Cookie Munster

“Cookie Munster”

By Formerly Ty

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was having a really tough month, he got pinned by that asshole Rob Van Dam, his wife hit him over the head with a platter, and last but not least, he failed in his efforts to get rid of Kurt Angle before Unforgiven. He knew he would lose his WWF championship belt this sunday so he cradled it.

Inside his locker room he cradled his championship belt on a leather couch and thought of the good times he had with his belt. The time he beat Rock at Wrestlemania to win this belt, he had it ever since that day. The only person that stood in his way was
Kurt Angle, he knew he couldn’t beat Kurt. Stacy Keibler had entered the locker room with a platter full of cookies.

“Mr. Austin, I know you’ve been having a tough week so I thought you would like some of my chocolate chip cookies to cheer you up.” said Stacy.

“Just put them over on the table.” said Austin.

“But wouldn’t you like to taste some now?” asked Stacy.

“Okay, but you have to promise to leave the room after I taste it.” said Austin.

“I promise.” said Stacy. Austin dare not to look at her legs an be hypnotized by them. She was wearing that same outfit she wore the day she debuted on Smackdown! Austin extended his hand to take one of her cookies before his wife Debra entered with her homemade cookies.

“Well, I see you decided to taste her cookies.” said Debra in a fuss.

“No, no honey, you know your cookies are better.” said Austin.

“So will you taste mine?” asked Debra.

“Sure!” said Austin. He extended his right hand to her cookie platter and closed his eyes.

“Go ahead, I have oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip and peanut butter.” said Debra. Austin dare not to choose oatmeal nor the peanut butter. He then picked up a chocolate chip cookie.

“If you like chocolate chip cookies then taste mine, they aren’t undercooked.” said Stacy.

“Shut up you stupid bitch!” screamed Debra. They both motioned towards each while arguing other before Austin stopped them.

“Ladies, ladies. You’re acting like children. What?” said Austin. “Now I will taste both of your cookies then I want you to leave me alone.” He tasted Debra’s chocolate chip cookie before closing his eyes. He couldn’t beleive the taste in his mouth, it was really hard like a stone. He could barely chew it.

“This is great!Could you do me a favor and get me some milk from the vending machine outside?” said Austin unthusiastically.

“Sure!” said Debra. She left and bought some milk back with her from the vending machine. But before she came back, Austin spat the remaining pieces of her cookies into the leather couch.

“I told you it was undercooked.” said Stacy.

“Aww quit ya yapping.” said Austin. Debra came back into the room.

“Here’s your milk honey!” said Debra.

“Honey, you’re too late. Your cookies tasted so good that I couldn’t wait for milk so I just swallowed it. Don’t worry it’s in a good place now.” said Austin. “What!?!?” said Austin turning to Stacy, she spilled her cookies in fright on the couch.

“I’m so sorry,” said Stacy “I’ll clean this up soon.”

“Don’t be silly, my wife will clean this mess up.” said Austin. Debra was enraged.

“But will you taste my cookies?” asked Stacy.

“Sure.” said Austin.

“Will you tell me how they taste?” asked Stacy.

“Yes, I will, just come back in a few minutes.” said Austin.

“Thanks, you’re so nice Mr. Austin!” said Stacy enthusiastic.

“Just leave you slut!” said Debra. Stacy left thinking crazy thoughts that Austin would fall for her over her cookies. Debra had finished cleaning up the cookies and put it back on the pattter.

“Do you still wanna taste these nasty cookies?” asked Debra.

“Of course! I mean, I can’t let the little girl down.” said Austin. He took one of the cookies and took a big bite. He had the most delicious taste he had ever tasteed in a long time in his mouth. He savored the moment for a couple of seconds.

“These are the greatest cookies I’ve tasted in a long time!” said Austin. He looked at Debra, she was angry. “I mean, besides your cookies baby.”

“Really? Let me taste one of them.” said Debra. She took one cookie before Austin snatched the platter away from her selfishly. Debra took a bite and had the same taste that Austin was having.

“You’re right! these are the best tasting cookies I’ve ever tasted!!Besides mine.” said Debra.

“I want you to be honest wih me honey, do you think these cookies are better than mine?” asked Debra.

“Of course not!” said Austin with a quick response.

“Then why did you spit my cookies out?” said Debra. Austin looked at his wife with crumbs from the cookies falling from his mouth.

