Consoling Jennifer

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and not true and never happened to my knowledge. Nothing in this story is true and please do not believe a word it says. This story was written for people’s enjoyment. Anyone under eighteen years of age should not read any farther. I have no idea of the relationship between Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. Anyone with any comments send them to


By Sharkboy77

Jennifer Aniston sits on her couch as she watches TV on a Saturday night. She drinks some wine, as she thinks of the end
of her marriage. She wipes away some tears, as she takes a bite out of some chocolate. “God damn cheating piece of…”

She puts down her wine and she hums, as she looks to the wall. “Don’t let him make you cry once more kid, come on.” She switches TV channels over and over looking for anything to watch. She throws the remote when the channel lands on The Legends of the Fall. “Son of a bitch!”

The movie star gets up and she walks into the kitchen and her eyes look to the food all around her. She knows she can’t pig out one more night. She has likely added another twenty pounds in twinkies to her thighs. She walks to the phone and she hits speed dial.

“Hi Courteney, its Jen. I am in a really bad place right now.” Jennifer confesses to Courteney over the phone.

“I’ll be over in an hour sexy. I got some fat pictures of that Tomb Raider bitch that we can laugh at. Okay?”

“You are the best Courteney, thanks. God, I must have gained twenty pounds do to eating so much crap.”

“Good, you do need to eat, remember health class Jen? You eat stuff and it makes your body work.”

“Thank you Miss Health ass. Get your ass over here now, and please wear something sexy?” Jennifer rolls her eyes at her friend Courteney.

“Yes, I will and don’t you dare roll your eyes at me.” She jokes with Jennifer over the phone.

“I’ll roll anything I want to roll. Remember?”

“Yes, everyone remembers the night you turned that intern into a man. I’ll be over soon.”

Jennifer hangs up the phone and she walks up stairs to her closet. She opens her special closet and her eyes go over the close inside of there. “Hmmm what would Courteney like to see me in tonight?” Jennifer decides she is in the mood for black.

“I think my kinky black widow costume should work.” She decides, as she takes the one-piece costume out of the closet.

She sets the costume on her bed and she takes out an egg of black nylons and she rolls them on seductively. She pulls them up to her waist and she remarks to no one. “God, I’m so fucking horny!”

Jennifer slides her leather costume onto her young and beautiful body. A part of her is surprised the costume even fits. She looks into the mirror, and she can’t help but smile. “God damn, you look good kid.”

Maybe she did need to put on some pounds? She looks into the mirror and she unzips her outfit down to her navel. Her tits look really good and she can’t help but grin. She then walks downstairs to her friend Courteney.

She hears the doorbell as she picks up her pace, as Jennifer runs down the stairs. “Who is it?” Jennifer yells in her girlie voice.

“Male hooker, da name is Bruno!”

“Bruno? I asked for Roberto. Go away!”

“Let me in or I will have my way with the garden gnome. Why the fuck do you own a gnome Jen?”

“Someone gave it to me for a house warming gift.” Jennifer opens the door and her eyes widen. Courteney stands in front of her in something made out of black spandex. She wears a push up bra and she smiles at Jennifer wide. “Hello hottie in a push up bra!”

“Hello hottie in tight leather. Where is this fat you put on Jen? Hmmm?”

“Trust me it’s just waiting to come out onto my thighs.” Jennifer smiles at Courteney.

“Right, you’ll be a complete tube of goo. For awhile Jen the producers talked of tying a board to your ass when you showered so you would not fall in. Got really skinny there.”

“Before I got onto Friends I was kinda heavy too.” Jennifer smiles at Courteney.

“Yeah, I remember in the lobby when two guys from the show fought to run lines with the leggy hottie in room number four.”

“I was in room number four. I never considered myself a leggy hottie.” Jennifer looks to Courteney, and her friend smiles and she shakes her head at her.

“Yeah, tell that to all of the guys online. They never talk of my legs Jen.”

