Cougarville: Part 15

Title: Cougarville: Part 15

Author: RandyPan

Celebs: Naomie Harris

Codes: FM, oral, anal, mas, rom, con

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.


We fade in on Naomie sitting in a diner, having lunch, when her phone rings.  Pulling it out of her bag, she looks at the screen, which says, “Jason”.  Seeing this, she grins, and hits talk. “Hey, babe!  Oh, when you getting off tonight?  Mm-hm.  Nice.  How about I come over after work?  Oh, I don’t think you could handle a whole weekend of me, but I’ll go easy on you.” Naomie laughs seconds after this. “Alright, love you, babe.” She then makes a kissing gesture at her phone, before hanging up, and we hear her in voiceover, as she holds the phone to her heart. “That…was my man.  God…Twenty years younger than me…and white…and American.  But I always feel like a little schoolgirl when I’m with him.  Fuck, I don’t think I’ve ever been this much in love in my entire life.”

We then cut to her knocking on his apartment door.  Seconds later he opens, and instantly she glomps onto him, and the two share a long, open-mouthed kiss.  After, she hangs onto his shoulders, smiling. “You hungry?” he asks.

“Dinner can wait.  Fuck first, then eat.”

“Alright…” he smirks. “You realize by the time we get done…”

“I know, the Chinese take-away.  That’s fine.  Right now, I want you to tear my clothes off and fuck my brains out.”

The two again kiss, then it cuts to them making out in the shower.  As they tongue-kiss, Jason starts to rub and squeeze Naomie’s big tits, and tweak her dark brown nipples. “Oh, babe…” she whispers between kisses, “How’d I get so lucky, to find such a beautiful man?”

“Yeah, you say that now, but lets see if you want me when I’m thirty.” Naomie laughs at this answer, then kisses him again, tongue going out in advance.

Now, Jason is on his bed, on his back, as Naomie lies on her stomach between his legs, sucking his cock long and deep, while gripping the base tightly. “That feel good, babe?” Naomie says in a hushed tone, grinding his swollen head in her hand.  Jason answers with a grunt, and Naomie giggles, then continues blowing him, licking and sucking his head.  A bit later, she scoots up, and wraps her tits around Jason’s dick, then moves them up and down on it. “Uhm…” Naomie moans, as Jason starts fucking them.

Naomie is now on her back, legs wrapped around Jason’s shoulders, as he licks her out, tongue probing her drooling, pink pussy, as it dribbles down his chin. “Ooh!  Babe…” Naomie’s face twists and contorts, and she kneads her breasts, as Jason goes deeper, practically scooping her juices out with his tongue. “Oh, babe…Put your fingers in my arse…” Jason inserts his first two fingers in Naomie’s pussy, to lubricate them, then stuffs them in her ass, causing her to groan long and loud, and dig her nails into her tits.

Jason is now leaning over Naomie, braced on one hand, as he inserts his cock in her oozing cunt, and starts to fuck her, causing her tits to sway gently, then bounce and jiggle, as he speeds up. “Oh, fuck…” Naomie gasps, baring her teeth, as Jason thrusts into her harder, before she pulls him down, and they tongue-kiss passionately, as he continues fucking her.

We now see Jason sitting up against his headboard, holding on to Naomie’s waist, as she rides his cock. “Oh, fuck!  Fuck me!” Naomie’s tits bounce energetically in Jason’s face, as he starts thrusting up into her, her nipples achingly hard, and her chest and stomach starting to shimmer with sweat.

Now, Naomie’s again on her back, this time lying diagonally on the bed, and sweating profusely, as Jason thrusts into her, harder and harder, hands tightly gripping her upper arms. “Oh, God, Jason…” Naomie whimpers, face screwed up like she’s crying, before groaning long and loud. “Fuck!  I’m cumming!” Moments later, Jason pulls out, and his cock erupts, covering Naomie twat to neck in his cum.

Both of them breathing hard, Jason leans down, and the two kiss one more time, as the scene fades out.


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