Cool for Each Other

Cool for Each Other

By LazyNinjas

Codes: (MF, Cons, Oral)

Celebs: Demi Lovato

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This story has never happened and it never will happen.

Today was the big day. Teen pop star Demi Lovato. Today was the filming of her latest (and without a doubt the sexist) music video for her single, “Cool for the summer”.  I couldn’t believe my first job as a director in Hollywood was going to be a Demi Lovato music video. No one else really knew this about me, but to say I was a huge fan was a giant understatement. I have loved her since her career began on the Disney channel and I’ve been following and supporting her ever since.

I got up out of bed in excitement as my career as a director was my dream that about to become a reality. Getting ready for the day of a long video shoot ahead, I decided to dress comfortably. I went for a red t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, and some sneakers. After having a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast, I was out the door and in my car, trying to drive through the horrendous Los Angeles traffic in order to get to the studio.

After taking almost an hour to reach the studio from my small apartment, I entered the studio where a security guard stopped me.

“You got a pass?” The huge muscular security guard asked me.

“I do in fact,” I said as I reached into my bag to grab my pass to show the guard. “Here you go.”

He took the pass from my hand and stamped it with a special stamp. “Have a nice day sir.”

“Thanks.” I said as walked past the guard and entered the studio. All of the set pieces we needed for the video were all in this one giant room. They had the giant bedroom in the southwest corner of the room, while the alleyway section was in the northeast side of the room. I was in amazement to see how professional everything looked. As I was about to call everyone together, I was approached by none other than Demi herself.

As she approached me, I just stood there for a moment and admired her. She looked like she had been waititng all morning to meet me. She had a huge smile on her face. Her hair appeared to be slicked back, giving Demi a sexier and more mature look. Her hair really brought out the gorgeous features of  her face. I looked down at what she was wearing and my eyes almost jumped out of their sockets.

She was wearing a light blue bikini which had straps all over her body. I w

“Hey there, I’m Demi. It’s a pleasure to meet you,”she said as I saw into her big beautiful eyes.

“Please Miss Lovato, the pleasure is all mine. My name’s Caleb Lee”, I said as I shook her hand.

“You sure know how to flatter a girl don’t mister Lee?” Demi replied.

“Well you are a woman who is very flattering herself Miss Lovato,” I responded.

“I love you being a professional, but don’t need to call me Miss Lovato. Demi is perfectly fine,”Demi replied as she shook my hand as she had a cute little smile on her face.

I watched Demi as she walked away. Her legs looked phenomenal as she walked away. I  swore they went on for miles. As much as I tried not to since it would be considered unprofessional, I couldn’t help but stare at her big glorious ass as it shook back and forth. I thought that I would be able to handle my lust when I was directing this video, but I was not prepared for how sexy Demi was trying to be in this video. I tried to think of anyway I could try and hide my boner for the next couple of hours.

She was looked absolutely stunning in her first part of the video we where shootting for the video, which was taking place in the bedroom set. She looked absolutely stunning as she got into   positition for the camera. She was laying on the bed with her hands in her hair, seductively mouthing the words to her new single as she moved in various sexual postitions for each shot. outfit for the shoot. I kept telling the camera man to zoom into her face as the song blared over the speakers of the studio. After stopping and restarting the scene over and over again (mainly to see Demi repeat various poses), I yelled out that we got the shot we wanted.

“Mind if I take a look?” Demi asked as she walked over towards me and the camera with her heels making a distinct clicking noise. I told the camera man to replay the shot. I was interested in seeing Demi’s reaction to the scene. It looked like she was getting turned on a bit.

“So. What do you think?” I  said her as my question broke her concentration.

“It looks absolutely beautiful,” she replied.

“Glad it is to your liking Demi,” I  said as Demi  brushed some of  her hair out of her face.

So, should I go put on the main outfit for the video then?” Demi said as I could tell she was trying to speak in a sexy accent.

“Depending on if there are any unseen issues, I think that’s all we are going to need in this outfit for now. Why don’t you go and put on the other one? We  can shoot those scenes for now,” I said.

“Whatever you say boss. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes so don’t miss me too much,” Demi said with a giggle as she walked back to the dressing room. I stared at her ass as it swayed back and forth until she entered her dressing room and left my sight. I needed to breathe. Was Demi Lovato? The one and only Demi Lovato flirting with me? I mean  I’m not most experienced guy when it comes to women, but I think she likes me.

