Controlled Celeb 1: Tawny Kitain

This story contains som sexual acts and discrptive narrative if this
offends you then leave otherwise you must be 18+ to read it.

Controlled Celeb 1: Tawny Kitain


Tawny Kitain sipped at her coffee. She was on a sidewalk caf‚ in L.A.,
grabbing a quick cup before she headed home. She had wrapped up shooting
for the day and was e xhausted. She wore a plain gray blouse and dark
skirt. Her long curly hair was a deeper shade of red for the picture and
over her shoulders. It seemed to shine as the
setting sun hit it, making
her look all the more beautiful.

She glanced up suddenly to see a man unexpectedly sit in the seat in front
of her. He was tall, with dark penetrating eyes and handsome features.
"Ms. Kitain, I’m Peter," he said. "I’m sorry, but I’m a great admirer and
I wanted to give you a gift of my appr eciation."

"Um, thank you, but that’s really not " Even as Tawny protested, Peter
reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold-plated watch attached to a
chain. He gave the chain a slight tug and sent the watch swinging back and
forth. "I think it’s rather attractive really, the way it shines as the
sun hits
it, the way it tracks back and forth, back and forth. You can’t help but
follow it with your eyes. Just watch it swing back and forth, back and
forth, it’s
so relaxing, so very relaxing, you’re feeling so relaxed now, Tawny, very
relaxed. Just keep watching it swing back and forth, back and forth and
you’re beginning to feel so very relaxed…."

Tawny groaned as the phone rang. She’d been feeling tired ever since she’d
returned from the caf‚ and felt like taking a long bath. Sighing, she
walked over and picked up the phone.

"Yes?" she asked impatiently.

"Tawny teddy," Peter’s voice said. Tawny’s eyes glazed over and she swayed
in place as the post-hypnotic command sent her straight back into a
trance. "Now, Tawny, you hear only my voice and will obey all my commands.
When I hang up, so will you. You will immediately strip and wait in bed
for my arrival. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," Tawny replied. Peter hung up and grinned as he stepped on
the gas pedal. This was working better than he’d dreamed. In moments,
he’d have a private chat with a gorgeous and all too willing woman. He
finally arrived at Tawny’s house and leaped out of his car. He opened the
unlocked door and headed up the stairs, stripping off his clothes as he
went. Naked, he strode into the bedroom and took in the sight before him.

Tawny lay naked on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling with unfocused
eyes. Her hair billowed around her like a halo. Her cunt was already wet
and her huge breasts seemed to be screaming out to Peter. He got onto the
bed and lay on top of her, giving her a long wet kiss on the mouth. She
answered with passion, working her tongue inside his mouth. He broke off
and moved down to her breasts. He buried his head in her magnificent
cleavage, licking at the tight nipples. He squeezed each mound in his
hands, pushing them together. He slid his cock in between her breasts, the
member easily moving through the passage. Tawny moaned as he worked on her
tits, pinching them together as he slid his cock out and went back to
licking at her.

Peter lay back, his cock sticking up in the air. "Sit on it, Tawny," he
commanded. She obeyed, by now too turned on to stop even if she could. His
entered her red-haired lips and pushed into her pussy. She began rocking
gently back and forth on top of him, pushing her thighs together around
cock. He ran his hands up and down her smooth hips and ass as she rode
him, glad to see she was enjoying herself. He grabbed at her tits again,
squeezing them even as he pushed his cock further into her. He was almost
hurting from holding himself in, but he wanted to wait until just the
moment. Tawny gave a sly smile and he lost it, blasting his load into her.
She arched back, her breasts thrust to the ceiling as she orgasmed harder
than he did. The waves of pleasure washed over everything else in her
mind, leaving her more devoted than ever to her master.

The hypnotized actress collapsed on Peter, who once again began to suckle
those marvelous breasts. Good thing Tawny had no plans for the
weekend. He was in the mood to spend a few days eating in. In more ways

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