Controlled Celeb 19: Kathy Ireland

Controlled Celeb 19: Kathy Ireland

Another gorgeous day in Acapulco. The sun beat down on the cozy hamlet of
cottage type
apartments. Kathy Ireland had spent the last two days there, unwinding
from some public
relations tours and appearances and enjoying the sun. She had been in this
part of the world
before but for once could actually visit it instead of pose around in a s
wimsuit, a chance she was
looking forward to.

She had just come from the beach and was brushing her long reddish-brown

hair. She wore a
pink bikini that showed off her body, which, despite a few extra pounds,
still looked incredible.
She was surprised to see a small package lying on her bed. Curious, she
walked over and opened
it. Inside was a note. Opening it, Kathy read. "To a great beauty from a
great fan." Lying under
the note was a green bracelet. It appeared to be made out of emerald, yet
felt somehow oddly
metallic as Kathy picked it up. She tried it on, just to see how it

The moment the bracelet clicked shut around Kathy’s wrist, it began to
glow a deep green.
Suddenly, waves of green electricity shot up Kathy’s arm. Kathy’s mind
felt shocked, literally,
then felt nothing at all. Her eyes glazed over as the bracelet’s power
took over her free mind.
Kathy stood motionless in the room as the green waves faded. Then, she
walked out to the
terrace and looked out. Waiting for her master.

She knew who it was the minute she saw him. She didn’t know or care how,
but she knew. She
slipped into her room and unlocked the door. Moments later, a m
ousy-looking man with a
balding head entered. He stopped and stared in wonder at the mindless
model, both pleased and
surprised that his special device had worked perfectly. "Who am I, Kathy?"

"You are my master."

"And who are you?"

"I am your slave."

"What do you want?"

"To do anything you ask of me, Master."

"Strip, slave."

"Yes, Master, I hear and obey." Kathy swiftly undid the tie on the back of
her bikini top and let
it drop, along with her breasts. She slipped off her thong and stood naked
before the man. "Do I
please you, Master?" She made it sound incredibly sexy, despite her
squeaky voice.

"Oh, indeed you do," Master smiled. "Lie down on the bed." Kathy
obediently lay down and
waited. The man ripped off his clothes and fell onto the bed. He kissed
Kathy long and hard and
let his hands and mouth explore her body, from her wonderful tits to her
strong legs. He pushed
his mouth in between her legs and began to lick at her. His tongue dived
in and out of her clit,
eliciting moans from his enslaved prey. He kept pushing, his tongue
increasing its speed as he
drove her to orgasm.

Before she could come, the man pulled away. He picked Kathy up and pulled
her to him, kissing
her in the middle of the room. Kathy embraced him and wrapped her legs
around his waist. The
man pushed her against the wall and entered her. Kathy moaned and withered
against the wall
as he drove his cock in and out of her wet pussy. She hissed as she felt
herself build. She kissed
him hard as they orgasmed, nearly biting his tongue. She sagged against
the wall and felt his
tongue slide along her breasts, enjoying his licking as she regathered her

The man pushed her onto the bed, face first. As she got onto her hands and
knees, she felt his
cock slide into her ass. She began to moan again, a high-pitched moan that
increased in intensity
as Master pushed himself in and out of her ass. He squeezed her buttocks,
gripping them as he
rammed her from behind, his rod shooting in and out of her perfect behind.
Kathy tensed as he
shot his wad into her, then slumped down onto the bed.

They fucked each other for the rest of the night. The man smiled as he
thought of how much fun
Kathy would provide for him, not just on vacation. He could imagine what
would happen when
she brought her latest "purchase" home.

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