Convention Seduction II: Jeri Ryan

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By Calufrax <>

I smile as I remember Julie Strain the next morning. She
hadn’t even gotten up from bed when I came to wake her, she

had a bedsheet wrapped around her nakedness. As I suspected,
she’d no memory of what had happened the night before, and I
agreed to wait while she quickly showered, calling the con
supervisors, telling her she’d be running late. As she was in
the shower, I reached into her dresser, pulling out a pair of
black lace panties. A little souvenir of my first conquest,
and not my last…

TWO WEEKS LATER: I had performed so well at the horror con,
I’d gotten a job at the big Star Trek con at the convention
center. I couldn’t believe my luck—Jeri Ryan, the actress who
played the big-titted Borg slut Seven of Nine on STAR TREK:
VOYAGER was going to be there, but only for one day. God, I
remember when she first appeared on the show, how I got so
hard watching her in that silver jumpsuit, her huge warheads
jutting through the material, almost busting free.
Knowing that time was of the essence, I got a copy of her
itinerary while at the con. She was coming in from Dallas at
12:00, where she would be picked up at the airport by a limo.
She’d be brought to the con, where she’d do a long
question-and-answer session, sign autographs, and be back on
the plane to go to another con before the weekend. Using my
position with the con, I discovered which limo service was
picking her up, and at which exit. I called the limo company,
impersonating the con supervisor, telling them how Jeri was
coming in on a later flight, at 1:00; they thanked me. I,
meanwhile, called my friend who worked as a part-time driver
at the same firm. I rented a limo, and asked for him as the
driver; then made arrangements with him to let me drive the
limo—had to give him $100. But it would be a small price to
pay… Putting on a suit, I met my friend with the limo,
paying him, I drove off to the airport. Once I arrived,
fifteen minutes before Jeri’s flight came in, I quickly went
to the backseat. In her convention contract, she’d asked for
a stocked fridge in the limo with ice cold mineral water. I
opened the bottle in the front, and poured some of the MSL-24
inside, shaking it firmly once the cap was back on. Then, I
went back outside, and held up the sign saying “VERTU-CON”
(the name of the convention, and what Jeri would be looking
for, signaling which limo was hers). And soon, there she was.
Oh God… Jeri Ryan came out of the airport exit, blonde hair
waving in the breeze. She wore a pair of slim black
sunglasses, and a sweater blouse, her big tits sticking out.
I could see her looking for her limo, and finally seeing me.
Once she neared me, I greeted her formally, taking her bags
and opening the backdoor for her. She climbed in, and I
closed the door behind her. I put her bags in the trunk, and
went to the driver’s seat, driving off… I stared at her
through the rearview mirror. God she was so hot… “Was it a
good flight, miss?” I asked her. She sighed. “Yeah.” She
reached in the fridge, and I gasped. She opened the bottle and
started to drink the water. “Have you ever been to our city
before?” “No. Looks lovely,” Jeri said. “I only wish I
could stay here longer, but I’m only in town for the day.” I
nodded helpfully, ever watching her in the mirror. “That’s
too bad. We’ve got a lot to offer here.” Jeri must’ve finally
tired of my conversation, because she togged the control,
pulling up the divider screen between the driver and
passenger. That’s allright, bitch, I thought, you won’t be so
stuck up in a few minutes… And sure enough, five minutes
later, the screen came back down. Jeri’s face was flushed ,
and she’d removed her sunglasses. I could see her beautiful
eyes, looking at me longingly. “How long have you been driving
a limo?” she asked, putting one of the arms of the glasses in
her mouth seductively. “Not long.” I replied, telling her
the truth. “Well, you know you’re not supposed to talk to the
passengers,” she said, big lips parting. “That’s a no-no. I
could get you fired for doing that.” I mock-frowned. “Oh,
no, Miss Ryan, please don’t. I need this job.” She smiled,
and leaned back in her seat. “And I need something. Pull
over and get back here.” “But—“ I protested. “Do it!” “Yes,
I pulled over into a parking lot, and stopped the limo. I
climbed into the backseat with her quickly. Jeri Ryan was
even hotter close up, her wonderful body far better than in
any pictures. “Please, ma’am, I don’t want to lose my job….”
She smiled, and leaned in, beginning to untie my tie. “I
can give you a better job…” she cooed, smiling. She reached
down and began to unzip my black pants. Soon, my cock was out
of my pants, and she was sucking it ferociously. “Oh, God…
yes….” I moaned, never suspected that the cold- unemotional
Borg drone could be such a great cocksucker! Jeri’s
blonde hair bobbed up and down on my cock, her mouth sucking