“I’d talk of your legs Courteney.” Jennifer says, as she walks to Courteney and she kisses her. She kisses Jennifer back with powerful passion.

Jennifer’s hands move all over Courteney’s legs as they kiss. Moans escape from her mouth, as Jennifer continues to kiss the beautiful brunette. Courteney moves her hands over Jennifer’s legs and they both stop kissing. Each of the Friends beauties continues to run their hands over the other one’s legs.

Courteney lies on to floor and Jennifer runs her fingers up her leg. Her black stockings make her legs look so sexy, and Jennifer’s hands turn her on so badly. Jennifer then kisses down her leg turning Courteney on so bad. “Can I make some hickies on you?” Jennifer asks her.

“Yes, I’ll turn on David when I explain who had the guts to put hickies on my legs.”

“Does David have a thing for me?” Jennifer asks, as she kisses Courteney’s inner thighs. Courteney closes her eyes and she moans, as Jennifer sucks on her thighs hard.

“God, you are leaving hickies. Yes, David has a little crush on you.” Courteney gasps hard, as Jennifer covers her inner thighs with kisses. Her eyes roll around inside of her head as her friend’s awesome mouth and incredible hands move over her legs.

“Can’t blame me can you?” Jennifer feels herself get wet, as he mouth moves over Courteney’s sexy inner thighs.

“No, I can’t blame you. Oh God, Jen I’m going to cum.” Courteney breathes hard through her chest and Jennifer stands up.

“Be right back beautiful.” Jennifer skips away from Courteney, and she looks at her ass as she does.

“Wish I got fat like her.” Courteney says, as she sits up and she looks at her friend skip away from her. “God, she has got back!”

A few minutes later a naked Jennifer Aniston walks back into the room. All she has on now are some black stockings and an awesome pair of boots. In her hand is something long and extremely thick. “Oh my god! You didn’t?” Courteney stands in fear and excitement.

“Yes, I did. Impressed Courteney?” Jennifer asks her.

“Oh yes, I am totally impressed.” Courteney exclaims, as she looks to it and Jennifer.

Jennifer arches her back, as she works her dildo into her. She grunts and she groans, as she works it inside of her slowly. “Oh God! Too big!” Jennifer exclaims.

Courteney sneaks around her as she runs her fingers over her clit, as she whispers into her ear, “Relax, you can adjust.”

“Says the woman married to big dick David.” She shrieks some, as Courteney helps her move it inside of her.

Her hands wrap around the dildo as she slams it into Jennifer, and she screams in passion. Courteney moves it inside of her with great strength as Jennifer does too. She slams the dildo into her so hard that Jennifer begins to pass out, and Courteney begins to play with her clit. “Oh God!” Jennifer exclaims, as Courteney plays with her clit and she rams the dildo inside of her.

Jennifer cums all over her dildo and her body shakes. Her legs go weak and she falls back onto Courteney. The couple falls onto the floor and Courteney laughs, as Jennifer cums onto her dildo. “Christ, Legman I love your cock!”

“Can’t blame you Jennifer!” Courteney exclaims, as she laughs hard. Her hands go over Jennifer’s impressive chest. “You get a boob job?”

“No, I did not get a boob job! Do these feel fake?” Jennifer exclaims to the snickering Courteney.

Courteney feels her tits for a few minutes; “Okay these are real. Thank god you eat now, Jen! You’ll be making more money with these than the rest of us put together.”

“I always ate Courteney, you make me sound sick or something.” Jennifer gasps, as Courteney grabs her clit as she begins to assault it with the dildo still inside of her. “Oh God!”

“I remember what kind of a whore you were before you married Brad. You would always fuck the cute interns. You were such a scanky slut!” Jennifer moans, as Courteney plays with her clit hard and tears roll down her beautiful eyes.

