Country Fantasies

Warning: The following is a complete work of fiction. None of this is real. If you think it’s real, you’re mistaken. None of the women within – LeAnn Rimes, Jessica Andrews, Lila McCann, Chely Wright, Jaime O’Neal, Gretchen Wilson, and Ashley Judd have ever done anything like anything presented in this story. So if you don’t like any of them stop reading. If you’re opposed to any of the codes you saw earlier, stop reading. If you’re opposed to the idea that Big & Rich aren’t gay, stop reading. They don’t actually appear in this story (nor will they ever appear in a TRL story) but they ARE gay. Just thought everyone should know. Enjoy the story!!!!

LeAnn Rimes laughed and took another shot – her third in the last fifteen minutes, easily – and smiled as Gretchen Wilson continued her story.

“So, here I am, no pants, no panties, and only my T-shirt to cover my ass, running around this guy’s house looking for my purse while trying to avoid his parents. Sure enough, as soon as I find it, they walk right in on me as I’m bending over, my snatch smiling up at them for the whole world to see.”

Jamie O’Neal snorted in laughter, taking another drink of her beer. “What’d you do?”

“What could I do?” Gretchen asked. “I smiled at them, complimented the mother on her towels, and ran out of the house. I drove home, swearing I’d never speak to the guy again.”

“Did you?” Jessica Andrews asked.

“Are you kidding?” Gretchen said. “I fucked him the very next night.”

All the girls laughed at that, and LeAnn found herself thinking what a wonderful idea this had been.

It wasn’t so much a party as it was a simple get together. A chance for some girls who worked in the same business to get to know each other a little better. So far, things had gone fantastically. All the girls were down to their underwear as the alcohol kept flowing, and LeAnn knew that since to topic had changed to sex, it wouldn’t be too long before some of the girls switched from talking about sex to having sex with each other.

Lesbian sex was, of course, LeAnn’s reason for throwing the party. Ever since she and Jessica Andrews had gone to that party at Faith Hill’s house almost two years ago, LeAnn had been fantasizing about getting together with more of Country Music’s finest sex symbols, and fucking them senseless. Jessica wasn’t quite as fond of the idea – she seemed to actually have some really deep feelings about LeAnn – but was happy to go along with it for LeAnn.

Right now, LeAnn wore a bright red bra and matching thong, complete with a wrap-around sarong that covered her ass. She didn’t mind showing off her ass, but the chair she was sitting in was leather, and she didn’t want to start sticking to it.

Next to her, clad in a robin’s egg blue babydoll sat Jessica. Her dark hair had grown out some, but she still oozed an innocent sex appeal that LeAnn couldn’t resist. Whenever they got together, LeAnn made a point of fucking her good friend, despite the fact that LeAnn was married. Jessica did seem to have a serious crush on LeAnn, but she let LeAnn play the field, and that was more than LeAnn dared hope for from such a close friend and lover.

Next to Jessica, wearing probably the most conservative outfit of the bunch, sat Lila McCann. Lila might not have had an album out in a while, but she was still a bit of a fan favorite. She sat around the table right now clad in shorts and a tight fitting t-shirt that stretched across her chest like saran wrap.

Beside Lila sat Chely Wright. Chely wore a simple black camisole top with matching lace boyshorts that clung to her shapely ass perfectly. LeAnn had been lusting after Chely for a long time, but had never had the opportunity to get the brunette singer into bed. She hoped to change that tonight.

Jamie O’Neal sat on the other side of Chely, wearing a black bra and red and white stripped panties, Jamie looked the most casual of the bunch. Prior to her FHM shoot earlier in the year, LeAnn would never have picked Jamie to be quite the exhibitionist, but she’d been the second girl to strip down that night, and now sat chugging beers like a pro. LeAnn thought she could probably score Jamie right then and there, if the other girls weren’t sitting around them. Then, again, looking at Jamie’s erect nipples, even they might not be a problem.

Finally, sitting between LeAnn and Jamie was Gretchen Wilson. Gretchen was country music’s biggest new female star – and it showed in how she acted. A year ago, LeAnn would’ve written Gretchen off as a one-hit-wonder, but she’d pulled four top ten hits out of her less-than-stellar album (in LeAnn’s opinion), and had become a “Red Neck Sex Symbol.” LeAnn might not have liked the woman too much, but she had a hot body, and seemed more than willing to show it off, as her ripped wife-beater and black thong panties proved. And, it seemed Gretchen had no problem with sticking to the leather seats.

“Okay, okay,” Jamie said, taking another long pull on her beer. “Next question. When was the last time you each masturbated?”

“Last weekend,” Lila said, blushing.

“About a month ago,” LeAnn said, “But, then again, I’ve been getting some just about every night, so I’m good.”

“Two days ago,” Jessica admitted, holding up her hand.

“That beats me,” Chely said. “I did it three nights ago.”

Jamie smiled. “I did it last night.”

“I did it this morning,” Gretchen said. Everyone laughed. “What?” Gretchen asked. “I woke up horny, had some time on my hands, and decided to use it.”

“Didn’t you say earlier that you got laid last night?” Jamie asked.

“I did. I sent him home when I was done, and then jilled myself off this morning. I like orgasms. What can I say?”

“I doubt you get any argument from any of us,” LeAnn said, smiling.

“Your turn, Gretchen,” Chely said. “Ask a question.”

Gretchen thought for a long moment. “Ever had sex with a married man?” she asked after a moment.

“Does my husband count?” LeAnn asked.


The whole table shook their heads.

“Oh, come on!” Gretchen said. “I can’t be the only one! I am so not the biggest slut at this table!”

“Sure looks like you are,” Lila said.

“Okay, wise-ass,” Gretchen said. “Ask a question.”

Lila thought for a long moment. “What’s your favorite sexual fantasy.”

“Ooh, this ought to be good,” Jessica said, smiling.

“Why don’t we start with you, Gretchen?” LeAnn said.

“Getting the best out of the way early?” Gretchen asked.

Jamie snorted. “You wish.”

“C’mon, Gretchen,” Lila said. “Tell your fantasy.”

“Fine,” Gretchen said, taking another long pull on her beer. “But when all of you look like little girls getting their first wet dreams, don’t blame me.

* * *

Gretchen’s Fantasy:

You name it, and I’ve probably done it when it comes to sex. I’m not a slut, but I know what I like, and that’s orgasms. I’ve never been shy about wanting sex, and I expect to be the same way when the good Lord calls my name years from now.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have fantasies. A girl’s got to think about something when touching herself, and that thing might as well be rather nasty. After all, who wants to think about doing it missionary position with your boyfriend when you’re all alone? That’s boring! I need something with a little more spice to keep me horny until I can finish the job, understand?

I have a bit of a fetish for exhibition. Nothing too huge, really, just a little bit here and there. I wear my tops a little too low, same with my jeans. When I do wear skirts – a rare day there – I wear them short enough that I really shouldn’t bend over. Almost all my panties are thongs, and I go commando more often than not.

