Convention Fun

Rachel blakley, jennifer odell of lost world are joined by victoria pratt {mutant x} and Keith Hamilton cobb
{Andromeda} 1st hotel room card game

Jennifer O’ dell, Rachel Blackley {of the lost world} and Victoria Pratt {of mutant X} were scheduled for a
distributors convention in Las Vegas, they met on the plane and after commiserating together decided to get
together later in Jennifer’s room.

Convention Fun
by alurker8192

The trip to Vegas had been painful to endure, flight delays, baggage problems and all. The three of them were
there for a convention but that wouldn’t start till Friday so they
had a couple of days to kill. After checking in the
three decided to get together in Jennifer’s room. Jennifer was the natural leader of the group, Jennifer Odell was a
tall blonde who because of the rigors of her job kept in top physical shape.

Rachel Blackley was a bit older and not in as perfect shape but was no slouch, she carried herself well and didn’t
feel Jennifer upstaged her too much in spite of the revealing costumes she wore on their show. Rachel was the
first to show up. Victoria had only met the other two on the plane so didn’t know them that well. She had met
someone else and brought him with her. She knocked and entered the room. “Look who I found. You know Keith
Cobb, he works on Andromeda, he’s doing the convention as well.”

“Thank god you’re here.” Jennifer ushered them into the room and poured them drinks. “I’m so bored, I want
something to do.”

“What, its after 9, we just got into town.” Rachel responded “We could go down to the bar but its more
comfortable right here.”

“I know but it still feels early.” Jennifer paced the floor. “Maybe we can do something.”

“Like what?” Victoria asked as she sat down.

Keith picked up a deck of cards. “How about a game of poker?”

“Sounds like fun” Victoria responded “What about the stakes?”

“How about strip poker?” Keith ribbed the girls.

“Alright,” Rachel responded. “I’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about, besides I’d like to see how good you look.”
Rachel smiled enjoying seeing the embarrassed looks on the others faces. “Whats the matter Jennifer don’t you
want to do it?”

Jennifer was stuck and she knew it. She always teased Rachel about how uptight she was “I’ll do it, I just don’t
want to make anyone uncomfortable.” She looked pointedly at Victoria.

Victoria thought a moment. “I don’t know, but if you three want to, I’m in.” She looked over and saw each nod.
“Alright I guess we’re going to do this.”

They all took seats around the table Rachel picked up the cards and started to shuffle. “What are the rules for

“Every piece of clothing equals one bet.” Jennifer responded. “The winner of the hand collects the clothes but
can’t bet anyone’s clothes but his or her own, how’s that sound?”

“Sounds fair.” Rachel responded and started dealing out the cards everyone bet one show, then bet another as
the ante was raised. “Two socks,” Rachel raised again.

“Too much for me.” Victoria put her cards on the table then pushed her shoes over to Rachel.

“I’m out too.” Keith responded.

“You want us naked fast don’t you,” Jennifer smiled. “Well I see your two socks and call, I’ve got two kings.”

“Three tens.” Rachel grinned as she laid the cards on the table. “Off with them Jenny.”

Jennifer turned over shoes and socks while Victoria took the cards and dealt. “One sock.” She opened. The game
continued for about an hour, until they got down to the last of their clothes. Keith was wearing just jeans and his
underwear, Rachel and Victoria were down to their shirts bra and panties the shirts were long so they were still
covered everything. Jennifer had lost all her underwear and was just wearing her long sweatshirt, she sat slumped
down to keep herself covered. They all opened the next hand, Victoria bet her shirt. “I lose this and Keith is going
to get a nice view.”

“Alright I bid my bra.” Rachel responded. “I know what you mean, I’ve been paid good money to do this before, but
kind of exciting, gets my pulse racing. But Keith’s giving us a nice view in return.”

“I like the view too, I bet my jeans.”

Jennifer considered a moment. “Alright I’ll bet my shirt, after this I won’t have anything left to bet with.” The
cards were dealt, Jennifer smiled as she picked hers up she knew she would win this time.

“Alright I raise my panties.” Rachel grinned. “Anyone care to see my bet.”

“I fold,” Victoria responded she wasn’t sure enough of her cards she peeled off her shirt and threw it over to

“I’m out” Keith threw down his cards he had nothing. He pealed off his jeans and quickly sat down hoping his
erection wasn’t too noticeable.

“I know I can beat you, but I’ve got nothing left to bet with.” Jennifer complained.

“I have an idea,” Rachel responded. “You could bet yourself.”

“Myself?” Jennifer asked confused.

“You lose you have to do one thing I say.”

Jennifer thought about it, she and Rachel were friends she didn’t think Rachel would have her do anything too
bad. “Alright I bet myself.”

