Could be Love III

Could be Love III

By: Emily, Nicola and Palaptine 1999

DISCLAIMER: To understand this story, you would have to read, the first two chapters of Could be Love, and also the two stories; “Alexa Vega and Kate Beckinsale” And also “Emma Watson and Kate Beckinsale” ENJOY!!!!

The new Batman movie finished principal photography, Alexa enjoyed portraying Batgirl and she enjoyed having Emma Watson, who was Catwoman, as her rival. This was because they were lovers and were also very much in love. During the shooting they further explored their feelings
for each other, their sexual activities and they also contemplated their future, for teenage girls they very serious about the relationship.

Alexa and Emma arrived at the airport, Alexa was going back to L.A. “Why do you have to go?” said Emma “I’ve got a family there, its my home. Look Emma I love you and I always will, but I can’t just dump my life there.” Responded Alexa in sad tone. “When will I see you again?” asked Emma “You will, I’ve got vacation in a few weeks, why don’t you fly out there?” asked Alexa. Emma responded, “I will.” The speaker in the airport announced Alexa’s flight, Alexa was on her way. “I’ll email you as soon as I land.” Said Alexa. “Okay!” Both girls looked at each other, they knew that they couldn’t just hate each other. Both girls hugged each other. “I’ll miss you.” Responded Alexa. “I will too. I love you.” Responded Emma “I do too.” Responded Alexa. Alexa went in and she was gone. Emma started crying, she saw her plane leave, and then she went back home.

Over the next few weeks, both Emma and Alexa corresponded a lot. More than ever before. One day, Emma opened her email and found a first-class plane ticked to L.A. Emma was delighted, she missed Alexa so much. Emma got on the plane and went to see her first true love. Alexa was waiting for Emma, as soon as Emma arrived; Alexa ran towards her and hugged her. “How are you!” “I’m fine that I see you.” Alexa was moved by that remark. Both girls went towards Alexa’s home. They kissed as they entered it. “I missed you!” Alexa responded “Me too!” Both girls were in bed and were exhausted after a multiple love session. Both girls smiled towards each other, but when they looked away they felt agitated. “Emma, there’s something I’ve got to tell you.” “Me too, Alexa.” “Let me go first, while we were separated, I slept with someone. Emma it was meaningless, you know I was lonely and I gave into temptation. Please forgive me!” cried Alexa Emma also had a regretful look, she understood Alexa “Alexa, I’m also guilty, I slept with someone also.” “What?” Alexa wiped the tears from her eyes. “It meant nothing at all.” Alexa laughed, “I think we both learned something here.” Emma and Alexa had no hatred; they talked it out like two adults. And after the conversation they were more in love than before. “By the way who was you’re partner?” Emma responded “Kate‚ĶBeckinsale” Alexa’s jaw dropped “Are you sure?” “I’m sure. Who was yours?” “It was she.” Emma was shocked “I can’t believe we fucked the same woman.” They looked at each other. “Okay let’s go. We’re going to Kate’s house.”

Emma and Alexa got dressed, they both put on a tank top, a plastic mini-skirt, and Emma put on her flip-flops, Alexa took her flip-flops with her, but she rather walk barefoot, in the hot blazing L.A. summer. “What are we going to tell her?” asked Emma “Don’t worry, when she sees us, she’ll understand.” Alexa rung the doorbell, Kate opened the door. Kate’s face was shocked “Come in.” The girls came into the house. “So you both know.” Emma replied “Yes we do, who did you do first. Me or Alexa?” Kate said “Alexa! Anyway what’s it to you?” Alexa started to look angry. “I tell you what it is. Me and Emma are together.” Kate looked at Alexa “Yes I could see that.” Emma explained, “Me and Alexa are together, we are girlfriends.” Suddenly the realisation dawned on her. Kate’s face of arrogance suddenly changed to shock and apologetic. “I didn’t know, I’m sorry. I am so sorry.” Kate started to cry, and she went into the other room. Alexa and Emma followed her and there Kate was playing with her daughter, they were building blocks. Emma and Alexa looked at the situation, they saw Kate as a caring and good mother. “I’m sorry Kate, I’ll go.” Replied Alexa “No! Wait” said Kate. Kate picked up her daughter and put her to bed. Kate, Alexa and Emma went into the main room. “Did I break you guys up?” asked a worried Kate “No, you made us closer. I want to thank you,” replied Emma. “It’s not easy keeping up a relationship that is across the ocean.” Said Alexa. “I understand.” Replied Kate. “What made you do us?” asked Emma. “I’ve always been a lesbian, I was with my boyfriend and although I liked him, I never felt the same passion I felt with a girl. Alexa, I had the hot’s for you ever since I saw you, and Emma, you remind me of a girl I liked at school. I couldn’t be repressed for the rest of my life. I only did you girls because you wanted to, I am not a rapist that’s the last thing I am. So there you have it.” Kate put her face in her hands and started to cry. Emma and Alexa looked at each other and moved closer to Kate, Emma caressed Kate’s head, she looked up and Emma started kissing her passionately on the lips. Alexa started kissing Kate’s neck, Kate started to enjoy it.

