Controlled Celeb 18: Elizabeth Hurley

Controlled Celeb: Elizabeth Hurley

Peter couldn’t believe his luck. He was, hands down, the single most
blessed man in all
of England. He had won a special contest from a British movie magazine.
grand prize: A
night out with Elizabeth Hurley. Hugh Grant was out working on a movie and
actress would
spend the night the way the winner wanted. Now, anyone else couldn’t
live out their
dream the way they wanted. But Peter could.
Peter was a small
man, with glasses and a lanky complexion. He worked
at a
research lab
just outside of London. His field was the study of special waves of
light and pulse on the
human nerves and mind. Peter had just made a breakthrough that would
easily get
him the Nobel
Prize and make him rich. But, Peter had to test it. And this contest was
perfect chance.
It had been a great night. Elizabeth was gorgeous, wearing a black dress
with a nice cut
along the side, leaving her long legs exposed. Peter was slightly
when he caught a
glimpse of a bra under her cleavage but hid it. It wouldn’t matter anyway.
Dinner was wonderful
as was the dancing and the night at the park. They posed for pictures, did
interview, then, like
a gentleman, Peter insisted on taking Elizabeth back to her hotel. Her
seemed happy to
leave them alone, allowing Peter to put his plan into action.
"I left something in your room earlier," Peter said. "I hope you don’t
"Not at all," Elizabeth replied. Peter walked to a table near the bed and
picked up a large
box. "I know I should have given you this earlier, but it slipped my
mind." He
handed the box to
Elizabeth, who opened it.
"My God! It’s gorgeous!" Elizabeth pulled out a large green necklace. "You
have, Peter, really."
"No trouble," Peter smiled. "Here, try it on. I really want to see how it
looks on you."
Elizabeth smiled as she slipped the necklace on. The instant it was
on, the
necklace glowed a bright green. Elizabeth’s eyes widened and seemed to go
Then, her
face went slack and her body relaxed. She fell back on the bed as the
implants the necklace had placed on her skin swiftly overpowered her will.
Peter smiled and began removing his tux, knowing Elizabeth was in no
condition to
object, or react or even notice. Once nude, he leaned down to where the e
ntranced beauty lay,
running a hand through her long dark hair. "Relax, Elizabeth," he said.
nothing until I
command it." He unzipped the side of her dress, opening it up. He pulled
it off
the limp form,
then unsnapped her bra, freeing her breasts. He finally slid off her
revealing her perfect
nude body.
"Elizabeth, put your feet up onto the wall." Elizabeth put both heels
against the wall,
raising her legs above the headboard of the bed. Peter moved in between
extended legs and
slid his cock inside of her. He began to pump her, sliding his cock in and
of her passage.
Elizabeth didn’t react at first, but soon the waves of ecstasy Peter was
through her broke
through her fogged mind. She groaned as she felt him in her and felt his
sliding along her
chest, along her breasts, tickling her nipples, all the while his cock
deeper and deeper
into her. She gasped as she came, orgasming with him, her legs never
moving from
position, the feet still stuck to the wall.
"On your hands and knees, Elizabeth," Peter ordered. He took a moment to
admire the
view of that great ass, then slid his hard member into it. He began to
thrust it
in and out, sliding
it easily down the wet passage. Elizabeth arched her back slightly, her
growing larger as
she felt him in her. He grabbed at her ass, squeezing the buttocks until
were red, ramming
himself in and out of her backside. Elizabeth’s hands gave way and her
face was
thrust into the
bed as Peter continued to nail her from behind. Her cry was muffled by the
sheets as he shot his
load into her.
Peter pulled himself out and rolled her over. He put his face in between
her melon-like
breasts and began gorging on them. Peter congratulated himself. The
was a stunning
success and promised to give him a lot more fame and fortune, enabling him
meet all the right
people. Who knows? Maybe he’d share the Nobel credit with Elizabeth.

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