Country Cunts II: Shania Twain

Country Cunts II : Shania Twain

By ASp1

I had just finished putting up the stage for Shania Twain’s consort, scheduled for that evening. Me an the boys were on our way out of the arena, when a limo pulled up out front. We were walking past it when the tinted window rolled down, and a gloved feminine hand motioned for me to approach. When I reached the back door, the window rolled up and the door opened. I got into the vehicle and was stunned to fined the Canadian country Diva stripped down to her bra and panties, her long leather gloves, and knee high stiletto boots were the only other garments she wore. She looked
like a total slut, and my cock was hard as ever.

“Are you ____?” she asked, “Dolly told me all about you that’s why I requested your company put up my stage.”

I climbed into the back seat with her, and could hear my construction buddy’s chanting my name as I got in. right away the horny singer jumped on top of me, and started to claw at my neck, and slipping her tong into my ear. She tore open my shirt and began to play with my chest. Shania’s firm ass began to grind on me like a lap dance. God bless Dolly for such a great review of my performance.

As the limo drove off, I heard the sun roof open. Miss Twain stood up and slid her panties to the side. I leaned forward and began to lick her trim pussy. It wasn’t clean shaven like Dolly’s had been, but it tasted just as robust with flavor. I could hear the singer groaning, as the limo stooped at a read light. People walking on the street began to chant her name and clap. I felt something soft drop onto my head, and discovered that she’d removed her bra. Her perky little tits jiggled as the vehicle started up a gain, and she drooped down into my lap.

“Wow, what a naught tong you have.” Shania said, “Let me show you what I can do.”

The singer slid off my lap, to the left, and laid down on the leather seat. She unzipped my pants, and pulled out my throbbing “lady killer”. She nuzzled my tool with her nose, getting pre-cum on her cheek. She looked so sleazy rubbing my cock on her face, I couldn’t wait to fuck her. She opened her mouth, and engulfed my balls, sucking all the day’s sweat out of my pubic hair. I ran my fingers through her long auburn hair and groaned my appreciation. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, first one country star, and now another.

Shania ran her wicked tong up and down my shaft, and soon took my meat into her mouth. Her head slowly began to bob up and down on my dick, she slurped and licked my cock head like the teasing slut she is. Miss Twain knew exactly what a man needed in a blow job, bringing me to the edge and then going back to licking my balls again. Then she got on her hands and knees and tuned around. I kneeled behind her and slipped my cock
into her hot cunt. Unlike Dolly, Shane had been getting fucked regularly by her husband. She wasn’t as tight as Miss Parton had been, but she was still and great fuck. I could barley keep up with her. She slamed her back end intome like a bitch in heat.

“Oh god yes!” she screamed moments latter, “Put it in my ass, he never puts it in my ass.”

Never one to Deny a lady, or a tramp, anything sexually, I pulled my rod out of her wet snatch, and slipped it in to her ass. Shania wasn’t kidding, her ass was so tight I doubt her husband had ever fucked it. What an incredible waist of buttocks, and did the singer ever love it. She screamed so loud I thought she might not be able to perform that night. She even began to slam her ass into my, so she could get it even harder.

“Oh Yes!” she screamed, reaching back to rub her pussy, “I’m cumming!” she announced, “don’t stop, please don’t stop!”

The beautiful woman’s sweaty body fell off the seat and onto the floor of the limo. She knelt up and sighed at the sight of my still stiff member. The tired singer pored some vodka (from the cars liquor cabinet) and then began to suck on me again. Shania could suck cock like nobody I knew. She knelt up and wrapped her tits around my dick, Miss Twain bent her head back and I shot my big hot load on her chin and neck. A pearl necklace for the Canadian Queen of Country Cunts.

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