Convention Meeting

Title: Convention Meeting

Author: Iamdude

Story Codes: MF


Anyone under the age of 18 or 21 or whatever is the legal age for this stuff in your country, scram!
I take no responsibility whatsoever, and remember, this is a work of
fiction, none of the events portrayed in this story are real, if you
can’t tell the difference you should not read this, and get some professional

Convention Meeting

It was the fourth day of my stay in this hotel, it was nice enough, good food, good rooms, the problem
was the number of hysterical charmed
fans everywhere. Apparently some
sort of charmed convention was here, and one of the actresses from the
show would be attending. I’ll admit I watched some of the episodes,
more out of interest for the stunning actresses playing the lead roles
and what they were, or weren’t wearing at the time than for the show
itself. I was there on business, some of the managers thought it would
be a good teambuilding event to all go to some hotel, do some sightseeing
and really get to know each other. While I like the other people on
my PR team, I don’t necessarily need to see them constantly an entire
week. So today I faked sickness not to have to visit some ruins from
some ancient something. I’m not good with details from things I don’t
really care much about. The hotel was built in a style a lot of older
English bed and breakfasts have. A bit nostalgic, but not overdone.

I was sitting, drinking my morning coffee and reading the papers when this raven haired beauty
sits down on the other chair of the table. Do you mind, she asked, all
of the other tables are occupied. As I glanced at the other table I
saw that this was indeed true, probably those crazy charmed fans, I
thought. I looked at the women who had sat down in front of me. Jake
Michaels, I introduced myself. Rose McGowan, she said, taking my hand
and shaking it. something clicked in my mind, but no link was made.
So, here for the convention probably, I asked, trying to make conversation
with her. She looked at me with raised eyebrows, but when she saw I
was serious, she said, yeah, I am. Big fan probably, cursing inwardly
for the lameness of my comment. Come on, I thought, you can do better
than that. I suppose you could say that, she said, smiling. I’m going
to get another cup of coffee, want something? I asked. I’d like a cup
off coffee as well. I stood up and walked towards the buffet, refilling
a cup, and filling a new one for her. I then noticed that some of the
people were staring at the women who was sitting at my table. I looked
at her more closely when I sat down, handing her the cup when it hit
me. Shit, I said. What’s the matter she said. Uhm, nothing, I hadn’t
meant to say that out loud. Shit, I thought, that’s Rose McGowan, the
actress from charmed. She smiled, ah, she said, not so quick on the
uptake are you? Sorry for assuming you were one of those crazed female
fans. No offence taken, she smiled again, it was really a pretty smile.
So now we know who I am, who are you, said Rose. I told her about myself,
why I was here, my job. After that we talked about our careers, friends
hobby’s, just regular stuff. I was having a hard time concentrating
on anything other than the bombshell in front of me. And she knew it,
making flirtatious comments, and showing off her cleavage, which was,
I have to say pretty damn good. Then she accidentally, or not so accidentally
as I now know spilled her coffee all over me. By the time this had happened,
the coffee was a bit cold, so it didn’t burn, but I was covered in it
nonetheless. Damn, I said loudly. I’m so sorry, said Rose multiple times,
but there was some twinkle in her eyes that I couldn’t place until later.
I’m gonna have to change, I said remorsefully, now having to let Rose
out of my sight. I didn’t expect anything to actually happen, but just
to think it might was good, plus I was really enjoying her company.
I’ll go with you, she said, quite suddenly, it was my fault after all.
While I didn’t question her, a beautiful woman wanting to go up to my
room with me was always welcome, it did strike me as weird. But
she went anyway, saying how sorry she was, and how she would pay to
have my clothes cleaned, while I said it was nothing, don’t worry about

I opened the door and started rummaging through my bag, searching for new clothes to put on. I’ll
find some stuff, she said you go shower. I shrugged, meeting a celebrity,
she then coming up to your room. I suppose her choosing my clothes seemed
pretty normal after that. I went into the bathroom, took my clothes
off and stepped into the shower. While most of the coffee was on my
clothes, it had leaked through and a shower was just what I needed.
I tried to keep my mind of the actress who was apparently now going
through my clothes, but I was unsuccessful and my mind had wandered
to images of her cleavage which she had so prominently showed during
our conversation. And the result was a massive hard on. So naturally
I was more than surprised to hear someone coming into the bathroom,
I hadn’t felt the need to close it, and then I was further surprised
when the object of my lust the moment before stepped in, completely
naked. she saw my surprised expression and Rose said simply, I hope
you don’t mind company. My lust took over at that point, I just stepped
up and kissed her, my hand roaming about her body, her hands doing the
same. I found her breasts, and massaged them, she moaned deeply as I
lowered my mouth unto her nipples and started to suck on them. Her hands
found my dick, jerking me off, slowly. I teased her other nipple when
suddenly I couldn’t take anymore and turned her around and pushed her
against the wall of the shower cabin and slammed into her. She moaned
loudly as I plunged in and out of her, teasing her clit with my thumb
while holding her hip with my other hand. Her hands scratched me while
she moaned. She turned her head and I looked at her face while I pounded
into her. Harder, she breathed. I’m not one to refuse a lady so I did
go harder. I renewed my thrusts until I had almost come, I’m gonna cum,
I warned her. I’m…on…the…pill, she said moaning the words. That
was all I needed to go over the edge, we came together, me coming inside

I slid out of her, while she was holding herself up on the shower door, panting. That was a nice
change from al of those fans breathing down my neck, she said smiling.
I somehow managed a smile myself. She dried herself off and lay down
on my bed, I dried of as well and watched her lay there. It was a very
erotic sight and somehow I became hard again. Rose noticed, up for more
already? She asked teasingly. I didn’t say anything I just walked nearer
to the bed and plunged in her again. This time, she had the control
as she rolled me over and started going up and down on me. She fucked
me hard, really hard, and although I had just come, was already in the
verge of coming again. She seemed lost in ecstasy herself, but nowhere
near as close as me. This women probably has some hidden pussy muscles
which she used to squeeze me over and over again. I decided to get control
back and took hold of her ass more forcefully and started thrusting
up at her harder, she started moving in sync with my thrusts, going
down when I went up. I flipped her over again and with what limited
stamina I had left I started thrusting in and out of her as fast and
hard as I could, all the while continuing to stimulate her clit. She
started moaning louder and louder until she came, I came not long after
shooting off inside her again. We lay there for a while, neither of
us saying anything, my arm draped around her. She got up slowly and
got dressed, I just lay there watching her. She looked at me and said
dryly, you’re a good fuck, call me, she left a note with her number.
I did call, but that’s another story.

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