I like the idea of people thinking I’m sexy, and what’s more, I like the idea of people thinking I’m having sex. When I was younger – not that I’m old now – but when I was younger, an old boyfriend of mine dared me to run down the street in the middle of the night without my clothes on. I did him one better than the bra and panty show he thought he was getting – I stripped buck naked and jogged down the street – right past the three different cars that came down the street. I’m not ashamed of my body, and I get turned on knowing people are looking at me.

My favorite fantasy revolves around that fact. See, after I ran down the street naked that night, I pulled my boyfriend into the bushes and gave him his first blowjob. Nothing special – I’d done a dozen of them by then, but his wasn’t anything new or exciting. Except the entire time, I was naked, and my rear end was visible from the street. I knew that if anyone came along, they’d be able to see my bare ass, and could discover me giving my boyfriend head.

Ever since that night, I’ve loved having sex in public. But what I really want to do, what I dream about doing when I fuck myself, is having sex for an audience.

Now, I don’t mean having another guy or two in the room, and I don’t mean threesomes – I’ve done both. I don’t even mean having sex for a video camera. I’ve done that, too, though I made sure the idiot I fucked destroyed the tape.

No, when I finger myself, or use my vibrator, or even that wonderful little butt plug I’ve got, I dream about being up on stage, completely naked, while a stadium’s worth of people watch me on large video screens. And I want to hear them cheer as I get fucked in every hole I have.

It starts out with me coming out on stage in just my underwear. Nothing fancy, just bright red bra and thong. I’d wave to the crowd, dance about a bit to some music, and then slowly strip out of my underwear. As my tits come into view, the crowd roars, and I spend a few moment touching them, fondling them, getting my nipples nice and hard.

When I’m good and pointy, I turn my rear end towards the crowd and slide my panties down my legs, slowly stepping out of them. I let the crowd and the cameras get a real good look at my ass before I stand back up, and slowly turn around. I can feel the cheers wash over me as my bald crotch comes into view, and I just know the crowd is loving it. They all want me. The men, the women, the children. They all want to fuck me, but better yet, they all want to see me get fucked.

I dance around naked for a bit, touching my breasts, rubbing my legs and my ass, but avoiding my sweet spot, driving the crowd mad. I let them feast their eyes on my naked body, drinking up just how hot I am. And then, I motion off stage for the first of my assistants.

I have several assistants for this show – hot boys and girls dressed in next to nothing, ready to bring what I need to get myself off. It’s important to have all the help you need. My first assistant is a beautiful blonde girl named Kelly. She brings me my first prop – a tube of baby oil. Kelly doesn’t wear anything more than a gold bikini, and she opens the tube and helps me coat my entire body in the glistening stuff. It’s a wonderful feeling to have her knead the stuff into my bare ass, while I massage my own tits, really working the stuff into my skin.

The crowd, of course, loves it. Can’t get enough of Kelly doing my legs and arms and ass. Can’t get enough of my rubbing my own breasts, making my tits glisten in the lights. The cheer and cry, demanding more. And so, with a quick little kiss on the cheek, I send Kelly off, and start dancing again.

This time I dance as lewdly as I can, constantly touching myself. I use one of my own songs – probably ‘I’m Here For The Party,’ it goes along with the party theme I’ve got going on. Sometimes, when I’m actually on stage, I think about my fantasy when I’m singing. Makes my nipples hard.

Anyway, as the song ends, I’m spread out on the stage, the crowd screaming for more, more, more! God, they all want me. They NEED me. And if I don’t get fucked soon, I just might throw myself into the crowd to get off.

So, I motion for my next assistant – a huge, bodybuilder type named George. George is nothing but muscles, and his little speedo barely covers his biggest muscle. I playfully pat his package as George brings out my next prop – a large, padded nurses table – you know, the type with the stirrups. George, bless his hot ass, helps me up into the thing, and then spreads my legs. The camera above me shines down directly into my crotch, showing my most private ares to the entire crowd – and they love it.

George lets me display myself for several long minutes before he gets down on his knees. This puts his head right into my crotch. And he starts licking.

Ooh, I can feel my pussy quiver just thinking about how good his tongue is, and in my fantasy, the crowd urges him on. “Lick! Lick! Lick!” they scream, demanding that he give me pleasure with his mouth. The camera pulls out and shows my hands feeling my breasts, squeezing the flesh, pulling the nipples, adding to my own pleasure. The camera pans up more, and shows my face, contorted with pleasure, as I moan and cry with every lick George gives me.

I motion for more assistants – Kelly comes back with Crystal, both blonde beauties in gold bikinis, and they instantly start sucking on my nipples. I don’t know if any of you have ever had your nipples sucked by a woman, but let me tell you, it feels fantastic. And my two little assistants do it better than anyone else.

The crowd roars with happiness as I get closer and closer to climax, but all my assistants know it’s way too early for me to cum.

So when I get close, they all stop, and my fourth and final assistant comes in. Ted. Ted is a tall, powerful man with an eleven inch penis. This is where you can tell I’m talking fantasy, because no man I’ve ever met has had an eleven inch penis, and I’ve measured plenty of cocks in my day. But my beloved Ted has one – it’s so big and so erect, the boxers he’s wearing can’t hold it in – the top is spilling out of his trunks like a snake.

Ted steps between my legs, and Crystal pulls down his shorts, exposing his entire length to the crowd.

They all gasp in shock, amazed at his length.

And then he slowly starts to tease me with the edge of his cock. He runs his head up and down either side of my pussy, never getting close to entering it. He brushes it past my clit, sending a shiver through my body. But he won’t enter me. Not until I beg for it.

The microphone near my head picks it up clearly, and broadcasts it to the entire stadium.


With that, Ted shoves his penis inside me, filling me instantly.

And I scream in happy delight. Slowly, Ted pulls out, letting me savor the sensation of his cock inside me before he pushes back in.

The crowd loves it. Some of them are getting naked, and fucking each other with no concern to who their partners were. Wives fuck strangers in front of their husbands. Men slide their dicks up other men’s asses. Women finger their own daughters.

But none of them can look away from what’s happening to me.

Because I’m getting fucked, and fucked properly.

Ted is an expert. He starts slow, but builds up a speed that I can’t match. At first, I tried to push back on him as he fucked me, but as he gets faster, I just give in and lie there, letting him fuck me senseless. His cock is so big, and he shoves so much of it inside me. Finally, I just can’t take any more. Finally, I give in. Finally, I lose it.

“FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” I scream as I cum, gushing like I never have before, all for the camera.

The crowd explodes, many of them climaxing with me, their joy and excitement gushing out like a man blowing his load all over the stadium. It feels wonderful, and that’s usually when I climax on my own fingers, thinking about it.

Sometimes that’s enough. I don’t need to think about anything else. And sometimes, it’s not Ted, but George who fucks me – George is only ten inches long, but much wider. And some times, I have Kelly or Crystal fuck me with a strap on.

And sometimes, when I’m really going at it, one of my assistants fucks my ass. When I think about that, I stick one of my butt plugs up my ass, and I really go to town. I’ve had this fantasy ever since I made it big, and if such a thing were legal, you bet I’d do it. I can’t imagine anything sexier.

