Controlled Celeb 7: Elizabeth Berkley

Controlled Celeb: Elizabeth Berkley


The nightclub was still pretty crowded as Elizabeth Berkley pushed her way
through the
crowd towards the back. She had been there for an hour, having a fun night
when she had
received a note at her table. It said that there was an important producer
hiding out in a back
room of the bar. The note explained that seeing him would help Elizabeth’s
career out. She was
a little suspicious, but figured it was worth it. Which was why she was

her way through
the crowd to the back. Her brown frizzy hair billowed around her and she
wore a
dress that
would have been right at home in the 1960’s.
She followed the instructions on the note and came to a small door set on
the far side
near the fire exit. She paused before entering the door. The room was
dimly lit,
with a floor that
seemed padded like a cushion and blank walls. The door shut behind her and
locked. Before
Elizabeth could move, the room suddenly became alive with light and sound.
walls began
flashing multi-colored strobes as a strange music began to play. It was a
relaxing tone, a soft
melody that somehow set Elizabeth at ease. Her gaze traveled around the
room, at
all of the
bright lights strobing on and off in her face. It was relaxing to stand
and to watch the pretty
lights blink, on and off, on and off, a wonderful rainbow of light. It was
relaxing to listen to
the nice, soothing music, the gentle tones that seemed to press the right
buttons in her head,
relaxing her further. Elizabeth stood there and let the music and the
take away her will.
After ten minutes, a door on the other end of the room opened and a man
stepped out
with slick-backed hair, naked, his cock long and hard. He smiled as he
stared at
the frigid
Elizabeth. Once again, his special room had worked, the hypnotic lights
music quickly
lulling Elizabeth into a trance. Now, she would be only to happy to
perform as
he wanted. He
reached over and shut off the lights and music. The room was now lit only
by a
dim glow.
"Elizabeth, can you hear me?"
"Yes.." the hypnotized actress said.
"Elizabeth, you will listen to what I say and behave accordingly, do you
"Good. Now, Elizabeth, when I snap my fingers, you will go into a strip
tease. When you
are completely nude, you will be ready to cum but will hold yourself until
command you to
release, do you understand?"
"Good. Then, do so." The man hit another switch and a pounding rock beat
came on. The
room was sound-proofed, so no one else would intrude on them. Elizabeth
into motion,
gyrating and moving to the rock tune. She pulled her dress off. She was
underneath, her
breast coming free. She slipped the dress off and sat on the floor. She
herself around to
keep up with the tempo of the music and pushed her pelvis in and out
towards the
air. She finally
slipped off her panties and threw them aside. Nude, she stood and spun
another wild dance
motion, kicking one leg up, exposing her clit. She went into another spin
ended with her
falling onto the floor on her back.
The man was atop her, kissing her hard on the lips with intensity. She
answered back
with fervor, the dancing thoroughly turning her on. He gripped her
letting his tongue
drag over her cleavage. It was a sweet taste, her tits covered with a
sheen of
sweat that gave a
salty taste on his lips. He tweaked each nipple with finger and tongue as
kneaded the breasts
in her hands, none to eager to let them go.
He could tell Elizabeth was hurting from holding herself in and truth to
tell he had to let
go soon too. He took Elizabeth and pulled her to him. He slid his cock
into her
passage as he
draped her legs around his shoulders, her feet touching his head. He began
pump himself in
and out of her, his cock diving in harder with each thrust. Elizabeth’s
withered around him
as she moaned in delight, biting her lip from the feelings that were
to build in her. The
man waited until just before he knew he was about to let go and then said,
"Come, Elizabeth."
They orgasmed together, a massive effort that left them both crying out in
ecstasy, then gasping
for breath.
The man smiled as he withdrew from Elizabeth. This club was sure to
clients and he had no doubt a few of them would end up back here. In the
meantime, as Tina
Turner said, it was time to enjoy his private dancer.

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