“Not again!” Jennifer screams, as she feels herself build up. Her awesome legs part as Courteney’s fingers work on her friend Jennifer. They moves her clit harder and faster, and Courteney’s other hand removes the dildo from her.

The moment the dildo is removed from her, Jennifer’s beautiful body bucks hard and she cums all over Courteney’s hands. “I got you Jen. You are safe.” She reassures her friend.

Jennifer begins to cry as Courteney holds her close. Her body shivers, as Courteney holds her close with great strength. “Why did he…” Jennifer begins to ask Courteney.

“Because you scare the fuck out of him as a woman. You are confident and strong and it reminds him of how little and weak he really is.” Jennifer turns around and she kisses Courteney with extreme force, and Courteney kisses her back with the same passion.

Both kiss each other extremely deep and Jennifer’s hands move over Courteney’s tits. She undoes her bra and Jennifer kisses her tits. Courteney shudders, as she kisses her tits hard. Her hands move over Courteney’s tits and her mouth moves down to her stomach. “Oh, God my weakness.”

Jennifer kisses over her flat tummy and Courteney closes her beautiful blue eyes. Her lips kiss over Courteney’s flat belly and she moans hard. Jennifer grabs her dildo and she runs it up Courteney’s leg and she moans into a howl. “It’s too big!” Courteney remembers the first time she fucked the Legman; the next day she hurt so badly.

“No, it’s not too big. Remember the pleasure he gave you?” Jennifer asks Courteney. “He made you feel like a complete whore, remember? Then we fucked Matt so hard.”

“Matt is good inside of the bedroom, huh? We so wore him out, huh?” Courteney opens her legs up for Jennifer and her massive dildo. Jennifer shoves it inside of Courteney, and she slides it inside of her slowly.

Courteney grunts and groans as Jennifer works the dildo inside of her. Her beautiful blue eyes water, as she works it inside of her gentle but strong. Jennifer’s left hand moves over her leg making her squeal in ecstasy. “God, do your hands become like him if he fucks you like twenty times?” Courteney squeals to Jennifer and she smiles to Courteney.

“Yes, I got his powers now.” Jennifer jokes to Courteney, as she moves the dildo inside of her. Courteney moans, as she does this and she closes her beautiful eyes. Jennifer at first moves it inside of her gently, and the more times she works it into her tight pussy she increases the power.

“You put your entire skinny ass on it?” Courteney asks, as Jennifer uses all of her power to fuck Courteney hard. The slick dildo moves inside of Courteney extremely hard and fast. Her legs shake as it moves inside of her, and she closes her eyes as her hips move into it.

“I am fucking you extremely hard like he did. Cum for me now Courteney, please?” Jennifer continues to use the dildo to fuck Courteney extremely hard. Sweat pours down her forehead, as her hips fuck into this dildo with great power.

“Oh god, Jen you fucking little slut!” Courteney cums all over the dildo, and her hips continue to buck into the huge dildo. Her body goes tense with an extremely huge and powerful orgasm.

“I got you Courteney,” Jennifer advises her, as her orgasm lasts so long. She hugs Courteney, and the beautiful dark hair brunette closes her eyes. “You are okay.”

“God, we should mass produce that thing we’d make a mint.” Courteney comments to her.

“Yeah, what woman in her right mind would let anyone put this thing inside of her? Come on, Courteney I had to nearly rape you with it and you had to inside of you before.”

“Okay, think we could somehow clone his amazing hands too?” Courteney asks her.

“Yeah, all we need is a hair sample or something. God one of us should not have licked up all of his sperm.” Jennifer looks to Courteney, and she blushes hard.

“Have to get my protein.” Courteney says, as she starts to lose her blush.

“That explains why they used to make you shower with a board tied to your skinny ass. ‘Hi, my name is Courteney and I think protein tastes good as a liquid.’” Jennifer smiles at Courteney, as she feels her stomach gurgle some.

“Yeah, Jen I’m hungry too.” Courteney smiles to her friend, as she slides the huge dildo out of her. It pops out of her, and Courteney has one more small orgasm.

