Country Cunts III: Faith Hill

Country Cunts III: Faith Hill (MMM/F, Cons, anal, oral )

Me and the guys had been hired by Tim McGraw to build the house of his and wife Faith Hill’s dreams. The work had been going well, and Tim was a great guy. He paid us better then scale, and would often come by on our lunch just to hang out. On afternoon, while we were eating, Tim’s car pulled up beside the construction site. To our suprise Mr. McGraw didn’t get out of the vehicle. Instead, his beautiful wife stepped out of the drivers side.

Joe, Mac, and I all stood up to great the singer. She was wearing overalls and a white T-shirt. She’d even put
on a hard hat and work shoes. She looked pretty good, allot better then Mac or Joe ever did in those outfits. To my suprise, she walked over to me and told me that she’d talked to some friends, and learned of my escapades. I felt my face go warm, and my cock stiffen.

“Why don’t you and your friends show me where the bed room will be?” requested taking my arm.

We got up to where the master bedroom would be upon compellation, and that’s where it began. Faith knelt down on the floor in font of me and unzipped my pant’s. She pulled down my faded jeans, and pulled my cock out of my boxers. As she stroked my stiffening rod, I saw Joe and Mac stripping out of their dirty work close. The two of them were already rock hard and ready give Miss Hill a good hard fuck. ..“Look at all this meat,” said Faith as my freinds flanked her, “ it’s a good thing I didn’t have lunch yet.”

The sexy singer took me into her mouth, while grasping Mac and Joes’s big cock’s in her hands. Her full lips felt so good wraped arouned my stiff knob that my kneas became weak. My friends groaned as she jerked thier cocks with slow steady strokes, I couldn’t beleave she was going to do all three of us. I started to feel bad because Tim was a pretty good guy, but those feeling passed when she started to hum with my man-hood in her mouth.

Joe was the next to get head from Miss Hill, and while she continued to jerk Mac’s rod I started to undress her. I pulled down her overalls, and discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties. I pulled her T-shirt over her head, and began to fondle her smal perky tits. Her body was so lean and firm, I could feel every muscle in her torso. She groaned as I tweacked and sucked her stiff nipples. She was realy into sucking Mac’s cock, it was even bigger then Joe’s or mine . She was extreamly horny, like she hadn’t been fucked for a year, though I dought that was the case.

We all foun ourselves naked, and touching Faith in some way. The country star was on her back, sucking my balls, while Mac was eating her pussy, and Joe was playing with her feet. Joe liked feet, he sucked her tose and caressed every inch of her foot. When he

stroked her deep arches, Faith laughed, and tried to kick him. She must have been ticklish, and Joe was even more turned on by it. The laughter grew, and we all picke a part to tickle, I pined her shoulders down and gently stroked her armpits, while Mac began to tickle her sides. The helpless woman screamed and laughed, begging for mercy.

“Please stop!” she laughed, “I wana be fucked to death not tickled to death.”

We eventualy let Faith up, and she got on her hands and kneas. I got behined her and trusted my cock into her wet snatch. She shreiked as I started to bang her pussy, witch was pretty tight considering she’d had a couple of kids. My co-workers, stood infront of Miss Hill, and the stunning woman took turns sucking them off. She would swithch from on to the other, bringing one to the edge before going back to another. I could see her boddy trembling, and she screamed out as I started to pump her faster, slaming my salomy into her like a mad man. I motioned to Joe, who nodded an took my place.

Faith sat up and stratled Joe’s member, his 9” or so of Mexacan meat sliped into the singer snatch, and she began to ride him facing away from him. She leaned back a little, and screamed out as his cock head rubed her g-spot. The horny singer sucked my with all she had, while Mac waited his turn to fuck her. He asked if he could bang her ass, witch Miss Hill agreed to, as long as he was careful. Soon Faith was screeming her lungs out, as she rode my rod, with Mac’s stuffed in her ass. I could feel her bearring down, as her climax bilt with in her snatch.

Oh god, that feel awsome, fuck me harder guys.” she demanded.

I could see her stroking and sucking Joe like a possed whoer. Suddenly Joe let out a grunt, and Faith wraped her lips tightly around his dong. I watched her throught, and smilled as I saw it gulping down my friends load. Next I heared Mac informing the group that he was ready, just befor pulling out. Faith sighted as he shot his wad on her ass. All eyes were on me, as I pumped furiosly, causing the wet singer reach orgasm. Her beautiful voice was music to my ears. I told her to get of my, and I jerked my loud onto her flat ripled stomach.

The End

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