Controlled Celeb 2: Neve Campbell

This story contains som sexual acts and discrptive narrative if this
offends you then leave otherwise you must be 18+ to read it.

Celeb Control 2: Neve Campbell and Drew Barrymore Anynom

It was a busy Hollywood premiere. They always were. It was difficult to
say who enjoyed these things more, the stars of the movie or the stars who
came to see it. The ones who came to see it knew that, no matter how bad
it was, they’d have to put on a game face and smile.

Neve Campbell made her way through the crowd of the after-premiere party.

She wore a black dress, her shoulder-length black hair framing her
famous face. Neve hadn’t wanted to attend, but she knew a few of the
production people and thought she should at least do them a courtesy. But
was getting late and she was a little tired. Probably time to go back to
her hotel.

"Hey, Neve!" Neve turned to see Drew Barrymore approach. Her blonde hair
was cut around her head, her face mischievous. She also wore a black
outfit, one a little more tight than Neve’s was. "How’s it going?"

Neve would have enjoyed talking to Drew any other time but she really
wanted to get out of here. "I’m a bit tired out, Drew. I think I’m just
going to
crash in my room."

"Hey, why don’t you come over to my place?" Drew asked. "We can party

"No partying for me," Neve said.

"Oh, don’t be too sure," Drew said as an odd look came over her face. She
raised her fist to Neve’s face. Neve saw that Drew had on an odd green
ring, with a strange snake’s head design on it. As Neve watched, the eyes
of the snake seemed to glow and suddenly a pair of green beams shot out
from the ring and into Neve’s eyes. Neve was stunned at first, but soon
felt all her worries drain away. Along with all her beliefs, all her
concerns and
all her will.

"Relax and obey, Neve," Drew said in a soft voice. "You are now my slave."

"Yes..Drew," Neve said in a soft voice. She stared blankly forward, a
slight green tint in her eyes.

"You will address me as Mistress Drew," Drew said in a hard tone.

"Yes, Mistress Drew," Neve said. "I will obey you."

"Then follow me," Drew said as she led the mesmerized Neve away to the

The fifteen minute car ride to her home was slow torture for Drew. The
sight of Neve at her side, ready to be controlled, was making her horny as
hell. But she managed to hold herself in long enough to get home. She
screeched into the driveway and practically yanked the oblivious Neve out
her seat and into the house.

When she reached the bedroom, Drew pulled off her clothes. She stood
naked, the nipples on her pert breasts tightened, her bush already
She finally turned her attention to Neve. "Take off your clothes, Neve,"
she commanded.

"Yes, Mistress Drew," Neve said as she obeyed. She pulled off her meshed
top, revealing a black bra. Unsnapping it let her breasts drop free. They
sight of them so enraptured Drew, she didn’t even notice Neve taking off
the rest of her clothes until she stood naked before her. Drew pulled Neve
in and kissed her hard. She ran her hands down Neve’s back and squeezed
that wonderful ass. Neve was at first unresponsive, but slowly began to
answer Drew’s kiss with passion, wrapping her tongue around the blond’s.

Drew couldn’t wait any longer. She lay on the bed and stretched open her
legs. "Eat me out, Neve," she commanded. "Eat me out right now."

"Yes, Mistress Drew," Neve said as she pushed her head to the blond patch
in between Drew’s legs and began to lick at it. Her tongue darted in and
out as Neve did her best to do exactly what her mistress wanted of her.
She pinched Drew’s thighs as her face burrowed further into her pussy.
shook as she felt herself build under Neve’s tongue- lashing, happy that
her mind-controlling ring had found itself yet another wonderful slave to
to her harem. She arched her body up as she came, blasting her cum into
Neve’s face. Drew lay back down and let Neve lick away all her juices.

"Very good, Neve," Drew said. "Now, come and sit on my face and I will
give you your reward."

"Thank you, Mistress Drew," Neve said as she straddled herself over Drew’s
face, her cunt right above Drew’s lips. Drew pulled her down and
began to eat her out, her tongue darting in and out of the lips above.
Drew’s hands slid up Neve’s body to her breasts. She took one in each hand
squeezed, sending even more passion through Neve. Drew’s tongue pushed
back and forth inside Neve’s pussy, trying to get everywhere inside. She
hit paydirt and Neve’s juices came splashing down on her face. Drew licked
them away, loving the sweet taste upon her mouth and on her lips. She
pushed Neve off of her and began to run her tongue over those sweet
breasts. They were so perfect, she felt like she could lick at them all
night. And
Neve would be only to happy to let her do that.

An hour later, Drew led Neve to a waiting taxicab. "Neve, when I shut the
doors, you will awaken," Drew said. "You will remember nothing and will
go home. If you ever hear my voice say ‘You are Slave Neve,’ you will
instantly fall back under my control."

"Yes, Mistress Drew." Drew slammed the door, waking Neve back up. She
shook her head in confusion as she told the driver her hotel address.

Drew watched her go, smiling. Another slave added. Daddy would be proud
that she was keeping up another old family tradition.

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