Could be Love: Emma Watson And Alexa Vega

Could be Love: Emma Watson and Alexa Vega

(FF, Oral, Foot Fetish)

By Emily and Nicola

Synopsis: Alexa Vega and Emma Watson are starring in the new Spy Kids movie. Both Alexa and Emma don’t get along at first but soon that changes.

Alexa came into her room and was extremely exhausted. A day of punching and kicking wore her out. She entered the bathroom where there lay a big Jacuzzi, big enough to fit at least four people. Alexa switched
on the taps to the tub and went back into the main room. “Oh fuck!” Alexa said to herself, she realised she left her phone behind. She opened the door to exit, where she found Emma. “Hi Alexa, you left your phone behind.” Alexa responded, “Oh thanks Emma.” Emma had a cake box with her “Oh sorry, cheesecake?” Emma asked “No thanks, Emma.” Alexa responded “Thank God, you would’ve broken my heart if you said yes.” Emma said “Well lucky you.” Alexa responded. “Please come in.” “Thanks” replied Emma. Emma came in “So this is your room.” Emma said “Yes it is, my cousin owns the hotel so he let’s me have it when I need it.” Alexa replied. “Alexa, I know we are working together and I know you haven’t warmed to me, but I really hope our present situation can change, I’m nice I really am apart from my terrible tastes in sweets, it would be good if we could be friends.” Emma said this in a sensitive and vulnerable manner, Alexa noticed the vulnerability in Emma’s behaviour and secretly Alexa was moved by it, she really wanted to cry out and hug her. But her tough character kicked in and she responded in an unmoving manner “Okay.” Emma was genuinely hurt by this approach but she let it slide. “Okay, I’ve got to go now so see you tomorrow.” Emma was about to leave. Alexa felt really bad, she truly felt things for Emma and just what Emma said moved Alexa deeply. “Emma wait.” Emma turned to face Alexa. “Emma you look very tired and you are very dirty, I’m having a bath now, do you want to join me?” Emma was speechless “I’d love too.”

Alexa and Emma entered the bathroom. Alexa started to take her clothes off, Emma soon followed. Alexa entered the tub first. “Oh good its warm. Come on in.” Emma entered the tub “Oh, that feels so good.” As Emma was reacting to the warmth, Alexa looked at Emma and saw how beautiful she really was. Alexa took a bar of soap and handed it to Emma, Alexa took another bar and washed herself. “I feel so good. Thanks Alexa I owe you one.” “Don’t mention it.” Responded Alexa. Both girls washed their arms, chest and tits. Emma saw Alexa washing her tits and she got aroused. Alexa stood up and washed her shaven pussy. Emma could not hide her feelings, she was mesmerised by Alexa’s pussy. Without thinking Emma kneeled and crawled towards Alexa’s pussy, there she sucked it. Once Emma got back to reality, she realised what she had done. “I’m glad you feel the same way Emma.” Responded Alexa. Alexa sat down again and went over to Emma, she and Emma kissed passionately, “Your hair is sticky, let me wash it.” “Sure” Alexa replied. Emma got a bottle of shampoo and washed Alexa’s hair. Both girls got up and dried themselves off.

Emma and Alexa walked hand in hand to the bedroom. When they got there they French kissed. “How long did you feel this way?” asked Alexa. “For a long time, Alexa, I am an extremely lonely person, all I want is somebody to love.” Alexa started to cry at that remark. “Let me be that person Emma.” Both girls got on the bed. Emma runs her hand down her bald pussy and wonders why she never did this before. Alexa has started sucking on Emma’s neck and is making her way down to Emma’s small but ample tits. Alexa’s hands are already on the tits gently massaging them and pinching the nipples. Emma is moaning as she has never done this with a girl before and she enjoys it. Alexa then places a nipple between her teeth and bites gently on it. Emma’s moans become louder. Alexa begins sucking harder and harder on the nipple. She then switches and sucks on the other one. Emma’s moans become louder and louder as Alexa sucks harder and harder on her tits.

