Country Sex Slaves Chapter 1

Title: Country Sex Slaves Chapter 1

Author: jjgarces

Celebs: Carrie Underwood

Codes: MF, rape, oral, anal, viol, preg

Disclaimer: “This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.” Comments? is where to find me.

The Grammy Awards being in LA each year always provides the “regular” people in town (of which there are a surprisingly great deal of us), to gawk at all the hot celebrities in town for them.

I had never been drawn much to the awards show, though, as I was more of a country fan, and thus wasn’t necessarily drawn to the pop tarts or rock chicks that most people who went to the show were.

What I was interested in, on the other hand, was Carrie Underwood.

For as long as I can remember, she was my definition off the perfect woman, and any chance I had to get close to her, I told myself I was going to take advantage of.

Little did I know that I would actually get that chance on Grammy night at the red carpet ceremonies.

You see, I had driven to the little theater where they were holding the awards with one goal in mind, and that was to kidnap her and rape her.

I had no real plan for what I was going to do with her if I managed to get close enough to her to grab her, other than I knew I was going to need to make a quick getaway so no one could attempt to rescue my prize from me.

The first thing that drew me to Carrie that night, besides the obvious fact that it was her in the first place, was the dress she was wearing that night, which was a form-fitting red dress (and what a form it was, of course) complete with every man’s dream, especially on their favorite celebrity of choice, a boob window.

“Awesome, I know what part of you is going to get my attention first now,” I hissed under my breath as I crouched just outside the red carpet area, my cock already rock-hard at the thought of molesting her tits through that window and fucking her pussy till I came in her.

“Yeah. Come here bitch. This is your last red-carpet as you know it…” I hissed as she came closer, walking along the fence line to say hi to some of her fans before working her way over to where I was prepared to pounce on her.

And she never saw me before my arm went up to her face, forcing the chloroform-filled rag I was holding up into her nose and mouth, which quickly started to take the fight out of her.

“Nice boob window bitch. Too bad you won’t be wearing this dress much longer,” I sneered in her ear as I held the rag up to her face, feeling her start kicking her legs behind her as she struggled to get free.

“WHAT? MMMMMPPPPPHHHH…” she exclaimed, the last thing she probably felt before going under my other hand sliding over her tits and plunging inside her tit window to give them a healthy squeeze as I carried her in my arms to my waiting car.

“As much as I’d like to fuck you right now Carrie, I think I can wait until you and I are alone together,” I hissed as I tied her up in my back seat, gagging her so I wouldn’t have to hear her screams if she woke up before I got her back to my house, and the sex dungeon I had in the basement that Carrie was going to be the first visitor to.

“MMMPPPPHHHH! MMMMPPPPHHHH!” Carrie began to shout through her gag as I drove her towards her new destination, already starting to aggravate me as I arrived at my house with her.

“SHUT UP CUNT!” I shouted at her as I backhanded her a few times, making her cry out in pain as I carried her to my basement and began to prepare her for what was to come.

“Welcome to my sex dungeon Carrie…” I hissed in her ear as I removed the gag I had on her to force a kiss on her as I laid her on the dirty mattress in one corner of the room, using rope to tie her hands up around the bed posts, and started assaulting her tits.

“W-what are you going to d-do to me?” she stammered as my hands worked inside her dress, squeezing her tits and twisting her nipples as I started climbing on top of her.

“Whatever I want to Carrie. Because you are my sex slave now and you’re mine to do whatever I want with,” I told her as I licked her ear lobe, making her cringe in fear at all the things I had in store for her.

“But what I want to do most of all is fuck your pussy and fill it with my cum. Over and over again,” I taunted her as I took out a pair of scissors from my fun bag and started cutting away her dress from her sexy body, Carrie’s cries beginning to get louder and louder as I got rid of my own clothes.

“Quiet slut, or I’ll cut you from ear to ear with the scissors,” I warned her as I played with her tits, licking at them and sucking on them as my hands ripped away her panties and my cock began to nestle against the opening to the nice, tight little pussy I would own soon.

