Controlled Celeb 11: Julia Roberts

Controlled Celeb: Julia Roberts

The sun beat down on the Florida coast town, not too hot, the breeze
coming off the ocean and providing a nice cool to the air. Julia Roberts
walked through the streets, marveling at the sights. Key West definitely
lived up to its reputation, history and great shopping put together. Julia
was glad that she had a break in between films to enjoy the sights.
She had just passed Earnest Hemingway’s house when she saw something out
of the corner of her eye. She stopped and stood there,
her long red hair
billowing in the breeze and rustling the long white printed dress she
wore. She couldn’t be sure, but it appeared as if there was a man standing
in the shadow of an alley. Something hung from a chain in his hand,
something that glinted a bright, soothing green.

Julia started down the alley. She didn’t really know why, but something in
her had to find out what that mysterious glow was. It seemed to brighten
as she reached it, sucking in her gaze. She could she it was a bright
emerald attached to a chain. By that time, of course, she no longer
consciously cared about it. Or anything else. Her eyes blankly followed as
the man raised the emerald and placed it around her neck. "As long as you
wear this, you will obey me," the man said. "Now, listen and follow my

Julia walked out of the hotel arm in arm with the dark- haired man. She
didn’t know why she was going with a stranger. She didn’t know why she had
changed into a sexy outfit of a t- shirt cut so her stomach showed or
tight shorts with no panties. She didn’t know why she was doing everything
this man asked her to and called him Master. What was more, she didn’t
even care.

She was on her Master’s yacht, cutting through the waters, a distance away
from the other boats. Master kept the yacht plowing forward while Julia
sat on the deck, silent and still. At least, until her Master told her
what to do. She was only too happy to strip off all her clothes. There was
no one else around for miles, so it seemed all right. She gripped the
railings at the point of the yacht and thrust her body forward. She could
hear a clicking noise, like a camera, but paid it no mind.

She stayed that way for long minutes. Totally naked, her hair whipping
behind her, the wind blowing against her, the sun reflecting off her skin,
water splashing up at her shaved clit, breasts thrust forward, the emerald
necklace shining bright. A living masthead that put any replica to shame.

Finally, Julia heard her Master’s voice instruct her down. She approached
him, happy to see him grinning. Pleasing Master made her feel good.
"Julia, let’s go below and make love."

"Whatever you ask, Master." The entranced and naked actress padded her way
behind Master to enter the cool private bedroom below deck. There, Master
quickly stripped and brought her into a warm embrace. Julia knew Master
wanted her to respond with passion and was helpless to disobey. She pushed
against his body and let his face rub against her breasts.

Master sat down on the edge of the bed. "Suck my cock, slave," he
commanded. Julia fell to her knees and took his hard rod in her hands. She
massaged it for a bit before placing it in her mouth. She slid it in and
out of her mouth, her soft lips sucking on it as it went. Master leaned
back and sighed as she sucked him off, tensing only when he came in her
mouth, blasting his cum down her throat.

He picked her up and lay back on the bed, bringing her on top of him. He
entered her, his cock sliding into and around that wonderful pussy. He
kept her right on top of him as he screwed her, alternating between
kissing her swollen breasts and her mouth. He was licking at her nipples
as they orgasmed, nearly biting down in joy, but settling instead for
mouthing one tit.

Julia lay next to her Master and stroked the necklace around her. This was
truly wonderful. She knew that when she took the necklace off, she would
forget everything that had happened today. She would continue her life as
normal. But something would happen. She’d hear a word whispered in her
ear, a signal noise, a certain time on the clock and she’d reach into a
pocket or drawer she didn’t know was there before and put the emerald on.
And when she did, Master could command her again, to his pleasure.

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