* * *

Gretchen smiled at the rest of the guests. “Beat that, Bitches.”

“That’s it?” LeAnn yawned.

“That’s it?” Grethcen said. “Don’t tell me you aren’t all wet just hearing it! Christ, I know I am!”

“God, doing it in front of a stadium full of people,” Jessica said. “That’s not sexy, it’s scary!”

“Scary? You’re all a bunch a liars!” Gretchen said. “I see your nipples hard right now, Chely Wright! That top don’t hide those suckers!”

Chely’s face went a bit white as she looked down at her black cami top, where, sure enough, her nipples were poking through rather well.

“And don’t go saying it’s cold in here,” Gretchen said.

“Fine, I’m horny,” Chely admitted. “But your story isn’t what made me that way.”

“Bullshit,” Gretchen said. “If my story didn’t turn you on, what did?”

“MY fantasy turned me on,” Chely said definatly.

“Your fantasy?” Gretchen asked. “You think you can top mine?”

“Easily,” Chely said.

“Well, don’t just sit there,” LeAnn said. “Tell us your fantasy, Chely. What really gets you going?”

* * *

Chely’s Fantasy

My all time favorite fantasy isn’t as out and out raunchy as Gretchen’s, but I’ve never had a problem getting off on it when I’m alone at night. And I’m alone at night a lot. Maybe that fact is why I have this fantasy a lot.

See, I have no problem finding men who want to sleep with me. And I have no problem bringing them backstage and letting them sleep with me. I’ve had more than my fair share of men in my career, and I don’t regret sleeping with any one of them.

I regret that when I fucked them, I rarely have an orgasm. Maybe it’s just me, but men so rarely get me off. I almost always have to finish the job myself. I honestly think some days that life would just be better if men knew how to touch a woman like a woman knows how to touch herself.

So, whenever I feel the need to get myself off – and that’s pretty often after I’ve had sex with a man – I always imagine it’s another woman touching me.

My fantasy always starts in a sauna or steam room. It’s hot and hazy, and I’m just lying there, naked except for a towel. I’ve been there a long time, and I’m just starting to relax. Suddenly, the door opens, and in walks another woman in a towel. I never see her face, but I know she’s beautiful. She’s got a soft voice and skin the color of caramel. She sits down next to me, and compliments me on my legs. She says she wishes she had legs that nice.

I, of course, tell her she’s mistaken. She has wonderful legs – perfectly shaped and toned, without so much as a flaw on them. She thanks me, and we sit quietly for a long moment. Then she asks me if she can take her towel off – she prefers to be naked in the steam. I tell her to go ahead, and she stands up right in front of me and drops her towel to the floor.

Her body is perfect. Her breasts are high and firm, clearly real but large – C-cup, maybe even D-cup. She’s shaved down below, and I can see her pussy lips. They’re puffy and wet, and I suspect it’s not from the steam.

She sits back down without a word, and we soak up more steam. My mind can’t get off her body, her breasts, her wet pussy lips. Then, suddenly, her hands are on my shoulders. She tells me to lie down – she’ll give me a massage. I accept happily. She throws open my towel as I lay down, and soon her hands are on the bare skin of my back, kneading the flesh expertly.

I tell her she has a wonderful touch as she works all the kinks out of me. She thanks me and works lower, concentrating on the small of my back. Soon I’m nearly falling asleep. Between the heat and steam, and the feel of her hands roaming over my body – she’s done both my legs and my arms now – I’m lost in relaxing pleasure.

And then her hands touch my ass. At first it’s clearly innocent – she’s just massaging my rear end, just like the rest of me. Then her fingers start to travel into my crack, teasing my slightly. She asks me if she should stop. I shake my head. Don’t stop, I tell her. Don’t stop. I’m all yours.

And then her finger touches my pussy lips. I coo in response as she slowly, ever so slowly, runs her finger over the length of my pussy, never entering, just teasing the outside. I shiver in response. Compared to all the men who’ve manhandled my crotch, this touch is heavenly.

When her hand goes away, I cry out. She calms me quickly, and then orders me to roll over. Without hesitation, I roll over onto my back, exposing my naked body to her. She smiles down at my through the steam, and though I still can’t see her beautiful face, I know she likes what she sees.

Soon her hand is back, touching my legs and stomach all around my crotch. She can tell I’m craving her touch on my pussy, but she purposely ignores it. Instead, her hands work their way up to my breasts, and soon she has one in each hand. I love it when my breasts are played with, and my new lover knows that. She teases the nipples and squeezes my breasts like she’s testing a melon for ripeness. Then, slowly, she leans down, and takes my right nipple into her mouth.

I almost climax right there. As it is, I feel like I’m in heaven as she continues to kiss and suck my breasts, switching between nipples every so often. I feel her breasts pressed against my stomach, and I love the feeling – there’s something so erotic about feeling a pair of hard nipples pressed against your bare stomach.

My lover starts to slowly kiss her way down my stomach, her fingers trailing behind to play with my nipples just a bit more before she arrives at my bellybutton. Kissing that, her hands jump ahead to arrive at my crotch first. Finally, finally, she starts to touch my pussy lips again.

I cry out in pleasure, but she hushes me – as if we might get caught inside my fantasy sauna. I quiet down, and then, when I think things can’t get better, she slowly inserts a finger into me. At first it feels like a tiny penis – lord knows I’ve had enough of them – but then she starts to curl it, to stroke the inside of my most private of spots, and suddenly I realize just how wonderful it is to be touched by someone who knows what they’re doing.

She shocks me next by sticking a second finger into me. Now it’s like having a small, but decently thick penis inside me, and I start to feel my body really react. I was wet before, but now I’m really starting to flow. I’m loving every sensation, and my body works to make it easier and easier for me to enjoy what’s going on. Whenever she pulls her fingers out of me, they’re coated with my juices, and I feel hotter and wetter than I’ve ever been in my life.

My lover seems to be enjoying herself, too, because she keeps moaning and giggling as she drives me wild. At one point, she says something about how wonderful it is to take Chely Wright’s lesbian virginity. I don’t know how to respond to that other than to edge closer and closer to orgasm.

I’m so close now. I can practically taste my orgasm, I’m so ready to cum. But my lover must know what I’m feeling, because just when I think I can’t take any more, she pulls out of me. I cry out, feeling like my whole life is crashing around me because her fingers are no longer in me. I look up at her, wondering what she’s doing.

And then she bends over between my legs, and with a nasty little smile on her face, she gives my pussy one good, long lick.

And I explode. My orgasm sends me sprawling, nearly falling off the bench. I feel like my entire body has turned to mush, melting into pure bliss as my juices gush out of me. I lose track of time, of my breathing, even my thoughts. I just exist in sexual bliss, having the best orgasm of my life.

That’s usually where my fantasy ends, but sometimes I let it go further. Sometimes, my lover gives me a second orgasm by eating me out for real this time. Sometimes her fingers return to me pussy. Sometimes, she even invites a friend in to help her get me off again.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t think of anything sexier than being seduced by another woman.