“I raise everything I have left panties and shirt, you want to bet yourself three times?.”

Jennifer thought she might as well go for it. “Alright three kings what have you got.”

“Four threes, take it off Jenny.” Rachel grinned.

“Well alright,” Jennifer stood and pulled off her sweatshirt. “If this is what you want to see.” She stood a moment
enjoying the looks it got her. “People have seen me naked before. I’ve done my share of nude scenes.” She sat
down and unconsciously covered her large tits. “Now what do you want me to do?”

“I’m not sure but I’ve been thinking, you’re always using that mouth of yours maybe we should make use of it.
How about if you get all of us off using that mouth of yours.”

“Let me get this straight. You want me to give Keith a blow job and eat both of you out.” Jennifer said in the
roughest terms, hoping Rachel would change her mind.

“For someone of your broad experience it shouldn’t be too much to ask.” Rachel enjoyed seeing Jennifer squirm.
“Or I could come up with something else for you to do. Maybe have you go down to the pool for a skinny dip.”

“Alright I’ll do it. Get those clothes off.” Jennifer called her bluff. “Come on.”

“Well I think Keith should go first, unless he objects.”

“No objections here, get to it Jennifer.” He grinned, he didn’t think she’d do it but hoped she would.

Jennifer didn’t want to back down and she was hot and horny. “Alright then.” She stood up and walked over to
Keith as he pushed away from the table she kneeled between his legs. “Lets see what we got here.” She waited
as Keith pulled his underwear over his raging hard on, she gasped as it sprang to life in front of her, it was twelve
inches long and thick. “Well, I’ve got a lot to work with here.” She wrapped her hands around his prick.

“Can you handle it all Jen” Rachel teased as she gasped at the size of the cock, she had never seen one so big.

“I’ve handled more then this in my time.” She ran her tongue over the head of his prick then down the side. “No
problem,” she put her mouth over his prick and slowly took all of him into her mouth. She then slowly came up off
of it. “How was that?”

“Incredible.” Victoria moved to where she could get a better view and was watching intently.

“Don’t leave him high and dry you’re just getting started.” Rachel demanded and Jennifer went back over his cock
running her lips up and down it using her tongue to pleasure his pisshole. “I bet an expert like you even swallows.”

Jennifer had no problem swallowing she worked harder on Keith’s cock stroking his balls she felt his cock surge
then felt the stickiness of his seman fill her mouth and throat. she swallowed quickly. She sat back on her knees
and took a glass off the table. After taking a long drink she looked at the other two women. “Who’s next?” She
asked and both stumbled for an answer.

“Rachel you go ahead.” Victoria was very embarrassed about the whole turn of events and how turned on she was
by them.

“Jennifer you don’t have to..” Rachel started but Jennifer cut her off.

“This is what you wanted get those panties off.” Jennifer crawled in between Rachel’s legs. “I can tell you want
it.” She could see how wet her panties were.

Rachel wasn’t sure what to do she was horny as hell but wasn’t sure about this. Then Jennifer’s hands were
pulling down her underwear she didn’t resist as Jennifer pushed into her crotch. After Jennifer ran her tongue
along Rachel’s pussy she shivered in pleasure and all thought of stopping this ended. “Thats right Jen do a good
job.” She reached under her shirt playing with her nipples enjoying the sensations.

After a moment Keith noticed that Jennifer was on all fours in front of him, giving him an incredible view of her
ass. He reached down and ran a hand over her asscheek when there was no objection he grew bolder running his
had down between her legs, cupping her pussy. He saw her open her legs just a tiny bit so he ran his hand back
and forth across her pussy, gradually bending one finger so that it would barely penetrate her pussy lips. He ran
his hand back and forth and could feel her getting wetter, as his other hand stroked his growing erection.

Victoria couldn’t believe the situation she was watching. She found it so erotic that her own hands were running
over her body.Slipping her fingers under her bra pinching her nipples, she couldn’t wait for her turn to come.
Rachel let out a loud groan as she came. “I’m next,” Victoria had already stripped out of her panties and now
spread her legs for Jennifer.

Jennifer was hot and horny, she hadn’t cum yet and she needed to. She had enjoyed Keith’s fingering but it just
wasn’t going to get it done. “Just fuck me already.” She moaned in frustration as she moved over to between
Victoria’s legs.

Keith couldn’t pass up an invitation like that. he was out of his chair in a flash and moved in behind Jennifer. He
ran his hands over her shapely ass and felt her spread her legs allowing him easier access to her pussy. He ran his
hand over her pussy getting his hand covered in her juices than wrapped his hand around his cock. He slid his
prick against the outside of her pussy a few times.