“Please don’t do this…I can give you anything you want…” she softly whispered to me as I sank my cock into her pussy, grunting in pleasure as I did so.

“So tight. I knew you’d be a great fuck baby,” I taunted her as she pleaded with me to please not do it, her cries falling on deaf ears as I started thrusting in and out of her, forcing her legs up onto my shoulders as I slapped her around and abused her tits.

“I can’t wait to cum inside you Carrie. The pleasure I will get from feeling your pussy spasming and clamping down on my dick as I bury my seed into your womb will be incredible,” I emotionlessly told her as I pounded away inside of her, Carrie whimpering in fear and letting me have my way with her as she no doubt thought about her husband and son, neither of whom she would ever see again if I had my way.

“MMMPPPHHH…MMMMPPPPHHHH…please God…” she softly whispered as I sucked on her tits, crying out in pain as I bit down on her nipples and worked my way all the way around them, sneering in her ear as they turned bright red.

“Bitches who wear tit windows deserve everything they get,” I sneered as my cock tore through her pussy, her walls wrapping tightly around it and starting to tug on it ever so slightly as Carrie started to panic at the realization I was serious about cumming in her.

“NO…OHGOD NO…DON’T…” she whimpered as her cunt started squeezing at my cock, applying more and more pressure on it as I started speeding up my thrusts into her, holding myself inside of her right as she thrashed around on the bed in her tied-up state and came for me.

“See? You’re cumming for me Carrie. What kind of man would I be if I didn’t return the favor?” I taunted her as I gave her a few more quick, hard thrusts and came deep into her pussy, Carrie crying out in agony at the feeling of my warm, sticky, virulent seed invading her tight, hot little married cunt.

“Cumming,” I sneered as I held my cock inside of her, thick gobs of my cum flooding into her womb as I butted my cock against her cervix, the frantic look on Carrie’s face giving away that she was most likely not on anything.

“You feel so good Carrie. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my dick while my baby seed finds its way into your womb baby,” I taunted her, keeping my dick inside of her until every drop of it dried up inside of her, Carrie unable to do anything about it due to her tied-up state.

“How about I put some more of my babies inside you?” I coldly sneered as I forced a kiss on her and slapped around her firm tits again, beginning to thrust in and out of her again as she screamed out in one last effort to be saved.

“No one is going to save you Carrie. And once I cum in this tight little pussy of yours a few more times, you’ll be mine forever. You’re never leaving here Carrie. NEVER!” I shouted at her as I started roughly fucking her cunt, her eyes rolling back in her head from the sheer force of my cock pounding away inside of her.

“UH…no …UH…more…OHGOD…please…” she moaned, the rest of her body starting to betray her like her cunt already had as I pistoned my cock in and out of her, sucking on and biting down on her tits as I plunged into her over and over again.

“OHGOD…why am I cumming for this bastard?” she asked herself as she started to cum like a faucet all over my throbbing cock as it stabbed into her pussy faster and deeper, her walls wrapping it up tightly as she threw her head back and came even harder.

“Because I am a man and you are a woman, albeit, a hot, famous one with whom every man wishes he could do what I am doing to you right now. And therefore it is your job to cum for me to signal to me that you want my cum deep inside of you,” I sneered as I forced a kiss on her, slamming my hips into hers and cumming deep into her with a grunt as a second load of my thick, sticky seed erupted from my cock and sprayed out into her pussy.

“OHGOD…please let me go now that you’ve had your way with me…” she softly moaned as I filled her up for a second time, once again holding my cock inside of he until every drop of my cum had dried up inside of her.

“We’re just getting started Carrie,” I taunted her as I pulled out of her, walking over to my bag and pulling out a leather belt as her eyes filled wide with panic.

“What did I tell you about being a tit-tease?” I yelled at her as I took the belt and started whipping her tits with it, Carrie flopping around like a fish on the bed as she begged me to not hurt her anymore.

“FUCK! OHGOD! PLEASE! You can fuck me again if you want to, I don’t care anymore. Just stop hurting me!” she shouted as I whipped her tits to the point that they were raw, coldly smiling at her as I took my cock out and aimed it at the passage between them.

