Controlled Celeb 5: Jennifer Love Hewitt

Controlled Celeb: Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Jennifer Love-Hewitt tapped her foot impatiently. She wasn’t sure about
this. For the last few weeks, she’d been tired and irritable. She hadn’t
gotten much sleep, her temper was short and she felt lackluster. Maybe all
the TV and movie filming was getting to her. Whatever, she was desperate
to break out of this funk. A friend had told her about a therapist who did
wonders for her kind of problems and his price seemed remarkably cheap.
With few other options, Jennifer decided
to take it.
She was sitting in his living room at this moment. Doug worked out of his
home, a comfortable house in the hills, not quite fancy enough to be
called a mansion but spacious nonetheless. Doug had been a nice enough
guy. He was in his thirties with a great smile, easygoing features and
manners and short blond hair. He wasn’t bad-looking, which didn’t hurt the
way he got people to trust him. He and Jennifer had chatted briefly about
her problem until he told her he had a way to help her immediately, after
which he went into another room.

When Doug returned, he was carrying what appeared to be a lamp. Instead of
a bulb at the top, there was a strange sphere with lenses covering it.
"This helps put you in the right mood for treatment," Doug said. He
hurriedly closed the blinds, darkening the room before instructing
Jennifer to sit in a comfortable reclining chair. He placed the lamp in
front of her. "All right, Jennifer, just get as comfortable as you can and
watch," Doug instructed as he hit the switch.

The sphere began spinning, the lenses on it blinking on and off with
lights, flashes of blue, green and red reflected into Jennifer’s eyes.
"Keep a close eye on the lights, Jennifer," Doug instructed. "Keep
watching the lights. Let the lights guide you into a nice, relaxing state.
See the lights twirl and flash in patterns, ever-changing, ever-moving.
Try to follow them, Jennifer, watch them carefully. Watch them."

Doug’s words droned into Jennifer’s ears. Her eyes were glued to the
flashing lights, the whirlwind patterns too fast for her to follow. The
combination of the spinning lights and Doug’s soft voice soon began to
have its effect. Jennifer’s eyes drooped as she began to fall into a deep
hypnotic state. She began to blink under the lights’ flashes, her eyes
staying closed longer with each blink. Finally, they shut as her head fell
back against the chair. Her body slumped in the seat, the lights still
flashing against her now entranced form.

Doug was surprised at how quickly and easily Jennifer had been entranced
but he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. No woman had been
able to resist the specially programmed sphere. Now that she was under,
Jennifer was totally in his power.

"Jennifer, can you hear me?"

"Yes," she said softly.

"Jennifer, do you feel very good?"

"Yes, I do."

"Good. Jennifer, do you want to continue to feel this good?"


"Very well then, Jennifer. Take off your dress." Jennifer slowly obeyed,
pulling the straps off and shuffling her dress down her body without
leaving her seat. She wore green underwear, the bra barely managing to
hold in her breasts. "Jennifer, if you want to continue to feel good, you
must do everything I say," Doug said. "Now open your eyes, but remain
deeply relaxed. Follow me." Doug led her to the bathroom, stripping as he
went. He was totally naked by the time they reached the shower. He turned
on the water and waited for it to get to the right temperature. He turned
and faced the blank-faced Jennifer.

"We’re going to take a shower together, Jennifer. So, take off your
clothes." Jennifer unsnapped her bra and let it fall. Her breasts dropped
free. They were magnificent, large and round, with huge nipples. Doug
barely noticed the patch between her legs, he was so fascinated by her
breasts. He took her by the hand and pulled her into the shower.

It was large enough for four people, so the two had plenty of room. Doug
approached Jennifer from behind, his hard cock, touching the back of her
leg. He took a bar of soap in one hand and reached around Jennifer. He
began to rub the soap over her breasts, rubbing the mounds as he did so.
He could feel Jennifer begin to respond, her hands moving over her lower
lips. He knew she was beginning to touch herself and increased his
massaging motions. Jennifer moaned as she felt her skin begin to come
alive under the touch of water and soap.

Doug gave her breasts one final rub, then turned Jennifer around. He
brought her into a hot and heavy kiss, surprised again by how well
Jennifer reacted and answered him in kind, wrapping their tongues
together. He pulled her smaller form up, embracing her tight, her breasts
squeezed against his chest. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he
pushed her into a wall, his cock already pumping in and out of her. She
moaned in pleasure as she felt him go to work inside of her, the water
pouring down on them both as they made love. She tightened her thighs
against him as they orgasmed, their juices washed away by the pouring

A few minutes later, they were on the bed, neither caring that they were
wet. Doug was on his back with Jennifer riding him like crazy. The wild
look on her face, her long dark hair hanging in wet strands around her,
her tits bouncing as she thrusted back and forth on his rod and the fact
that she was completely under his control was giving Doug more sexual
energy than he had expected. He squeezed her breasts in his hands,
gripping them as she pulled back and forth. He came again and again, each
one better than the last, each one p roducing a loud cry from Jennifer.

Jennifer fell into a deep sleep on top of him. She would wake up at home
with no memory of the evening. Her restlessness would vanish and she would
find herself more alert and ready. And, on certain nights, she would

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