Cougarville: Part 7

Cougarville: Part 7
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FM, oral, anal, con
Celebs: Kate Winslet
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Note: This is a spin-off of my Porno Chic series.  Picture this in the style of one of those porno compilations.

We fade in on Kate walking to the front door, wearing a silk robe, as the doorbell rings. “Coming!” She opens the door to find a young man standing there. “Jonathan!  I didn’t know you were home from college!”

“Hi, Ms. Winslet.  Yeah, for the week.”

“Please, call me Kate.  So, what’s it been, two years?”


“Well, come in, sit down.  Excuse the robe, I just had a shower.” Kate leads Jonathan to the couch. “So, what brings you to my house?”

“My parents are having another dinner party,” Jonathan says, sitting down with Kate, “and, as usual, you’re invited.”

“Oh, well, that’s nice of them.”

“Yeah.  Course, they also refer to you as that unmarried woman.”

Kate snickers. “God, 2015, and your parents are still harping about that.  Well, what about you, Jonathan?  You have a girlfriend at school?”

“Well, there’s a couple of girls I see here and there.”

“That’s good.  Keeping your options open.”

“What about you, huh?  Got a couple guys you’re seeing?”

Kate laughs. “Oh, Jonathan, you cheeky bastard.  To be honest, I’m a bit much for some men.”

“Oh, really?” Jonathan raises an eyebrow.

Kate chuckles. “Oh, I get the eyebrow, huh?”

“Hey, I’m a mature, sexually active adult, Kate.  And, you know, I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but, uh…back in middle and high school, I used to climb that tree outside your house, and, uh…”

“Oh, believe me, Jonathan, I know.  You’re not as stealthy as you like to think.” The two laugh, then are silent for a minute, before Kate speaks again. “You know, Jonathan, it has been a long time since I’ve had, well, I’ll just say it, a good fuck.  And, uh…” Kate starts her fingers walking on Jonathan’s leg, and lets her robe slip down her shoulder, “if you think you can handle me, I’ll assume I can trust you not to tell your parents what happens here.”

Kate then leans down, and undoes Jonathan’s jeans.  She then pulls down the front of Jonathan’s boxers, and his half-hard cock pops out. “Oh, my!  Underage or not, if I knew you were hiding that in your pants, I would’ve invited you in the first time I noticed you spying on me.” Kate then opens her mouth, and takes Jonathan’s cock in her mouth.

“Oh, jeez…” Jonathan moans, as, in a close-up, Kate’s lips slide up and down his rapidly hardening shaft.

We then see Kate naked, crouching in front of him, continuing to suck him off.  She takes his cock out, and asks him, “Say, Jonathan, do any of the girls you see deep throat?”

“Uh, no.  They don’t even like to blow me.”

“Yeah, I figured as much.  Probably afraid of this thing.  Good thing I’m not.” Kate then puts her mouth on Jonathan’s dick, and slowly lowers her head, until her lips rest on his balls.  She can be heard gagging a little as the cock is all the way in her mouth.

“Oh…fuck!” Jonathan groans, before Kate pulls out, breathing rapidly.  She then goes back in a couple more times.  The third time she pulls out, she wipes her mouth off. “Holy shit, Kate!  If I knew you could do that…”

“I know.  Now lay down.”

“Um, okay.”

Jonathan lies down on the couch, and Kate gets on, and straddles Jonathan’s face. “Now, eat, boy!” Kate starts to moan, and claw at her tits, as she rides Jonathan’s face. “Oh, fuck, Jonathan!  You can eat pussy like this, and those little slags won’t even suck your cock?” She grinds harder and harder into Jonathan’s face, until, shrieking, and her body twisting, she cums.

Next, we see Kate on her back with her legs spread wide, and Jonathan kneeling before her. “Now, put that thing all the way in.” Jonathan pushes his cock in to Kate’s hairy twat, until he’s balls deep. “Now, fuck me!” Jonathan starts slowly thrusting his big cock into Kate’s pussy, causing Kate to breathe deeply and furrow her brow.  In another close-up, Johnny’s cock goes in and out, dragging her pussy lips as he pulls out. “Oh, God, Jonathan!” Kate whimpers, “Faster!” Jonathan fucks Kate’s pussy faster, causing her tits, with their big, hard nipples, to start bouncing, and the couch to creak. “Faster!  Fucking wreck that pussy!” Jonathan pounds Kate’s snatch, her tits whipping up and down, until she cums, again shrieking, louder this time.

Kate’s now on the floor, with Jonathan kneeling between her legs.  By this point, both are more or less drenched with sweat.  In yet another close-up, Jonathan pushes his cock into Kate’s asshole, and, again, pushes it all the way in, holding on to Kate’s waist.  Once it’s in about half-way, Kate groans throatily. “Wow,” she says, breathing rapidly, once it’s all the way in, “You would not believe how deep in my arse I can feel your cock.” Jonathan starts slowly fucking Kate’s ass. “Oh, fuck…those girls have no idea what they’re missing.” Jonathan speeds up, and Kate whimpers, her face screwing up. “Oh, God, Jonathan,” Kate whines, sounding like she’s about to cry, “you have no idea how good this feels.” Jonathan goes faster and faster, Kate grimacing painfully, her body glistening with sweat, until, finally, she screams like she’s being murdered, and her pussy squirts all over Jonathan’s chest and stomach.

“Oh, God, Jonathan,” Kate says, sitting up, “let me taste that!” Kate sucks Jonathan’s throbbing cock, and Jonathan, in the moment, grabs Kate’s head in his hands, and starts to fuck her throat, causing her to make gagging noises.  Finally, Jonathan starts to groan, and Kate takes his cock out of her mouth, and wraps her sweaty tits around it. “Oh, fuck, Jonathan, give me that fucking cum now!” Jonathan fucks Kate’s titties, until he again starts groaning, then he jerks his cock, and finally, grunting loudly, covers Kate’s dripping, sweaty chest with his hot jism.  Once he stops, Kate sucks on Jonathan’s head, then collapses backwards.

“Thanks,” Kate wheezes, as the camera moves in on her weakly smiling face, “I needed that,” and the scene fades out.

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