Controlled Celeb 4: Gillian Anderson

Controlled Celeb: Gillian Anderson


One advantage Los Angeles had over Vancouver: The hotel rooms were a lot
better. Gillian Anderson definitely thought so. She had to admit she had
been a little
skeptical over "The X-Files" production moving to L.A., but it had gone
better than she thought. For one thing, the studio provided a terrific
close-up day care
center to take care of her daughter while she was shooting on the other
side of the state. With the movie doing well and a few non-X features

coming up, Gillian’s
career was doing pretty good.

She sighed as she pulled off her suit. It had been a long and hot day of
shooting and she was more than ready for some rest. She had just finished
taking off her suit
when there came a knock at the door. Sighing, Gillian walked over and
reached into the closet. She pulled on a dark bathrobe and opened the

"Hi, I’m Jerry," the man on the other side said. He was a tall man,
handsome with dark hair and deep eyes. "I’m with guest relations. Well,
usually I am, but I’m on
dinner break right now. I just wanted to drop by and say hello to you. I’m
a great admirer."

"Thank you," Gillian said, forcing a smile. "But if you don’t mind, I
really need to get to bed."

"Oh, let me show you something," Jerry said, reaching into his pocket. He
pulled out a disk-shaped device with an odd spiral pattern to it. He
thumbed a switch on
the back that lit the spiral up and started it spinning. Gillian’s eyes
were drawn to the center of the spiral. She couldn’t help but watch as it
spun, faster and faster. She
felt herself relaxing as she watched it spin, the wheel turning more and
more, the bright colors seemingly sucking in her gaze, drawing her
attention to the very center
of the spiral. It was so soothing, so relaxing. Gillian’s body slumped
slightly as her eyes grew heavier and heavier. She couldn’t help herself,
she just felt so relaxed
watching the disk, she had to close her eyes. They fluttered shut as she
fell into sleep.

Jerry turned the disk off, grinning. His hypnodisk had helped him win over
more than a few female guests in the past. It had also helped him build
his bank account
up with a few generous "donations" from his grateful clientele. Now, he
was ready for a major conquest he’d long dreamed of. "Can you hear me,

"Yes.." she whispered, her face perfectly relaxed.

"Stand aside and let me in, Gillian," Jerry commanded. She did so and he
slipped into the room. He closed and locked the door behind him and leaned
against it,
staring at the hypnotized redhead. "Open your eyes, Gillian, but remain
deeply asleep." Gillian’s eyes fluttered open, staring blankly at him.
"Take off your robe."
Gillian undid the sash and let it fall to her feet. She wore a black bra
and panties and Jerry’s cock hardened instantly at the sight. He waited,
knowing that it would
make things so much better.

"Gillian, lie on the bed." Gillian obeyed, staring at the ceiling with a
glazed look on her face. "Wrap your arms around yourself." Gillian
complied, one arm just above
her breasts, the other just below them. Jerry quickly stripped himself as
he commanded Gillian to rub her arms up and down her own body. God, she
looked so hot.
Naked, Jerry knew he couldn’t contain himself much longer. "Gillian, take
off your bra." Ever so slowly, Gillian reached behind her and unclasped
the back. Then,
she pushed the straps down her shoulders until her breasts came free.

The sight of those two round, husky mammeries was all Jerry needed to see.
He fell on top of Gillian, giving her a hot kiss as he cupped each breast
in his hands. She
answered him with slow licks that made him feel like a god. He brought his
tongue to her nipple and tickled it, wrapping his appendage around the
tight nipple. He
entered her, his cock pushing past her panties and into her pussy. He
began to pump her, sliding his cock in and out of the passage between her
legs, feeling it
slicken. He continued to gorge himself on her breasts, licking at them
like there was no tomorrow. He buckled as he shot his load into her,
causing her to gasp in
amazement and delight.

Jerry glanced at the bedside clock and cursed. He had to get back before
he was missed. "Sleep, Gillian," he told his newest slave. "Sleep deeply.
You won’t
remember anything when you wake up. But from now on, my voice, and my
voice only, will command you when it says ‘sleep, Scully.’ Sleep, Dana."
Jerry pulled
himself off the bed and rushed to get his clothes back on. He smiled as he
left the room. Gillian was going to be getting a lot of room service in
the coming weeks.

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