“Good damn Courteney, think you have got more of your DNA on this thing than I do. I fuck it regularly too. I’ll call for a pizza.” Jennifer stands up.

“Make them send us that cute blonde kid?” She asks with a grin.

“You mean Mister Football star? Yeah, he has delivered a pizza here more than once. Last time I fucked Brad so…” Jennifer stops talking.

“Fuck the kid then, Jen. Show that asshole that you can get a man half his age. God how old is he forty?”

“Not quiet, but yeah I am an extreme hottie still. God damn that kid looked at me like I was a great piece of ass.”

“You mean you are a great piece of ass? You only have gotten better with age babe.” Courteney sits up, as she looks at Jennifer.

Jennifer walks to the phone and she hits the speed dial for Romeo’s Pizza. “Hello Romeo’s Pizza, this is Tasha. How can I help you?”

“Hello Tasha, this is Jennifer Aniston. Can I have a large pizza with everything?”

“Sure thing Miss Aniston. Any idea on who you would like to have drop it off?”

“Does Jeff from the football team still work there?” Jennifer asks with glee.

“I am sorry he does not. I have someone who you might like. Tall dark and handsome. He’s an exchange student from Russia.”

“Tall dark and handsome? Sounds dreamy. He happen to be a virgin?” from the laugh Tasha gives tells Jennifer the truth. “You fucked him huh?”

“If he wants to fuck anyone they got little choice. Besides killer looks he has excellent hands for sure.” Tasha speaks like a former sex slave of his.

“The manager have any problems if I wished to ride him like a horsy?” Jennifer asks unable to control her glee. She loves foreign men.

“Heck yeah, you need have to send her a twenty dollar fee though, or send her back Ivan in some black leather.”

“If Ivan shows up in black leather I make him my gardener.” Jennifer jokes with Tasha. “Hey, you must be Russian too. You and Ivan are?”

“Just slave and Master, Jennifer. I am the Master.”

“You are the master, huh. Mind if I borrow your slave then?” Jennifer asks her in joy.

“Try and keep him from seducing you, and you can have a year’s worth of pizza for free.” Tasha tells her with glee in her voice.

“Deal!” Jennifer squeals hard, as she hangs up the phone.

About twenty minutes later, Ivan rings the doorbell from the gates outside of Jennifer’s home. “Can I help you?” Courteney asks over the intercom.

“I got some pizza for some beautiful ladies. May I come inside?” His voice is heavy with his Russian accent, but he speaks excellent English.

“You think we are beautiful? Awe, you are so sweet!” the gate opens and Ivan walks inside of the gate and to the house.

Ivan knocks on the door and Courteney opens the door in a black nightgown extremely short. Her legs are covered by fishnets and she licks her lips, as she looks to him. “Hello handsome. Come inside please?” Courteney leads him into the next room.

“What are you looking at?” She asks him, as she turns and she sees his eyes wandering up her legs.

“The back of your, very sexy legs.” Ivan comments to her.

“Thank you. Care to eat some pizza with me and Jennifer Aniston?” Courteney asks him, as she licks her lips once more.

“I would like that.” His eyes rove over he entire body, as he takes note of her multiple lip licks.

Courteney sits the pizza on the table and she looks to Ivan and she opens it. “Take a piece?” she asks him.

Ivan moves to her and he kisses her with good passion, and Courteney can’t help but kiss him back. His hands move over her sexy silky outfit and Courteney finds herself helpless. His hands move over her legs and Courteney closes her eyes, as he does. Courteney opens her tops and she removes her panties for him as his hands move over her tits. He kisses her tits and he sucks on her nipples.

“Oh God!” Courteney shrieks, as his hands move over her legs, and his mouth works on her tits.

He takes out his cock and Courteney looks at it and she smiles hard. Her fingers move over it and she asks, “Is that for me?”

