Controlled Celeb 9: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen

Controlled Celeb: Tiffani Amber-Thiessen

It was a private pool, catering to an exclusive clientele of the Hollywood
elite, the kind who
didn’t want to be bothered at the more public swimming areas, the ones who
wanted a
quick dip and avoid the crowds. It was the perfect place at the moment for
Tiffani Amber-
Thiessen. She was tired after a long day of shooting and really wanted to
the swim. She
wore a blue bikini, the top just managing to cover her large breasts. Her

dark hair framed
her attractive face.
Tiffani threw her towel onto a chair. The pool was in a small room, not
much larger than
the pool itself, one of several self-contained pool rooms inside the
Tiffani dipped a toe
in and smiled, pleased that the pool was at just the right temperature she
liked. She’d been here
before and liked the place. It was definitely the best way to cool off
hard days.
A shuffling noise caught Tiffani’s attention. She turned around and saw a
man standing
before her, wearing a dark robe. Before she could speak, he held up his
palm and
a green glow
came from a device he held in it. It struck Tiffani in the forehead and i
nstantly she felt her body
tingle. A wave of dullness came over her and cut off her conscious mind.
stood at attention
and waited for her lord’s commands.
The man smiled. It had taken a while to find out at exactly what time
Tiffani would be
here, but the preparation had been worth it. His device had worked
perfectly and
now Tiffani
stood before him, mindless and ready to obey. "Take off your suit,
Tiffani," he
"Yes, my lord," Tiffani said blankly as she slipped her suit off. The
cock hardened
instantly at the sight of her wonderful tits falling free. She slid the
off and exposed her
brown patch. "Very good, Tiffani. Now, dive into the pool, swim to the
side, then swim
back in a backstroke."
Tiffani turned and, with a few quick steps, dived right into the pool. She
surfaced and
immediately began cleaving through the water with smooth, clean motions.
The man
her smooth ass stick out of the water to the air and her breasts hit the
with each slicing
motion of her arms. She reached the other side and turned onto her back.
The man
could hardly
believe what he was seeing. Her breasts stuck upward as she paddled back
to his
end of the pool,
her clit just underneath the water’s surface.
The man slipped off his robe and let it drop to the floor. He was naked,
his cock erect
and ready. He jumped into the pool and waded towards the waiting Tiffani.
took her in his
arms and brought her in for a kiss. She responded passionately, the
the beam had
installed instructing her to fully fulfill all of her lord’s needs. She
her legs around his
midsection and let him push them against the side of the pool. There, he
to pump her,
ramming his cock in and out of her pussy. She pushed herself against him,
breasts sliding
over his chest as they worked onto each other in a smooth rythym, kissing
the way. Tiffani
broke off the kiss long enough to let out a cry of joy as they orgasmed t
ogether, their juices
mixing into the pool.
Her lord pushed her onto the steps leading out of the pool. He set her so
her breasts were
just above the waterline, then began to lick at them. He was unheedful of
slight taste of
chlorine in his mouth. She was delicious, her nipples just asking to be
upon. He rubbed
his hands over the smooth curves as he licked at the nipples.
After a few moments, the man picked Tiffani up and sat down on the steps.
He then took
Tiffani and placed her onto his cock. He rubbed her breasts as Tiffani
shifted herself up
and down his hard member. It was slow at first, but she soon intensified
motions as she was
once again caught up in the throes of ecstasy, riding herself up and down
lord’s cock. Her
lord leaned back and let his hands drift to her smooth buttocks, squeezing
as his cock
entered and exited her ass. He shot his load into her, eliciting another
from his wet slave.
As Tiffani fell on top of him, the man smiled. This was to be the first in
what promised
to be several pool side meetings which would leave Tiffani wet in more
ways than
one way.

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