Corrupting Dove

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Corrupting Dove

By voodoojoe

“What if we went bum-buh-bum-bum?” I asked, tapping on the keys of the piano in front of me.

“And then maybe let it build?” Dove Cameron asked, tapping a few more keys as I made a couple marks on the sheet music app on my tablet.

“Then bring in the horns as everything explodes in a burst of energy,” I said, nodding as it looked like we were firmly on the same page.

“That sounds great,” Dove said, excited as we made headway on our song.

As Dove hummed what was in her head, I translated onto the piano. Then if it didn’t sound quite right we tweaked it until it did. Every so often we stopped to write it down before picking up where we left off.

“Wow, look at the time,” Dove said, glancing over at the clock.

“I’ll take that as ‘get out now before my boyfriend gets here’,” I said, laughing as I stood up from the piano.

“Well, yes and no,” Dove sighed.

From the first time I met Dove’s boyfriend, Ryan, we hadn’t exactly gotten along. I didn’t mind him, he seemed like a nice enough guy, but boy did he give me the stinkeye every time he saw me. At first Dove had tried to say he actually liked me, but I’d seen it enough that I knew exactly what it was about.

You see, back in high school and college I was one of those guys that liked the challenge of fucking women in relationships, the more committed the better. Probably my biggest conquest was banging the prom queen, during prom, while her quarterback boyfriend waited for her to come back from the bathroom completely unaware that she actually had her legs wrapped around my waist begging me to fuck her harder.

Of course, that all changed when I picked the wrong woman freshman year of college. Not the woman herself, because she was actually really easy. Less than an hour after meeting her, we were in her room with her feet pointed at the ceiling and my balls bouncing off her butt cheeks with each thrust.

No, it was her two-hundred-fifty pounds of pure muscle boyfriend that convinced me to change my ways. He walked in just as I was basting his girlfriend’s cervix with my gravy. And while I’m not exactly a pip squeak, he beat the shit out of me. I mean, to the point that I kinda felt lucky I only wound up with a broken jaw and some badly bruised ribs.

So after that I naturally shied away from women altogether for a little while, and made a conscious effort to stay away from anyone with a boyfriend for even longer. Though as any teenage girl that finds herself on the bad end of rumors, even those well earned, can tell you, it takes a long time to undo the damage. And despite my best efforts, there always seemed to be someone there to remind everyone that I was a giant asshole.

“I’m meeting Ryan for dinner and you tagging along probably wouldn’t be the best way to make him happy,” Dove said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Go ahead and start getting ready while I finish up this little bit,” I said. “Just kick me out when you’re ready.”

“I could give you a key and tell you to lock up after yourself, just don’t let Ryan find you here if we come back here after dinner,” Dove said, laughing as she headed up the stairs to get ready.

For two people that had only known each other a couple months, Dove and I got along great. Right from the first time we met, when we were basically auditioning each other as song writing partners, we hit it off. Maybe that was why her boyfriend hated me, that she actually enjoyed spending time and had chemistry with some other guy. I don’t know, he just really didn’t like me.

Having worked with other songwriters before, I’d figured out that the success or failure of such partnerships often hinged more on how well personalities meshed than it did the abilities of those involved. Sure it helped if there was something to be mined in there, but two people that didn’t get along and constantly bristled against each other had to work that much harder just to get anything done.

But Dove and I felt like old friends by the time we’d finished that first lunch. When I’d told her I’d recently broken up with girlfriend, she’d even suggested a couple possible blind dates that I passed on. Though I did ask if she knew Selena Gomez.

“Okay, I left a key on the table,” Dove announced as she came back into the room wearing a cute little floral print skirt and a white blouse, hair up in a ponytail.

“If you’re trying to wow Ryan, you’re doing a good job of it,” I said, making a show of leering at her.

“Make sure to set the alarm when you leave. You can give me the key back tomorrow,” Dove said as she opened the door.

“I won’t be long,” I said, waving without looking away from my work.

* * * * *

“Dammit,” Dove grunted as she came back through the door mere minutes later.

“Back so soon?” I asked, tucking my tablet into my backpack as I got ready to leave.

“Stupid car won’t start,” Dove said, pulling out her phone. “You wouldn’t know how to fix a car, would you?”

“Nah, while other boys were learning how to be mechanically inclined, I was learning how to play Cemetery Gates on the guitar,” I said, shaking my head as I zipped up my bag and slung it over my shoulder.

“I guess I’ll call Uber then,” Dove sighed, flipping through her phone.

“Come on, I’ll give you a ride,” I said, grabbing her shoulders and turning her towards the door.

“That’s okay, you don’t have to,” Dove insisted.

“Well, you can wait around here for ten minutes until a car picks you up, or we can leave now,” I pointed out, pushing her out the door.

* * * * *

“Chloe!” Ryan called out, using her real name as he saw Dove getting out of the car. Then he realized she was getting out of the passenger side, and then recognized the car. Suddenly his mood darkened and I could see his jaw clench.

“Hey, babe,” Dove said, giving him a hug.

“What’s he doing here?” Ryan hissed just loud enough for me to hear.

“My car wouldn’t start, he gave me a ride,” Dove said as I took my cue and left.

Their date was off to a great start and while it really wasn’t my fault, I still felt guilty about it. If she’d waited the extra time for a car to pick her up, they might still have gotten into a fight about her being late, though probably not nearly as big as what they were probably going to get into later.

Pushing it out of my head, I saw a grocery store and remembered that it was dinner time and my fridge contained a half bottle of ketchup, a few beers, and some foil-wrapped object that I wasn’t even sure was food. Pulling into the parking lot, I decided to do my grocery shopping for the week.

* * * * *

“Dove? What are you doing here?” I asked, opening the door and finding my little blonde pixie friend on the other side. “Shouldn’t you be having dinner?”

“Oh, yeah, that was fun,” Dove sighed. “I was late, so they gave our table away. Then he was mad because you gave me a ride, even though I would’ve been even later if I’d just called Uber.”

“If he’s mad about you spending time with me, maybe you shouldn’t be here,” I suggested.

“I just wanted to apologize for Ryan being an ass,” Dove said, waving me off. “Ooh, what smells so good?”

“I was making fajitas for dinner if you want some,” I offered.

“No, I should probably be getting home,” Dove said, even as her stomach rumbled.

“Okay, I’m at least packing some up to send with you,” I said, laughing as Dove blushed. “My mom would disown me if I sent you home hungry. She’s already disowned me a couple dozen times and this one might actually stick.”

“I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble,” Dove said, giggling as I motioned her towards the kitchen.

* * * * *

As you might have guessed, I didn’t have a whole lot of friends in high school. Having a reputation for stealing girlfriends doesn’t really endear you to other guys, and girls tended to either be scared that I’d force them to do something they didn’t want to do, or were all too willing to do it.

It wasn’t like I didn’t have any friends or anything, just none that originated between sophomore year and my first year of college. I could always make friends and keep my hands off of them, and their girlfriends, but it can be hard to prove that when no one wants to let you.

Luckily though, after college the vast majority of the people that knew of my reputation vanished from my life as they headed off to their own lives. The rest were pretty easily avoided, so it was a pretty clean break as I set about blazing my path in the music industry. Which is to say, playing open mic nights and waiting tables while sending out demos that likely were never even heard.