Once Alexa is finished sucking Emma’s tits, she crawls up to Emma and kisses her on the lips as her hands explore her body. Emma kisses down to Alexa’s neck and sucks on it just like Alexa had done to her. Emma then licks Alexa’s developing breasts. She sucks on the right one as she pinches the left one with her fingers. Alexa is now gently moaning as Emma is doing this. Emma then decides that it is time to taste Alexa’s pussy. She kisses down to Alexa’s vulva and gently slides her finger over the bald pussy. She then rubs her clit with her finger and Alexa moans loudly. Emma then sticks out her tongue and begins to eat Alexa’s pussy. She sucks on her clit harder and harder as the Spy Kids star moans louder and louder. Emma then slides her tongue inside Alexa’s hole and she feels how tight she is. She begins tongue fucking Alexa as she touches her own pussy with her other hand. Emma then wets a finger and gently slides it into Alexa’s tight hole. Alexa screams as this finger invades her. She drives her finger into Alexa faster and faster while sucking on her clit, but being careful not to break her cherry. Alexa starts to push into Emma’s mouth as she gets closer and closer to her first orgasm. Then as Emma pushes her tongue in deep Alexa cums all over Emma’s face and hair. Emma licks up all the girl cum and climbs up and kisses Alexa so that she can taste her own juices. Emma then slides back down and begins to lick Alexa’s ass hole with her tongue. Alexa jumps as she feels the tongue on her puckered anus. Emma then licks Alexa’s ass hole. Her tongue gently rims it. Emma slides a finger into Alexa’s pussy as she rims her ass. Lucinda explodes with her second orgasm “Oh my god Emma.”

“Now eat me and rim my ass Alexa.” Alexa and Emma switch places and Alexa start by kissing Emma on the lips. Their tongues swirl around each other as the are tied in one big sloppy French kiss. Alexa kisses down to Emma’s neck and begins to suck on it heavily while her hands are all over Emma’s developing breasts. Alexa then sucks on Emma’s right nipple while fondling her left one hard. She then switches tits and gives the left one the same treatment. She goes down to Emma’s pussy and she runs a finger over her vulva, which causes Emma to jump. Alexa then rubs Emma’s clit to get it excited. Once it is excited she begins to lightly suck on it and bite it and pull it towards her. She then spreads Emma’s lips apart and sticks her tongue in and begins to tongue fuck Emma. Emma is moaning louder and louder as Alexa begins to drive her tongue deeper and deeper into Emma’s cunt hole. Alexa then sucks on two of her fingers and slides them inside Emma’s virgin pussy. Emma experiences her first orgasm. Alexa sucks on Emma’s clit and fucks her cunt with her fingers faster and harder. Soon, Emma is orgasming all over Alexa’s face and hand. Alexa does not let Emma taste her own cum but she dives right into Emma’s asshole and starts licking it. Alexa spreads Emma’s ass cheeks and slides her still wet fingers right inside of Emma’s ass. Emma screams from all the pain that she is in. She then feels Alexa’s tongue rimming her ass. Alexa continues with this until Emma once again explodes all over her. Now, Alexa climbs up and kisses Emma. They exchange another passionate kiss.