“Fuck me, now Dammit.” Jennifer demanded and Keith obliged her by shoving his hard on deep inside of her. “Oh
yeah that feels so good fuck me with that thing.” Jennifer moaned as Keith pushed in and out of her. Jennifer
went back to licking at Victoria’s pussy but she couldn’t concentrate with Keith’s large cock distracting her.

Rachel watched the scene intently, she slid off her chair to get a better view of Keith fucking her friend. She
kneeled beside them, Keith looked over to her and smiled. “fuck her hard” she moaned as her fingers found her
own pussy. She was a bit surprised when Keith grabbed one of her hands and ran it along Jennifer’s ass.

“Do you want to be next?” Keith held her hand on Jennifer’s ass for a moment but when she started to move it of
her own volition he moved his hands to the buttons on her shirt. “I think you do want to be next.” Once he
opened her shirt enough he stuck his hand inside and ran his hands over her tits, he heard her moan in pleasure.
He couldn’t control himself any longer he gave Jennifer a few more hard and fast strokes then pulled out of her
pussy {not wanting to cum inside her}, Rachel’s hand quickly encircled his hard on and she stroked him to orgasm.
“yes!” Keith yelled out in pleasure as Jennifer slumped down and rolled over semi exhausted. Keith and Rachel laid
down beside her.

Victoria found the noise startling, Jennifer hadn’t gotten her off but had kept her on the brink. She was as hot as
she had ever been in her life but knew this was wrong, she had to get out of this room quickly. She stood up on
unsteady legs and grabbed her jeans and shirt. She tried to rush out past the others. “I’ve got to go.” She
muttered she had to get herself off as much as anything. but as she tried to make an exit she stumbled and she
fell. Keith grabbed her and guided her fall, she found herself wrapped in his massive arms. “Thank you” she

“Glad you could join us.” He grinned and ran a hand over her nearly nude body.

“Well ahm, I really shouldn’t,” Victoria muttered but was having difficulty stopping him, Rachel reached out a
tentative hand and cupped her tits. Victoria felt something between her legs. She was turned on when she saw
Keith’s semi hard prick she could feel it start to rise towards her pussy. Rachel started running her hands lightly
along her exposed breasts. it was all to much for the blonde beauty. She reached down and opened herself up.

That was all the encouragement Keith needed he pointed the head of his cock towards Victoria’s wet hole and
guided it into her. He heard a moan as his cock penetrated her slick pussy he jammed it all the way in and heard
her groan in pleasure he ran his hands over her large breasts for a moment then pulled out and pushed back into
her pussy. He realized he was not in the best position for fucking this beauty and grabbed her pulling her atop him
as he lay back.

Victoria was like a rag doll in Keith’s strong hands she couldn’t believe it as he effortlessly pulled her on top of him.
still impaled upon his large prick, Victoria got her feet under her and started to push up and down on his cock. “Its
so big.”

Keith had a nice view of her ass as she rode up and down on his prick. He stroked her ass a couple of times then
pulled apart her cheeks to see her tight anal opening, he moved a finger towards it then started pushing at her

Victoria wanted to yell stop as she felt his thick finger probing at her asshole but couldn’t catch her breath, she
had never let anyone do anything like that to her. She felt his finger slip past her rectum and she felt a flush of
excitement, she gasped. She felt Rachel beside her running her hands over her tits, then she felt Jennifer’s hot
breath down by her pussy she looked down and Jennifer looked up at her, it was all too much for Victoria, and she
screamed out as she was overcome by a mind blowing orgasm. she slumped down unable to control herself driving
Keith’s finger deeper into her ass causing her more excitement. She then felt Keith lifting her like a rag doll up and
down on his large cock. Victoria couldn’t control herself as the pleasure washed over her again and again.

Keith felt himself about to cum, he pulled Victoria down and laid her on the ground and kneeled over her and
stroked his cock pointing it at her large tits. He saw Jennifer and Rachel each suck on a nipple and that was too
much for him with a groan he shot his load on her chest and the other girls faces. “OH yeah.” he slumped down
exhausted. “that was great.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself.” Victoria mumbled. as hands kept running over her body. “I have to admit I’ve never
done anything like this before. What about you ladies ever done anything like this?”

“Oh I’ve had some fun,” Jennifer grinned. “Sometimes you just have to let yourself go. Like this weekend,” Jennifer
paused in thought. “How about a contest ladies?”

“What kind of contest?” Rachel asked nervously.

“How about we compete for wildest sexual experience this weekend.” Jennifer responded. “No holds bared anything
goes, the one with the best tale at the end of the weekend wins.”

“Wins what?” Victoria asked slyly.

“Say a thousand a piece.” Jennifer responded.

“I’m in” Keith responded. “So far my story wins, sex with three tv stars you’ll have a hard time topping that.”

“Maybe so but we’ll have fun trying.” Jennifer responded.

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