As I thought this my professional side kicked and convinced me she was just being nice and that this was just business. I needed to get these feelings out of my head and focus on making the video perfect for Demi and her record label so they might hire me to do other videos. Taking some deep breathes, I calmed myself down and waited for Demi to get out of wardrobe.

My eyes went wide and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor as I saw the outfit for the alleyway scene . She walked out of the dressing room wearing a beautiful black bikini top, a tight leather one piece, and heels that went up halfway up her thigh . Her legs looked amazing as the high heels make her so damn sexy. The leather piece  looked great on her. It was even better when I saw that it only covered the very top part of her ass . Seeing Demi actually wanting to wear an outfit liked the one she currently had on, I knew that Demi had no problem with showing off her body and it’s amazing features. She was doing poses that most women wouldn’t feel as confident or as beautiful in , but Demi had no problem with owning the body she made for herself .  I could tell she had to be careful of how she moved in it or else she might accidentally flash her pussy to everyone. Looking up towards the chest area. the leather onepiece combined with the bikini top gave a great view into her cleavage, which looked absolutely perfect.

“So, do I look sexy as fuck or what?” Demi asked as she approached me and modeled her new outfit, teasing me because I know I couldn’t have it.

“You look gorgeous Demi. A real heart breaker,” I replied realizing how stupid that sounded.

“Thanks,” she replied as we both went over to the alleyway set. The camera was set up and already to go. I told Demi to get into place but it seemed like she was always one or two feet where we wanted her.

“So do you just want me to stand here or here or maybe over here?” Demi  asked me as she moved from spot to spot. I got up from my director’s chair and walked up to Demi.

“You mind if I help position you?” I asked her.

“No, put in any position you want me in,” she said as my mind just thought of dirty remarks. I grabbed her hips and positioned them where I wanted them to be for the shoot.

As my hands positioned her hips, I could feel her body react to my touch. I saw that she shuddered as small chills appeared up and down her glorious body. I swore I could feel her begging to touch her more. I wanted to move my hands and grab her incredible booty so much, but this was my chance to be a director and assaulting a star was only going to get me jail time. I adjusted her arms so that her hands were on her hips, which just boosted her sex appeal even more.

After making Demi move a step over and getting her settled into place, I walked away from Demi  and go back to the director’s chair which was directly behind the camera. She started to do various poses as  the camera began to roll and the song began to play overhead.  Watching from the camera’s preview lense, I could tell that Demi  was confident with her body and she was ready to be an adult singer. Demi was owning the scene as she moved her body. I lost little focus trying to stop myself from having dirty fantasies about her but I was able to get the shots that I wanted.

Before I knew it the day of shooting was done. As the assistants and make-up crew started to leave, I went to Demi’s dressing room and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” Demi asked through the door.

“It’s Caleb, the director. I wanted to know if you wanted to see the final shots before you left. I just need to run and go get it quick but I wanted to ask you before you left. ” I replied.

“That sounds great! Just let me finish getting ready and I’ll let you in when you come back,” she replied again. So I ran off and grabbed the USB that all off the footage on it and ran back to Demi’s room.

“Demi. I got the footage.” I said after I knocked on the door.

“Okay! The door’s open!” I heard her say.

I grabbed the handle of the door and turned it until the door slowly opened. I opened the door and took a few steps in before I noticed the room was empty. Wondering what the hell was going on, I heard the door closed. I turned around and I couldn’t believe what I saw. Locking the door from the inside Demi, only in the one piece that barely covered anything.

“Demi, what are you doing?” I asked her.

Something I wanted to do the moment I saw you, she said as she  grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss.  I was taken back by Demi’s sudden attack on my mouth with hers. I found myself not fighting off her kiss attempt but actually embracing it as our tongues explored every single inch of each other before she shoves me on the couch and lays on top of me. She stops kissing me for a second.

“Ever since I first saw you today, I wanted to fuck you so badly. Spending all day with just made me too horny to take anymore. I need you. I need your cock inside me. I want to scream “Caleb” at the top of my lungs as you make me cum all over your dick. Now give mama what she needs,”  Demi says as she goes down to my jeans and unzips them.

She looks at me with lust in her eyes as she pulls down my pants. She takes her hands and inserts them into my underwear, fishing out my fully errect cock. After pulling my underwear off. She leaves  me completely bottomless. I start to take off my shirt while Demi pretends to struggle to get out of  outift. She keeps trying until she has to ask for help.

“Can you help me get off, I mean, get this outfit off?” she asks as I know she wants it badly now.

