Country Farm

Title: Country Farm

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Carrie Underwood, Kacey Musgraves

Codes: FF, cons, oral, exh, beast

Summary: Carrie Underwood and Kacey Musgraves visit a farm

Disclaimer: The following story involves consensual sex between two female celebrities, including interactions with a horse. If that offends, you should probably turn around now and not read past this.

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online.

It was a hotter than usual spring day in Arkansas as the clock struck noon. On a small farm about twenty miles north of Little Rock, a small Ford Fusion drove up the bumpy dirt road. Driving the car was country music superstar Carrie Underwood while her passenger, newcomer Kacey Musgraves, had her arm rested on the open window with an almost-finished cigarette dangling between her fingers. The girls were heading to the small farm to prepare the area for a shoot that would take place a few days later. They were going to film a skit for the CMT Music Awards, which were about a month away.

The two artists had gotten a call from a producer days earlier about the shoot and happily agreed. They were told to visit the farm on this day to look over the area, making sure everything was good to go. They were told that they might have to clean up some of the area as the crew would not be there until the filming was ready to begin. The farm had been sold about a week earlier to a CMT executive who had not been able to get out to it yet. Most of the animals went with the previous owner while a landowner nearby cared for the rest.

As the car made its way up the dirt road, testing the springs and shocks against the rough terrain, the girls looked forward and could see the small mess that had been left behind.

“Look at that shit,” Kacey said as she took a final drag off of her cigarette and flicked it down to the dirt.

“You aren’t helping it much,” Carrie jokingly said with a smile.

“Hey, we have to clean the field…no one said anything about the road,” she responded with a smirk.

Carrie pulled the car up to the fence and parked. Both girls quickly hopped out of the car and stretched their legs before walking through the gate.

“Damn it’s hot out today,” Kacey said while wearing a light black t-shirt, short denim shorts and a pair of Sketchers.

“You don’t have to tell me,” Carrie said while wearing a long-sleeved, red and black checkered shirt, cowboy boots and what looked like an exact copy of Kacey’s shorts; she was basically dressed as a sexy cowgirl.

“What possessed you to wear a shirt like that on a ninety degree day?” Kacey asked as she stepped over a hole in the ground.

“I didn’t check the weather,” she said as she rolled her sleeves up.

The girls inspected the area, noticing several large pieces of debris lying around. Against the east fence sat a large tractor tire. The tire was about as tall as Carrie and looked to be very heavy.

“We can get that last,” Carrie said, pointing to the tire.

Kacey walked over to the barn and pulled the doors open. She looked in and saw that the structure was completely empty, only having large mounds of hay spread throughout it and a trash bin in the corner. She walked through the hay to retrieve the bin, pulling it out of the barn and bringing it to her blonde companion.

Both Carrie and Kacey spent the next half hour picking up pieces of trash and wood, tossing them in the bin. Carrie was noticeably sweating heavily, regretting her choice of clothing rather quickly. Kacey occasionally joked that the color in her cheeks were beginning to match the bright red marks on her shirt. Carrie would laugh for a second before focusing on the work ahead. After they tossed the last piece of trash in the bin, they both sat down on a grassy patch and relaxed.

“Damn,” Kacey said as she fanned herself.

“Oh stop,” Carrie said. “You ain’t as hot as me.”

“I know you just mean temperature-wise,” she responded with a laugh.

“Really funny,” she mockingly said.

Kacey started looking around beyond the farm. She noticed that the entire property was surrounded by lines of thick trees that basically blocked off any view of any other area except for the dirt road leading up to it. After realizing that the coast was clear, she quickly reached down and pulled her black t-shirt off, leaving her in a black bra that held her b-cups nicely in place.

“What are you doing?” Carrie asked.

“Well I’m not going to sit here and be hot,” Kacey explained as she got up and hung her shirt over the fence. “With what you are wearing, I’m surprised you haven’t thought the same.”

“I would but…,” she paused.

“But what?” Kacey asked.

“But I’m not wearing…,” she paused again. “A bra.”

“You aren’t wearing a bra!?” Kacey exclaimed. “Miss prim and proper has her tits hanging loose?”

“Shut up,” Carrie softly said. “I don’t like wearing one when I’m doing manual labor.”

“I guess I can understand,” Kacey said as she sat back down. “I mean, it’s not like either of us really need bras, we aren’t struggling to hold up our tits like Miranda or any other of those big breasted bitches.”

Before Carrie could respond, Kacey reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She quickly pulled it off and showed her perky chest to the older blonde. Carrie’s eyes went wide as she saw the perfect pair of breasts pointing at her.

“Aren’t you afraid someone will see?” Carrie asked.