However a couple videos I posted must have caught the right eye. I really didn’t have a strong enough voice, but my songs got me a publishing deal. That opened the door for actual artists to record my songs. None of them were nearly as big as Beyonce or anything, but it did give me a chance to write with people I actually knew and sometimes respected.

In fact, my career was going good enough that when I was first approached about working with Dove I tried to pass. I didn’t even pretend to be Bob Dylan or anything, but I didn’t really want to tie myself to some little Disney girl writing generic bubblegum pop songs either.

Luckily, I was persuaded to at least meet Dove before deciding. I’d been expecting a perky blonde ball of impossibly positive energy; basically a teenage girl version of a corgi. And while Dove was blonde and bubbly, she was also much more, or at least had the desire to be more than some disposable pop star.

When she’d shown up to our initial meeting in an Iron Maiden t-shirt, it definitely caught my eye. I was skeptical that it was little more than a hipster trend, but it got my attention. And over lunch she impressed me with how driven she seemed to be. She didn’t just want to sing, she wanted to make actual music and her belief in herself was infectious.

“Wow, that was good,” Dove said, finally pushing away her plate.

“It wasn’t anything fancy, but it fills the stomach,” I said, shrugging my shoulders as I cleared the plates. “More wine?”

“I probably shouldn’t,” Dove said, grabbing the stem of the wine glass and tilting it.

“Why not? You’re not driving?” I asked.

“Okay, but just one more glass,” Dove said, shrugging her shoulders as I filled her glass.

“Good, now you can tell me what exactly I did to piss off your boyfriend,” I said. “Did I look at your butt a little too long? Because I only did it that one time.”

“No. Wait, you were staring at my ass?” Dove asked, shocked.

“Just a couple times,” I said, grinning as I left the kitchen. “In my defense, I’m an ass man.”

“I don’t know why Ryan doesn’t like you,” Dove sighed as she followed me. “I don’t think he even knows.”

“Well, next time he starts trying to mark his territory, tell him I’ve got a girlfriend or something,” I suggested, taking a seat on the couch.

“But you don’t,” Dove said, remembering me saying that I’d broken up with my last girlfriend.

“Yes, but if he thinks I have a girlfriend, maybe he won’t act like I’m trying to steal his at every opportunity,” I pointed out.

“That might work,” Dove said, turning the idea over in her head. “Does this imaginary girlfriend have a name?”

“Well, here’s my ex, Shanda,” I said, showing Dove a picture on my phone.

“Wow, she’s pretty,” Dove said as she looked at the picture of the attractive brunette. “Why did you two break up anyway?”

“She got a job in Seattle and while we liked each other and got along and all that, we really weren’t really in love enough for either of us to put the other in front of our careers,” I explained, shrugging my shoulders.

“That’s too bad, you two look happy,” Dove said as she looked through a couple pictures of Shanda and I together.

“Hmm, or there’s Kammy,” I said, showing Dove a picture of a striking redhead. “If Ryan demands to meet my ‘girlfriend’ then she might be a little easier to produce than a girl that lives in Seattle.”

“Are all of your girlfriends so gorgeous?” Dove asked.

“Actually, Kammy is one of my oldest friends,” I explained. “I have no idea why she still bothered with me in high school when everyone assumed she was a slut just because she hung out with me.”

“You like her,” Dove said, pointing at my face.

“She’s been my friend since like third grade, of course I like her,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“No, I mean you like her,” Dove said, nudging him in the ribs.

“Eh, she’s been one of my best friends for almost twenty years,” I said, shaking my head. “I’m not screwing that up by fucking her.”

“Good, now tell me about Kammy so I can make her sound really good,” Dove said, flicking through more of my pictures.

* * * * *

“How old were you your first time?”

The question hung in the air as I hesitated on whether to answer or not. While telling Dove about Kammy punching some kid in the face for picking on me in the third grade, we’d started watching some lame comedy about a teenage boy’s quest to lose his virginity. It, and maybe the wine, must have made Dove curious because she’d suddenly blurted out the question.

It wasn’t like the topic of discussion had never veered towards sex in our conversations, though it was generally me making some sort of off-color comment and her smacking me in the arm for it. And I’d told her about my past as a reformed serial relationship destroyer, which had generated a couple hours of curious questions, but for the most part we kept it halfway professional.

“Fifteen, with my sister’s friend,” I finally answered. “My sister was having a sleepover and I guess Emily had had a bit of a crush on me, so my sister and her friends dared her to come into my room and tease me a bit.”

“Sounds like she did more than tease,” Dove said, smirking as she took another sip of wine.

“At first she did, sitting next to me on the bed while I was trying to read for school and sticking out her chest to distract me or making comments about how my arms were filling out. You know, the usual stuff that girls do to turn guys into drooling idiots,” I explained. “But then I steeled my nerves and kissed her. And when she kissed me back, we started making out and it progressed from there. I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous than I was that night.”

“Was she cute?” Dove asked, pouring herself another glass of wine. Even though she’d said her second glass would be it, she was on her second one since then.

“I thought she was,” I sighed, picturing Emily in my head. “She had some Italian in her that gave her that nice olive skin tone with long dark hair. She had a little extra weight, but in all the right places. What about you?”

“I was seventeen my first time,” Dove said.

“So that means Ryan was-?” I asked before Dove cut me off. Dove had told me how long she and Ryan had been dating and from there it was pretty simple math.

“My one?” Dove finished for me.

“Your literal one,” I said, trying to process her information. “Don’t get me wrong, good for you for nailing it on your first go round, but only one guy? Don’t you ever wish you’d experienced more?”

“Sometimes,” Dove admitted, blushing as the wine lowered her inhibitions enough to discuss more than she might have otherwise. “But then I remember how good we are together.”

“How do you know if the sex is actually good though? You don’t have any frame of reference for it,” I persisted before thinking better of it. “Wait, you know what? Forget everything I just said. I wish I’d found the love of my life at such a young age.”

“Really?” Dove asked, looking at me skeptically.

“Nooooo,” I said, making her bust out laughing. “I’m glad for you, and I hope to one day find the woman that will make me want her to be the only woman in my life, but I can’t even wrap my head around the idea that any of the women I’ve been with could’ve been the only one.”

“That’s just because you’re a guy,” Dove said, giggling. “I think I’ve had a little too much wine.”

“Yeah, I’d hate to have your boyfriend think I was trying to get you drunk,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “He already doesn’t trust me in the slightest.”

“Even worse, it’s like he doesn’t trust me,” Dove sighed. “Like just because you give me a certain look, I’m going to suddenly lose all ability to say no.”

“Well, that’s understandable. I mean, I am capable of mind control,” I said, joked.

“Oh really?” Dove asked, rolling her eyes.

“Oh yeah, you didn’t know?” I said, nodding my head. “I look deep into a woman’s eyes and suddenly she’s unable to control herself. She immediately starts taking off her clothes and everything.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Dove said, trying to keep a straight face.

“Here, I’ll show you,” I said, turning on the couch until I was facing her. Locking my eyes onto hers, I gave her something approximating a soulful gaze.

“Oh no, I seem to have lost control of my hands,” Dove said, grabbing the hem of her shirt. I grinned as she started lifting her shirt, exposing her taut tummy in service of her joke.

“All right, it worked,” I said, grinning like a maniac as I slipped an arm around and pulled her against me.

“Oh god, I can’t take any more,” Dove said, leaning her forehead against my shoulder as she started cackling at our silliness.

“Oh, come on and kiss me, my little dumpling,” I said, making kissy noises in her ear.