“Alexa are you still a virgin?” “Sure.” Replied Alexa. Do you want me to break it?” Alexa looks deep into Emma’s beautiful eyes. “Please!” Emma goes down to Alexa’s pussy and kissed it one more time. Emma positions her middle finger at the entrance of Alexa’s pussy. She then slides it up and down along Alexa’s clit. Emma then very gently slides it into Lucinda’s cunt. Alexa screams as the finger penetrates her tight cunt hole. She can feel it pushing against her hymen. Emma then braces Alexa and pushes past her hymen with one thrust. Alexa lets out a horrific scream as she is popped by this finger, she starts to cry. Emma removes her finger and cuddles Alexa “Don’t cry my darling.” She looks into Alexa’s beautiful eyes and Emma kisses her forehead. “Do you want me to continue?” “yes” replies Alexa. Emma goes down again and begins to fuck Alexa with her finger. Alexa’s pain gives way to pleasure as she is fucked by the finger. She begins to enjoy it and pushes back against the finger. Emma pushes it in deeper and Alexa moans louder as she is nearing her third orgasm of the day. Alexa can’t hold it any longer and she cums all over Emma’s hand in one gush. Emma slows her fucking to let Alexa relax. Emma then tells Alexa to get on all fours but raise her ass in the air. Alexa does as she is told and gets on all fours and raises her ass. She sees Emma sucking on her fingers preparing them for something. Emma then shoves her fingers back into Alexa’s pussy. Now Emma spreads Alexa’s ass cheeks apart and licks her ass. She shoves her tongue into Alexa’s ass. She moans as she can feel Emma’s tongue pressing into her pussy where the other set if finger are. Emma then spits all over Alexa’s ass and slowly sticks the her hand into Alexa’s puckered hole. Alexa gives out a tiny scream as she is now being double penetrated by both of Emma’s hands. Emma slides her hands in and out of Alexa’s holes. Emma gains speed and is fucking Alexa closer and closer to her fourth orgasm of the day. Soon Alexa is filling the ranch with screams of ecstasy.”OH god Emma don’t stop. I’m so close. Oh god your fingers feel so good in my ass.”

Alexa cums all over her hand in her pussy and collapses onto her bed as she has her fourth orgasm. Emma gives the girl time top recover before kissing her on the lips and sliding her tongue into her throat. They exchange a French kiss then Alexa offers to bust Emma’s cherry. “With pleasure!” Emma replied

Alexa kisses Emma’s pussy one more time and licks her clit before sliding her lubricated fingers into Emma’s cunt hole. Emma lets out a scream as Alexa’s fingers enter her pussy. It feels good though. Alexa pushes it deeper into Emma, Emma starts to scream, with one thrust Emma’s pop is heard. Emma then decides to get on all fours and raise her ass in the air. She tells Alexa to shove in her finger into her pussy and eat her ass. Alexa tongue fucks Emma’s ass as she pushes the other set of fingers into her ass. Emma moans. Alexa wants to make sure that this is what Emma wants. Emma reassures her of it. Alexa slowly slides her fingers into Emma’s ass. Alexa fucks Emma’s pussy faster and harder as she pushes her fingers deeper and deeper into her ass. “OH Alexa, fuck me my beauty. Fuck both my holes. I love having your finger in my ass and pussy at the same time.” “OH Alexa, I’m gonna cum please don’t stop!!!!!” Alexa just keeps fucking Emma. Emma cums all over Alexa’s hands as she experiences her third and fourth orgasm of the day. Alexa gives Emma time to calm down before kissing her on the lips.”

“Did you enjoy that Emma?” says Alexa as she catches her breath. “Yes very much so Keira. I love the way you fucked my holes.” “Well I loved popping your cherry. Sweetie.” “Me too, my darling.” Replied Emma. The two actresses look at each other and kiss each other passionately. Emma takes a glimpse of Alexa’s barefeet. Emma breaks off and crawls down to Alexa’s feet and nears her face towards them. Emma opens her mouth and sucks in Alexa’s big toe. She licks all around Alexa’s toe. Soon Emma sucks all of Alexa’s toes, and licks her sole. “Mmm, Emma I didn’t know you liked feet.” “I adore them.” Replied Emma. “Let me do yours.” Asked Alexa. Emma got back on the bed and Alexa went down and started licking Emma’s toes and feet.

As soon as they finished they saw the clock it was one a.m. “Stay with me.” Alexa said. “I’d love too, sweetheart.” Replied Emma. The two young actresses kissed again and fell asleep in each other’s arms and naked. The next morning the two girls woke up. “I finished shooting last night Alexa. I have to go back tonight.” Emma said. Alexa was sad at this. “Let me take you to the airport.” “Please, Alexa.” Both girls got to the airport. Emma left her address, mobile phone number and E-Mail address with Alexa, Alexa did the same. “Alexa.” “Yes sweetie.” “I love you.” Alexa and Emma looked at each other and kissed passionately.


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