“Yes, my dick likes you beautiful Courteney. Can he come inside of you?”

“Dick wants to cum inside of me?” Courteney lowers her head down to it, and she puts her mouth around it. She begins to suck it extremely hard, and his body shakes as she does.

“Oh God, you have amazing lips!” Ivan shouts, as Courteney gives him the best blowjob he has ever had in his life. “I am going to cum!”

“I’d stop doing that then Courteney, I need a turn.” Courteney stops sucking on him, and they both turn.

Before them stands a topless Jennifer Aniston in a pair of stockings and a cheerleader skirt. Her tits bounce, as she walks inside of the room and her eyes look at Ivan’s hard on. “From Russia with Lust?” she asks him.

“His dick tastes great Jen!” Courteney moves her hands over it still.

“I bet it does. Let’s take this up to the bedroom Courteney? Care to join us Ivan? I’d love to bat your balls around.”

Jennifer leads both of them up the stairs and she looks back to them. “Courteney, take your hand off of his cock! He cums all over the floor you clean it with your tongue.”

“Like the back of your legs or your ass won’t make him cum? Come on Jen.” Courteney takes her hand off of his dick. “Come on Jen, if that skirt gets any shorter it will be a belt.”

“You like my skirt Ivan?” She asks the handsome young man behind her.

“What man can dislike such a skirt. You both are amazing.” Ivan comments to her, and Jennifer turns and she smiles at him.

“Can we keep him tied up inside of the basement Jen?” Courteney looks to Ivan in extreme lust.

“We? Would David approve of you keeping a boy toy?” Jennifer turns to her, as she turns a door handle.

“Good point, got any problem with me being married Ivan?” Courteney asks him with a grin.

“Not a problem for me. I do not kiss and tell.” Ivan tells her.

Jennifer opens the door before her and they look inside of the bedroom. Inside of the bedroom are chains and hooks, black leather walls and floor. A bed with black sheets on it and two things that can make anyone totally helpless, Jennifer leads them into the bedroom. “Anything you like inside of here Ivan?” she asks him in a pure like voice.

“Yes, can I chain you both up?” Ivan asks her, and Jennifer nods at him.

She walks to one of the things and he chains her hands over her head. The straps are tight but not too tight. He chains her ankles to the floor and Jennifer looks to him in lust. “I can still use my legs you know?”

His hands move over the back of her legs and Jennifer shudders in excitement. “Yes, I know Jennifer. Like I don’t expect them wrapped around me before I go.”

Ivan then turns back to Courteney. He walks to her and he chains her up in the exact same way. His hands move over the back of her legs too. “Hey Jennifer, got a camera?” Ivan asks her, as he turns to her.

“Actually no, we hate cameras in this house and if this ends up on any blog pages or anything like that or anything media wise I’ll have your nuts cut off.” Jennifer glares at the young man before her reminding him just who has the power here.

Ivan walks to her and he looks her in the eyes, “Care to repeat that?”

“What are you going to do if I don’t?” She asks him in a sultry voice.

Ivan slaps her in the ass hard and Jennifer squeals hard. He spanks her hard four or five more times and Jennifer moans hard. Each spank makes her wetter and her brown eyes look to him in desire. “Want some more? I can ass fuck you!”

“Go ahead and ass fuck me handsome. God, one guy has taken that fear from me a long time ago, and no it is not my husband.”

He pulls down her underwear and he looks to her nearly naked body. Ivan then removes her cheerleading skirt. “MY god, what a sexy body!” his eyes cover her form as he looks at her.

“Fuck me then handsome or wack off or even take a picture.”

Ivan runs his hands over the back of her legs and Jennifer closes her eyes in extreme lust. His hands are extremely special and she sighs, as his hands run over the back of her legs.

He pulls down his pants and his large nine inch cock sticks out of his pants, as he looks to her with desire. “Got a large cock there handsome?” Jennifer asks him, as she looks to it.

