Controlled Celeb 13: Celine Dion

Controlled Celeb: Celine Dion

It wasn’t exactly what she had been expecting, that was for sure. Celine
Dion had been
quite surprised when her agent told her he would have to leave her
services. He
seemed to have
been enjoying working with her and had helped her career along at several
points. However,
citing "personal reasons," he’d cut off their arrangement. However, he had
her the name of
someone who he said could help her out just as well. Robin
Turney had only been working in L.A. for about a year, but he had already
built a high-
powered list of clients. A lot of starlets, athletes and singers were now
working for him, many
making surprising decisions in order to get Robin as their agent. He had a
of clout in town
now and a meeting with him was considered the height of Hollywood hip.
His office was a surprisingly small building downtown. Celine sat in the
waiting room,
wearing a blue dress, her short dark hair nicely combed. She had been
for about ten
minutes when the secretary motioned her into the office behind the oak
Celine smiled at
her and stepped into the office. It was large, blue carpeting covering it,
desk large, the room
dominated by a massive circular platform with an odd piece of furniture
atop it,
covered in a
large cloth. There were no windows, but a mirror made up one side of a
Celine stopped in
the middle of the room and shook her head, wondering exactly where this
guy was.
The door locked behind her. Before Celine could react, a green mist came
pouring out of
the vents in the ceiling. It covered the office in seconds, the fumes
Celine dizzy, her
head spinning. She fell to her knees as the cloud of green vapor enveloped
In a few minutes,
her head felt clearer. Much clearer. Celine suddenly realized just how
Robin could help her
out. It was of the utmost importance that she please Robin, serve Robin,
everything Robin
asked of her. A smile came over Celine’s face as the thought of being
personal muse
pleased her, filled her with a wonderful, almost sexual feeling.
The vents came alive again, this time sucking all of the hypnotic gas back
into the
containers. The room was clear enough for Robin to enter. He had silver
hair, a
trimmed beard
and mustache. He walked over to where Celine still kneeled, a blank smile
on her
face. Once
again, the special chemical agent he’d acquired had worked its magic,
giving him
another high-
profile name to add to his collection. Celine would now be only too happy
give all of her
assets all of them over to her new master. "How do you feel, Celine?"
"Wonderful, Master," she said, her accented voice sounding all the better
in her mindless
state. "I understand that I serve you. I will sing only for you and only
at your
"Very good, Celine. I would like you to start now. First, take off all
clothes." As
Celine stood and began undressing, Robin walked over to the cloth and
pulled it
off. Beneath it
was a mattress-like platform, sturdy enough to stand on, but soft enough
to feel
comfortable if
you lied on it. He turned back to see Celine standing nude, waiting for
instructions. She was
a wonder, her thin and shapely hips leading to those long legs. Her
weren’t as big as he
had imagined, but tight and he could tell she was already beginning to
feel the
excitement he’d
hoped for. "Celine, I want you to stand on this platform and sing. As you
you will feel more
and more aroused, all through your body. When I tell you to stop, you will
almost overcome
by erotic feelings, so much so, that you will beg to be made love to. Now,
Robin walked to a nearby chair and leaned back. Seeing Celine Dion sing
enough. Watching her do it stark naked, her breasts and ass bouncing
slightly as
she hit the high
notes, was a treat. He let her do her greatest hits. "My Heart Will Go
"Power of Love,"
"Because You Loved Me." He waited until she had gotten to the last verse
"Love You More"
when he said, "Stop." Celine immediately went quiet for a moment. Then she
to her knees
again, a look of pleading coming over her face. "Fuck me!" she cried.
Robin, please,
fuck me here and now!"
Robin was all too happy to oblige. He stripped out of his suit in record
fashion and leapt
onto the platform. He pushed Celine down on the mat and straddled her. He
her long and
hard on the lips, cupping her breasts in his hands. Her mouth was good for
than kissing, he
could tell. Her tongue wrapped around his and she nearly bit his lip as
pulled him close to
her. She was ready to burst and Robin’s cock had been throbbing hard for
last half-hour. He
pushed it into her and began pumping it in and out, doing his best to push
her. Celine
moaned as Robin dug into her, his hands pressed against her breasts. She
let out
a series of gasps
that culminated in a loud cry as they orgasmed, joined in an incredible
of total ecstasy.
Robin took her twice more before having her redress. "Tell me what you
Celine," he instructed.
"When I leave, I will wake up," Celine said in a flat tone. "I will not
remember what has
happened here. I will hire you as my new agent and will allow you full
access to
my bank
account and holdings. Whenever you say ‘sleep, Celine,’ I will fall back
this hypnotic state
and your control. Until then, I will act as normal. Otherwise, I am your
Robin sent her on her way and lay back on the mattress. He grinned as he
shot a glance at
the mirror on the other side of the room. The video cameras were sure to
everything. It was always good to keep notes on all of his clients.

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