Controlled Celeb 17: Elisabeth Shue

Controlled Celeb: Elisabeth Shue

With a name like Kat and a grandfather who was a long-time professional
burglar, it
should be no surprise what kind of work the young woman landed at. She was
there was
no doubt of that. So good, that not only had she never been caught, a lot
people had no idea
she had even stole from them. That was partly due to her way of stealing a
small items to
hock, things that wouldn’t be missed as much as big jewels. Another reason

due to the
unique object she had purloined in her first robbery, one that she kept
with her
at all times.
She slipped through the house with ease, dressed in a tight black outfit
that showed off the
smooth curves of her body and the pert outlines of her breasts. A hood
her short black
hair. She had easily disabled the security system and was taking her time
through the
house, trying to find those certain items that met her unique criteria. A
ctually, she really didn’t
care that much about the money. It was the thrill of it all that drew her
to do
this again and again.
She was passing through the living room when the patio door opened and
Elisabeth Shue
walked through, wearing a pale dress, her curly blond hair nicely combed.
stopped and
stared in amazement at Kat. Kat cursed to herself. She had expected
Elisabeth to
return via the
garage, giving her enough warning to escape. Luckily, she had a plan
for just this sort
of emergency.
"Who the fuck are " Before Elisabeth could get the entire sentence out,
reached into
a small pouch on her outfit and pulled out a circular device. She aimed it
Elisabeth and hit a
button. A beam of light shot out and engulfed Elisabeth’s entire face. Her
features went slack
and she slumped against the wall as the beam’s power overcame her. Her
keys fell
from limp
fingers and jangled on the floor.
Kat smiled as she put the disk back. This experimental beam she had hooked
from the
laboratory had saved her hide more than once. Now, in addition to jewels,
could enjoy
something else from the actress. "Elisabeth, is anyone coming? Are you
Elisabeth shook her head. "No," she said in a soft monotone.
"Good. Now, you are my slave, Elisabeth. You must obey me and my ins
tructions. You
must call me Mistress Kat."
"I am your slave. I must obey you and all your instructions, Mistress
"Good. Strip, slave. All the way down." Elisabeth slowly pulled her
revealing black underwear. She unsnapped her bra, freeing her breasts,
were slightly
bigger than Kat’s. She slid her panties down her legs and stood naked,
for her next
Kat sat back on a comfy chair in the living room. "Fall to your knees and
crawl to me,
"Yes, Mistress Kat." Kat watched the entranced blonde scurry over to her
seat. Kat
reached out a slim, leather-covered leg, topped by a boot. "Lick my boot,
And rub my leg
while you do it. Lick it down and I may reward you."
"Yes, Mistress Kat," Elisabeth said before taking the boot in her hands
bringing it to
her mouth. She reached out with her tongue and caressed the toe. Her
lapped at the toe,
then worked its way around the foot, licking at the thin fabric covering
foot. Kat leaned
back and moaned, her hands diving into her pants. Having her foot licked
her on more
than anything. She worked her fingers into herself and began to masturbate
ferocity as
Elisabeth’s tongue worked its way around her foot, her hands sliding up
and down
the slim leg,
pinching a bit at the thigh. Kat moaned again as she dug into herself,
paydirt as Elisabeth
took the entire tip of the boot into her mouth.
Taking out her cum-drenched fingers, Kat ordered Elisabeth to her knees.
She then got
onto her back and slid underneath Elisabeth, her face right under the blo
nd-haired pussy. She
reached up and began to lick at it, her tongue lapping at the sweet
passage. Her
hands slid up
Elisabeth’s body, squeezing her breasts. Kat pinched the nipples as
moaned softly and
let her Mistress Kat do her work. This was better than she had hoped or
the wonderful
gratification of being rewarded by her Mistress. Kat’s grip on her breasts
tightened as Elisabeth
came, her juices falling onto the burglar’s mouth.
Kat swiftly got Elisabeth dressed. She then had the actress go through and
give her
several pieces of fine jewelry of little sentimental value. Elisabeth
remember nothing
when Kat left and would think of the missing jewels as "charity
Leaving the
hypnotized actress to awake, Kat congratulated herself on another fine
Although gratifying,
she did wish she had more time to do things properly. It was a pain on her

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