Could be Love IV

Could Be Love IV

By Emily and Nicola

Life was sweet for Alexa Vega and Emma Watson; the Batman movie they starred in together was a success. Emma had just completed a Harry Potter movie and was being offered five million dollars to star in the new Quentin Tarantino movie. Alexa was also receiving offers to star in movies. Their personal lives were also on the up; they had just celebrated their first anniversary. Alexa was staying with Emma in her London penthouse. It was three a.m. when they entered the penthouse; they had just
spent the night in some of London’s popular nightclubs. Daniel Radclife, who played the title role of Harry Potter, joined them. He knew about the relationship between Emma and Alexa and he didn’t tell anyone since he was a loyal friend to Emma. This touched Alexa as a reward both girls offered to give him a blowjob, he refused since he was already in a strong loving relationship. Alexa carried Emma into the house and threw her on Emma’s king size bed. “Hey, how you’re doing sweetie?” asked Emma in a drunken daze. “Good, thanks for tonight.” Replied Alexa. Emma said, “You know perfectly well the night isn’t over.” With that remark Emma got out of her trousers and her tank top, she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Alexa smiled at her “Let’s go.”

Alexa stripped and went on the bed and kissed Emma full on the lips. Their tongues came together and played with each other. Emma went down to Alexa’s neck then to her chest kissing every inch. Then came her treasured piece, Alexa’s developing breasts. Emma kissed on the breast and took Alexa’s nipple into her mouth, Emma sucked and Alexa was moaning. Emma switched tits and sucked the other nipple. After Emma finished she went down to Alexa stomach where she kissed it, then she went down to her shaved pussy. Emma kissed it and started licking it “Oh Emma fuck my pussy.” Emma smiled at the remark and stuck her tongue out; she then went down and fucked Alexa’s pussy with her tongue. Emma was licking and Alexa was moaning, Emma put two fingers in her mouth and then rammed them in Alexa’s pussy “Oh, I love your fingers hmm.” Emma kept on doing this, and then cum squirted onto Emma’s face, she wiped it and ate. Emma positioned her mouth over Alexa’s pussy and Alexa’s cum came shooting into Emma’s mouth. Emma then went back up to Alexa and kissed her passionately. Emma turned around and was laying on the bed face up with Alexa. At that moment Alexa’s right hand went towards Emma thigh and Alexa caressed it, the hand then found Emma’s pussy and Alexa inserted her finger “Hmm!” moaned Emma, the finger then started to move in and out first slowly and then quickly. Emma screamed “Oh fuck!” Emma’s cum squirted into Alexa’s hand. Alexa took the hand out of Emma’s pussy and she licked it. “You taste good!” Emma laughed at that remark. Both girls looked at each other, their eyes were filled with love. Emma gently caressed Alexa’s face and whispered “God you’re beautiful.” Alexa smiled tenderly at the complement. Alexa moved up close to Emma and whispered “I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Emma responded “You will I promise.” Emma kissed Alexa passionately and both girls fell asleep.

Both girls woke up at 9 a.m.; they got up and walked hand in hand to the living room. When they got there they saw Daniel asleep on the sofa. Emma went towards Dan and woke him up. “Wake up sleepy head!” Dan woke up and said, “Sorry Emma, me and Natalie broke up. Had no other place to go.” “Hey, no worries Dan. Listen I’ll be back in a minute.” Emma went to the bathroom. “What happened kiddo?” asked Alexa “Caught her with another guy.” Alexa answered “Sorry man.” “Its okay, shit happens” responded Dan. “Listen Alexa, I’m invited to the premiere of the new Julia Roberts film, wanna come?” Alexa responded, “Sure, I’d love too.”

It was eleven p.m. Alexa, Emma and Dan were together. Everybody was hanging around Julia Roberts, interviewing her. Julia went to the bathroom, and the girls followed her. Julia instantly recognised them “Hey are you Emma Watson?” asked Julia “Yes, I am.” “Wow, I love the Harry Potter movies, listen can I get an autograph?” Emma was stunned “I should be asking for yours.” Julia laughed at the remark. “So Alexa, what brings you here?” asked Julia “I’m staying with Emma.” Julia noticed that Alexa had her hand on Emma’s ass. “Oh so you are both . . ” Emma replied “Yes we are.” “They keep getting younger” said Julia “Yep, doesn’t bother us.” Replied Emma. At that moment Dan came in “Shit sorry girls I just…” Dan and Julia looked at each other, Alexa and Emma looked at both of them, they smiled. Dan and Julia had the look of love in their eyes. “Sorry!” “No, no problem” Julia said. “Is there a way out of here?” Alexa said.