He takes his cock into his hands and he shoves it into Jennifer hard. She gasps, as he works it inside of her and she closes her eyes in passion. Ivan begins to fuck her extremely hard, and Jennifer screams as he does. She wraps her legs around him and she fucks him back just as hard, as he fucks her. “Oh god! You are like a fuck machine!” Jennifer pulls herself onto his dick with her legs extremely hard.

Ivan fucks the very sexy Jennifer Aniston incredibly hard, and he looks deep into his eyes as he does. Jennifer screams extremely loud like a monkey, and she cums hard all over his erection. Ivan stops fucking her. “God, you can do this all night.” Jennifer comments to him.

“Got to fuck your beautiful friend now,” Ivan turns to Courteney, and he locks his eyes with the beautiful brunette. He walks towards a beautiful and so sexy Courteney. He tears her underwear off and he places them around her neck.

“Thank you for not making me eat them?” Courteney thanks him, as his hands go over her fishnet stocking covered legs. She wraps her legs around him and he begins to kiss her tits. Courteney shakes as he kisses her tits, and she moans hard and long as he sucks on her nipples.

“Oh God!” Courteney shouts, as her body shakes hard. He takes his cock into his hand and he slides it into her hard. She screams as he works himself inside of her, and her eyes look to him in powerful passion.

Ivan begins to fuck Courteney extremely hard and she cries in powerful passion as he does. Her beautiful eyes closes as she uses her legs to slam her pussy onto his dick. His dick is slick from Jennifer’s cum and it slams into her with extreme power.

“Oh God, how fucking old are you!” Courteney screams at him.

“Seventeen!” Ivan screams back at the beautiful Courteney Cox, as he cums inside of her hard.

Courteney cums over his penis extremely hard and she looks to him in exhaustion. His hands move over her hair as he looks deep into her eyes. He smiles at the beautiful Courteney and he asks, “I think you are done, no?”

“Yes, I am whooped. Can you unchain me?” Courteney looks to him pleadingly. Her incredibly sexy body is soaked with sweat, and he smiles at her. Ivan slowly unchains her, and he looks into her beautiful blue eyes as he does.

She falls into his arms as he catches her, and he picks her up. He carries her into the main bedroom. He sets her down inside of the bed and he looks at her. He then opens the drawer, and he smiles at what he finds inside of there.

Later he returns to the room with Jennifer Aniston inside of it and he looks to her amazing body. Ivan begins to unchain Jennifer and he looks into her incredible brown eyes. He picks up her body as she falls onto the floor, and he takes her into the bedroom with Courteney. He lies her down inside of the bed too, and Jennifer turns to Courteney and the buzzing sound coming from her.

Courteney shakes beside of Jennifer as she experiences an orgasm from the vibrator that Jennifer keeps in her drawer. “God, that’s kinda mean ain’t it?” Jennifer looks to Ivan in terrible fear, because she is as helpless as Courteney is right now.

“She said yes when I took it out. Do you want the same?” Jennifer parts her legs, as Ivan takes out her spare vibrator. A larger and more powerful vibrator than the one Courteney has inside of her pussy. He works it into Jennifer and he turns it on medium.

Jennifer squeals and she bucks as it turns on. Her body shakes from the medium setting and she looks up to him. Her eyes look up to him as the vibrator shakes her beautiful body. “God, I can’t remove it. How long do these batteries last?”

“Twelve hours. Have fun.” Ivan walks out of the bedroom as both Jennifer and Courteney scream in passion. He takes out his cell phone and he asks. “Who do I deliver to next?” he listens to Tasha and he asks, “Catherine Zeta Jones? Great is her husband home? No! Hot damn!” Ivan walks out to his car and he shakes his head. She must be extremely horny because the pizza he delivers is extremely shitty. As he passes by the garden gnome Ivan kicks it extremely hard and it shatters. Tonight has been a good night.


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