass pointed out from. She new this was going to hurt more than anything she had ever experienced, today, even having my nine inches in her never used pussy.

“I’m not stopping once I start OK? I’m going to keep going until I need to cum, when I say, your going to turn around and your going to deep throat me until I cum down your throat, then your going to swallow again. OK? I want to hear you scream!!!”

The back of her head nodded. I slipped my nine inches along her slit coating it in her sticky pussy juice, and then I slid it into her ass. This time it wasn’t going to build up to 9 inches; I was going for it straight away. I rammed 9 inches of rock hard dick straight up her ass.

“FUCK!!! FUCK!!!” she screamed in 100% pain.

I continued to fuck her up the ass with my full length.

“HOLY CRAP… FUCKING HELL!!!” her sexy southern voice shouted.

I pulled out and slipped into her pussy again, full length, she hadn’t been expecting this, and it made her scream again. My cock was again covered in her sticky cream, so I went for her ass again. I pumped her tight pert ass.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed

I continued to pump and she continued to scream.

“I…” She stopped panting in pain “I… I think I’m coming again… Keep going baby!”

I didn’t need to be told. I pumped her ass hard and fast it felt incredible my pelvis slapping against her gorgeous ass.

“IM CUMING!!!” Screamed Britney

As she said that I felt my spunk begin to bubble up. I continued in her ass until she had finished shaking from her 4th intense orgasm, I wasn’t going to waste the feeling of an ass virgin cuming.

I pulled out “I’M CUMING!” I shouted.

Britney quickly turned and gobbled my cock to the back of her throat. I pumped her mouth a couple of times and then spurted my cum down her throat. There was a slight gag but she smiled and swallowed hungrily.

“Thank you” Britney said

“No problem, I enjoyed it.” I said obviously. “Now what other tattoos did you want?”

“Well one here” she said pointing to an obscure place on her beautiful breasts. “I don’t want it to be visible to photographers. And one right on my tale bone, where my thong will cover it up, I don’t the papers getting hold of those.”

“Well, OK. But I’m going to need photo evidence” I said slyly.

We proceeded to do here other tattoos one on her perfectly natural gorgeous left breast, and the other literally just above her bum. After they were fished, I got my collection of after shots as well of some, of Britney stripping for me, after she had again got dressed…

“See you soon.” She called as she walked out of the door.

I waved good-bye and haven’t seen her since that was nearly two years ago, but I did get a booking for a B. Spears for next month so maybe, I’ll have another Britney story to tell you then. Anyway I did get some fantastic memories and some even better photographs. If you don’t believe me come into my shop, I’ve got the pictures of Britney in her underwear showing the before and after shot of her tattoo that everyone knows about, the others of course are part of my large celebrity collection at home.

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