“Look around Carrie, who the hell is going to see?” Kacey said, pointing to the trees that surrounded the property. “Come on, you can let the girls free.”

Carrie looked nervously at her topless companion, struggling not to stare at her bare chest. Slowly, she reached for the buttons on her shirt and began to unbutton them. One by one, buttons began to come undone and more skin was exposed. Kacey stared on as the last button was undone and Carrie pulled the shirt open, giving the brunette a look at her own set of perky breasts.

“Nice tits,” Kacey said as she reached in her pocket for her phone.

Carrie covered her breasts with her hands as Kacey held the phone up.

“No!” Carrie yelled before Kacey put the phone back in her shorts.

“Just kidding, lighten up,” she said.

Carrie felt awkward sitting topless in the middle of an open field with another topless woman. The thirty-one year old stood up and helped Kacey to her feet.

“Let’s see if we can move this tire,” she said, walking over to it.

“Shouldn’t be too bad,” Kacey said as she got on the other side of it.

Kacey pushed while Carrie pulled the big tire towards the barn. With the uneven ground, the topless girls struggled to keep the tire upright. Carrie slipped and fell as she tried to pull it over a large bump. The tire was about to fall over on her but Kacey put all of her strength into it to turn it the opposite way.

“Fuck!” Kacey yelled as the tire fell on its side.

Carrie quickly got up and helped her try and pull the tire upright. The strength of both girls was nowhere near enough to push the old tire back up. They tried for about ten minutes before they gave up and rested against it.

“Damn it that thing is heavy!” Carrie yelled.

“Tell me again why they expected us to be able to do this?” Kacey asked as she stretched her legs out. “I need to quit smoking.”

Both girls pressed their back against the tire and tried to catch their breath. They could feel the heat from the hot sun beginning to add color to their skin.

“I brought some sunscreen,” Carrie said before walking back to the car.

The blonde came back with the bottle to find Kacey sprawled out atop the tire. Her arms and legs hung over the outside and inside of the rubber.

“We might as well get some tanning out of the way, it’s not like we’re moving this fucking tire,” she said.

As Carrie got closer, she looked down and saw Kacey’s shorts, panties and shoes piled up. Her eyes went up and she could see her bare ass cheeks.

“Wow,” Carrie said as she crawled up on the opposite end of the tire.

“Yeah, I didn’t want an uneven tan line,” she explained as she reached for the bottle.

Carrie watched as the twenty-five year old started to rub the lotion into her skin. She was amazed at how easily Kacey could reach behind her back to cover the hard-to-reach areas. The brunette tossed the bottle back to her blonde companion and watched as she struggled to cover her back. She started to laugh at Carrie’s failed attempts.

“Hold on,” Kacey said before making her way over to Carrie.

Kacey took the bottle from Carrie’s hands and started to slowly rub the lotion on to her smooth back. She slowly massaged the blonde woman while her eyes were locked on the shapely ass just inches from her fingers.

“These things have got to go,” she said as she grabbed the shorts and slowly pulled them down Carrie’s flawless legs.

Carrie looked back nervously at first before turning her head back away and going with the flow. She jumped a bit the first time Kacey’s fingers rubbed against her ass cheek. She could not remember the last time anyone fondled her backside so gently. Usually when her husband was grabbing at her ass, it involved more pinching and squeezing than sensually rubbing.

“Does that feel good?” Kacey asked as her hand slowly got closer to her thighs.

“Mmmhmm,” Carrie happily hummed as she closed her eyes.

“How about this?” Kacey asked as her hand slipped between her thighs.

Carrie made no sound but did part her legs enough to let her slender hand slide down. Her eyes slowly opened and she opened her mouth, letting out a squeal when she felt a finger brush against her pussy lip. She looked back at Kacey and locked eyes with her. She smiled at her and lifted her ass up, giving her easier access.

Kacey happily began to rub her blonde friend’s pussy, loving the feel of moisture beginning to appear around the sensitive area. She could begin to feel moisture in her own crotch as lust began to build.

“Someone’s getting turned on,” Kacey whispered.

As the brunette kept rubbing, Carrie began to moan louder. Kacey quickly hoped back on the tire behind her. She lay her stomach down and scooted closer to Carrie. The blonde quickly flipped over and lay on her back. Kacey slithered her way up until her head was inches from the damp cunt of Carrie Underwood. She looked up at the woman before pressing her lips against her pussy, sliding her tongue between her waiting lips and causing the blonde to moan.

“Oh fuck!” Carrie yelled out as the younger woman’s tongue invaded her pussy.

