Cougarville: Part 1

Cougarville: Part 1
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, anal, mas, con
Celebs: Thandie Newton
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Thandie coming out of her house into the backyard, wearing only a bikini bottom.  She then lays down on a lounger by the pool.

Cut to a young guy walking down the sidewalk.  He glances at the hedges next to him, does a double-take, and then leans in closer.  We see Thandie from his point of view, then it cuts back to him, as he says in an obvious voice-over, “Oh, wow, Ms. Newton’s sunbathing topless!”  It cuts back to his point of view, as Thandie picks up a bottle of tanning oil, and pours it on her chest, then rubs it in.  We then see up close, as Thandie rubs it in to her hardening nipples, sighing. “Oh, my God…” the guy whispers.

We then see Thandie pull aside her bottom, and start fingering her wet pussy.  There’s another close-up, as Thandie’s finger goes in and out of her twat.  Suddenly, it cuts back to Thandie, as she looks towards the hedges, and says, moaning a little, in her posh British accent, “Have you got a good view, Jeffrey?” We again see from Jeffrey’s point of view, as Thandie beckons him toward her with her finger. “Come here.”

Jeffrey comes around the hedges, looking sheepish. “Uh, sorry, Ms. Newton, I didn’t mean to look.”

“Oh, it’s okay.  I was hoping someone might join me.  And I suppose if I hadn’t seen you, you would’ve gone home and jerked off, right?”


“Rather you let me have that honor,” she says seductively, then grabs the waistband of Jeff’s shorts, and pulls him closer.  We see yet another close-up, as Thandie pulls down Jeff’s shorts, and his big, hard cock pops out. “Oh, my!” Thandie smiles, wrapping her hand around it and stroking it, “I can’t believe you were going to waste that on your hand.” We again see up close, as Thandie wraps her lips around Jeff’s cock, and begins to suck him off.  Thandie looks up at Jeff, as her lips slide up and down his thick shaft.  She then takes the cock out, and slowly licks up the underside, before flicking her tongue on the tip, and taking it back in her mouth.

After a few minutes of this, we see Jeff kneeling between Thandie’s thighs.  In another close-up, we see Jeff’s cock enter Thandie’s cunt, and go deep, before pulling out, then pushing back in again. “Oh, God, Jeffrey,” Thandie moans, “Your cock feels so good inside me.  You wouldn’t believe this, but I haven’t been fucked in so long.” It cuts back to Jeff’s cock moving in and out a little faster, then to Thandie, face screwing up, and tits bouncing with every thrust.  Jeff thrusts faster and faster, until Thandie lets out a high-pitched cry as she cums.

We then see Thandie lift one cheek off the chair, and stick her finger into her butthole, sliding it in and out a little.  It then cuts back to Thandie’s face, as she says, with the same seductive tone as earlier, “You know Jeffrey, I would love it if you would do me in my arse.”

Thandie lifts her ass off the chair, and we see in another close-up, as Jeffrey’s cock presses against Thandie’s asshole, then we hear Thandie groan, as it pushes its way in.  We see a shot from above, as Jeff’s cock moves slowly in and out of Thandie’s ass, underneath her pussy, then a shot of Thandie’s face, cupping her tongue and grimacing as she’s fucked anally.  Thandie groans louder and louder, until suddenly she shrieks, clutching at herself, as she climaxes.

We now see Jeffrey pull his cock out, and jerk it vigorously, before groaning out loud, as we see a copious amount of jism shoot out of his dick, covering Thandie from twat to neck.

Catching her breath, Thandie sighs, “Mmm, thank you, Jeffrey.  That was lovely,” and then the scene fades out on Thandie’s smiling face.

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