“I’ve wanted to do this ever since I saw your tit window Carrie. Your pussy is what I really want, but I will be playing with other parts of you, too,” I told her as I started fucking her tits, slapping them around every time my cock disappeared between them.

“MMMPPPHHHHH,” Carrie moaned helplessly as I had my way with another part of her body, her eyes closing as she tried desperately to drift away anywhere but where she was right now.

“You better open those pretty eyes and look at me slut,” I warned her as she snapped back to attention, my cock hardening once again as another load of my cum started to fill my balls.

“Suck it Carrie,” I told her as she shook her head no, panicking when she felt me nudge my cock against her pussy lips.

“Suck it or this load goes in your pussy too,” I warned her as she quickly grabbed it and looked at me with hate in her eyes, starting to suck on it as I thrust my hips into her face.

“That’s what I thought. Too bad for you I’m still gonna put several more loads inside of you anyway,” I taunted her as she angrily sucked my cock, finally drawing my cum out of it and down her throat as I snaked it to the back of her throat.

“Swallow it cunt or you’ll take your last breath with a dick in your throat,” I told her when she refused to swallow my load, pinching her nose closed and forcing my cock into her airway as she started to frantically do as I said.

“Time for more punishment slut,” I icily told her as I untied her hands, sitting on her legs so she couldn’t use that opportunity to run on me, before starting to drag her to the center of the room where I had some cuffs set up on a horizontal bar that was placed in the center of the ceiling.

“Why are you doing this to me you freak?” she defiantly asked me as I strung her, her wrists fitting perfectly into the cuffs as I menacingly walked around her with the belt in my hand.

“Because I can Carrie. And because I’ve always wanted to use and abuse you like this, and now no one can stop me from making you my personal toy,” I retorted as I started whipping her tits, pussy and ass with the belt, making her scream in pain as I worked her over with it.

“Tell me what I want to hear!” I shouted at her as she begged me to stop whipping her, refusing to do so until she told me herself that she wanted my cock back in her pussy.

“I-I n-need y-your cock and your cum in my p-pussy…” she stammered, holding her head down in shame as I whipped her a few more times, waiting for her to give me a more forceful answer.

“Say it like you mean it,” I told her as I whipped her pussy and ass, having already worked over her tits enough.

“I need your cock and your cum in my pussy you bastard!” she shouted at me, breathing a sigh of relief when I threw the belt across the room.

“I always knew you did Carrie. But it’s nice to know that I’m breaking you,” I cockily told her as I lowered the bar far enough to put her pussy at the same level as my dick and slid it into her, her legs loosely hanging around my waist as I started fucking her again as I put nipple clamps on her tits.

“OHGOD…OHGOD…just finish me you son of a bitch!” she hissed, her mouth still trying to be defiant despite her body showing otherwise as I pounded away inside of her from the new angle, my cock easily sliding all the way into her due to how she was hanging from the ceiling while I pulled on the nipple clamps with every movement my cock made.

“When I’m done with you, you’ll know it…” I hissed as I roughly fucked her, her legs wrapping around me on instinct as I felt her cunt walls start wrapping tighter and tighter around my cock.

“OHGOD…that means he’s gonna kill me too…” Carrie whimpered to herself as I felt her pussy pop for me yet again, Carrie pleading with me just to cum in her and get it over with as she felt her juices painting my dick again and felt the twist of me turning and pulling on the nipple clamps as her already-tender tits screamed out in pain.

“Yeah, that’s it Carrie. Cum for me like the secret slut I always knew you were. Like all of you country sluts probably are. Maybe I shouldn’t just stop at breeding with you,” I taunted her as I started spewing more of my cum into her, Carrie once again moaning in pain from the clamps pulling on her reddened, erect nipples as I sprayed my seed deep into her womb.

“Leave my friends out of this you sicko! Is that what this is all about?” she shouted at me as I pulled out of her, snapping her cunt lips closed with my fingers to trap all of my seed inside of her as I sucked on her tits again.