Taking it a step further, I turned and dipped her like I would if we were dancing. Smirking, I leaned down, making a show of puckering up to give her time to block me. Instead, whether it was shock or the alcohol or whatever, Dove missed the memo and our lips touched, taking both of us by surprise.

Suddenly things weren’t quite so funny and as I broke the kiss I could see the same mix of shock, confusion, and arousal I felt mirrored in Dove’s eyes. Suddenly Dove had gone from my cute friend to someone I desperately wanted to have sex with and the fact that it looked like she was going through the same emotional reorganization only made me even more torn.

The impulses I’d spent so long pushing down and ignoring suddenly roared back to life. All I could think about was taking Dove, some other man’s girlfriend, and fucking the shit out of her. The ultimate revenge against a man that had been nothing but an asshole to me, plus the opportunity to feel Dove’s practically virginal body respond to the touch of only its second guy ever.

And yet, the part of me that had spent the last bunch of years trying to reform rebelled against the urges. I wanted to push her away, call a cab and send her home before I did something that I would really regret later. I wanted to, but didn’t.

What did me in was simple inertia. I’d already kissed Dove and had her in my arms, and as I stared at her luscious lips all I could think about was kissing them again. Well, that and what they’d feel like wrapped around my cock.

I don’t really remember actually making up my mind, I just remember my tongue snaking into Dove’s mouth. When she didn’t stop me, my right hand went to the buttons on her blouse, deftly popping them open one by one as I worked my way up with one hand.

Pulling her blouse open, I broke the kiss and felt the last of my moral fiber torn to shreds as I glanced down at the sight of her tits in a white bra. They weren’t huge by any stretch, probably B-cups at most, but on her petite frame they looked absolutely perfect.

Practically growling, I picked Dove up off the ground. Scooping her up in my arms I carried her down the hall to my bedroom. Reaching my room, I didn’t even bother closing the door. As I crossed the room, I used one hand to tug on the sleeves of her blouse, depositing the garment on the floor just before setting Dove down on my bed.

Not wanting to give her time to realize what she was doing, I leaned in and kissed her again, sliding my tongue between her lips to play with hers. As she moaned and leaned back on the bed, I followed after. Slipping my hands underneath her upper body, I unhooked her bra.

Breaking the kiss, I pulled back, taking her bra with me and leaving her breasts completely bare. The only thing she had above the waist was her heart-shaped locket around her neck. Unable to stop myself, I dove in and took one of her nipples into my mouth, practically inhaling her tit in my hunger.

“Ohhh,” Dove moaned, hands instinctively grabbing the back of my head to clutch me to her chest.

While I suckled at her teat, I put my hand on Dove’s leg just above her knee. Slowly sliding it up the soft skin of her thigh I slipped under the fabric of her skirt. As I neared her crotch, Dove gave me as clear a sign that she wasn’t going to stop as she possibly could be spreading her legs wider for me.

Finding the silky material of her panties, I pressed the tip of my middle finger against her pussy, drawing a moan from Dove as I rubbed her through her panties. As my finger got more insistent, Dove lifted her hips to press her cunt even harder against my hand. I could feel her pussy starting to soak her panties and it made me desperate to get them out of the way.

Letting go of Dove’s nipple, I shifted on the bed. Moving my body between her legs, I made sure to press my body right against her crotch, fingers still stroking her through her panties. With the change of position, it brought me face-to-tit with her other nipple and it only seemed fair to treat it with the same reverence I’d lavished on the other one.

Tilting my head so I could still use my lips to massage the areola, I watched Dove’s face. I watched her bite her lip sexily each time I flicked her nipple with my tongue and then her mouth hung open in a silent O as I rubbed myself against her.

Finally unable to take any more, I pulled away from Dove’s chest. Hooking my fingers in the waistband of her panties, I started to peel them down. Dove lifted her hips, helping me pull her panties over her ass and down her legs. She was still wearing her skirt, but a quick search for a zipper and a tug was all it took to leave her completely naked, save for the aforementioned locket, which I kinda liked the idea of her keeping on since I had never seen her without it and it was definitely part of her.

Part of me wanted to stand up and rid myself of my clothes as quickly as possible so I could shove my cock into the juicy looking pussy before me, but experience won out. A few years ago I totally would have done exactly that, and even now with certain women I would have as well. Dove, however, deserved much better. If I was going to be only her second lover, and possibly the only point of comparison to her boyfriend she was going to have, then I wanted to really show her.

Thus, I found my tongue nuzzling into the folds of her pussy. Dove gasped as I lazily traced the outline of her labia before pressing my tongue between them, tasting her arousal. As Dove swiveled her hips, I grinned inwardly as I purposely avoided her clit despite her best efforts to bring my tongue into contact with her sensitive nub.

“Please,” Dove said, putting a hand on the back of my head.

Deciding to give her what she wanted, I let my tongue drift up to her clit. The first flick of my tongue against it was electric and Dove squealed her obvious delight and tightened her grip on my hair. Focusing on her clit I strummed it in a rather simple pattern, delighting in the way her body seemed to spasm in time with my licks.

“Ohhh, sooo goooodd,” Dove hissed.

Looking up her body I was given an amazing view of her wonderful mounds perfectly framing her face as it contorted in the pleasure I was bringing her. It was an amazing sight, but it was also distracting so I made the tough decision to ignore it and went back to tattooing Dove’s clit with my tongue over and over.

“Ohh fuh, oh shi, ohhhh Dave,” Dove gasped, body quivering as she felt herself already being pushed to the brink of her first orgasm.

Not even stopping, I continued to tag Dove’s clit with my tongue through her climax, extending it as I went. When she finally went limp, I dragged my tongue back through her folds to her hole. Putting my hands under her thighs I lifted and pushed them apart, opening her pussy to me so could lap up some of her cream that was still leaking out of her.

“Oh god,” Dove moaned as she started coming around to find me still playing with her pussy.

“Tell me what you want,” I said, staring up her body to lock eyes with her.

“Fuck me,” Dove said, a combination of nerves and unbridled hunger written on her face.

Smirking, I stood up. Grabbing my shirt, I pulled it off over my head. While I was far from a body builder or anything like that, I did like to work out to stay in pretty good shape, though largely because it was much easier to attract women when you’ve got even a flat stomach than it was because I actually liked it.

Tossing my shirt aside, my hands went for my belt. Undoing it, I popped the button on my jeans before going for my zipper. Locking my gaze on Dove’s face, I watched for her reaction as I started to push my jeans and boxers down. I really wasn’t so big that women screamed and ran away when they saw my cock, but from talking to the girls I’d been with, I was definitely on the large side of things.

“Holy shit,” Dove gasped as my anaconda sprang into view. It stuck out in front of me looking for a nice tight hole to crawl into.

Kicking off my pants, I reached out and grabbed Dove’s legs. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, I spread her thighs. Taking hold of my cock, I dragged the head through the folds of her pussy, not only to collect some of her moisture on it, but also to heighten both of our arousal and desires.

Pausing for a moment with my cock poised to enter her, I waited an extra beat until Dove started to get impatient then pushed forward. Keeping my eyes on her face, I watched as her mouth hung open as I entered her slowly. From the way her eyes fluttered shut I could tell I was bigger than what she was used to, and probably quite a bit so.