* * *

“That’s it?” Gretchen Wilson asked, clearly not impressed.

“That’s it?” Jamie O’Neal shot back at Gretchen. “Christ, girl, I’m wet just hearing that.”

“So Chely wants to go lesbo. Give me another drink or two, and I’ll lez her up right now.”

LeAnn made a mental note to keep that in mind. She was about to suggest Gretchen do just that when Jessica Andrews spoke up.

“I don’t know, Gretchen, I think Chely’s was a lot more erotic than yours. It was exciting and mysterious. I’m with Jamie – I’m turned on just hearing that.”

Chely shot Gretchen a satisfied smile.

“Oh, what do you know, girl,” Gretchen muttered, taking another long pull on her beer. “You’re probably still a virgin.”

“I don’t think so,” Jessica and LeAnn said at the same time. Only Chely seemed to pick up that LeAnn had spoke, though, because Gretchen was already tearing into Jessica.

“Fine then, girl, what’s YOUR fantasy? Doing it in a Princess castle? Maybe with Brad Pitt? Or Keith Urban?”

“Hardly,” Jessica said.

* * *

Jessica’s Fantasy

My Fantasy is more like Chely’s than Gretchen’s, but that’s no surprise. In my fantasy, I get taken by a real cowboy. Not one of these crappy country music wannabes who throw a hat on and pretend they can ride a horse, like Gretchen’s friends Big & Rich. No, I’m talking about a real cowboy, who’s spent his life working on a ranch and driving cattle.

My fantasy cowboy is big – bigger than six feet tall. He’s got hard, workers hands that have clearly toiled their entire life. He had broad shoulders, and two or three days worth of growth on his face. He has brown hair, and a butt that looks wonderful in blue jeans.

I’m not me in my fantasy. I’m a lonely little housewife on a prairie in the old west, wearing one of those fabulous dresses that you see in the movies – you know, the checkerboard patterned old school marm types. Mine is light blue, and is scrunched tight against my hips, emphasizing the size of my waits and breasts, despite the fact that the dress barely shows any skin at all.

I first meet my cowboy when I’m out putting up the wet laundry one sunny morning in the middle of summer. I spot him as he rides over the hill. My family is away, leaving just me behind to tend the chores. Or perhaps I don’t even have a family in my fantasy. Either way, it’s just me, and I happily wave to him as he approaches, thinking it will be nice to have some company for a change.

I finish hanging up the wet clothes and head over to the road, getting there just as he approaches.

“Howdy, Ma’am,” he says to me in a deep, rich voice.

“Howdy yourself,” I respond. “Have you been on the road long?”

“A couple of months,” he says to me, looking at me with a strange half-smile. “I haven’t seen a woman as fine as you since I left Charleston.”

“Thank you,” I say, smiling at him, thinking his compliment harmless. “But if you’ve been on the road so long, you must be dreadfully tired. Would you care to come in for a spell. I can offer you a warm lunch and cool water.”

“Much obliged, Ma’am,” he says, getting down off his horse. This is where I first notice how fine his rear end is.

I take him inside, and feed him. He has a mighty appetite, polishing off an entire loaf of bread and a full slice of ham.

“My, how long has it been since you’ve had a good meal?” I ask, marveling at him eating. His eyes haven’t left me since he got into the house.

“A few weeks,” he says. “I’ve been living off jerky and the occasional rabbit I’ve managed to shoot.”

“How awful,” I tell him. “Are you still hungry?” I asked, thinking to offer him more food.

“I am,” he tells me as he stands up from the table. “But not for food.”

“Not for food?” I ask as he approaches me. “Whatever do you mean?”

“My appetite runs towards something other than food,” he tells me as he stands before me. He’s so tall, and I’m so small, he seems to fill my entire view.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you are talking about,” I say, secretly marveling at how broad his chest is.

“As I said, you’re the finest looking woman I’ve seen since Charleston,” he says as he grabs my arms in those powerful hands of his.

“I’ll ask you to let me go,” I say to him, trying to get out of his grip.

“I think not,” he says to me, pulling me up off my feet. “I’m hungry for something only a woman can give me, and I intend to get it.”

I try to kick him, but he laughs and holds me out at arms length, carrying me through the house. Soon, we reach my bedroom, and he throws me to the bed. I scream as I land, but he is on top of me before I can so much as catch my breath.

His hands reach my neck, and for a scant moment, I fear he’s going to throttle me. But instead, he grabs the high collar of my dress and rips it open. Fabric tears like spider webs, and as I scream he exposes my breasts to the open air.

I raise my arms, fully intent on hitting him, but he grabs them both in one of his mighty hands and pins them to the bed above my head. I scream again as he leans in and sucks one of my breasts into his mouth, licking the nipple as he does so.

I feel the heat between my legs spike as he sucks and bites my nipples, licking and groping my breasts. For it’s been a long time since I felt the kind of pleasure only a man can give a woman. And, whether I want it or not, I’m about to get it.

With his free hand, my cowboy slaps my face, sending me reeling on the bed. As I struggle to cope with the hit, he removes his shirt. I turn back to see the most perfectly chiseled chest I’ve ever seen. Here’s a man who’s toiled and worked his body into the perfect specimen of man, and I can only imagine how the rest of him looks without his clothes on.

He towers above me again, this time reaching down and ripping my dress all the way off my body. I scream, and try to cover my nudity with my hands, but once more he scoops my wrists up in one of his massive palms and lifts them above my body. This time, he bends down, and his tongue finds my crotch.

He finds it warm and wet, for despite my fear, I am all but oozing sexual need. And what’s more, he knows it. He starts to lick me, penetrating my slit with his tongue and sucking on my clit. One of his fingers on his free hand wets itself on my juices, and then crams itself up my butt. I scream once more, as pain shoots through me. But soon that pain is replaced by pleasure, and it feels too good to fight against him any more.

Finally, he’s tasted enough of me. His finger leaves my ass, his tongue leaves my slit, and to my surprise, his hand leaves my wrists. Slowly, I try to cover my body, but I look up to see him removing his pants, and I know he’s far from done with me.

I gasp aloud as his manhood comes into view – it’s huge, a good ten inches long if it’s an inch. It’s bigger than any penis I’ve ever had before, and my cowboy knows it.

I know I should kick at him, should punch him, should scream and fight and run away. But I can’t, and I find my body WANTS to feel that monster cock within me. As he looms above my naked, sweaty body, I give in, spreading my legs and allowing my arms to drop to my side.

He’s won. He’s beaten me, and now he’s going to take his prize. And his prize is me.

I gasp aloud as he presses that massive cock into me, but I’m so wet, he slides in with ease. His giant hands find my legs, and he holds them up, pressing them back until my feet all but dangle above my head. And then he begins to fuck. And he fucks hard.