Both teen-girls went down to Kate’s body, there they ripped her shirt off, Kate was wearing no underwear, both girls took a breast in each hand and a nipple in each mouth, they started to suck her off. Kate moaned in ecstasy. As the girls were doing this Kate looked at the girls body, she lifted up their plastic mini-skirts and saw their exposed asses, Kate put her two middle fingers in her mouth to wet them and then stuck them into Alexa’s and Emma’s assholes. “Oh!” moaned Alexa. As Kate was fucking Emma and Alexa with her fingers, Kate was in ecstasy, as she had two girls doing this to her. “Oh, fuck I’m going to cum.” Alexa spilled her juices onto the floor, Emma followed a second later, and Kate also started to feel wet down there. The girls ceased sucking Kate’s generous nipples and all three girls started to kiss each other. “Want to go to the bedroom?” Both girls got up and Kate led the way.

All three girls went into the giant bedroom and went down on the bed. Alexa started to remove her clothes, “Keep your flip-flops on girls.” Alexa laughed at the comment, she knew what she meant. Alexa and Emma were on the bed and Kate started to passionately kiss both girls, she kissed their lips, their tits, their stomachs all the way down to their vaginas. Kate stopped, she got off the bed and presents a bag, she spilt the contents on the bed, it was full of dildos. Kate took a long dildo with two head on either side and gave to Alexa, Alexa inserted one head into her pussy and Emma took the other head and inserted it into her’s. “I can see you love each other.” The girls laughed at the comment, both girls went into the dildo smoothly, when they got a steady rhythm, the girls started to fuck the dildo. Kate looked in awe as she had her own dildo and started masturbating with it. All three girls were having multiple orgasms, Emma climaxed first, Alexa followed, the girls got into a 69 to taste and lick their pussies, when they finished, Kate was still masturbating, she was screaming and screaming “Ahm Oh, Oh fuck this feels good” She finally climaxed and both Emma and Alexa went down to Kate’s pussy, the cum squirted into their faces. Kate finished squirting and kissed the girls, tasting her own juices.

Emma sat on the bed with Alexa by her side. Kate sat opposite them; she looked at Emma’s feet that were covered by flip-flops. Kate took a dildo and started masturbating again to the sight of Emma and Alexa’s feet. Emma took a flip-flop off and gave to Kate, Kate sniffed the stinky odour and licked the inside of it, Alexa did the same and Kate sniffed Alexa’s stinky flip-flops, Kate took the dildo off and went to Emma’s feet and started sucking her toes, Kate got on her back and started to lick the soles off Emma’s feet. As she was doing this, Alexa went towards Kate’s feet and started licking them. Alexa was an expert; she sucked every toe and licked Kate’s soles. When Kate was finished she picked up Alexa and put her back on the bed, she then started licking and sucking Alexa’s feet, Emma got behind Kate and she put on a strapon. With one big thrust, Emma inserted the dildo into Kate’s asshole, she then started to fuck her asshole, Kate gave up on Alexa’s feet and went to wards her pussy, she started licking it and kissing it, Kate screamed as her asshole was being fucked. Alexa cumed in Kate’s mouth. Emma took off her dildo and tasted Kate’s cum and shit. “That tastes good, got anymore.”

Alexa, Emma and Kate got up and went to the kitchen, there Kate took a laxative pill, and Emma and Alexa did the same. After a few minutes, the laxative took effect and the girls went into the bathroom. Emma went into the bathtub and Kate got into. Emma went onto the floor and Kate positioned her ass over her mouth. “You want some, you’ve got it.” Kate released her bowels and shit came out of her and into Emma’s mouth. Emma retched at the taste but soon got into the swing of things, she swallowed and ate it up. Kate stopped, she got out of the bathtub and Alexa walked in. Alexa kissed her lover and took some of Kate’s shit and ate it up. Alexa positioned her ass over Emma’s mouth and released, Emma ate it up generously. Emma’s body was smeared in shit she got off and Kate entered, Emma positioned her ass over Kate and released. Alexa took her turn after that. Soon it was Alexa’s turn and both girls released on Alexa simultaneously. All three girls were covered in shit and they licked each other off.

After a shower to get rid of the shit on their bodies, the girls got dressed. Kate was sad to see them go. “Thanks, girls. I’ll never forget it.” “Don’t worry it was a pleasure.” Replied Alexa. Alexa went towards Kate and kissed her passionately on the lips. Emma did the same. Emma and Alexa left the house.

“Do you think she will be okay?” asked Emma “Sure, it will be a memory that she will cherish.” Replied Alexa. Both girls walked on the streets of L.A. Emma took hold of Alexa’s left hand and rubbed the third finger, the wedding ring finger. Alexa did the same. Were both girls going to do something that would change their lives?


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