As I eased my cock into Dove, I luxuriated in the velvety tightness that gradually surrounded me. Thanks to my oral efforts she was plenty soaked and I was having little trouble sliding into her despite my size. When I paused for a moment with about half of my almost nine inches inside her, Dove lifted her hips and tried to take even more of my into her on her own.

“Someone’s impatient,” I said, grinning as I reversed course and slid an inch or so out of her pussy.

“I need it,” Dove grunted, hooking her legs around my waist and trying to pull me deep inside her.

“Need it, huh?” I asked as I unexpectedly drove forward, plunging almost all of my remaining cock into her molten core.

“Uhhhh,” Dove whimpered as she was stretched further than she’d ever been stretched before.

“You like my cock, don’t you?” I asked, continuing to push forward until I felt her cervix stopping my progress with just a little bit of my cock, probably less than an inch, still outside of her.

“Ohh, yeahh,” Dove moaned, clearly overwhelmed by the whole situation.

“So tight,” I hissed as her channel squeezed me.

“So big,” Dove sighed as I slowly slid a few inches out of her

Clutching her thighs, I started slow, for both of our benefits. I wanted to give her a little time to get used to my girth before really giving it to her. As for me, well I wanted to savor the feel of my cock carefully plunging into Dove’s snug pussy, while also making sure not to batter her cervix while I was at it.

“You want me to fuck you?” I asked as I put a little more power into my thrusts.

“Yeah, fuck me with your big cock,” Dove said, moaning.

Hearing Dove tell me to fuck her with my big cock was completely at odds with the sweet, adorable friend I’d known. Of course, that made it even hotter. She was totally off limits, or at least had been, and never had I even entertained the thought that I would have her in this position.

Feeling Dove start to loosen up and lift her hips to meet my thrusts, I picked up some speed. I was still mindful of the fact that I was just a little too long for her pussy, which limited my pace a bit as I fucked her with nearly my full length.

Paying close attention to Dove’s reactions to my thrusts, I shifted my angle of penetration every few thrusts, hitting new spots inside her that I was pretty sure had never been reached before. Whenever I hit a sensitive spot, I filed it away and made sure to come back to it later.

“Fuck me, Dave,” Dove pleaded, her eyes bouncing back and forth between my face and where my cock was splitting her juicy peach, as if unable to believe it was actually me stuffing her box.

“Like this?” I asked, shortening my strokes to a little more than half the length of my cock.

“Yeah,” Dove nodded, moaning as I picked up the pace considerably without having to worry about pushing too deep.

With each thrust I made I felt the passion between us ratchet up. Her moans were getting louder and more persistent as her hands moved to her chest to play with her nipples. Dove’s lips quivered as pleasure coursed through her body.

Having never been with Dove before, I really couldn’t read her body yet. I knew the general signs, but every woman has certain specific tells for whether they like something or when they’re getting close to orgasm. Some take minutes to figure out, some take months, or even years. Of course, some guys never bother to learn, and I always felt sorry for women that get stuck with those types of guys.

As for Dove, I was starting to figure out what she liked, but I still didn’t really know how close she was getting. Which was starting to become a bit of a problem for me since feeling my cock glide in and out of my friend’s super tight snatch with such speed was starting to take its toll on me. Making a quick decision, I started to slow down in order to make sure I lasted.

“Nooo,” Dove snarled, digging her heels into me to speed me back up.

With Dove’s eyes full of need, I realized that she was much closer than I’d thought. Grinning, I thought momentarily about teasing her and ignoring her pleas. Ultimately I decided that it would probably be better to wait a bit before teasing her. Besides, I really wanted to make Dove come while I fucked the shit out of her.

Moving my hips as fast as I could, I drilled into Dove’s cunt. Slipping my right hand from its spot on her thigh, I slid it over the smooth skin of her shaved mons until I could extend my thumb and use it to mash her clit.

“Ohhh ohhhhh,” Dove gasped, her whole body spasming at the unexpected touch to her sensitive bud.

“Come on,” I hissed, mauling her clit as I tried to push her over the edge first.

“Fuck, uhh, meee,” Dove pleaded, her lips slightly parted as she hung right on the brink of ecstasy.

Gritting my teeth, I kept going, trying to give her what we both wanted. Finally, just as I was starting to worry that I was going to lose the battle, Dove arched her back and let out and chortled scream. Feeling Dove’s pussy clamp down on my cock, I grinned as I stopped fighting.

“That’s it, Chloe, come for me,” I hissed, using her real name as I drove into her, feeling the cum start to boil up, threatening to erupt.

I really, really wanted to just slam my cock as deep into Dove as I could and drown her pussy in jizz, but at the last second I decided against it. First, for all my faults, I really wasn’t the type of guy that just dumped his load into a girl without asking first, especially one I liked. Second, I also really, really wanted to fuck her again and didn’t want to have fight through a creampie to do it.

So even as every fiber of my being screamed at me, I slid my cock out of her completely. Grabbing hold of the shaft, I gave it a couple yanks to help finish me off. Gnashing my teeth, I let loose, my cum exploding out of my cock. Shot after shot arced through the air to splash onto Dove’s stomach.

“You made a mess,” Dove sighed, lifting her head to look at the nice white puddle just above her belly button.

“I’ll get you a tissue,” I said, taking a moment to memorize the sight of Dove’s naked body with my jizz pooling in her belly button before dashing into the bathroom to grab the box of tissues.

“Thanks,” Dove said, taking a couple tissues and wiping herself down. “Oh god, what have I done?”

“You got into a fight with your boyfriend, had a couple glasses of wine, and made a mistake,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “You’re hardly the first to do it.”

“But what do I tell Ryan?” Dove asked, looking panicked as she sat up.

“Don’t,” I suggested, sitting down next to her. “Telling him will alleviate your guilt but it would destroy him. As long as it stays a one night thing and doesn’t happen again, then he doesn’t need to know.”

“Maybe you’re right,” Dove sighed. “It was a one time thing, I was a little drunk, it won’t happen again.”

“No no, it was a one night thing,” I corrected.

“What’s the difference?” Dove asked, looking at me quizzically.

“One time means I only get to fuck you once,” I said. “One night means I get to keep fucking you until you leave here tomorrow. And as long as we’ve already committed the crime, we might as well get our money’s worth out of it.”

We?” Dove asked.

“You really think Ryan isn’t going to show up here to punch me in the face repeatedly if he finds out? I’m in it too, maybe not quite as much as you, but I’m just as guilty,” I said. “Though if he does find out, tell him that I got you drunk and took advantage of you.”

“No, I wanted it,” Dove said, smiling.

“Now, about that other thing,” I said, grinning. “Was it one time, or one night?”

“Well, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say,” Dove said, blushing.

“In that case,” I said, grinning. I was about to slip off the bed to kneel in front of her and eat her pussy again, but Dove beat me to it. “Wow, you really are going in for the full pound, aren’t you?”

“You did me,” Dove said, wrapping a hand around the base of my cock, or at least most of the base. It was too thick for her to get her hand completely around it, but it was enough to control it as she opened her mouth and lowered her head towards my lap.

“Mmm,” I murmured as Dove enveloped the head of my cock with her lips.

While I’d never seriously thought I’d get her to actually suck my dick, I was still a man. I’d pictured my cock sliding between those lips dozens of times in the last couple months and so far it felt even better than I’d hoped. They were like nice soft pillows massaging the shaft as she slowly worked her way down my fat cock.