Kacey held onto Carrie’s hips tightly as she pushed her face as hard into the thirty-one year olds crotch as possible. Her nose scrunched a bit as some of the small amount of pubic hair left on Carrie’s lightly-tanned skin. Carrie laughed as she saw Kacey’s reaction to her nose being invaded by the pubes. The brunette was able to ignore it quickly and focus fully and rubbing the inside of Carrie’s vagina with her warm, wet tongue.

Carrie was trying to keep her body still, afraid of falling off of the tire, but was struggling as the intense rush of lust ran through her slender body. Her hips slowly started to buck against her friend’s face every time her tongue moved. The blonde woman dropped her arms to the sides of the tires and held on as her body began to react more and more. She could begin to feel a hot puddle of her delicious pussy juices start under her ass.

Kacey started to giggle as she saw the leakage. She dropped her finger to the rubber and scooped up some of the juices before rubbing it into Carrie’s skin. After three minutes of having her lips pressed tightly against her, Kacey pulled away and looked up at her horny friend.

“How’s my little exhibitionist doing?” Kacey asked before kissing her thigh.

“I was really close to cumming,” she said through heavy breath. “Finish me!”

Kacey giggled before sticking her tongue out and flicking her throbbing red clit. Slowly, she inserted her finger into her damp love tunnel. Carrie instantly squealed in excitement as she felt some of the most intense pleasure she had ever felt. She lifted her ass off of the tire and pushed her crotch into the brunette’s face, wanting an orgasm badly.

Carrie was feeling very close and was lost in her own mind. She barely noticed Kacey press her finger to the clit as she spun around and rested her ass on Carrie’s stomach. She pulled her fingers from her clit and pushed two fingers into her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled.

The blonde’s eyes shot open as Kacey began to violently finger fuck her steaming hot cunt. She reached forward and grasped the brunette’s sweaty ass. She pulled her around, rubbing Kacey’s wet pussy against her sweaty stomach, and leaving a puddle behind. Kacey loved the feeling of her own pussy receiving some pleasure but was still focused on finishing off Carrie. She knew the one thing that would most certainly push the woman over the edge.

Kacey roughly forced a third finger between Carrie’s cunt, stretching it to its limit and pushing her orgasm over its limit. Carrie tightly groped the woman’s ass and let out a deep moan as her juices began to spray out around the fingers inside her. Kacey quickly pulled out and slapped the woman’s pussy, causing her to cum harder.

As Carrie began to come down from the high of her orgasm, Kacey leaned forward and sucked some of her cum off of the still-vibrating pussy. Carrie gave the girl a hard slap on the ass, causing her to turn around. The exchanged smiles before Kacey lay down across her torso, sandwiching the trail of her own pussy juices between their very sweaty bodies. The girls softly kissed each other for several minutes while Carrie reached back and gave her ass a squeeze.

After the passionate make-out session, Kacey slid off of Carrie and stood up inside the tire. She backed up until her lower back hit the edge of the rubber. Carrie smiled and slowly slid into it herself. She dropped to her knees and quickly started kissing her thigh and making her way towards her dripping cunt.

Kacey giggled as she felt a warm tongue massage around her lips. She reached down and stroked Carrie’s long blonde hair while their eyes locked. Carrie gave her a cute smile before rubbing her nose softly against her clit. Kacey closed her eyes and started taking deep breaths, amazed at how great it felt to have someone like Carrie Underwood giving her oral pleasure, especially inside a tire.

Carrie once again grasped her fingers tightly to Kacey’s round ass and pulled her closer. She rubbed the bridge of her nose harder against her clit while softly poking her lips with her tongue.

“Holy shit!” Kacey screamed as loud as she could.

“You like?” Carrie asked before softly kissing her pussy lips.

“Fuck yes,” she said before grabbing Carrie’s head and pulling it hard against her. “Make me cum bitch!”

Carrie instantly shoved her tongue deep into the woman’s cunt, reaching in as far as possible. Her teeth rubbed against her clit, something Kacey had never felt before but after feeling it, loved it. The blonde shook her head back and forth while keeping her tongue inside.

Kacey, still holding onto Carrie’s head, began pushing her hips against her head. For Carrie, the motion was similar to her husband face-fucking her, only this time it was her inside her partner. She kept her tongue, even if only the tip, between Kacey’s soaking wet lips.

Suddenly, Kacey let go of her head and pushed her away. Carrie was confused at first but smiled when she saw what she was doing. Kacey climbed onto the tire across the opening. She rested her head on one end and her feet on the other, leaving everything from her knees to her tits hanging over the opening of the tire…and Carrie. From above, it looked like an ‘O’ with a  line through it.

Carrie sat under her pussy and pushed her finger up until it was inside her. She roughly jammed her finger up while staring at the abused pussy. She could hear Kacey giggling as she received a rough fingering. Accidently, Carrie slipped another finger inside her easily and rolled with it.

