Controlled Celeb 12: Katie Holmes

Controlled Celeb: Katie Holmes


The shop was rather quaint by Beverly Hills standards, a small clothing
store with an
interesting collection inside. Katie Holmes had been walking by and become
intrigued by it.
Something about the simpleness struck the "Dawson’s Creek" star and she
to go in for a
quick look. The store was quiet, Katie apparently the only customer. There
was a
clerk standing
behind the counter, a middle-aged woman with dark hair who smiled
Katie entered.
Katie spent a few minutes gazing around the shop, trying to find something
interested her. She was passing by the counter when her eyes fell on a
device lying atop
it. "What’s that?" she asked, intrigued.
"Ah, that’s one of my special items," the shop-keeper said. "It does
attract some
attention, I’ll admit. Would you like to see how it works?"
"Sure," Katie shrugged. She came closer to the counter as the shop-keeper
hit a tiny
switch on the device. Instantly, a hologram appeared from a special
and drew Katie’s
attention. It was a swirl of multi-colored globes, spinning in a smooth
the lights
bouncing into Katie’s eyes. "It’s relaxing to watch, isn’t it?" the woman
leaning toward the
transfixed actress. "Just to stand there and watch the lights. Just watch
pretty lights spin
around and around. You don’t want to look away, you can’t look away, you
want to look at
the pretty lights. Just look at the lights and let everything else ebb
Within minutes, the woman knew her device had done its job again. Katie
stood there,
her eyes staring blankly at the lights, her mind gone and ready to serve.
shop-keeper hit a
switch and turned the hologram off. "Katie, look at me." She gazed into
blank eyes.
"Katie, can you refuse me anything?"
"I can refuse you nothing," Katie said in a monotone.
"Of course not. You are, after all, my slave."
"I am your slave."
"Very good. Now, slave, you will go into the dressing room and there will
be an outfit
hanging on the wall. Put it on, then wait for me." As Katie walked to the
dressing room, the
woman quickly locked the front door and put up a "gone to lunch" sign up.
hurried to the
dressing room. She waited until she was just outside it and stripped off
all her
clothes. Her
breasts sagged a bit, but she still looked rather attractive. She hurried
the dressing room.
Katie stood there, wearing an unusual outfit. It had been tailor-made by
the shop-keeper
herself for use by those special clients of hers. There were a pair of
pants that covered all
except Katie’s clit and ass. She wore a red shirt with a fur lining, done
so a
small patch of skin
could be seen along the cleavage. She stood, waiting for further
instructions by
her mistress.
The shop-keeper came up to her and let her hands run down Katie’s
body. She
clamped the buttocks and squeezed them. Katie tensed and gave a sigh, but
other reaction.
The woman spread the jacket apart just enough so Katie’s small breasts
could be
seen. Her
fingers lightly grazed them before the shop-keeper fell to her knees.
"Stand up
straight, Katie,"
she commanded. As Katie stood erect, the woman leaned in and put her face
between those
black-clad legs. Her tongue entered the patch and slid into Katie’s pussy.
grabbed Katie’s
ass for support as she began to lick at her, the young girl’s juices soon
beginning to spill onto her
tongue. Katie said and did nothing, other than grunt a few times as the
tongue worked
its way into her. The woman’s grip on her ass tightened as Katie finally
with an oversized
load, her cum splashing onto the woman’s face. All the while, Katie stood
frozen, her breasts
exposed, her ass red from the pinching it was receiving.
The woman lay back on the floor, her legs spread. "Eat me out, Katie," she
Katie seemed happy to finally move, diving onto her knees and placing her
right up to her
mistress’ pussy. She was slower than the shop-keeper, her tongue taking
soft drags at the
hair-lined lips, her hands moving up and down the chunky hips as her lips
up and down
the hair-lined patch. The shop-keeper clamped down on Katie’s head with
thighs as she
began to release, refusing to let Katie go until she had licked away all
juices she could.
As Katie lay on top of the shop-keeper and gently kissed her, the sh
op-keeper smiled as
she thought of how Katie would spread the word to her friends about this
wonderful shop. It was
so nice to have word-of-mouth do your work for you.

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