As she started bobbing her head up and down my cock I could tell she was very raw, but that was to be expected from a nineteen year-old girl with only one previous sexual partner. But at least she knew better than to trying to strangle my cock with her grip. And while I was really tempted to give her some pointers, I decided that her suddenly springing new techniques on her boyfriend might make him suspicious, so I just sat back and let her nurse me back to iron bar status with her mouth.

“That’s probably good enough for now,” I said, hooking my hands underneath her armpits and lifting.

Dove squeaked a little at the unexpected move, but as I relatively easily pulled her up onto my lap, her surprise turned to arousal. As she straddled my lap I pulled her tight against my body and kissed her. It wasn’t the timid kiss of earlier when I was trying to feel her out (before feeling her up), but one of hunger and made a statement.

As Dove rubbed against me, I could feel her pussy, hot and wet, against my cock as it was trapped between us. Grabbing her ass, I lifted her up until I felt my cock notch itself against the opening of her pussy. Palming and squeezing her ass, I pulled her down, feeling her tight pussy stretch to accommodate me once more.

“Ohhhh,” Dove moaned, clinging to me as she lowered herself onto my tool.

Reaching bottom, Dove shimmied her hips and groaned as she felt my throbbing cock deep inside her. I wasn’t sure whether it was the position or whether she’d stretched a bit, but somehow she’d managed to take my entire cock into her pussy and that extra half inch really liked being included this time.

Putting her hands on my shoulders, Dove pressed her knees into the bed. Lifting up, she let about five of my nine inches escape her pussy before pausing. Biting her lower lip, she suddenly dropped down, moaning as she was filled to the brim again.

Picking up speed, Dove started bouncing on my cock. I could feel the stiff points of her nipples dragging across my chest with each bounce as she pressed against me. Outside of using my grip on her ass to help lift her up, I sat there, letting her use my cock for her own pleasure.

Each time Dove hit bottom she let out a low moan of the variety that I was very familiar with. It was the moan of a woman enjoying herself a helluva lot as she worked her cunt up and down my cock. There was a certain primal quality to them as she increasingly let her carnal desires out.

“Fuck me, Chloe,” I whispered into her ear, feeling her slam down onto my cock even harder at the use of her real name. I’d originally started using it occasionally to tease her a few days after our first lunch and after seeing the way she was reacting to my use of it in such an intimate manner, I was definitely going to use it again. “You like fucking me, don’t you?”

“So good,” Dove gasped, fucking me with wild abandon.

Wanting to take a more proactive role, I pulled her down until my cock was buried deep inside Dove. Moving one hand to Dove’s back, I leaned forward, making Dove lean back in the process. While she continued to bounce on my cock, I bent my head down to take one of her nipples into my mouth.

“Ohhh,” Dove moaned, throwing her head back and thrusting her chest out even further.

As I sucked on her nipple, Dove shortened her strokes a bit to make it easier for me to keep track of the nipple. That didn’t slow her down though, and in a way actually sped her up even more as she had to cover less distance with her bounces and was able to fit more of them into the same span of time.

“Oh god, ohhhh,” Dove hissed, reaching her hands back to put them on my thighs and help support her.

“Come on, Chloe, you’re getting there,” I urged, sensing that she was starting to get close.

“Almost,” Dove panted as I switched nipples.

Using my grip on her ass, I helped pull her tight against me and each time she bottomed out I ground her pelvis against mine. Hungrily devouring her breast, I grinned as Dove put a hand on the back of my head and pushed so hard it felt like she was trying to meld my face with her chest forever.

“Ohhhh ohhhh OHHHHHHH,” Dove squealed as she slammed down onto my cock and soaked my cock as she came like a freight train.

As Dove bucked and spasmed in my lap, I let her nipple slip from my mouth. Grinning, I pressed my face into her cleavage and did the completely childish act of motorboating her, with absolutely no regrets. She already knew I was completely childish and considering she was shaking her way through her third orgasm, second at the hands of my cock, I doubt she had too many complaints.

“Ohhh,” Dove sighed, going limp as I pulled my face out from between her tits and let her lean forward against my chest.

With Dove leaning against me, I put one hand on her back and slowly stood up. Turning around, I laid her down on her back. As I started to pull my cock out of her snatch, Dove sighed and fixed me with that languid look of satisfaction mixed with exhaustion and desire.

“I’m not done yet,” I said, glancing down to where my cock was jutting lewdly straight out from my body.

“Ooooh,” Dove said, eyes lighting up at the sight. Putting her feet flat on the bed, she let her knees loll open, giving me a perfect view of her already well-used, but still hungry pussy.

“Hands and knees,” I said, wanting to see that ass as I fucked her.

“Like this?” Dove asked, rolling over onto her stomach before lifting up onto her hands and knees.

“Oh yeah,” I grunted, literally drooling over the sight of her tight little ass waving in the air.

“You really are an ass man, aren’t you?” Dove asked, looking over her shoulder to find me completely mesmerized by the prime, grade-A rump roast in front of me.

Rather than speak, I merely bent forward and planted a kiss on each cheek. I didn’t bother to look at Dove’s face to see her reaction, but she didn’t push me away so I gave her ass a couple more soft kisses. When still no complaints came forth, I grabbed her ass, squeezing it and pulling the cheeks apart to reveal the perfect pucker of her asshole to my gaze.

That starfish beckoned to me, calling out my name. Unfortunately, Dove was getting impatient and while I would’ve loved to spend a couple hours with my face buried between her butt cheeks truly worshiping her world class ass, my cock reminded me that there was still work to be done.

Moving in behind Dove, I took hold of my cock. Aiming it at the pink slit between Dove’s legs, I lunged forward, burying seven inches of cock in her snatch with little warning. As Dove moaned and hung her head, I gripped her hips and pushed again, stuffing the last two inches into her tight clam.

Slowly pulling back, I stared down at her ass and my cock just below it sliding out of her pussy. It was glistening with her juices but I decided it could use another coat, so I shoved it back in to coat it some more. That let me to sliding out again, and then deciding it still didn’t have enough of her juices on it.

“Oh yeah,” Dove hissed as I set I nice rhythm fucking her from behind.

Prying my eyes off her ass and the way it was rippling perfectly each time my pelvis slammed into it, I let my eyes roam along the curve of her back. I watched as her tits swung underneath her as she pulled forward and then pushed back to meet my thrusts. After a few moments of that my eyes continued on until they reached her mouth, lips open slightly as she moaned in pleasure.

The room was filled with the sounds of sex. Every time I drove into her there was the sound of our bodies slapping together. A split second later gasps and moans escaped Dove’s mouth, with the occasional grunt of exertion from me tossed in.

Pulling on her hips I took Dove by surprise as I suddenly put on a burst of energy. My hips were a blur as I pistoned into her pussy. She was so surprised and overwhelmed that she pretty much stopped moving, just sat there letting out one long, guttural moan while I fucked her silly.

Just as she was starting to get used to the onslaught though, I suddenly slowed down instead. Reaching forward, I made short strokes into her pussy while my hands cupped her tits. With the far more sedate pace, I fondled her tits and pretty much had my way with her.

“Tell me what you want,” I urged Dove, still palming her tits as I alternated between long, slow strokes and short, quick ones.

“Fuck me,” Dove grunted, pushing back to meet my thrusts.

How do you want me to fuck you?” I said, giving her a sharp enough push to make her gasp as some of the air suddenly exploded from her lungs.

“Harder,” Dove panted.