They arrived back at Emma’s penthouse. Emma and Alexa kissed each other, Julia and Dan smiled. They went towards the sofa “Love sure is funny.” Said Julia “I’m happy for Emma, since she met her, she has been a better person.” Julia and Dan looked at each other, they came close together and they kissed passionately. Alexa is sucking Emma’s nipple when she says “Alex look.” Alexa turns round and sees Daniel on top off Julia, they are kissing, and Daniel is already removing Julia’s straps. “Good for him. Hey lovebirds, wanna join us?” asked Emma “Sure” replied Dan. Alexa and Emma went on one side of the bed and Dan and Julia went on the other side, Emma and Alexa stripped naked. Daniel however took off Julia’s clothes. Julia did the same to Dan when they were naked they went on the bed, Julia and Dan kissed. Dan went all the way down to Julia’s tits and sucked them. Alexa and Emma started to kiss; Emma got her strapon and strapped it on her. Julia looked at the strapon and winked at Emma. Dan was already sucking Julia’s pussy “Oh! That feels so good!” moaned Julia. Emma and Alexa kissed each other and Emma thrusted the dildo in. Alexa moaned as the dildo was fucking her. Dan then inserted his erect penis into Julia’s wet vagina and started to fuck her.

Alexa screamed and came; Emma went down to Alexa’s feet and sucked them. Dan was fucking Julia and Julia was enjoying it. “Oh fuck! That feels so good!” Dan soon ejaculated his load into Julia’s pussy. He lay on top of Julia and kissed her again. Emma finished with Alexa “Hey wanna use the Jacuzzi?” “That would be great.” Responded Julia. “Thanks Emma.” With that remark Julia went up to Emma and kissed her passionately on the lips. “You’re welcome.” Alexa and Emma exchanged places, Alexa took the strapon and tied it around her, and Emma lay on the bed. Alexa and Emma exchanged a quick kiss and Alexa went down to suck Emma’s tits. Julia and Dan were in the hot steaming Jacuzzi. Dan and Julia exchanged a kiss; they held each other in the position “You’re so beautiful.” Said Dan “I’ve heard that before and the last person to say that also told me that he loved me.” “You just haven’t met the right guy.” Replied Dan. “Can I ask you a favour?” “Sure” responded Julia “Can I suck your toes?” “We already have a thing in common, we both have foot fetishes. Well be my guest.” Julia lifted her wet foot; Dan took the foot and started sucking and licking her toes.

Alexa finished sucking Emma’s tits. “Do it.” Alexa inserted the plastic penis into Emma’s vagina. Soon they had a rhythm going “OH! FUCK ME!” Emma screamed. Dan finished with Julia’s feet and now he was sitting on the edge of the tub with his back to the wall, Julia was kneeling in front of him, and she was giving him a blowjob. “That feels so good.” Julia with cock in mouth smiled. The job went on for about ten minutes when Dan’s cum ejaculated into Julia’s mouth, she ate it all up, when she took the cock out of her mouth she licked the head to clear any remains. Dan got back in the tub and kissed Julia romantically.

Cum squirted out of Emma’s pussy and both Emma and Alexa got into a 69 position. Emma licking cum remains of the dildo and Alexa licking Emma’s pussy for cum. Alexa removed the dildo and both girls got into a 69 position. Dan and Julia saw the spectacle. “Does it turn you on?” asked Julia “Yeah it does” answered Daniel “I think our relationship is going fruitful.” Julia looked at Dan, Dan smiled lovingly and Julia was moved. When they finished Emma saw Dan and Julia “Hey guys, I’ve got a spare bedroom two doors down. Help yourselves.” “Thanks! Emma” answered Julia. Both Dan and Julia went into the big bedroom and simply fell asleep in each other’s arms. Emma and Alexa also fell asleep with Alexa in her arms. Emma smiled to herself, she was happy with Alexa and she made her best friend happy.

It was seven a.m. and Emma got up to get a glass of water, a naked Julia also got up for the same reason “Is she still asleep?” whispered Julia “Yeah, so do you like him?” whispered Emma “I think I’m in love with him.” “That’s fantastic” replied Emma “Have you ever had the hot’s for girls?” asked Julia. “Not always. That’s until I met Alexa. She and I hated each other, but one night a year ago we revealed our true feelings and we started seeing each other.” “Do you think Alexa is the one?” asked Julia “I feel that she is. That’s why I’m going to ask her to marry me.” Julia was shocked “That’s great, you two are a cute couple. But is it legal?” “Sure it is. It is also legal for women in their thirties to have sex with sixteen year old boys.” Julia was surprised “That’s funny because in America I would be arrested for child molesting. Listen congratulations. I wanna be there when Dan wakes up. Listen Emma thank you.” “It was an honour to help out a friend.” “I think Dan is lucky to have a friend like you.” Both girls kissed each other on the cheek and they both went back to their bedrooms, happily.

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