on it. I could feel her tongue going over my head, playing
against the hole. “Shit…” My hands were in her hair, tangling
it… “Suck me…. Suck me Seven….” I said to her, my cock
thrusting up to meet her sucks… She moaned something
unintelligible, her mouth full. Shit, she was so fucking good
at sucking me! If I didn’t stop her, I’d drop my load into her
mouth right there…. I pulled her face up, and kissed her on
her big lips. She moaned into my mouth, and I raised a hand
to grab one of her big tits, mashing it against her chest.
“Oh yes…” she breathed…. “touch me…. Haven’t been with anyone
since my divorce…” Wondering how any man in his right
mind could stand to give up this piece of ass, I pulled her
sweater over her head. Her huge tits were held in a sturdy
white bra, which held them like parachutes. I leaned in,
licking between her cleavage, hearing her gasp. “Oh that
feels so good…” Jeri said, holding me to her tits. I reached
around her, unsnapping the bra, and her boobs sprung free,
jiggling down. I was dumbstruck for a moment. They were so
beautiful! Even more than Julie Strain’s—hell, I’d seen
Julie’s tits a thousand times on video. But there were new. No
fanboy had ever seen these. They were so nice and round, with
a degree of sag to them. The nipples were large, and puffy. I
began to suck them, biting them, feeling Jeri shake. “Oh God…”
she moaned again. “You like me sucking your titties?” I
asked her. “Mm-hmm,” she replied, biting her lower lip. I
began to pinch and pull at her tits, hearing her yelp. God,
how I wanted to fuck her, feel her pussy. But after seeing
those milkers… I began to maneuver her onto the limo floor,
kneeling between my legs. I could see her mouth beginning to
water, thinking she was going to suck my cock again, but I
took her tits in my hands, sliding my cock between them.
“Ever been tit-fucked?” I asked her. Sweat beaded on her
face and tits. Jeri said, “No…” I smiled, and began to
thrust my cock between her boobs. God it felt sooo good! So
soft and warm around my meat, while Jeri’s tits were jiggling
as I thrust between them. Jeri was enjoying it, too, watching
my cock peek up through her cleavage, only to go back in. I
saw her trying to lick at the head with her tongue, but I was
too quick, pulling it back before she could make contact. I
saw lust in her eyes, and wanted to hear her cum. “Jeri,
start frigging off that pussy of yours. Cum for me.” I saw
her unzip her pants and reach in with her hand. She began to
moan as her fingers slipped in. “Oh yes… fuck my
titties…mmmmm” Jeri said, her big lips making those words even
dirtier… making me even hornier. I continued to thrust up
between her warm globes. I was shocked—Jeri began crying out
and shaking. I’d gotten the bitch so horny that she was
cumming after only a minute of playing with her own pussy!
“Shit yes….oh yes…” she was screaming, and I was watching her
slamming her hand into her pants again and again. Watching
that could only get me hotter. I finally couldn’t hold back.
“Get ready, Jeri…. Gonna cum all over those wonderful titties
of yours…” I moaned, and gritted my teeth. A thin spurt of
cum shot up between her titties, straight into the air. Her
mouth reached out, trying to catch it; she snagged a piece of
it, lapping it into her mouth. Otherwise, I shot all between
her tits, and on top of them, my cream glistening on her
boobs. I moaned, releasing. I finally pulled my cock away
from between her, and said to her, panting, “Jeri, clean off
my cock like a good Borg whore… assimilate it…” She was so
deep in lust, she leaned in sucking on it. Even though it was
spent, and was soft, her mouth sent chills down my spine. Once
she was done, I said to her, “Seven, you have to clean those
titties, too. Don’t want the fans at the convention to see
you all cum-soaked, do you?” She shook her head, and began
licking my cold cum from her tits. Her mouth and tongue were
running all over her globes, cleaning up every last trace of
my juice from her. She lingered at her puffy nipples, sucking
and pulling on them with her teeth. Finally when she was done
licking off all my cum, I began to cradle her head in my arms,
until I heard pleasant snoring coming from her. She was
asleep… and I smiled. I raised her back up into the seat and
snapped her pants back on; as I did, I could feel her panties
underneath, soaking with cum from her orgasm. I began to lift
her bra to put it back on, then thought of Julie’s earlier
“souvenir.” I tossed her bra into the front seat, and pulled
her sweater back onto her, giving her tits an appreciative
squeeze through the material. I drove her to the convention
center, and deposited her in the parking lot, lying on the
concrete, bags lying around her. As I drove off, I had the
most delicious thought: some fanboy arriving late to the con,
parking his car, and finding an unconscious, braless Jeri Ryan
in the parking lot. I could have just made some kid’s fantasy

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