“Like this?” I asked as I kept up the slower pace but added far more power to my thrusts.

“Yeah, but faster too,” Dove grunted, looking over her shoulder at me.

Letting go of her tits, I moved my hands back to her waist. Holding her more or less in place I started giving her what she wanted. Gritting my teeth I slammed into her hard and fast with roughly half of my length.

“Ohhh fuuucckkk,” Dove gasped as the barrage started again.

This time was different though because I didn’t have much left in the tank. My energy was starting to flag and I knew it would take some serious concentration to keep up the pace for even a couple more minutes without blowing my load. And while I was pretty sure I’d already acquitted myself quite well with Dove and could just come and be done with it, I really wanted to finish the night on a high note.

“Play with your clit,” I hissed as I pummeled Dove’s pussy. “I want you to come with me.”

Steadying herself on one hand, Dove reached the other one back. Her moan rose a couple octaves as her fingers found her clit and as I pulled back I could look between our bodies and see her fingers moving as she frigged herself.

“Hurry,” I urged, wanting to feel her explode before letting myself go.

“Almost,” Dove responded, hand moving almost as fast as my hips.

Suddenly Dove let out a loud scream and went tight as a drum. Finding myself in the home stretch as well, I hammered away at Dove’s pussy even through the vise-like grip she had on me. Feeling the cum start to rise in my balls, I gave her a couple last thrusts.

Just as I was about to pull out though, the one arm holding Dove up gave way and she crashed face first onto the bed, taking me with her. Shocked at finding myself suddenly crushing Dove beneath me with my cock buried so deep inside her I was pretty much powerless as my cock erupted.

“Oh shit, I can feel it,” Dove gasped as my hot spunk blasted the inside of her cunt.

As the last spasms coursed through me, I slowly lifted up, pulling my cock out of Dove. Groaning at the sudden emptiness, Dove turned her head to smile at me as I settled onto the bed next to her. She had that well-fucked look about her as she stretched out on the bed.

“Do you want me to sleep on the couch?” I asked Dove. I’d just fucked her twice and she currently had my splooge leaking out of her pussy, but actually sleeping together was an entirely different level of intimacy.

“No, it’s fine,” Dove sighed, rolling onto her side facing me and giving me an amazing view of her naked body.

“Then unless you want me to climb on board for another ride, you better get under the covers,” I said, grinning as I got up to turn out the lights.

* * * * *

Hearing someone pounding on the door, I thought about ignoring it. The person on the other side of the door seemed to have no intention of going away though so I threw the covers aside with a grunt. As I sat up I glanced over and took in the sight of Dove sleeping on her back, arms stretched out over her head and the blankets riding low enough to expose her tits to the air.

Prying my eyes off the cute girl in my bed, I grabbed my robe. Slipping into my robe, I cinched the sash as I headed for the front door. Opening the door, I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see Ryan, Dove’s boyfriend, on the other side looking just a little mad.

“Where is she?” Ryan snapped, pushing past me.

“Where is who?” I grunted through a yawn.

“You know who,” Ryan snarled, looking around. “Where’s Chloe?”

“She’s not with you?” I lied. “Last I saw you were getting angry because she dared accept a ride from me because her car wouldn’t start and she didn’t want to be late.”

“Well she’s not answering her phone and I spent all night waiting on her doorstep so I know she didn’t come home,” Ryan said, looking at me accusingly.

Part of me wanted to throw it in his face that not only was Dove passed out in my bed, but that I’d given her best the fuck of her life. That was the old me though and the new me just felt guilty. Well, guilty and proud, but mostly guilty. Actually, mostly proud, but sorta guilty. But I wasn’t going to sink a friend’s relationship just because her boyfriend was being a dick.

“Maybe she went to a friend’s house, or a hotel,” I said, rolling my eyes at him. “If she really didn’t want to talk to you, maybe you should just go home and wait for her to come to you.”

“If she didn’t come here, then how come there are two glasses?” Ryan asked, seeing the wine glasses.

“You remember what a successful date looks like, don’t you? You know, where you go out with a woman and don’t wind up screaming at her for spending time with a guy that wasn’t you,” I said, trying not to grin as he looked like he was trying to decide whether to push me or not. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I should probably get back to my date. I promised to make breakfast.”

“If you talk to her, tell her I’m sorry,” Ryan finally said, actually sounding halfway nice.

“I’m sure she’ll call later when she stops being mad,” I sighed. “Take it from someone that’s screwed up with women a lot, they’re often a forgiving lot. Well, unless you screw their sister, then you should probably duck because they’re going to throw things at your head. Just go home and give her some time to cool off, then apologize and try not to be so jealous if she has friends that happen to be devastatingly handsome guys.”

“Someone thinks a lot of themselves,” Ryan said, cracking the slightest of smiles as he opened the door.

“It’s not conceited if it’s true,” I said, smirking as I closed the door behind him.

Sighing, I turned and headed for the bedroom. Pushing open the door I saw Dove sitting up in bed, sheets pulled up to her chin. When she saw that I was alone she relaxed a bit, though she still kept the good bits covered.

“Is he gone?” Dove asked.

“Yeah, I think he was going to go home and wait for you to call him,” I said, nodding.

“I should probably go too,” Dove said, casting her eyes down to the bed.

“You might want to shower first,” I suggested. “Wouldn’t want to go home looking like you just spent all night having sex.”

“Right,” Dove said, letting the sheet drop and giving me another look at her tits. As someone that tended to prefer breasts on the smaller end of things, they were pretty much perfect to me.

“I’ll get you a towel,” I said, watching intently as Dove slipped out of bed and gave me an amazing view of her ass on her way to the bathroom.

“Stop staring at my butt,” Dove said without even looking over her shoulder as she pushed the bathroom door shut behind her.

Shaking my head to clear the distracting image of Dove’s bare ass out of my brain, I went about grabbing a few things. First up was a towel so Dove would be able to dry herself off after her shower, though I would’ve definitely been happy to volunteer to dry her off with my tongue.

“Here’s your towel,” I said, opening the bathroom door just enough to reach a hand in and set the towel on the counter next to the sink. “I also got some body wash my ex left in case you didn’t want to use mine and risk smelling like me later.”

“Good idea,” Dove said. “Do you mind bringing it to me so I don’t have to get out?”

“Sure thing,” I said, slipping through the door.

As I crossed to the shower, I was glad I had a glass stall. Even slightly fogged up, I could still see her back was to me as she ran her hands through her hair. And of course my eyes immediately dropped to her butt just as she turned her head to look back at me.

“You’re staring again,” Dove said, giggling as she teased me by wiggling her ass.

“That’s because you keep showing me,” I said, opening the shower door to give her the soap.

“Want to do my back?” Dove asked, pulling her hair over her shoulder to drape in front of her.

“I’d love to, but if I get in there, I’m going to do a whole lot more than wash your back,” I said, chuckling.

“So?” Dove asked, looking at me. “It’s not like you restrained yourself last night.”

“Trust me, I restrained myself plenty,” I said, smirking as I dropped my robe to the ground.

Stepping into the shower I put my hands on Dove’s hips. Pushing her forward, I leaned her against the wall of the shower before dropping to my knees behind her. She twisted her upper body so she could look at me questioningly, and her brow furrowed as I grabbed her ass with both hands.

“What are you doing?” Dove asked, nonetheless spreading her legs further apart.

“Showing you how much of an ass man I really am,” I said moments before leaning in and taking my first lick of that tight little rosebud that had been calling my name since last night.