I grab the zipper and slowly unzip the one piece. As the one piece slowly reveals Demi’s beautiful naked form, I grab one of her exposed tits and rub her nipples. As I continue to unzip the one piece, Demi lets the one piece just slide off of her body as she’s too focused on my big hand messaging her beautiful errect nipples. The one piece finally falls to the for and Demi’s fully naked body is on display. I stand there and let everyone of my senses take in and admire every singe inch of her naked body, Demi drops to her knees and puts my 7 inch cock into her warm and inviting mouth. She uses  her tongue like a pro, slurping my cock up and down. She purrs as she makes sure to taste every part of my dick and savor the flavor.

“God, you look so beautiful with your dick in my mouth,” I sigh as her warm, wet mouth engulfed my dick more. Wrapping her right hand around my dick to get a firm grasp, Demi takes as much of my shaft into her mouth as she possibly could. Bobbing up and down, she flicked her tongue all over my shaft, making sure to cover my entire dick in her saliva.

“Mm. That tastes so good,” She moaned as she removed her mouth from my dick, looking up at me she flashed me a grin. Demi then continues her assault on my genitals with her mouth. I almost jump as her hands start to massage my balls. Her hands feel amazing as they rub my balls. I began to feel that feeling starting to stir down in my man zone. I try to hold it back but Demi’s mouth is doing too damn good of a job to make that possible.

“Demi, I’m gonna fucking  cum baby. I going to fucking cum!” I yelled as I my dick exploded and shot everything  into Demi’s open and eager mouth. Shot after shot of semen pumped out of my dick, which Demi took off all in her mouth. She showed me all of the semen in her mouth and made a huge gulp noise as she swallowed it down. After finishing drinking my baby batter,  she spread her legs as far and obscenely as possible, showing me her glorious vagina.

“I think it’s  my turn to return the favor miss Lovato,” I said as I stuffed my face into her wet snatch.

I started off Demi’s oral pleasure by licking along the entire length of her aching and insanely wet pussy. I know I was hitting the rights spots along the way as she made a loud, whimpering moan to alert me to her sensitive spots. I bring my hand up to Demi’s beautiful glistening pussy to carefully spread her lady lips apart, giving me access to what I wanted. I use my tongue to lick away as the inside of Demi’s pussy as she starts grinding her lower half across my face.

I slowly pull my tongue away and slide it up her pussy until I hit Demi’s clit.  Taking my other hand, I began to squeeze and rub her clit between her thumb and index finger with force. Looking at Demi’s face, I was getting her closer to the point of climax.  I took my long fingers and push them in and out of Demi . Demi begins moving to the rhythm to my movements until we are eventually in synch. She could feel herself approaching climax, knowing that she was going to cum at any second. I inserted a third finger into Demi’s love hole and her reaction tells me what I need to know.

“Caleb baby. I can’t hold it anymore. This is all for you baby!” Demi screams at the top of her lungs, her snatch starting to spasm as she loses any amount of  control she had. Demi’s cum poured  out of her cunt like a raging waterfall. Wanting to taste my reward, I open my mouth and let the sweet nectar slide down my throat. It was the sweetest tasting juice I’ve ever had the pleasure to drink . I drank it all straight from the source. As soon as she stops gushing with juices , I stick my now hard again dick into her.

“Holy shit. That is so fucking big. You’re making me tight as fuck baby! Fuck me harder. Use that big fucking cock.” Demi moaned as I continued to pump myself into her glorious wonderland . I love seeing  Demi’s body bouncing to the rhythm of my cock. Her breasts are bouncing everywhere so she grabs them with her hands and starts to tug and pull at her hardening nipples.  Our skin starts to make a loud smacking noise as our bodies collide together We continue fucking like wild animals. I get that feeling deep down in my crotch again when I feel her walls tightening around my cock.

“Baby, I’m about to cum again. You want me to pull out?” I ask, hoping for a quick answer.

“Don’t pull out Caleb. Cum with me baby. Don’t worry. I’m on the pill just cum with me,” Demi screams as we both climax at the same time. Our fluids mix and begin dripping everywhere as we both release everything we have. After we both settle down from our powerful combined climaxes, we both catch our breath and look into each other’s eyes.

“You know, I think we’re really good for each other,” Demi mentions.

“Would you say that we’re cool for each other?” I say as Demi starts to laugh hysterically.

“Yes, we’re definitely cool for each other.” Demi says still laughing before eventually stopping. She looks me in the eyes.

“You know my place isn’t too far from here, and there are some “toys” I’ve been wanting to try out. You interested?” She asked.

“After what just happened in here, there’s no way in hell I shouldn’t be,” I said as we got dressed and left for Demi’s place together.

The End.

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