Controlled Celeb 6: Courteney Cox And Jennifer Aniston

Controlled Celeb: Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston

People have strange reactions when they find out they’re dying. You can’t
categorize them, you can’t define them and you can’t really explain them.
It changes a person’s entire outlook and the result may not be pretty.

When John found out he had AIDS, he immediately thought about what he
wanted to do before he died. He knew how he had gotten it. A wild,
partying life had given him a dozen different opportunities to contract
it. John didn’t like it, of course, but
he knew there was no sense in
complaining about it. He knew his sex life was dead, but there were a lot
of things he wanted to see before he went. Which was why he was at the
hotel at this moment.

It was a major party for NBC stars, staff and executives, the one time the
big names could mingle with the lowly office workers. It was easy for John
to sneak into the party and it only took a few minutes of eavesdropping on
conversations before he found out what he wanted to know.

John moved into the hallway, towards the ladies’ room. He paused by the
door and took a deep breath. This was going to be tricky, he knew but it
was worth the risk. He waited until an elderly woman had exited and,
claiming to be looking for his girlfriend, asked if there was anyone else
in the washroom. The answer was exactly what he wanted to hear. He waited
until the woman had left and then slipped into the door.

Courtney Cox was sitting on a plush sofa inside the lounge. Her dark hair
was elegantly done and she was wearing a hot black dress with a
criss-cross pattern over her chest that wrapped around her neck. She
glanced up as John entered, but before she could say anything, he reached
into his pocket and pulled out the hypno-beam. He aimed it at Courtney and
fired. The beam shot out a pair of green lasers that hit Courtney right in
the eyes. She was under almost instantly, her mind shut off and her will
gone except to please John.

John took her by the hand and led her out of the room and onto the nearest
elevator. He glanced at her, seeing her standing there with a blank
expression, motionless. The hypno-beam had cost plenty, but it was worth
it for what was going to come. He led Courtney off the elevator and to the
room he was looking for. He knocked on it and got the beam ready.

Jennifer Aniston opened the door. Apparently, she had just showered, her
dark brown hair still wet around her. She wore a simple nightgown and she
was surprised to see her guests. Before she could cry out, John hit her in
the eyes with the beam, instantly bringing her under control. He pushed
Jennifer inside and led Courtney in. He locked the door and led them to
the bed.

John sat on a chair opposite the bed and pulled out a small video camera,
which he placed on the end table. He looked at the two hypnotized friends
and began to command them. "Jennifer, Courtney, you are my slaves. When
you awaken, you will remember none of this. For now, you will do as I say.
When I snap my fingers, you will undress, climb into bed and make love to
one another. You will not care that I am here, you will not care about
being with one another. I want to watch you do this and you want to do
what I want." John snapped his fingers, hit the record button and sat

Jennifer looped her fingers under the straps, lifted and let the gown
slide off her. She wore only a pair of shorts underneath. Her hands slid
past her breasts as she moved the shorts down her body. Courtney undid a
clasp at her neck and let the top of her dress fall down. She was also
topless with only panties on underneath, which were soon discarded. For a
moment, they were motionless, giving John a look at two sets of the more
perfect tits he’d ever seen.

The two women faced one another, then leaned forward and kissed. It was
slow at first, but they soon built themselves up to a passion, their hands
sliding up and down each other’s bodies. Jennifer squeezed Courtney’s
breasts, then allowed Courtney to lick at her tight nipples. They fell
back on the bed and pawed at each other.

Jennifer slid under Courtney’s thighs and began to lick at the waiting
pussy. Courtney shifted herself on her friend’s face, working herself back
and forth, letting Jennifer’s hands run all over her full breasts.
Jennifer squeezed the mounds and pinched the nipples, each move
accompanied by a further lash of her tongue in Courtney’s pussy. Courtney
sat up straight as she came, her juices falling onto Jennifer’s face,
streaking her dark hair.

Courtney got off Jennifer, then lay beside her. They kissed again,
Courtney’s bright nails heading down Jennifer’s body, down her belly and
to her clit. Courtney’s fingers slid into Jennifer’s pussy and began
working back and forth, sliding in and out and digging in with each
movement. Jennifer moaned from the fingering and moaned louder when
Courtney began kissing her breasts, her tongue dancing around the soft
curves. Jennifer trembled as she came onto Courtney’s hand, her juices
eagerly licked away by her co-star.

As the two swung themselves into a 69 position, John grunted as he felt
himself come in his pants. He may not be able to have sex for the rest of
his days, but the tape of tonight’s action would be a nice compensation
for when he became bed-ridden.

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