Controlled Celeb 14: Shania Twain

Controlled Celeb: Shania Twain

It had been a long week for Shania Twain. The country star had just come
off a full
weeks’ worth of concerts and a few talk show appearances. She was running
and looked
it. So, she attacked her day off with ferocity. She dressed in a pair of
jeans, a dark shirt and
a jacket. Her long brown hair rolled past her shoulders and she slipped on
pair of boots.
It was a nice day in Houston, surprisingly cool. Shania was happy for the

weather, even
happier that she hadn’t been recognized. She knew her manager and the crew
be angry
that she had split the hotel without telling them, but hey, it was her
music and
her tour. She
needed a break, a way to get her energy out. A day walking seemed to be
perfect way to
achieve that.
Shania was unaware that she had been recognized at a caf‚ an hour earlier.
She didn’t see
the stocky, balding man get up from his table and race to his apartment a
blocks away. And
she didn’t see him following her for the last several blocks. The man took
quick shortcut he
knew about, one that would allow him to get a few yards ahead of Shania,
when she passed
a corner that was almost always deserted.
Shania had just turned the corner when she felt a pair of hands grab her
and yank her into
an alley. She gave a small yelp and turned to see who it was. She had
glanced at the man
before he raised an cylinder-shaped device at her and pushed a button. A
beam shot out of
the device and struck Shania right in the face. Instantly, all of Shania’s
washed away. So
did all her cares, her worries, her thoughts, her will. She felt the hypn
o-beam’s power and soon
the only thought in her mind was to please her Master.
The man tucked the cylinder into his pocket and took Shania’s hand. He led
her through
back alleys and secluded streets, so no one saw or noticed the blank
on her face. He
took her to a run-down apartment building, up to the third floor. His
was rather
shabby, dust covering everything except a table laden with tools and odd
gadgets. He brought her
to his cramped bedroom, where posters of various starlets, including
covered the walls.
"Take off your jacket and open your shirt," the man said as he fumbled
his clothing.
Slowly, Shania slipped off her jacket and let it fall to the floor. She
the buttons on her shirt
and lay it open, exposing the dark bra covering her breasts. She stopped
waited for Master to
touch her as he wanted. Naked, Master came over to her and cupped her tits
his hands. He
watched them as if hypnotized himself, his hands running over the silk
He saw that the
clasp was in the front and undid it with trembling fingers. The bra came
and her breasts
fell loose, but not far. The man put his face down to her magnificent tits
squeezed them over
his face. He ran his hands over the curves and his tongue snaked out and
each nipple. The
tickling turned to kisses and then to sucking as the man took Shania’s
tits in
his mouth, suckling
on them like a newborn baby. Shania stood frozen, her head lolling back
and a
moan on her lips
as she felt Master pleasure her.
Master finally broke off and stood back. He lay back on the small bed, his
cock sticking
right towards the ceiling. "Pleasure me," he said. Shania felt his power
immediately began
to undress herself. A sheen of sweat covered her naked body as she finally
nude in the
warm apartment. She walked forward and sat herself onto the man’s rod. She
to rock
herself back and forth on it, a slow rythym that soon built to a higher
just like her songs.
Master smiled as he ran his hands up to her tits, squeezing them for all
were worth. Shania
continued to move herself back and forth on the man’s cock, the
from before
turning her on immensely. It was no surprise that when the man ejaculated
her, she let out a
hue gasp and leaned back in joy.
The man pushed Shania off of him and knelt. He placed his dick right next
to Shania’s
mouth. She needed no instructions. She took his dripping rod in her hands
placed it into her
mouth. She slid her lips up and down the shaft as she pinched the balls,
on his cock like
it was a popsicle. The man leaned back slightly with a grin on his face as
took him down her
throat. His smile widened as he shot his load into her mouth and felt her
working in a way
her fans wouldn’t believe.
As the man embraced the hypnotized singer, he congratulated himself on an
first test of his beam. He had more ideas on who to use it on, but for
now, he
decided to enjoy
his private audience with a beautiful singer.

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