“DING! DING! DING! Congratulations Carrie. You see, no one deserves to have any of you but me, so as such, none of you deserve to be impregnated by anyone but me, either. And I’m either gonna go through all of you and make babies with every single one of you, or you can do things the hard way and you can be my only personal breeding bitch,” I informed her as she hung her head in shame and horror, allowing me to release her from her current bonds and bring her back over to the bed.

“I’ll do it…” she whispered, hating herself for the position she was in and for essentially sentencing her friends to the same life she was currently living as I tied her hands around one bed post, exposing both her pussy and her ass to me.

“You chose wisely. But of course, my dear, you will ALWAYS be my favorite one…” I hissed as I slid into her ass, grabbing a vibrator off the bed and sticking it in her juiced-up pussy as I started to fuck her tight back door.

“UH…not my ass…” she moaned softly as I grabbed her hips and sharply drove myself in and out of her ass, the vibrator in her pussy causing her near-constant orgasms since it had already grown accustomed to having something inside of it at all times.

“You’ll be getting another load of my sticky life-giving spunk in your cunt hole soon enough Carrie. But I did promise you I’d play with the rest of you too,” I told her as I turned up the vibrator, making her pussy leak even more of her juices as I hammered into her tight ass, feeling her body shake in a head-to-toe orgasm as I buried it within her bowels.

“Cumming,” I whispered to her as I shot my cum deep into her ass, the vibrator spinning around in her pussy causing her to convulse in orgasm as she continued to cum all over it.

“Take…UH…FUCK…it…out…” she begged me as she shook in sexual satisfaction, nearly at the point of passing out from exhaustion by the time I pulled it from her pussy, pulling my cock out of her ass after shooting a few more loads of cum into her.

“Time to switch holes,” I told her as I quickly shoved the vibrator into her ass, Carrie nearly hurling at the feeling of the vibrator, slick with her own pussy juices, sliding so easily up into her ass as my cock once again filled her pussy and started spreading her lips apart.

“I bet you’re already pregnant Carrie. With MY child, because you belong to ME now. Like all of you will soon,” I told her as I thrust away inside of her, her walls snugly wrapping up my cock and pulling it deeper and deeper into her with every penetration I made into her.

“Creep! I hate you!” she shouted, not wanting to give me the satisfaction of knowing she was secretly enjoying this like I knew she was as I pounded home inside of her for the final time, at least of this night.

“Maybe so, but your pussy LOVES me, and that’s the only part of you I care about,” I told her as I filled her with my cock, feeling her pussy start to cum for me again, causing Carrie to shake with orgasm once more as the vibrator spun around in her ass, keeping her double-stimulation going.

“OHGOD…OHGOD…FUCK…” she screamed as she came for me, her pussy ripping and pulling on my cock as she spurted her cum out onto it, allowing me easy access to the deepest parts of her pussy as I slid balls-deep into her again.

“FUCK YEAH…” I hissed in her ear, making out with her as I came in her, blasting her pussy with another full, healthy load of my sperm and once again holding myself inside of her as I filled her cunt up with it.

“Get off me,” she moaned as I filled her for the last time, my mouth attaching to her tits and sucking on them again for a while before I finally pulled out of her, also pulling the vibrator out of her ass.

“Not so fast Carrie. I didn’t tell you you could leave. See, how do I know you won’t screw me over and go to the cops if I let you go?” I told her as she stumbled away, looking for her tattered dress so she could leave.

“But…I said I would do what you wanted,” she told me as I locked the door to the dungeon and handcuffed her to the bed, leaving one of her hands free for her to use.

“Call one of them on the phone and lead them to me. Since you are probably already pregnant, that will buy you a day or two off from me raping and abusing you so I can have my way with your slutty friend. But if you don’t, you can expect more of what you just got, baby or not. The choice is yours Carrie,” I reminded her once again as I shut the lights off to the dungeon and headed upstairs, sure she was going to do the right thing.

But even if she didn’t, I still had one prize to play with, and nothing anyone could do would ever change that.

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