I scream and gasp and moan and thrash about as he fucks me, but I never tell him to stop. Indeed, I beg him to continue, to use me, to fuck me to within an inch of my life, because his rough treatment is getting me off. I want this hulk of a man to fuck me senseless, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Finally, I can hold back no more, and I scream as I orgasm. My body shakes and trembles, and that’s enough for my cowboy lover shoots his load into me.

Now that he’s done, my giant cowboy gets off of me, and – still naked – carries me out to the laundry where he first found me. Taking my small, naked body, he gently lowers me into the soapy water casket I’d used to wash the clothes. The cool water feels good on my skin as the cowboy leans in and takes my chin in his hand. He gives me one good, solid kiss – the kind that knock you off your feet – and then gets up and heads back to the house, leaving me to soak in the water. He gets dressed, gets back on his horse, and rides off, and I never see him again – until the next time I’m horny and need my fantasy.

* * *

“Holly crap,” Jamie O’Neal said, staring at Jessica Andrews like she’d grown a second head.

“Damn girl,” Gretchen mutters over her beer. “That’s kinda hardcore.”

“Better than your fantasy?” Jessica asked, raising an eyebrow towards Gretchen.

“Hardly,” Gretchen said. “Though, I might use that cowboy of yours in my fantasy next time. Ten inch dick, eh?”

“I never knew you had that fantasy,” LeAnn said to Jessica.

“Well, that’s part of what makes it a fantasy,” Jessica replied.

“So,” Chely said, “Who’s next?”

LeAnn, Lila, and Jamie all exchanged looks. “I’ll go next,” LeAnn said at last.

“Cool,” Gretchen said. “Let’s see if our host can top anything that’s come so far.”

* * *

LeAnn’s Fantasy

My Fantasy is a bit like Jessica’s, only in my fantasy, I’m the aggressor. And instead of some strange cowboy, my eyes are set on a beautiful woman we all know.

See, in my fantasy, I fuck Ashley Judd.

Now, I know what you’re saying – Ashley Judd, that’s such a typical fantasy. Millions of men must dream about that on a regular basis. And while it’s true that I’m a woman – a happily married woman – it’s still pretty vanilla sounding that I want to sleep with one of the hottest women in Hollywood.

The difference is that I don’t just want to sleep with her. I want to out-right fuck her.

My fantasy always starts off the same. Ashley and I are in my bedroom. She’s wearing this bright yellow sundress that shows off her arms and legs, as well as an ample dose of cleavage. She smells of lavender and sweat, and her skin glistens from the heat of the day.

I’m wearing my own sundress, a blue and white ordeal that’s so thin, when the sunlight hits it just right, you can see right through it. If Ashley looks closely, she can tell I’m not wearing any underwear. Sweat makes my dress cling even closer to my body, and while the heat of the day has driven us inside, it hasn’t driven the lust from me.

I offer Ashley a drink, hoping she’ll ask for some wine or a beer. Instead she requests lemonade, so I have to work quickly to spike it. Offering her a tall drink of lemonade and vodka, I sit down next to her on my bed. I give her just enough time to take a long sip of the drink before I start to make my move.

“You look so lovely in that dress,” I tell her.

“Thanks,” she says, smiling at me. “It’s about all I can wear in this hot summer weather. If it gets any hotter, I may just have to walk around naked.”

I lean closer to her and say “That wouldn’t bother me a bit.”

She takes a long drink of her lemonade, and then sighs. “I feel like I’m nothing but sweat,” she says, wiping her forehead.

“I think sweat makes you look sexy.”

She looks at me, suddenly realizing how close I am to her.

“LeAnn, are you coming on to me?””

“Yes,” I say, my voice barely a whisper. With that, I lean in and kiss her. Her lips are stiff – she’s surprised, for sure. My tongue slips past her lips and starts to tie her’s in knots. I continue to make out with her as I press her down on the bed, climbing on top of her. Finally, when I run out of breath, I break the kiss, and look down at my shocked companion.

“LeAnn,” Ashley says between gasps. “I-I’m not into girls.”

I undo the straps on my dress, letting it fall to my waist, exposing my breasts. “Today, you are,” I tell her, before kissing her once again. At first, she tries to resist, but I won’t let her. I press her down to the bed as we kiss, and my hands find their way to her breasts. Feeling those fabulous mounds held in only by her sundress and a strapless bra, I can’t contain myself. I start to rip the dress off her.

“Please, stop,” Ashley begs me as I break the kiss in order to really tear open her dress.

“I promise you’ll love it,” I tell her, finally exposing the tiny, beige bra that holds her marvelous chest in. It has a front clasp and I quickly unsnap it. Finally, Ashley’s breasts are mine to play with.

I drop my lips down over a hard nipple as soon as my eyes see it, and soon Ashley is moaning as I suck, kiss, nibble, and lick her breasts better than any man ever has before. Her hands fall to my shoulders, and she makes a half-hearted attempt to pull me off, but we both know she wants me now. She wants me to do all the nasty things I’m going to do to her.

When I’ve had my fill of her breasts, I pull up and look at her face. She still seems scared, maybe even confused, but I ignore that, and see instead the hint of lust buried deep inside. And with that in mind, I tell her to lift her rear end, and I remove the tattered remains of her dress, leaving her clad just in a pair of beige panties with a large, wet stain in the front.

“I knew you’d love this,” I say to her as I strip off my dress, now standing naked before her. Her eyes go wide as she drinks my body in, and that hidden lust comes a bit more to the surface. But I’m not going to wait for it – I’m in control, and it was time I started really enjoying Ashley Judd.

I climb back on top of her now, kissing her again. I then slowly start to work my way down her body, kissing her neck, her chest, flicking her nipples with my tongue. I travel lower, kissing her belly, and sliding my tongue around her belly-button. Then I reach her panties and look up at her face once more.

“These have to go,” I tell her, ripping them off her before she can say a word. Now her shaved pussy is in front of me, and I feel like I’ve finally got what I’ve been looking for. Now I can really start to have fun.

I hear her gasp as my tongue enters her moist folds, but I ignore it, instead focusing on the sweet taste of her pussy. That taste drives me wild, and soon I’m shoving my tongue as far into her as I possibly can. She squirms around as I dive into her deepest folds, and I know she’s close to climax already. I decide to reward her by shoving a finger up her ass – and that, sure enough, makes Ashley Judd cum all over my face.

I love the sensation of her girl cum hitting my tongue, coating my mouth. I drink what I can, but wait until she’s finished and calmed down before I move my head. I go right back up her body and kiss her lips again, hard. Now I know she’s tasting herself on my lips. And I know she likes it.

When I break the kiss several seconds later, she looks up at me, panting. I smile down at her wolfishly as I shift my body. Soon, I’m straddling her face. And she knows what to do as I press my sopping wet pussy to her face.

She’s very tentative as she eats me out, and I have to encourage her by pulling on her hair. Soon enough, though, she’s really going to town on me, her tongue mimicking everything I did to her when I ate her out. It’s not very long at all before I’m exploding all over her.

Sometimes, when that’s not enough to get me off, I fantasize about fucking her with a dildo, or maybe even letting her fuck me with one. Ashley always looks perfect in my fantasy, and whenever I climax while masturbating to it, I dream that she wants to do it all again.

