Controlled Celeb 3: Cameron Diaz

Controlled Celeb: Cameron Diaz

The rain was finally beginning to slack off, so Cameron Diaz left the
umbrella in her car. She wiped a hand through her short hair as she walked
to the small office building. She had heard a lot of things about this guy
and she hoped they were true. She wanted a part in another big hit to keep
her star hot and this guy was said to do wonders. She had been a little
dubious, but her agent had talked her into it and she had decided it was
worth a shot.

She walked towards
the building. The guy said he enjoyed casual dress, so
Cameron was wearing a yellow shirt with black pants. They were a little
more flashy than what she usually wore for meetings, but if this guy
didn’t mind, why should she?

There was no receptionist waiting inside which surprised her. Given the
number of starlets he had waiting for him, this Mark should have some way
of maintaining order. Cameron went ahead to the double-doored office past
the lobby. Waiting at the desk was Mark, a mid-forties man, balding,
wearing an ill-fitting sweatsuit. His office was totally deserted, save
for a pair of large sofa reclining chairs. On his desk was an odd device.
It appeared to be a prong of some sort, with bulbs at each point.

The minute Cameron entered, before she could say a word, Mark hit a button
and a pair of green beams shot out from the prong and into Cameron’s eyes.
She could feel them worm their way into her mind, overwhelming her and in
the last instant before all her will vanished, Cameron knew that this was
going to be a lot more than a one-picture deal.

"How do you feel, Cameron?" Mark asked.

"I am your slave, master," Cameron said in a monotone. "I exist only to
serve you. I will do anything you desire me to. Anything you command me to
do, I will obey. Shall I strip for your pleasure, master?"

"Go right ahead," Mark said, rising with an evil smile on his face. He
watched as Cameron pulled off her shirt and undid her bra, freeing her
pert breasts. She pulled off her shorts, then slid her panties down her
smooth legs and stood there naked, waiting for further instructions.

Mark was nude by this point and he moved forward. He gave Cameron a kiss
that was more out of desire than true passion. Cameron was a beauty but
Mark had no cares for her feelings or wants. That was why he had
mesmerized her. To take her for a slave and enjoy every minute of it.

He leaned Cameron down on one of the reclining chairs and put his face to
that wonderful blond patch between her legs. He inhaled the sweet scent
before diving in. His tongue began working into her, digging around her
lips. Cameron withered on the couch, sliding up and down her seat as Mark
ate at her, moaning as she felt him lap at her womanhood, driving her more
and more to ecstasy. Her thighs clamped around his head and held him in
tight as she came. She kept the clamp around his head until he had licked
away all her juices.

Mark picked her up and sat onto the other chair. Cameron sat on top of
him, sliding herself onto his prick. She began to shuffle back and forth
against him, a smooth rythym that soon had him ready to come into her. He
embraced her, licking at her tight breasts as she rocked against him,
knowing that he would soon be coming into her. She arched back, allowing
him to get a full view of her breasts as they orgasmed together, both
crying out with pleasure. Cameron’s was double since she knew she had
fulfilled her master’s wishes.

Mark lay Cameron down on the rug. As he began to play with her breasts, he
thought about the special project he had planned. With a little
programming, Cameron would be perfect for the role in the film. As well as
the role she would play in Mark’s life.

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