Convention Seduction I: Julie Strain


SIX MONTHS EARLIER: I was a research assistant at a medical
facility, where
experiments were being conducted on hyper-hallucinogenic drugs. The
hope was
that with these chemicals, depression and other emotional disorders
could be
virtually eliminated. The batch that had peaked my interest was the
labeled "MSL-24"- mono-sodiolithium. An entire rack of
the substance
in vials was kept in storage in the back of the lab. Curiosity
finally led me
to seek out the reports on MSL-24. The tests on lab subjects had
shown that
when they were exposed to the substance, they showed a marked
increase in
sexual appetite, as well as a decrease in the mind’s ability to
resist mental
suggestion. The report was clear: once they’d given the results to
the board
of directors, the powers-that-be that handed down a final decision:
all samples of MSL-24, as well as all paperwork and files that ever
the drug as having existed. Thoughts of the chemical being revealed
to the
press filled them with dread, knowing that if it was learned that a
respectful pharmaceutical company had created a no-fail aphrodisiac
(even by
accident!) that the firm would be ruined. I was left with the duty
destroying everything. But I had more ambitious plans in store for
the drug

NOW: I had made arrangements to volunteer at the horror convention
months in advance once I’d learned that Julie Strain was going to be
a guest
Though not a "scream queen" as such, she’d appeared in so many genre
that her beauty had become a constant attraction to the fans. And
passing up
the chance to meet her was something I’d forever regret. Given my
responsibilities at the research facility, I was assigned one of the
to escort, act as a "gofer," so to speak, getting whatever they
needed. I
had to bribe the girl who’d gotten the job of escorting Julie Strain
$500, but I finally got what I set out to achieve.

Julie was personable, and friendly. But I was mesmerized by her
beauty. She
was tall with dark curls that trailed down her back. And her body:
huge tits,
and long legs I’d wacked off to her on video more than enough
times But
now I had the chance to make my fantasy come true

The second day of the convention was the hardest on guests. Long
talks to the
fans, and even longer autograph lines could wear anyone out. And
Julie was no
exception, making sure to see each and every one in her line. And by
the time
10:00 came around in the evening I could easily tell she was beaten.
escorted her back to her room, politely keeping away ardent fans.
Finally I
shut the door as we entered her room.

She sighed and started to kick off the thigh-high sequined boots
she’d worn
for a photo session with the fans. "Shit," she said, letting out a
breath of
relief, "I’m so glad this day is over."

"I can imagine," I replied. "You did a lot today. Can I get you
"Yeah. Pour me a some white wine-there’s some in the mini-bar that
the heads
of the con gave me." She disappeared into the bathroom, closing the
behind her. I pulled the wine from the bar and smiled. Pulling a
small vial
>from my pocket, I poured a small dose of MSL-24 in the plastic
glass, and
covered it with the wine, swirling it around. When she emerged, she
came over
and took the glass from me, and drank it eagerly. "Mmmm, this hits
the spot
after a day like this" she said, closing her eyes, savoring the

"I’m sure." Inside, I was shaking with anticipation. On the test
the drug took effect in only a few minutes, depending on how much
was in the
stomach as well as height and weight. I watched her, as she drained
the glass
and turned to use the phone. I heard her calling and talking to her
Kevin Eastman. After a couple minutes, I saw a change. Her cheeks
had gotten
redder, and I could visibly see her nipples peaking through her
tight leather
blouse. She talked to Kevin, breaking off every now and again as her
began to wander. I stepped away from the bar and reminded her of my

presence, saying, "I’m going to go, Julie. I’ll be back to take you
to the
question-and-answer session tomorrow morning at 10:00."

She looked up from the phone, as if suddenly remembering me. Her
eyes were
alight with an inner fire, and a strange smile crossed her full
lips. She
bid her husband a quick farewell on the phone, and hung up, saying,
"No wait
Don’t go yet." I paused by the door, turning back with mock
concern. She
rose from the bed and came to me, her hips swaying seductively. "I
wondering. Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No." I said, mock blushing.