* * *

“Damn girl!” Jamie said. “You raped Ashley Judd!”

“That’s not rape,” Gretchen said. “I’ve done that exact thing to other women, and trust me, they all love it.”

“It’s just my fantasy,” LeAnn said. “I’ve met Ashley in real life a couple of times, and every time I do, whoever I’m with ends up having a very nice night. She just turns me on so much.”

“She’s super sexy, that’s for sure,” Chely said. “What about you, Jamie, what’s your fantasy?”

“All right, I’ll tell you mine,” Jamie O’Neal said. “It’s extra naughty, I think.”

* * *

Jamie’s Fantasy:

In my sex dreams, I like to be tied up. I’ve actually done this with a man before, but that never stopped me from dreaming it.

My fantasy always starts the same – I’m naked, and my lover has just blindfolded me. I love being blindfolded – not knowing what’s coming next, where I’ll be touched, what side of my body the sound of his voice will come from – it all turns me on. Sometimes, when I’m having just regular sex, I close my eyes to get the same effect. Some guys like that, some don’t. Those that don’t don’t often get the chance to try it a second time.

Anyway, in my fantasy, as soon as I’m blindfolded, my lover leads me into a different room. There I’m told to stand perfectly still, letting the cool air wash over my body. There may or may not be other people in the room – I don’t know, and don’t want to know. If there is, they’re getting a good look at my naked body. If there isn’t, the thought of it is turning me on.

I stand there for a long time. The time length is always different, but it’s always both too long and not long enough. Soon enough, though, my lover starts to touch my skin. At first, it might just be on my cheek. Then on my arm. He might brush his fingers down my leg, or across my back. A finger will run down my earlobe, or across my chest above my breasts. He touches me everywhere, leaving streaks of heat behind, turning me on even more. The only places he doesn’t touch are the places I most want touched.

Suddenly, he pulls me down onto a bed that I didn’t know was there. I gasp aloud as I hit the sheets, and feel him land next to me. His hands keep touching my skin – a finger running up and down my leg, another one on my face, a full hand on my arm. I coo in delight, because his every touch is making my hotter and hotter.

Then he takes my hand and pulls it up the bed. Ice cold metal circles my wrist, and I know I’ve been handcuffed to the bed. A shiver of anticipation shoots through me as my lover takes my other hand. Soon, it too, is cuffed to the bed.

At first, I wonder if that’s all there is tonight, but then I feel fingers running down my left leg. They take my foot in hand, and stretch the leg out. Soon, I feel soft silk circle my ankle, and I shiver again. Tonight, I’m going to be really tied up.

Once both my feet are chained to the bed, my lover really begins to work me over. Fingers travel up and down my naked body, pressing hard in odd places – my knee, my shoulder, my ribs – while only lightly brushing over my most sensitive spots – my nipples, my crotch. I love the contrast – it makes me wet. Part of me is screaming for him to make love to me, while another part wants this teasing to never, ever end.

And then, almost as I think the thought, the touches stop, and I’m left alone. I cry out with a quick gasp! I want the touching! Don’t take it away! For a long moment, nothing happens. I’m surprised at how scared I feel – as if my lover might never return. And then, just as I begin to worry, I feel something at my mouth.

Obediently, I open up, knowing what’s coming. The ball gag is both one of my favorite and least favorite toys. I love it because when I wear it, I feel so utterly helpless – no one can hear me when I’m gagged. I hate the gag for almost the same reason – my cries can’t be heard. When I climax while wearing the gag, I can scream my throat raw, and all anyone can hear is a muffled, boring noise. If I could remove the gag at the exact moment I reach orgasm, it would be perfect. But My lover likes to see me like this, and I’m willing to put up with it. This is, after all, half for him.

Safely gagged and completely tied, I expect to feel his fingers and his penis upon me very shortly. He has never been able to hold off for long when I’m tied up and gagged. My restrained, naked body drives him nuts. But this time, he makes me wait again. All the feelings I had before about both wanting and not wanting his touch race through me again, stronger this time. I can feel the heat in my nipples. I can feel the wetness between my legs. I will never be more ready for sex, and at the same time, sex would never be as good as the anticipation I feel at that very moment.

And then a hand caresses my left breast. I go stiff, yet sigh in satisfaction. I am so ready to be touched, it’s not funny. I need to be touched, caressed, fondled. All to get me ready to be screwed, pounded, and fucked. I exist solely for sex at this point, and anyone looking at me and my body must know that.

But then something strange happens. The hand touching my left breast pokes at my nipple. That poke seems sharper, different somehow. As if my lover’s fingernails have grown. Soft lips suddenly cover that same nipple, and the warm, wet attention on my aroused breast temporarily blinds me to my questions. A talented and skilled tongue works my entire breast carefully for several short but blissful seconds.

And then whoever it was who was kissing my breast moved. Their legs – such smooth and thin little things – parted and surrounded my own tied leg. Nipples hit my stomach, and suddenly the realization hit me. Those nipples were attached to breasts, and there was no penis between the legs humping against me now. My lover wasn’t the one fondling me – a woman was!

I nearly explode in orgasmic release as this strange woman suddenly pulled off my left breast and reached for my right. One of her erect nipples seemed to sink into my bellybutton as she shifted atop me. Soft hands begin to run over my sides, and finally, I feel the harder, larger hand of my lover press against my head, running his fingers through my blonde hair.

This is my all time favorite fantasy right here. I want to be tied up while my lover and another woman make love to me. The thought of never seeing the woman’s face, of not knowing who she is, what she looks like, if she’s short or tall, blonde or brunette. Every time I have this fantasy, I never ever see her face. I never know who’s making love to me, touching my breasts, sucking on my nipples. I never see the face of the woman who goes down on me, who licks my pussy before my lover mounts me and fucks me silly.

I never see what he does to her, though I can hear them as the have sex on the bed next to me between taking their turns with me. I should be jealous, I should be angry. My lover is cheating on me with a woman I never see! But I don’t feel that way at all. All I ever feel his hot. So hot, I could explode.

And when this mystery woman, who I never ever see, sticks her finger up my ass while my lover shoots his load deep into me, I finally do explode.

Sometimes my fantasy changes somewhat. I don’t always end up on a bed. Sometimes my legs are left free. I’m not always gagged. But there’s always a woman I never see. And my lover always fucks her just before he fucks me. And I get off on knowing that right next to where I’m tied up and gagged, they’re having sex. And I get off on knowing when they’re done, I’m next.

* * *

“Whoa,” Jessica said, clearly shocked.

“Damn, girl, that’s some twisted sex,” Gretchen said, kneading her breast through her wife-beater top. LeAnn noticed that Chely’s hands were both below the table, and poor Jessica looked like she would grab the next warm body to get within hand’s reach of her. Jamie’s story had them all turned on – as if the others before hadn’t done so, too.

“You wanted to know what my fantasy was,” Jamie said. “Now you all know.”