“What are yo-oooo?” Dove gasped as my tongue suddenly flitted along the surface of her asshole.

Rather than answer, I pressed the advantage her surprise had given me. Squeezing her firm cheeks in my hands, I pressed the tip of my tongue against the center of her starfish and dug in. I had my tongue on her ass and I wasn’t about to stop until she physically forced me to stop.

When you spend a few years seducing women in relationships, you learn a few things. Probably the biggest is that not all women that allow themselves to be swept away by a strange man are victims or innocent. Some of them jumped into my bed very willingly and some of them had some very dirty proclivities. Like my married English teacher that hid the cauldron of desires beneath prim business suits and begged me to eat her ass while bent over her desk after school.

Mrs. Jenkins was my introduction to anal. Well, I’d had the internet for as long as I could remember so I was well aware of the act, but Mrs. Jenkins was the one that turned it into a reality. She was the one that taught me to properly worship the female ass and that a woman’s ass can bring a lot of pleasure to everyone involved if properly primed.

“Oh god, what are doing to me?” Dove hissed, pushing her ass back to meet my tongue as I penetrated her with just the very tip.

“I’m licking your ass,” I said, stating the obvious as I went back to running my tongue along the rim of her anus.

She certainly wasn’t trying to push me away, which was a good sign. Normally if they weren’t receptive or didn’t like it, they pushed me away pretty quickly, but Dove actually seemed to be encouraging me. While I certainly wasn’t holding out hope she would let me do more than lick her ass, I was already having a helluva time no matter what.

Confirmation that Dove seemed to be getting into it was when one hand left the wall in front of her so she could reach back and grab my head. Pulling me even tighter into the crack of her ass, Dove moaned. I knew I had her right then, but I wasn’t about to stop and gloat when there was an ass to munch on.

“Shit, how are you making it feel so good?” Dove asked, a little shiver of arousal rippling through her as my tongue flicked at her back door.

Finally pulling my face out from between her cheeks, I ignored Dove’s groan. Letting go of her ass I reached out and turned off the water. Opening the door I grabbed my robe off the bathroom floor. Wrapping it around Dove to dry her off a bit, I picked her up and carried her out of the bathroom.

“Fuck me, Dave,” Dove said as I threw her down on the bed.

“Hands and knees,” I snarled. I’d tasted blood and now I wanted more.

Ignoring the fact I was still soaked and dripping all over the place from the shower, I climbed onto the bed as Dove rolled over. Gripping her ass, I dove back in between her cheeks once more. Her flavor was a little stronger without the constant sluice of water, but she still tasted really clean as I really went at her asshole with my tongue.

“Oh god, ohhhh,” Dove moaned.

As Dove’s hand found its way to the top of my head again, this time I pushed it away. Instead, I grabbed her wrist and moved it underneath her. Blindly groping around while most of my attention was occupied by the salty treat in front of me, I finally coaxed her into playing with herself instead.

“Ohhh, lick my ass,” Dove grunted as I feasted on her butt.

From the way she was reacting, it was pretty clear that Dove was discovering the joys of anilingus. I just hoped that if she liked having her ass licked so much, then she might be open to having it fucked. At the very least though, I was having a spectacular time tossing her salad.

“Ohhh ohhhh,” Dove panted, her fingers flying on her pussy as I speared my tongue into her asshole.

“How does it feel to know you’re getting off from having your ass eaten?” I asked before gingerly licking around the rim of her anus.

“So wrong, but so good,” Dove groaned, resting her head and shoulders on the bed and hitching her ass even higher in the air.

Pulling away from her ass, I decided to up the ante a bit. Running my middle finger between the cheeks of her ass, I dragged it over the pucker of her asshole, making Dove gasp at the different sensation. Without applying any pressure, I merely rubbed against the outside of her anus.

When Dove didn’t pull away, I finally pushed against the center of her starfish. It was very gentle and even though she instinctively tightened up, I was able to get the tip of my finger lodged in her ass without causing her too much discomfort.

Pausing with just the very end of my finger in her ass, I leaned in and ran my tongue along the crinkled edges of her slightly distended anus. As Dove moaned and started to relax, I eased my finger forward, feeling her sphincter stretch and conform to my finger as I pushed more of it into her.

“Uhhh,” Dove grunted as my middle finger reached the second knuckle up her ass.

“Is that a good ‘uhhh’ or a bad ‘uhhh’?” I asked, even though I had a pretty good idea.

“I don’t know,” Dove said, squirming slightly as I started to slide the finger out of her butt. “It doesn’t feel bad, but it doesn’t really feel good either. It’s just kinda weird.”

“Then it’s a good ‘uhhh’,” I said, grinning as I started to slowly finger fuck Dove’s ass. “It gets better, or so I’ve been told, so as long as you’re not in pain then you’ll be fine.”

“I’ll be fine?” Dove asked.

“I’ve got my finger up your butt, what do you think comes next?” I quipped, wiggling my finger in her back door for emphasis.

“You’re going to?” Dove asked, looking shocked.

“Stick something much bigger than my finger up ass? If you’ll let me,” I said, sliding my finger out until just the tip was holding her open. Pressing my ring finger against my middle finger, I pushed back in, feeling her asshole stretch to take both fingers.

“Ohhhh,” Dove groaned, a little spasm shooting up her spine as I pushed two digits int her tight ass.

At this point I was really torn. Dove seemed to be getting into the idea of what I was doing and I was pretty sure that if I went for it she’d let me. However, there was a risk that if I pulled away and left her alone, even for a few seconds to get the lube, then she could change her mind.

Ultimately though I wasn’t the type of guy to depend on spit or pussy juice or something like that to lubricate the way for me. It was hardly an altruistic stance though. Lube tended to make it better for the woman, which made her far more likely to let me do it again, and anything that let me spend more time balls deep in a tight female ass was the way to go.

So with some regret, I pulled my fingers out of Dove’s rectum. She didn’t move, which was very promising, as I moved to my dresser. Opening the top drawer I reached in and grabbed the lube, turning to find Dove looking nervous, but also rather excited.

With Dove still on her hands and knees, I moved back in behind her. Popping the cap on the lube, I squirted a healthy dollop into my fingers, smearing it around to warm it up. Satisfied that it was warm enough, I pressed the tip of my finger against Dove’s asshole. After already having had two fingers up her ass, my lubed up finger entered her easily and I made quick work of greasing her up.

Straightening up behind her, I grabbed my cock. After smearing some more lube onto my shaft, Dove’s anus might as well have had a target painted around it as I locked onto it. Aiming my cock at the bullseye, I guided it forward until I was practically knocking at her back door.

“Relax and it’ll go much easier,” I said, watching her brown eye wink at me as she tensed up.

“Easy for you to say,” Dove said, forcing a laugh as she tried to fight the nerves that were obviously raging inside her.

“I’m guessing I’ve also had a bit more experience with this sort of thing than you have,” I said, putting one hand on her ass. I could feel the muscles in her body start to slacken under my hand as she took a deep breath and I took the opportunity to push forward.

“Holy shit,” Dove gasped as her asshole gave way and the head of my cock popped through her sphincter before she’d even realized I was pushing.

Letting go of my cock, I put both hands on her ass, softly stroking the perky globes as I stared at where my cock was just barely sticking out of her tight asshole. As Dove acclimated to the large object invading her bowels, I eased forward, stopping again when she exhaled loudly and clenched up again.