"I don’t know why not, you’re so handsome." She ran a slim hand
through my
brown hair, looking at me. "Any woman would be insane not to want
to sleep
with you. I mean-go out with you."

"Thanks, Julie. I feel the same way about you. I mean, after the
you’ve been in, I’m sure half of the guys here today getting your
jerked off to you on the TV."

She smiled. "Did you?"


Her hand roamed down to my crotch, giving it an appreciative
squeeze. "Jerk
off to me."

I gasped. "Yes" I stammered.

"I wonder what you’d do with me in the flesh-and-blood right
here" Julie
leaned in and put her mouth on mine, kissing me seductively. My
lips parted
and my tongue went out to meet hers. I heard and felt her moan in
my mouth.
Her hands tangled in my hair harder, pulling my face closer to hers.

We kissed for what seemed like an eternity, until she finally moved
She smiled playfully, and began to unsnap the leather blouse,
revealing a
perfect set of large tan breasts underneath. She held them up to
offering them. "Did you ever cum watching some guy or girl suck my

"Oh, yes Julie."

She smiling approvingly. "Suck them." I obeyed, going over and
taking them in
my mouth. They were firm yet soft, and my lips wrapped around a
nipple. She moaned, her hands in my hair again. I sucked and
sucked, biting
the nipple playfully. "Oh, shit!" she exclaimed, moaning. "Fuck!
God that
feels good"

I knew she was full in the thrall of the drug by now, and so I could
drop my
charade. I reached down, beginning to unsnap her leather skirt,
pulling it
>from her hips while I sucked her. There was revealed a nicely
trimmed pussy,
its surface dotted with wetness. I let my fingers trail down and
move past
her puffy lips.

"Oh, fuck!!!" she moaned aloud, biting her lower lip. She pulled up
my head
>from her tits, and kissed me fully again. Her tongue thrust into
my mouth
forcfully, and I took it. Her hips thrust up to meet my hand, and I
felt my hand finger-deep in her wetness. I felt her hands reaching
down to
my crotch, pulling at my pants and fly until my trousers fell to my
knees. My
cock pressed erect against my underwear, and she cooed, "Oh, God, I
need your

I ran my hands through her dark hair, and start to urge her down.
She smiled
relieved and sank to her knees. Her hands pulled my underwear down,
and my
cock bounced free, pointing at her like some sexual divining rod.
licked her full lips, and leaned in, mouthing it up and down the
moaning as her lips played along the length. She worked her way
back to the
head, then looked back up to me, before opening her mouth wide, and
taking me

I moaned aloud, her mouth so wet and warm. I could feel her sucking
me, her
head bobbing up and down my cock. Watching her, I didn’t know what
was more
erotic: the sensation of her sucking me off, or the fact that it was
Strain sucking me off! Her huge tits pressed against my bare thighs
as her
head jacked back and forth on my meat. "Oh, Julie, yes" I
moaned, grabbing
her head, thrusting into her mouth, my cock going deeper and deeper
past her

"Mmm mo messss" I heard Julie say, her mouth filled with my cock.
her down there, sucking me, I remembered seeing her in her movies.
Always in
the same kind of role: domineering sex bitch, making the men lust
after her.
I got even more aroused thinking of that sex bitch under my command.

I pulled Julie up to her feet, hearing her moan in disappointment as
my cock
slipped past her lips. "Please" I heard her say, eyes pleading.

I smiled wryly. "You want me to fuck you, Julie?"

"Yes! Oh God, yes!" Her hand went back down to stroke my cock.

I took her hand away from my meat, and turned it back, twisting it
She yelped, and I forced her back to her knees. "Beg me, bitch! Beg
me to
fuck you" I hissed, feeling the power.

Her eyes began to well up in tears, whether from pain or lust I
didn’t know.
"Please" she began, her bottom lip quivering, "please fuck me.
I need it
so bad." I saw her other hand go to her tits, and begin to pinch
and twist
her nipples. "God, I’ll do whatever you say"

"Oh yeah." I twisted her arm, and Julie Strain spun around onto
the floor. I
was on her in an instant, mounting the top of her. She was surprised
first, but soon gave into her passions, and held me close. Her long
spread willingly for me, and my erect cock was pointed square at her
pussy. I held my cock, and played it along her pussy lips, teasing

"Jesus, God, fuck me." she moaned.