It was clear that everyone was now feeling aroused. All these stories were getting to everyone – which, of course, had been LeAnn’s intention for the whole party. But there was still one fantasy left to hear. LeAnn didn’t expect it to live up to the others – Lila seemed so cookie-cutter, her fantasy was probably dull and boring.

“Your turn, sweetheart,” Gretchen said, pointing towards Lila. “Or do you not have sex fantasies?”

“I have them,” Lila said, sounding just a bit timid.

“Well, go on,” Jessica said, smiling at the other girl. “Tell us. We’ve all gone already.”

“All right,” Lila said, taking a deep breath. “But promise you won’t laugh.”

* * *

Lila’s Fantasy:

When I touch myself, I think all sorts of dirty thoughts. Mostly about boys, but occasionally I’ll think about girls. I think women are sexy, especially when they have big breasts. I like big breasts, like mine. Sometimes, I’ll be in the shower, just playing with my breasts for long periods of time.

But that’s not what I think about when I masturbate. When I want to get off, I have a very specific idea in mind. And it’s really dirty.

It starts when my tour bus breaks down on one of those winding, backwoods roads, deep in the middle of nowhere. It’s a stinking hot day, and aside from the bus driver, I’m the only one aboard. It’s so hot, I can only wear a tank top and really short shorts – almost daisy dukes! I’m sweaty, despite the air conditioning in the bus, and when the bus breaks down, that goes with it.

The bus driver can’t fix the bus, but he saw a gas station back about fifteen miles. It’s a long walk, but there’s no cellphone reception where we are, so it’s our only choice. He heads off, and I stay behind, sitting on the first step leading into the bus, looking out over the dusty road and the heat, wondering how I got into this situation.

I must sit there for something like an hour or more, waiting, watching as nothing happens. It only gets hotter, and I can feel my clothes clinging to my body with a thin layer of sweat. I’m just about to head back into the bus to see if the shower works when I spot something in the distance. It’s a car! Someone’s coming! In a tow truck!

I jump up and down, waving at them as they draw closer, and I realize there are two people in the truck. At first, I assume it’s the bus driver and the guy who owns to tow truck, but then I remember that the bus driver went off in the other direction. Well, never mind that, I figure. Someone’s here to rescue me.

The tow truck pulls over, and as the two men get out, I see another car off in the distance, approaching as well. At least I’ll have someone to talk to, I figure.

“Hi there,” an attractive young man says as he gets out of the tow truck. He’s tall, maybe six foot, two, and has dark, curly hair. He’s wearing coveralls and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled all the way up, and has some grease on his hands. He’s got this wonderful smile, and my first thought about him was that he was knight in shining armor.

Then I see his friend. Short, kinda fat, and with a goatee that made him look more like a goat than anything else, the first impression I had of this guy was that he wasn’t exactly the pick of the litter.

“Thank god you’re here,” I say as the two men approach. “My tour bus broke down, and my bus driver’s gone off to get a tow truck.”

“Tow truck?” the fat one says. “We got one of them.”

I blink at him for a second, then move on. “If you can help us get going again, I’d really appreciate it.”

“We can take a look at it,” the cute one says. “How long has your driver been gone?”

I tell him over an hour, and the two men go to look at the engine of the bus. Meanwhile, the other car I saw earlier pulls up next to me. Inside are three men. The driver looks like a college kid, complete with an Indiana T-shirt and torn bluejeans. Riding with him are two black kids, one who was tall and skinny and looks like your classic college basketball player. The other black kid, the one in the back, is built like a football lineman – big and muscular, with almost no neck whatsoever. I smile at them as they get out of the car.

“Got some trouble?” the driver of the car asks. I explain the situation to him, and the three of them exchange looks between themselves for a long moment. I get a strange feeling about them, but before I can say anything, the two mechanics come back.

“Hey Bob,” the driver of the car says.

“Dan,” the cute mechanic, Bob, says. They exchange greetings, and soon I can tell all five guys know each other. Bob turns to me and tries to explain the problem to me, but I don’t understand a word of what he’s saying. Something about drive shafts and crankcases. None of it makes any sense.

Then I say something I’ll live to regret.

“So, how much will it cost to fix?”

“Plenty,” the fat mechanic, whose name I still don’t know, says.

“But for you?” Dan, the driver of the car says. “Maybe something less.”

“Less?” I asked, intrigued. I think they’re going to cut me a deal because I’m famous. And then, suddenly, I realize all five guys have surrounded me. I look up, and there’s nowhere to go except back on the bus. I feel very strange at that point, and I step up into the bus, saying something about getting my check book. Bob follows me aboard, telling the others to wait outside.

“You have a lovely bus,” Bob says as he follows me back towards my bedroom area. I smile back at him, thanking him for his compliment. I notice he’s barely looking at the bus, but instead seems far more interested in me.

“Thank you,” I said, reaching my private sleeping area. I head towards my bedstand, where I keep my checkbook.

“You’re very lovely,” he says next.

“Thank you again,” I say as I bed over to open up my bedstand.

Suddenly, his hands are on my ass. I cry out and spin around, only to find him right in front of me, smiling down at me.

“I think you’re very, very lovely,” he says as he grabs my wrists.

“I- I thought you wanted money,” I stammer.

“I want your ass,” he says, leaning in and kissing my neck. I struggle to get away, but he holds me tight. “I want your ass, you lips, your tits, and your pussy. I want everything you’ve got, sweetie.”

“Let me go, please,” I plead as he presses me down on the bed.

“Oh, no, sweetie,” he tells me as he pins me to the bed with his body. One of his hands starts to wander down my body, squeezing my breasts underneath my shirt. “Not until I’m done with you.”

“And then,” a new voice said, “You belong to the rest of us.”

I look up to see all the other guys coming into the room, smiling. All of a sudden, I realized I was in a lot of trouble.

“Give me a hand here, guys,” Bob says. Two of the guys come over and grab my wrists. Using rope they must have had in their cars, they quickly tie my wrists to the bed. By now, Bob’s hands are everywhere – in my shirt, down my shorts, fighting to get inside the tiny thong I had on. The whole time I’m crying and struggling, but the guys all laugh.

And then Bob rips my shirt open. I hadn’t bothered wearing a bra that day – too hot – and now my breasts are open for everyone to see. All the guys hoot and holler as Bob leans down and starts sucking on my nipples.

“Damn,” the taller black kid says, “that’s some fine sweater meat right there!” He reaches down past Bob and squeezes my free breast. I scream now, but the other black man simply slaps my face.

“Shut up, bitch,” he says. “Come on, Bob – you going to fuck her or eat her?”

Bob pulls up off my breast and shoots him an angry look. “You’ll get your turn.”

“Hurry up, or you won’t get yours!” the wider black man says back. Bob reaches down and starts to pull off my shorts. I try and fight him, kicking my legs, but the fat mechanic grabs them and holds them tight until Bob gets the shorts off of me. I hadn’t worn panties, either – again, too hot – and now I’m completely exposed to the five men.

The fat one immediately reaches down and sticks two fingers inside my pussy. I scream again, but before he can do anything, Bob bats his hands away.