Kacey’s body was starting to react viciously as she was fucked hard by the blonde’s slender fingers. She knew that she was not going to last much longer. Carrie could sense that the girl was close and made sure to position her mouth under the shaven pussy of Kacey Musgraves.

With Kacey’s body convulsing above her, Carrie giggled as she felt the woman’s pussy began to contract. She quickly pulled her hand away and stuck her tongue out. Kacey groaned as the orgasm hit her hard. A thin stream of her cum leaked out of her pussy and dripped directly into Carrie’s thirsty mouth. She moaned as the sweet warm nectar slid down her throat and stained her tongue.

While Carrie happily drank the refreshing cum drip, Kacey’s hot sweaty body began to relax, causing her to softly moan. Carrie popped her head up and gave her a quick lick before standing up. Kacey slowly rolled off of the tire and sat against it while the blonde crawled out and sat next to her.

“Damn that was fun,” Carrie said, breathing heavily.

“Oh yes,” Kacey said as she looked over at the fence. “Looks like we have a fan.”

Carrie quickly turned her head to see a large horse by the fence looking over at the girls.

“Aww, he’s adorable,” Carrie said, admiring the horse.

“And I think he likes us,” Kacey said as she saw through the chain-link fence and saw the horse’s large cock. “Look at the size of that dick.”

Carrie looked and saw the large penis with a smile.

“Too bad a human can’t get one that big, I’d love to know what that feels like,” she said as her hand slowly rubbed Kacey’s thigh.

“Why wonder?” Kacey asked before jumping up and walking towards the fence.

The brunette opened a gate and led the horse inside the enclosed area. Slowly, she walked him over to the tire as Carrie smiled on. As the horse got to the tire, Kacey stopped him and started to put his side.

“Go ahead,” she whispered.

“Go ahead and what?” Carrie asked.

“Suck him,” Kacey said as she reached down and grabbed hold of the giant cock.

“I don’t know,” Carrie said as she looked on nervously.

“Well if you won’t, I will,” she said as she dropped to her knees. “When I was younger, I saw this older woman on a farm I was driving by going at it hard with a horse and I’ve been curious ever since.”

Kacey licked the head of the horse’s cock softly before taking the massive head between her lips. She instantly started to giggle as she sucked on it, enjoying the feeling of taking a horse in her mouth for the first time. She started to stroke the shaft while sucking hard on the head.

Carrie quickly crawled over and took hold of the shaft, stroking it as tight and fast as possible while Kacey tongued the cock-hole. The horse was neighing and moving its hind legs at the intense feeling. He was enjoying it as much as the girls. Carrie started to softly kiss the shaft while still stroking it, slowly making her way to the head.

Kacey pulled him out of her mouth and started kissing one side of the head while Carrie’s mouth made its way to the tip. She softly licked the cock-hole as well with her eyes closed when she was suddenly hit with a large shot of cum, drenching her face within a second. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she felt her entire face stained in thick horse cum. Kacey started to laugh as she pulled her face away from the orgasming cock.

Kacey pointed the cock back at her own face and started to tickle the head with her tongue until another giant shot of horse cum shot out, covering her fresh young face in the thick cream. From the top of her hair the drip hanging from her chin, the twenty-five year old was laughing hysterically at facial she had received.

Carrie wiped the cum from her eyelids, smearing her eye shadow along it and leaving a light purple stain around her eyes. She looked at Kacey and started giggling. Kacey too wiped her eyes and left some of her black mascara behind. The girls stared at each other before Kacey poked her head forward.

Kacey softly began to lick the cum from Carrie’s cheeks as the blonde ran her hands through the brunette’s cum-stained hair. Kacey, while laughing, wiped a handful of cum off of Carrie’s face and slapped it against her chest. Carrie returned the favor by doing the same before licking and kissing her chin. Kacey pulled her head up and rubbed their cheeks together before pulling away, leaving large strands of cum connecting the girls.

Carrie scooped another handful of cum from Kacey’s face and reached behind her, smacking it into her back and pulling her in for a kiss. The girls swapped the hot cum in their mouths as a large glob dripped from Carrie’s chin down Kacey’s cleavage. Kacey slid her face down her body, leaving a shiny trail down her Carrie’s pussy. She scooped another handful of cum from her face and slapped it in the blonde’s pubic hair, softly swirling it around while they both laughed.

“You know what would be fun?” Kacey asked.

“What?” Carrie asked with a smile.

“I think you can take it,” she said, confusing the older girl.

“Take what?” Carrie asked, confused.

Kacey pointed to the cock before pointing to Carrie’s cunt.

To be continued…

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