“What?” said Austin “I’m so sorry honey!” Austin pleaded.

“That’s okay honey.” said Debra.

“Really?” said Austin.

“The fact is that this will be the last time you will taste these cookies in a long time.” said Debra.

“What cookies?” said Austin. Debra swiftly took off her suit and revealed she wasn’t wearing a bra nor panties, a trick learned from Stephanie. She spread her legs across Austin’s and sat on his lap exposing her huge breasts in his face.

“These cookies.” said Debra “You see, the question is…Got Milk?” she took the carton of milk from earlier and poured it all over her body and her hard nipples. Some even splashed onto Austin’s face.

“Got Milk…What?” said Austin. He motioned his lips to her hard nipples to suck on them when an unannounced intruder came in the room. It was Stacy with a carton of milk in her hand.

“I just thought you might need some milk but it seems you have alot already.” said Stacy.

“Don’t be silly!” said Debra, we could use alot more milk.”

“Then I guess I’ll just put this right here.” said Stacy.

“She doesn’t mean that kind of milk, she means the fresh, homemade milk.” said Austin.

“Oh, well ok.” said Stacy. She slid her one piece suit off and her undergarments as well. Stacy came over to both of them and sat on the couch right next to Debra. Austin began suckng on her nipples slowly until Stacy fed him more of her cookies. He sucked even harder on Debra’s nipples until they became purple.

“Baby, that’s enough for now,” said Debra “Stacy will feed you more milk.” Stacy sat face to face with Austin and fed him her perky nipples. He sucked hard for some milk and he got none. He licked her nippular area and got really hard.

“What’s this?” said Debra rubbing her husbands hard-on.

“What!?” said Austin. Debra unleashed his mediocre cock from his shorts to start sucking on it. Debra even fingered Stacy while doing so. Debra licked on Austin’s balls, it looked like two cookie dough balls and Debra was prepared to taste them both. Stacy was finished and wanted to suck on Austin’s firm cock, she got off Austin and got on her knees.

“Suck my warm milk you dirty sluts!” said Austin “What?” They both fought over who was gonna suck his cock, Debra won that battle. She slobered all on his cock, she had never sucked him off before but this new experimentation got her so hard she was tempted to do it.

“That’s enough Debbie, give it to Stacy.” said Austin. Stacy made better cookies than Debra, she also gave better oral stimulation. Debra got on the floor on her back and began to at her nemesis’ pussy. It was sweet, fresh and homemade pussy thought Debra. Stacy sucked on Austin’s balls, she knew what he wanted, the right recipe was in her taste buds, she felt Austin’s pre-cum and started jerking his cock into her mouth.

“That’s it,” said Austin “I wanna fuck one of you.” Stacy volunteered by laying on the floor with her long legs spread out for Austin to see. Her bald eagle pussy was cleasrly visible and Austin got on his knees starting to penetrate her slowly. Damn she was, her cookies were soft, but her pussy wasn’t even compared to her cookies. Austin started to jump up and down on her pussy, fucking her fast and hard.

“You……for…letting…me…do…this..Deb…bie!” said Austin as he pounded Stacy’s clit. He kissed her soft, long legs while entering her womb. Debra didn’t approve of this but she kept feeding Austin cookies while he fucked Stacy’s bald pussy. Debra poured the milk that Stacy bought onto Stacy’s fragile body, she also crushed some cookies and ate it right off Stacy’s perky tits.

“Oh, eat it bitch!” moaned Stacy. Debra was tempted to crush more cookies and feed it to Austin, she also fed some to Stacy. Debra and Stacy kissed each other, sharing the cookies. Austin felt the pressure from Stacy’s tight, wet slit and immediatly felt himself cumming.

“I’m cumming you sluts!” screamed Austin. Debra wanted to remember this so she took the platter that Stacy bought which was half full of cookies and told Austin to cum on them. Austin pulled out of Stacy and jerked his cock onto the cookies. He came on them blistfully. Austin then felt something else.

It wasn’t his cock, it was his stomach. All those cookies caught up with him. He quickly ran to the bathroom and waited to see heaven as he did a number 2. Stacy and Debra laughed at Austin. While the tasted their new recipe of sperm cookies.

“What?!?What?What?What?” said Austin in the bahtroom trying to get it out of his system.

“These taste great!” said Stacy.

“We’ll make a fortune out of these!” said Debra.

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