“Wait your turn,” Bob snarls as he drops his pants. Next thing I know, Bob is between my legs, spreading them, and angling his penis right into me. He doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t wait, doesn’t even look at my face before he penetrates me.

It’s at this point that I realize I’m turned on – wet, even. Bob has no problem sliding into me, and before I can so much as cry out in shock, he’s fucking away, pounding my poor little pussy like a piston. I gasp with each thrust – it’s been a while since I’ve had sex, and Bob isn’t being gentle at all.

The guys start cheering as Bob speeds up. They tell him to fuck me harder, and stuff like that. I don’t really hear them – I’m busy being raped! Bob grabs my breasts and uses them as leverage as he speeds up. Tears are streaming down my face now, as I cry through the rape. But part of me – a part that’s growing – is enjoying it. It HAS been a long time since I’ve had sex. And with every thrust Bob shoves into me, that small part gets bigger.

And then Bob comes, spraying his seed inside me in five quick jets. I actually feel each of them hit me, one after another. I gasp – this is unprotected sex with a man I just met! But then I realize that of course it’s unprotected – rapists don’t generally use condoms.

Bob gets up off me, and for a scant moment, I think it’s all over. But then Dan, the boy who’d been driving the other car, steps up between my legs, and sinks down onto the bed. I realize at that moment that he’s naked – and so are the others!

Dan is a little bigger than Bob, and it hurts a little as he shoves his dick into me. Soon enough, though, he’s lubed up, and jackhammering away at me. Dan grabs my hips, leaving my breasts to bounce up and down as he fucks me, and that actually turns me on. I’m getting wetter and wetter, and Dan never even notices. He’s just trying to get done. And with good reason – the two black kids keep telling him to hurry up.

Dan finishes a moment later, blasting his load into me just as Bob had done. Dan doesn’t even get to catch his breath before the football player-sized black kid throws him off the bed, literally tossing him to the floor. I scream a little as the huge bulk of this new man climbs on top of me. His body is wide and thick, but his penis is actually long and thin – maybe nine inches long, but no more than an inch or two thick.

I’ve never had sex with a black man before, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’d like to try it. All those rumors about black men being bigger and what-not. And in this fantasy, it’s true. The football guy his longer than any penis I’ve ever seen, and as he forces it into my wet crotch, he find no resistance. I may struggle with my arms and legs, but deep inside, I’ve given up.

I want this. I want to be fucked. To be raped.

Football guy gets right at raping me. His long dick forces itself deep inside my pussy, and I feel every inch. I’m no longer crying, but I moan quite a bit. The guys haven’t noticed. They’re too busy egging Football on.

“Bitch ain’t tight enough,” Football says after savagely fucking me for a few minutes.

“Do her ass,” the Fat guy suggests. Before I realize what he’s just said, Football yanks out of me and lines up his dick and the entrance to my back door. I gasp in shock, and then scream as Football shoves all nine inches up my rear end with nothing but my own juices as lube.

I’m an anal virgin. I’ve never let a guy fuck my ass – and I don’t think I ever would. But a guy could take it from me, and I think I might enjoy that. In my fantasy, Football rapes my ass, and as he does so, I climax in a powerful orgasm that nearly knocks me unconcious.

While I’m floating in my own orgasmic bliss, Football comes in my ass, a feeling I can’t even begin to describe. As I come back around, Basketball is replacing Football on top of me. Where Football was short and wide in stature, with a long and thin dick, Basketball is the complete opposite in both cases – tall and thin in stature, with a short, really fat dick. He couldn’t have been more than six inches long, but he was three times as thick as anyone else I’ve ever fucked. As he slides deep into my pussy, I actually feel myself stretch.

“You’re more than tight enough for me, bitch,” Basketball whispers in my ear as he starts to rape me. Every thrust of his monster dick both hurts and thrills me. He starts off slow, but builds speed with every stroke. His dark skin presses against mine, and his hands maul my tits. It’s not very long at all before I’m having my second orgasm.

“That’s it, bitch,” Basketball whispers as I come all over his dick. “You love being my little slut.”

“Please, let me go,” I whisper.

“I ain’t done yet,” he says. Suddenly he pulls out, and before I can even catch my breath, he’s shoving that thick rod of his up my ass. I scream bloody murder, but none of the guys care. Basketball forces himself deeper and deeper into my rear, sending shockwaves of pain through my body. Thankfully, he doesn’t last very long up my ass before he blows his load, collapsing on top of me as he does so.

And then, just like that, it’s the fat guy’s turn.

“Oh, yeah,” he says, getting up between my legs. He’s covered in sweat, and he’s easily the smallest guy in the room. But he’s horny, and he’s not going to be denied. He hefts up his fat stomach and slams his five-inch dick into me. Then he lets his stomach fall onto me, and suddenly, his tiny dick feels a lot bigger. His weight presses down on me as he fucks me, making me tighter for him. It also makes me feel like I’m suffocating, but he doesn’t seem to notice. He just fucks away, clearly getting off on having me pinned beneath him.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” He says as he bends down and licks one of my nipples. I can smell the sweat on his body, and his breath smells like cheap scotch. At this point, I’d give anything to have Bob back on top of me.

And then, to my surprise, I start to orgasm again. The fat guy’s little dick is hitting me just right. Before I know it, I’m gushing again, my eyes rolled back in my head as Fat and Sweaty milks his cock deep into my pussy.

If I haven’t gotten of by this point in my fantasy, I like to imagine that the boys keep me tied up in the bedroom while they fix the bus, each coming back and taking turns fucking me and making me give them blowjobs. Sometimes the number of guys change, or the makeup of the guys change. Sometimes I only get raped anally. Sometimes they video tape it. And sometimes, there’s a girl or two with them.

* * *

“So that’s my fantasy,” Lila said. “Kinda silly, isn’t it?”

The table was silent, all the other girls staring at Lila like she’d grown a second head or something.

Finally, Gretchen broke the silence.

“That was the hottest damn thing I’ve ever heard,” the Redneck Woman replied.

“Oh, yes,” Chely commented.

“I’m sorry,” Jamie says, throwing her legs up on the table and jamming her hand down her panties. “I gotta get off.”

“I’ll help you,” Gretchen said, reaching over and ripping Jamie’s panties right off her legs.

“Chely,” LeAnn said, getting up and walking around to the other singer. “You’re about to have your first lesbian experience whether you want it or not.”

Chely stood up and slid her boyshorts down her legs, exposing a very wet and shaved pussy to the group. “Oh, I want it,” Chely said as LeAnn sank to the floor between her legs.

“Guess that leaves you and me,” Jessica said, undoing the straps on her baby doll dress and letting it fall to the floor. “You want me to do you, or do you want to do me?”

“You can do me,” Lila said, lifting up her t-shirt to reveal two very impressive breasts with very erect nipples. “But don’t hold back. I need it bad.”

And as the room changed from a casual get together into an all out lesbian orgy, LeAnn found herself thinking what a good idea this had been. She’d have to do it again sometime….


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