Country Cunts: Dolly Parton

Country Cunts: Dolly Parton

By ASp1

I grabbed Miss Parton and through her on the couch, the busty older woman sat up and began to unzip my pants. She pulled down my fly and gasped at my fat 8” cock. he full round lips kissed my swollen man hood while I pulled of my dirty T-shirt. Her tong licked up and down my big shaft, wile her fingers teased my tense balls. Then she took me into her mouth, my rod was so wide, she could barley wrap her mouth around it. It felt so good when she began to bob and suck o me.

I bent over, and unzipped the back of the singer’s dress. She let the strapless gown fall from her
body, revealing her full incredible tit’s. She rubbed the head of my dick against her big swollen nipples, and sighed. I slid my cock between her big tits, and could feel the pre-jack lubricating her skin. I watched as she slipped her fingers into her panties and started playing with herself..

I got down on my knees and tore the crotch out of Dolly’s panties. She was so wet, and I was amazed at how petty and tight her pussy looked. I took a finger and began to pump her wet snatch, slowly at fist, gradually going faster and faster. The busty singer started to moan loudly, and pinch at her nipples. She looked so hot, touching herself, but I was nervous she might wake up her husband with her groans. God I wanted her bad.

“Oh fuck me please.” groaned the older woman as I took hold of her massive tit’s “I need to feel that hard young cock in my pussy.”

I pulled the country singer off the couch and bent her face down onto it’s cushions. I got behind her and slipped my cock into her wet snatch. He remarkably tight pussy clung to my rod like a vacuum, and I began to pump her. Dolly reached back between her firm thighs, and garbed my balls. She squeezed them and ordered me to pump faster. I wanted to cum, but the way she had me by my ball mad me unable to.

I turned Dolly over, and began kissing her all over her bare chest and belly. She squealed and groaned, as I slipped my cock into her wet pussy once more. She though her head from side to side, and screamed out, as I pumped her harder and harder. She warped her firm legs around me, and flipped me onto my back. Soon Dolly was on top riding my rod, she ground on me like no one had ever done before. She was fucking like a lonely house wife, her husband must have been a real neglectful ass hole.

“Oh god!” screamed Dolly as I gripped her sweaty tit’s, “I’m going to cum.”

Reaching around the climaxing star grabbed my hairy balls one again. This time to make sure I didn’t cum first. Then I felt her tiny Body shapely body tremble as her orgasm hit, she screamed and I could feel her barring down with her lower bell muscles. The singer collapsed off of me and fell to the floor. I knelt up, and lifted her limp leg so I could stick my cock in her again.

“More.” she commented with a tired smile, “ Your a machine.”

I smiled, and began to pump Miss Parton for a third time. She lifted her head with a look of ecstasy on her face. I could see the sweat running down her firm body as I lifted her leg strait into the air. She began to grunt and I could feel her body jerking again. Dolly flopped around, like a fish out of water as I began to increase my pussy pounding pace. I felt my cock head start to tingle, so I pulled out my cock and dropped my load onto her big tits. Suddenly their was a loud bang, and a lamp exploded. I tuned to see Dolly husband standing in the hallway with a shot gun.

“Get the fuck off my wife.” she said, as he reloaded.

I garbed my pant’s and headed for the door. In seconds I was in my pick-up, and on my way down the inset. I would never forget my day with Dolly Parton. My first encounter with a Country Cunt.

The End.

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