“You’re doing good,” I assured her, stroking her skin with my hands while I waited for her to relax again.

“Go ahead,” Dove hissed, looking back at me with a grimace.

Taking her at her word, I slowly slid a couple inches out of her before easing back in. Dove gasped a bit as I pushed forward but she didn’t tighten up as I pushed until I felt my pelvis bump up against the cheeks of her ass.

“You doing okay?” I asked Dove as I paused with the entirety of my cock stuffed up her ass.

“I think so,” Dove squeaked, her body trembling slightly as she dealt with what she was feeling.

Gripping Dove’s hips I slowly pulled out, watching my cock slide out of her no-longer-virgin asshole. About halfway out I paused a beat before slowly pushing back into Dove. While she didn’t moan or squeal her pleasure, she also didn’t shriek in pain, which was always a plus.

Pulling back again, this time a little further, I watched Dove for a sign as to how she was doing. While I hadn’t sodomized hundreds of women or anything, I had butt fucked more than a few, including a couple that really really liked it. And for the moment Dove was a bit an enigma. Even without seeing her face I could sense her grimacing a bit as I pushed back into her asshole. Yet, at the same time, she pushed back ever so slightly to meet my thrusts.

“Look at me,” I said, sliding almost all the way out of Dove’s ass.

Turning her head to look over her shoulder at me, she had a nervous look on her face. But she betrayed her feelings when I saw a brief flash of pleasure in her eyes as I pulled on her hips and buried my cock up her ass once more.

“Someone likes getting butt fucked,” I said, watching as Dove’s mouth hang open as I picked up a little speed.

“Uhhh,” Dove hissed, somewhere between a grunt and a moan, though her face had pleasure written all over it.

“Tell me you like it,” I demanded, suddenly pulling my cock out of her entirely.

The groan of displeasure told me all I needed to know, but I still wanted to hear her actually verbalize it. Gripping my cock with one hand, I gripped one of her butt cheeks with the other as I nudged my cock against her gaping asshole.

“Ohhh fuuuuckkk,” Dove hissed as I pushed back into her ass.

“Say it,” I said, drilling into Dove’s ass with more force.

“Fuck me,” Dove hissed, looking over her shoulder at me with a pleading look on her face.

“Not until you say it,” I said, yanking my cock out of her ass again and watching her ass gape open for a moment before it slowly started to close up.

“Fine, I like it, OHHHHHH,” Dove said as I suddenly slammed back into her.

“Like what? What do you like?” I asked as I pressed my pelvis against her ass and slowly ground myself against her.

“I like getting butt fucked,” Dove hissed, finally giving in fully to her desires.

“Yeah, you do,” I said, grinning as I slid out until just the head of my cock was still embedded in the super snug confines of her asshole. “You fucking love it up the ass, don’t you?”

“Ohhh, I do,” Dove hissed as I drove back into her rectum.

“I’m not sure I believe you,” I said, smirking as I watched her perfect little ass ripple just the right amount each time my pelvis made contact with it.

“I love it up my ass,” Dove insisted, one hand slipping back to play with her clit.

“If you love it so much, then beg for it,” I said, loving watching Dove descend into naughtiness.

“Fuck my ass,” Dove grunted, her asshole gripping my cock as I reamed her.

“I said beg,” I snarled, yanking on her hips as the room filled with the sounds of our savage coupling.

“Ohhhh, please fuck my ass,” Dove gasped, her fingers plucking her clit like a guitar string.

“Oh, I’m going to fuck it,” I growled. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of your ass, and then I’m going to give you a semen enema.”

“Ohhh, do it, come in my ass,” Dove panted, feeling her own climax coming fast and hard.

With that out of the way, I fucked her ass as hard as her vise-like tunnel would allow. It wasn’t as hard as Dove probably would’ve liked, judging by the way she was slamming back into me, but it was more than hard enough to get the job done.

“Come for me, Chloe,” I hissed, feeling myself barreling towards the point of no return. “Come from having your virgin ass fucked.”

“Oh shit, so close,” Dove said, practically mauling her clit as she sought her desired release.

Feeling her starting to quiver with need, I slowed down so I could slip a hand underneath her to join hers in diddling her little bud. As she mashed her pearl, I slid my hand even further back, dragging my middle finger between her labia. Her pussy was practically drooling as she delighted in being sodomized so it took no effort at all to dip my finger into her hole.

“OHHAAAAWWWW,” Dove screamed as her body went rigid.

Dove’s asshole clamped even tighter around my cock as she came. Slamming forward with all my strength, I buried myself up her ass so hard it caused the arm supporting her to give way and she pitched forward onto her stomach. As she toppled over, I followed after, the force of me landing on top of her shoving my cock deeper in her ass than I would’ve thought possible.

Feeling the cum racing up my balls, everything else vanished from my mind. Even though I was quite possibly crushing my petite little friend beneath me, the only thing that mattered at that exact moment was drenching her spasming colon with my seed.

“Here it comes,” I grunted into Dove’s ear moments before I let loose, unleashing shot after shot of hot cum deep into her rectum.

“OHHHHHH,” Dove squealed as I gave her the semen enema I’d promised her.

Growling out a primal snarl as my cock throbbed inside of her, I was staking my claim to her most private of areas. I was the first to make use of her ass and I was marking my territory, even if it wasn’t technically mine. That didn’t matter to me in the state of mind I was in at the moment though.

Finally emptied, I collapsed fully on top of Dove. Panting for air, the fog of sex started to recede and I became aware of the tiny little thing still beneath me. Planting my hands on the bed, I pushed myself and heard Dove suck in a deep breath as my weight was removed from her.

“Sorry about that,” I said as I rolled off of her.

“Sorry about what? That was amazing,” Dove sighed, still laying on her stomach and just turning her head to look at me.

“The better the ass, the more inspired I get,” I said, grinning as I gave her ass a firm squeeze.

“Ow, I’m going to be tender back there, won’t I?” Dove asked, grimacing slightly.

“Yeah, I wasn’t particularly gentle for your first time,” I apologized.

“So worth it though,” Dove sighed, biting her lower lip. “Too bad Ryan never showed much interest.”

“Well, you’ll have to find a way to subtly bring it up,” I suggested, grabbing a blanket and pulling it over the both of us. “Maybe find a video with anal in it and watch it together and see how he reacts when it gets to that point. Or maybe tell him about a friend that tried it and see if he thinks it’s hot, something like that.”

“And if he doesn’t?” Dove asked, looking at me expectantly.

“Well, we’ve probably already done way more than we should have since we’re looking for different things,” I said, shrugging my shoulders. “But I’m a pig, so if you showed up here tomorrow looking to get laid, I’d oblige. So it’s really up to you.”

“Speaking of Ryan, what am I going to tell him?” Dove asked, rolling onto her side facing me.

“If I was you, I’d find a friend that will give you an alibi and tell him you spent the night at her house doing whatever,” I suggested. “But if you want to tell Ryan, seriously, tell him I got you drunk and seduced you. If it’s between you getting in trouble and me, save yourself.”

“I think I’m going to take another shower,” Dove announced, pushing the blanket down and letting me drink in her nudity as she slipped off the bed.

“I’ll go make some breakfast,” I said, watching her ass sway as she headed for the bathroom. I was extremely tempted to follow after her and see what else she might have let me do, but instead I tossed on my robe and headed for the kitchen.

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