Controlled Celeb 16: Uma Thurman

Controlled Celeb: Uma Thurman


The waiting room was colder than she expected, making her sorry she had
worn such a light outfit. Uma Thurman ran a
hand through her dark hair as she waited for the receptionist to call her
up. It had been a hard few months for her. Giving birth was never an easy
experience for a
woman and Uma had certainly learned that the hard way. Also, the critical
and public drubbing "The Avengers" took certainly didn’t help matters. It
was always hard
to see a
movie you put a lot of work into and you really thought had a
chance go down in flames. It had happened to Uma twice now, with "The
Avengers" and
"Batman and Robin." It was probably a good thing she had decided to take
some time off. Motherhood did have its benefits. The baby was wonderful
and Ethan
seemed to enjoy taking time out for it. Still, Uma did have to put up with
cries in the night, breast-feeding and diapers. Also, she had to wait in
doctor’s offices for
check-ups that took a lot longer than she expected. This was the first
time with this doctor, a referral her old one thought might help her
better. Uma was happy to
go along with it, although she was beginning to have second thoughts. She
would have to call the appointment off soon if she was still in here for a
while. "Ms.
Thurman? Dr. White will see you now." Uma sighed "finally" under her
breath and stood up, walking to the door. The examination room was a bit
bigger than she
expected, the couch-like platform actually feeling soft. "Just take off
your clothes, put on the robe and the doctor will be right in," the
receptionist said. Uma quickly
disrobed. Her breasts, already large, had swollen a bit in the weeks
following her pregnancy and Uma knew she had put on a few pounds. Still,
she felt she was still
sexy as hell and intended to prove it to the media as soon as possible.
The door opened and Dr. White walked in. She was a tall woman with a thin
frame and,
despite the lab coat and dark sweater, Uma could tell she wasn’t well
endowed in the chest area. She wore an especially short skirt, thin-framed
glasses, her dark
hair cut short. She quickly introduced herself and Uma was glad she didn’t
immediately ask for an autograph. "Well, let’s get started," White said as
she walked over
to a console near the wall. "Just focus over here, please, Ms. Thurman,
and we can begin." White hit a switch and a panel opened up inside the
wall, revealing a
strange beam-shaped device. Before Uma could say anything, two beams of
green light shot out from the device and hit her square in the eyes. Uma
gasped, then
her eyes shut and she fell back on the cushion. White smiled as she
retracted the beam and made sure the door was locked. Once again, her
device had worked
perfectly, instantly hypnotizing Uma. White pulled off her coat, then slid
off her panties. She left the rest of her clothes on as she walked over to
Uma. "Uma, you are
now my slave. You cannot move unless I tell you to and you cannot do
anything unless I tell you to. Do you understand?" "..Yes.." Uma said
softly. White smiled and
leaned down, kissing Uma on the lips. She ran her hands over her body,
opening the robe and spreading it out to show Uma’s body. They spent long
liplocked before White moved down to Uma’s chest. She buried her head in
the cleavage and pushed the breasts around her face, licking at the soft
curves. She
began to lay kisses on the nipples and curves, gorging herself on those
gorgeous tits. Uma’s moans grew louder as she felt the pleasure move
through her, falling like
a stream toward the wetting patch between her smooth legs. White finally
moved herself down to Uma’s open legs. She paused to inhale the scent
before moving in,
her face burrowing into her patch. White’s hands slid up and down Uma’s
thighs and her tongue worked its way around Uma’s pussy. She lapped at the
lips as she felt juice beginning to fall on her tongue. She kept going,
driving herself deeper and deeper, knowing that Uma would not be able to
hold on much longer.
Uma’s entire body buckled as she came, splashing her cum all over White’s
face. White grinned and licked away everything she could. The doctor
brought herself
up, wiping her mouth on her sleeve. She climbed onto the hypnotized
actress and sat herself atop her, her exposed pussy right above Uma’s
mouth. "Eat me out,
Uma," she commanded. "Lick me dry, baby." Uma eagerly complied, her tongue
diving in and out of the doctor’s clit with glee. White smiled and leaned
back, happy
to see yet another satisfied patient. Just before she came, she made a
note to make sure to remind Uma she was available for house calls.

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