With a thrust I pushed my penis into her wet hole, and heard her
breathe out
with a deep gasp. Her eyes closed with me deep in her, and she
reached around
to grab my ass. I leaned in, her breasts pressed against my chest
and kissed
her deeply; she opened her mouth, accepting me. I began thrusting
in and out
of her, and felt her begin to react. Her ass began to rock on the
and her spread legs on either side of me curling around me.

Fucking in and out of her, I found myself moaning almost as loud as
Fuck, for a former Penthouse pet and soft-core porn queen, she was
so tight!!
My cock was sucked into her hole, and I pulled in and out of her at
feverish pace.

"Moh msssss" she moaned into my mouth, and I pulled away. She
was breathing
hard as I fucked her, and began crying out, "Oh, shit! Yes. Fuck
me fuck
me hard!"

"Oh yeah, baby! Yeah" My hands were at either side of her,
pressing against
the floor for support as I pushed into her. "Fuck move that ass,
bitch!" She
listened to me, bucking back against me, pushing her crotch harder
mine. I hissed past my lips, this was so fucking hot!

Her tits bobbed back and forth as I fucked her, and I pushed one
towards her
face. Julie Strain got the hint immediately, and she moved her head
down, her
mouth latching onto her tit, sucking it as I held it to her. Hand
on her
boob, I could feel the vibration of her sucking it, even feeling her
as she bit the nipple! She moaned into her tit, and soon released
it. "Shit
oh God shit. Yes.." She bit her lower lip, and her hips
suddenly thrust up
as she let out a loud scream, completely surprising me.

She was cumming! Her hips were thrashing back with incredible force,
and if
her legs weren’t around me, I could’ve easily been thrown off her! I
under her, and lifted her ass from the carpet, moving her up,
pulling her
into me faster. I slapped her on the ass as I continued to fuck.
"Oh yes
mmmmmmmm-hmmmm yes fuck!! Aeeeeeeeee!!" Her eyes were tightly
shut as she
yelled out in orgasm.

Her juices were flowing past my cock, and I heard sweet wet slapping
as I drove faster into her. "Oh yeah, baby here I come." The
stirring in
my balls was reaching a crescendo, and I knew I couldn’t hold back
longer. I almost thought Julie Strain was going to have me pull out
of her,
not wanting me to come in her unprotected womb, but she pulled me
harder into
her. I smiled at her deep lust, and cried out, unloading into her.

"Ahhhhhhh!" I thrust one final time into her, my cum filling her
with its
sticky whiteness. She cried out, feeling me fill her with my juice,
moaned. My eyes were closed, reveling in my orgasm. Finally, I
onto her, her tits pressing up at me like two inviting pillows. We
were both
breathing hard, and I withdrew my spent penis from her pussy. Small
of cum began to leak out from her cunt, onto the carpet. Looking at
lust-filled eyes, I reached down and ran my fingers into her; she
breathed in
ecstasy at the invasion. Pulling them out, I lifted the cum-soaked
fingers to
her lips, and pressed them against her mouth. She parted her lips,
accepted them, sucking on the fingers like she had my cock. Her
tongue lapped
my juices from my fingers.

She looked at me through half-lidded eyes, and said, "Oh that was
sooo good.
You fucked me sooo" And she drifted into sleep, me lying on top
of her. I
smiled contented. Just the same reaction of the test subjects at
lab-instantaneous sexual gratification, but after release,
lethargy. She’d be out for hours, during which time MSL-24 would be
on her mind, clouding it as to what happened. She’d awaken, and
believe she’d
had the most realistic sexual dream ever. Never believing that it
had truly

I lifted a breast to my lips and began to suckle it. Mmmmm, the
initial use
of MSL-24 was an overwhelming success. Now his fantasies could
easily be
lived out, and with the summer starting, convention season was just

And he could hardly wait

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